James Edward Coombs, Special Forces Fraud, Spotted Around Fort Bragg, BOLO Issued



So we have received several emails concerning this fraud, James Edward Coombs. One Soldier out of Fort Bragg, sent it to us and said it was part of their safety brief, to avoid this guy as he was pan handling at Wal Mart and several other places.

He approached several Soldiers, asking for money, and they knew he was a fraud immediately, so they reported him to CID and the local police. After doing some checking, Mr. Coombs has an extensive criminal record, not to mention some open warrants.

Here is one from the Fayettville, NC police department:


WANTED ALERT Larceny of Motor Vehicle James Edward COOMBS, W/M


Larceny of Motor Vehicle

James Edward COOMBS, W/M DOB 01/14/1974


Suspect is wanted for the Larceny of a 2000 Dodge Dakota truck. Coombs is 5’2” and weighs 170 pounds. The Warrant lists an address of 1203 Heritage Way, Cameron, NC. Subject is Homeless. 483-TIPS

Some of his past charges:

  • M: DWLR
  • M: DWLR

A few more:



Way to many to list here, including another stolen vehicle in the 90’s, and around a dozen worthless checks. You can see the list here: James Coombs Criminal Record


Here are several pics we received from the PDF file put out in the Safety Brief:

Capture Capture2 Capture3 Capture4

This was the sent also with the PDF Attachment:

Attached BOLO sent out by DES/PMO/DPTMS regarding a local civilian (Mr.
James Edward Coombs), posing as an SF Soldier.

. Earlier this week several FBNC Soldiers were approached by a local
civilian who solicited money and a ride, he was in an Army uniform and
claimed to be an SF Soldier.

. He is known to local law enforcement, the JTTF and CID as a fraud.

. He has warrants for his arrest and is considered armed and

FBNC’s Security / Protection experts, ICW Local/State/Federal LE are engaged
and ensuring our ACPs, local patrols and FBNC Team Mates are aware and
cross-talking to preclude his entry to Bragg and ultimate apprehension.
Recommend local commander’s include this information in unit safety briefs.

He has been at this awhile it seems, as thisainthell did a story on him awhile back, but then he was SFC, lately he has promoted himself to Major. Here is the pic courtesy of thisainthell.


So Fort Bragg/Camp Mackall Soldiers, keep your eyes open for this package of douche baggery.


UPDATE 20130515:

The Fayetteville Observer is now reporting  that Coombs has been seen in the parking lot of Walmart on Skibo Road.

Coombs has been dressed in military attire while soliciting money at I-95 rest stops, the release said, and arrested at least once for pandering.

Coombs’ criminal record includes convictions for worthless checks, credit card fraud, firearms-related offenses and vehicle theft, according to records at the Department of Public Safety’s Adult Correction division.

Anyone who may have given Coombs money is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at 323-1500.


What are your thoughts?
26 comments on “James Edward Coombs, Special Forces Fraud, Spotted Around Fort Bragg, BOLO Issued
  1. May want to correct that brief. At the top of the page hes listed as 5’2 170 and at the bottom as 6’3 190. This will help to keep some hapless dwarf from getting his shot group tightened lol.

  2. I have been homeless, and was very surprised at the number of “military frauds” that I ran into. Having had many military personnel in my immediate family, they were pretty easy to spot, but I feel for those that fall for this stuff.

  3. I don’t make it to the Ft. Bragg area too often but I will keep his Photo and BOLO info at hand – If I happen to see him I will “Contact Him” with the Grill on my 08 Mega Cab (I’ve been having break problems) I’ll also be certain to have him interviewed by Law Enforcement should he survive and be released from medical care!

    YES Dept of Homeland Security – I’m “joking” but it makes ME Feel Better so stuff your NDAA back in your filing cabinet and get over it!

  4. This is a bullshit story this jackwagon is NOT wanted and there is No BOLO issued for him by On or off Post Law Enforcement at Bragg. Please correct this beforesome Soldier does something Stupid based on bad Intell and ends up in jail

    • @Airborne: There is too much evidence on law enforcement web sites, mug shot websites and other stolen valor similar sites showing this guy was arrested 4/26/13. It is not mentioned in most of those sites about the military fraud issue, but he is a felon and those pics are pretty convincing.

  5. Are you sure about that??? Cause there are wanted posters splattered across XVIII Airborne Corps, a soldier in my unit had a run in with this guy and CID spoke with the soldier in regards to this fraud… You might wanna check your information there “Airborne”

  6. what I find most disconcerting, is the ease at which many of these posers get their hands on ACUs, patches-especially accurate name tabs-etc.

    This “homeless” guy was somehow able to acquire a complete uniform. Even @ surplus stores, this shit ain’t cheap. How did he get this stuff is what I want to know.

    • You’d be surprised at all the uniforms I’ve seen for sale on Ebay complete with rank and patches. Anyone can buy these military or civilians.

  7. You can buy that crap online. As much as you may enjoy tuning this turd up behind a line shack somewhere, best to call in the law and let them deal with him. It aint worth a good man’s career. Hooah?

    • Thats why we disabled veterans are at hand. A year in a broke dick platoon is worth 10 years in critical thinking experience.

  8. I am a 20 yr retired vet, I did my part and to see this, it burns my ass. He don’t have the balls to make it real. He is a Wanttobe. Still serving, (First Sergeant Retired) USArmy.

  9. Just spotted and talked to this guy in the Holiday Inn parking lot in Fayetteville. Stated he was TAD from 5th Group at Campbell to 3rd at Bragg. Stated he was a 18D and needed money for gas because he “left his wallet at home.” Was driving a late 90’s maroon Chevy Suburban, accompanied by a mid 20’s black female.

  10. I know this is an old story, but one of the 3/82 Paratroopers I work with in the clinic said that this guy was posted up outside General Jacksons the day he ran into him. Gave him some BS story about how his car broke down and he needed money. The Paratrooper offered him a ride but the guy refused, instead saying he had an unregistered firearm, which he then showed to the Trooper, and said he cant take it on post so needed to get home first. The Trooper gave him $20 and left. After I told this kid he was essentially robbed at gun point, he refused to make a complaint or anything to PMO. This was a little before he started popping up in safety briefs. I have seen this DB’s picture on many a wall throughout division warning us about him. They’re all gone now though,have been for some time, hopefully that means he is too!

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