Iraq War Veteran Asked to Remove American Flag to Avoid Offending Someone

The last time I checked I was still in the United States of America, and our symbol is the American Flag, or “Old Glory” as some of us call her. And hundreds of thousands of Americans have fought and died for her over the last 200 years! So when at anytime should anyone be offended of seeing her flying in her own damn country!  This really burns me up, our flag is being desecrated, burned, and now someone may be offended at the site of her in her own country!!!

Fox news posted this story and I though it was some kind of joke, but it was not!  This is from Fox:

An Iraq war veteran was asked by the property manager to take down the American flag that he hung from his California apartment balcony for 9/11.
Amy Grossman, the veteran’s wife, said, “She wanted it to be removed so that it didn’t offend anybody who didn’t believe in the American flag.”

The flag now sits on the porch on a pole instead of hanging from the balcony.


Here is the video of the interview with the Veterans wife:


The apartment complex is called Highland Creek Apartments out of Roseville, California. Here is more form a local news station:

A woman told FOX40 that management at the Highland Creek Apartments in Roseville asked her husband, a combat Marine veteran, to take down their American Flag they proudly displayed on their front porch.

“She wanted it to be removed so it didn’t offend anybody who didn’t believe in the American flag,” said the man’s wife, April Grossman.

But instead of saying that Old Glory might be found offensive by others, April says the manager could have worded it much differently.

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“‘Could you just take it down, because nothing should be hung from the ceiling,’ and that would’ve been fine,” she said.

Management told FOX40 the word “offensive” wasn’t meant to be specific about the American flag.

“Our intent was not to offend anyone by enforcing the clearly stated policy within our lease agreement that is understood and agreed to by all residents,” management said, in a prepared statement.

“He should be able to fly it more than anyone else,” resident Brett Coker said.

That was the feeling of many residents, after learning Jason Grossman served in Iraq.

“I don’t think that’s offensive at all,” resident Ashley Cooper added. “He served our country, so he should have it out and that’s ridiculous, just like (not being able to say) ‘Under God.'”

“That kinda makes me sad they would do that, and not do anything about the trash,” neighbor Derek Blowquist said, pointing to bags of garbage cross from his unit.

Out of reverence, the Grossmans initially hung the flag up on Sept. 11. But to comply with their lease, it now rests on a pole.

“We just wanted to show our support, that’s all,” Grossman added.

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What is happening to this country when someone believes the very symbol that represents us as Americans, and stands for all of those who have fought and died for our freedom, can be considered offensive to anyone who lives here!

I am going to stop now before I say some things that would not be appropriate for this blog. I love my country, my brothers and sisters in arms, and the flag for which we stand! And if that offends you please pack your bags and move elsewhere!



According to Federal Law it is illegal to make someone take down the Flag if they are flying it according to the code..

A condominium association, cooperative association, or residential real estate management association may not adopt or enforce
any policy, or enter into any agreement, that would restrict or
prevent a member of the association from displaying the flag of
the United States on residential property within the association
with respect to which such member has a separate ownership
interest or a right to exclusive possession or use.




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