Holy Bible Found In The Dirt In Afghanistan, Marine and His Mom Want To Return It To The Owners

Someone brought this to our attention via facebook, her son found this bible while on patrol in Afghanistan and want to find the rightful owners. If you know who this may belong to, please let us know by using the contact form on the page and we will pass the info on. Seems it was a gift from his mother, so I am sure he would like it back. He is a Marine by the name of Jonathan, seems he was deployed around 2009. We will add more information as it becomes available.




The owner of the Bible has been located, He is from California and got out of the Marine Corp in Nov. 2011. He was deployed from March 2010 thru Nov. 2010…. He had it in his cargo pocket while on patrol, and couldn’t find it after a bit. He didn’t know what happened to it. It was in the Afghan dirt for about a year and a half, and was found. His mom was in tears when he told her, she said she prayed over the Bible before she mailed it to him, that he would be safe.

The Marine that recovered the bible, spoke to the other Marine on the phone. They  want to meet in person, so he will take the bible to him.

The Marines mother is very happy the bible was found, it will certainly hold a special place in all of their hearts. Thanks to everyone for the help in getting this taken care of! We have not released any names because we have not be authorized to do so. If the parties involved wish for their names to be release we will do so.



Here is a story about the bible being found, great update for Veterans Day.

Veteran’s Day – A Bible found in Afghanistan




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