Iraq War Veteran Asked to Remove American Flag to Avoid Offending Someone

The last time I checked I was still in the United States of America, and our symbol is the American Flag, or “Old Glory” as some of us call her. And hundreds of thousands of Americans have fought and died for her over the last 200 years! So when at anytime should anyone be offended of seeing her flying in her own damn country!  This really burns me up, our flag is being desecrated, burned, and now someone may be offended at the site of her in her own country!!!

Fox news posted this story and I though it was some kind of joke, but it was not!  This is from Fox:

An Iraq war veteran was asked by the property manager to take down the American flag that he hung from his California apartment balcony for 9/11.
Amy Grossman, the veteran’s wife, said, “She wanted it to be removed so that it didn’t offend anybody who didn’t believe in the American flag.”

The flag now sits on the porch on a pole instead of hanging from the balcony.


Here is the video of the interview with the Veterans wife:


The apartment complex is called Highland Creek Apartments out of Roseville, California. Here is more form a local news station:

A woman told FOX40 that management at the Highland Creek Apartments in Roseville asked her husband, a combat Marine veteran, to take down their American Flag they proudly displayed on their front porch.

“She wanted it to be removed so it didn’t offend anybody who didn’t believe in the American flag,” said the man’s wife, April Grossman.

But instead of saying that Old Glory might be found offensive by others, April says the manager could have worded it much differently.

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“‘Could you just take it down, because nothing should be hung from the ceiling,’ and that would’ve been fine,” she said.

Management told FOX40 the word “offensive” wasn’t meant to be specific about the American flag.

“Our intent was not to offend anyone by enforcing the clearly stated policy within our lease agreement that is understood and agreed to by all residents,” management said, in a prepared statement.

“He should be able to fly it more than anyone else,” resident Brett Coker said.

That was the feeling of many residents, after learning Jason Grossman served in Iraq.

“I don’t think that’s offensive at all,” resident Ashley Cooper added. “He served our country, so he should have it out and that’s ridiculous, just like (not being able to say) ‘Under God.'”

“That kinda makes me sad they would do that, and not do anything about the trash,” neighbor Derek Blowquist said, pointing to bags of garbage cross from his unit.

Out of reverence, the Grossmans initially hung the flag up on Sept. 11. But to comply with their lease, it now rests on a pole.

“We just wanted to show our support, that’s all,” Grossman added.

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What is happening to this country when someone believes the very symbol that represents us as Americans, and stands for all of those who have fought and died for our freedom, can be considered offensive to anyone who lives here!

I am going to stop now before I say some things that would not be appropriate for this blog. I love my country, my brothers and sisters in arms, and the flag for which we stand! And if that offends you please pack your bags and move elsewhere!



According to Federal Law it is illegal to make someone take down the Flag if they are flying it according to the code..

A condominium association, cooperative association, or residential real estate management association may not adopt or enforce
any policy, or enter into any agreement, that would restrict or
prevent a member of the association from displaying the flag of
the United States on residential property within the association
with respect to which such member has a separate ownership
interest or a right to exclusive possession or use.


What are your thoughts?
31 comments on “Iraq War Veteran Asked to Remove American Flag to Avoid Offending Someone
  1. Thats completely messed up…we have people protesting in our country over some dumb video, burning our flag, murdering and raping our ambassadors, and killing our people and someone in the USA tells a VET. that he cant fly his flag?…..someone should go buy 10,000 of those tiny flags and put them all over the grounds overnight. Then when they start taking them down smack them in the face for throwing them away.

  2. Some places clearly state that you are not allowed to have ANYTHING hanging off of the balconies. If that was the case the Apt manager should have worded it that way. By saying that the FLAG in itself was offensive they deserve whatever negative reaction they get. That being said some people tend to go out of their way to antagonize landlords and HOAs by displaying numerous or over-sized patriotic symbols and then crying foul and calling people anti-American when its pointed out that they are violating rules.

    • HOAs’ are bullshit anyway … who in thier rite mind pays that much for property to be told what you can and cant do on it by your neighbor .. might as well have just rented some place

  3. being a veteran myself, I can’t believe the audacity of some people, I think that being a combat veteran, he should be given some latitude when it comes to displaying a symbol of our country. I think that the apartment manager was out of line when she stated that displaying the flag, a symbol for which he was willing to die for, would offend someone. If I wanted to display my flag I wouldn’t let anyone stop me and would dare anyone to lay their hands on it.

  4. The apartment manager poorly worded what should have been a simple request. Even the Grossmans said so. I seriously doubt that the intent was to say “Hey you war veteran, that there flag flyin’ is offensive”. Calm down folks. Should they have been more lenient on and around Sep. 11th. Absolutely. Would it hurt to let them fly the flag off the balcony? Nope. Did displaying the flag on a pole rather than over the balcony make the day any less somber? Nope. Put your pitchforks down.

  5. It is so sad that the Public Picture and Respect for the US, our AD (Active Duty) Soldiers and War Veterans sank down to a Level that I can’t understand anymore. People are being scared of offending someone by showing Old Glory??? Seriously?? What comes next, asking the Terrorism World and Anti-USA Groups if they want to have our Country handed over to them for free?? I might be German by Birth but American by Choice (and Marriage) and I’m standing up for these Colors. Anybody who is American, living in the US and feels offended by the Flag, Constitutions and Laws, GTFO and never come back cuz you don’t deserve what this great Country still has to offer!!

  6. The manager is an idiot and should have cited the apartment policy about hanging things off the balcony. Which looks trashy when people hang their shit from it.

    Also, the federal law you quoted doesn’t have anything to do with the story considering it’s not regarding apartments.

    • I think you need to read the law again, as it pertains to ALL real estate including apartment complexes, And it makes that VERY CLEAR! And the Flag does not look trashy hanging from a balcony.

  7. Hows about we all contact them and let them know what REAL AMERICAN’S think and what REAL AMERICAN’S find “offenssive”!… Highland Creek Apts.: 800 Gibson Drive Roseville, CA 95678
    (916) 784-0404

  8. Mel, this great country isn’t as great as it once was. And it will only get worse as long as we keep electing politicians instead of patriots. And voting for presidents based on skin color just to have the first back president instead of getting someone qualified in there to do the job.

  9. What do you expect from a country who’s current administration is allowing Homeland Security to put OIF veterans on the terrorist watch list.

  10. WTF? Really? This is absurd! I’ve lost friends who have fought with our flag on their shoulder. My grandfathers fought with our flag and were buried while draped with her. I have fought with our flag on my shoulder and am getting ready to do it again. I would dare anyone to tell me in my own country that I need to remove my flag because I might “offend” someone. All this PC crap is exactly that…CRAP! Americans need to stop being pussies and tell those with over bearing sensitivities to get over themselves. We as a nation should be proud of who and what we are!

  11. I have one in my front yard! Dare any stupid idiot to tell me I have to take it down. Hope they can run really fast! At least fast enough to outrun this old broke down vet. I am getting so sick and tired of all this PC CRAP! It all started with Clinton and it’s just gotten worse. Whatever happened to telling it like it is?

    • I don’t know about u but when I was in k-grade my teacher said this to me, Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me, guess she left out the American flag part.

  12. I suggest that you put the owners of the complex in jail for sheer stupidity. They are obviously too stupid to own anything. As previously said, if ANYTHING AMERICAN OFFENDS YOU, get the hell out of our country, NOW! A Vietnam Veteran of 28 years in the Navy.

  13. Amen, Chris! HOA’s should be done away with. If they want to tell us what we can and can’t do with our own property, then perhaps they should pay for it. I’m American and Proud, and I will fly whatever flag I choose too. I will also proudly display a cross or any other religious icon, that professes my faith in Jesus Christ, I choose too. It is “MY” property, not some trumped up organization that steals peoples money in the guise of trying to keep the neighborhood clean. People should mind their own business! And as for the flag offending anyone living in the USA, please feel free to catch the next plane out!!!

  14. I called and left a message on their voicemail, telling them to catch the next plane out and wishing them a Blessed Day! Please do the same, but don’t be rude, it doesn’t get the point across. Thanks my fellow Americans!!!

  15. I bet all of u that any American who thinks the American flag is offense or hates America is also on welfare or getting some kind of money from the same government they hate

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