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This is our Hall Of Shame, here we have a special place for those that would lie about Military service, or embellish their Military Record. Once an investigation is complete, and it is found that they embellished or fabricated military service, they are added here.

We get around fifty new cases per week, only a small percentage of these cases ever make it here. If we can’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a person embellished or faked service, they won’t be posted here.
Newest cases are towards the bottom, click on each picture to be linked to their write ups.

 Matthew Beck

Matthew Beck

Danny Russell Crane

Danny Russell Crane

 Sammy Samford

Sammy Samford

 John Giduck

John Giduck

 Matthew Jacob Wyszynski

Matthew Jacob Wyszynski

Charles and Martha Ann Kaczmarczyk

Charles and Martha Ann Kaczmarczyk

Joshua Banner

Joshua Banner

 David Chenicek

David Chenicek

 Matt Buckingham

Matt Buckingham

John Medina

John Medina

Jeffrey Elvington

Jeffrey Elvington

Michael Douglas Mcdowell

Michael Douglas Mcdowell

Brent North with Fake ATF Badge and Credentials.

Brent North

 David "Trusty" Garcia Diaz

David “Trusty” Garcia Diaz

 Michael Hunsucker

Michael Hunsucker

Tina Marie Kersten Lightfoot

Tina Marie Kersten Lightfoot

Douglas Arthur Buono

Douglas Arthur Buono

 Jesus Garcia

Jesus Garcia


John Collier

 James Ingram

James Ingram

 Josh Kueffler

Josh Kueffler

Short Posing With His Unsuspecting Victim

Jonathan Wade Short

 Glen Lacroix

Glen Lacroix


David Oswald

 Leonard Martinez

Leonard Martinez


Donald Crangle


Matt Farmer

 John Parham

John Parham


Joel Lisson

 Robert Landis Lawton

Robert Landis Lawton


Michael Lattea

Christina Axtman

Christina Axtman

 Melvin Slack

Melvin Slack

Brandon Ashraf

Brandon Ashraf

Jay Kerwin

Jay Kerwin

Kirk Guyette

Kirk Guyette


Mark H. Smith

Shane Matthew Slade

Shane Matthew Slade

Nicholas Paea

Nicholas Paea

Thomas Heben

Thomas Heben


Cornelius Davis

Ron Dickey

Ron Dickey

Rowdy Anderson

Rowdy Anderson

Lynette Ladd

Lynette Ladd


William Westbay

Richard Rahn

Richard Rahn

Felix Carswell

Felix Carswell

Sean Yetman

Sean Yetman


Angelo Otchy


Dillon Gunter


Jonathan Campbell


Michael Schrenk

Kelsey Hoover

Kelsey Hoover


Robert Pegleg Jones

Jason Scaletta

Jason Scaletta

Jordan Lusk

Jordan Lusk

Anthony Kolat

Anthony Kolat

John Boston Hill

John Boston Hill

Michael J McNearney

Michael J McNearney

Miles Shoumake

Miles Shoumake


Timothy Brown

Nicholas George

Nicholas George

Jeffrey Puritis

Jeffrey Puritis

Erik Whelan

Erik Whelan

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 7.59.27 PM

Christion Mock


Simon Zablah


Michael Porter



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221 comments on “Hall Of Shame
    • most do today…. its not nice to pick on vets and they (posers) use it for cover.

      • If you will notice, a TRUE WAR VET will NOT tell you what they saw, what happened while they were in a war. Most POSERS make up all the stories of being a POW in Nam, but when you look at their military record, the only deployment shown is when they were in Spain and there was NO WAR there unless you want to count him throwing his new born son into a wall or beating his wife and small children. Now that one is a true loser and tells how he helped a service man that was in the “hole” with him during Nam. Tells that the camp was attacked and the bamboo cage tops were blown off. One service man was so weak he could barely walk. So this other POSER helped him until they come through the jungle to a road. The service man that is NOT able to walk on his own wants to head to the left, but the POSER wants to go to the right, so they go their separate ways…a man who could NOT walk and the POSER claims he runs into Marine troops running a patrol on the area. They took him straight to base camp where he was IMMEDIATELY flown back to the States to be debriefed. His Military records shows he was NOT service connected during the Nam War. He claims to be a Korean War Bomber pilot, oh yeah he was in the Nevada fields when the first A bombs were tested too..he was born in 36. I think all the POSERS should be PUBLICLY SHAMED!!! STRIPPED OF ALL AND ANY HONOR discharges they may have! As they are not an Honor, but a disgrace to the very Country others serve!

          • The reason I asked about Special Forces Armor is I have a bro.-in-law who says he was SF armor was there sucha thing? I never heard of it, bur anything is possible.

          • Special Forces armor? Never heard of such a thing. Ask him to prove it. Find out the units he was in. Ask for his DD-214.

    • People like this make me angry, I was discharged from the Navy in 1985 because of PTSD and it took me 18 years for the VA to pay me because I had to pay back my Military Sep Pay. They are why many Veterans are denied. People will ask me how do I get a diagnosis of PTSD, I tell them you talk to a Doctor and tell them whats going on. Many ask me to tell them how to lie and i refuse.

      • I had a Desert Storm vet (whom I worked with) ask me about my service connected hip injury (symptoms, issues…). She said she was working on getting at least 30% from VA so her kids would get on the medical care. She had been denied disability for PTSD, asthma, and a couple other things. I just told her she didn’t want the issues I have with my leg. Shortly there after I got approval to move out of that office.
        Made me madder than hell.

        • She’s sadly mistaken if she thinks she’ll get medical care for her kids with a 30% rating. I was at 90% for years and still couldn’t get ChampVA.

  1. I served 4 years active, and 4 years ANG. and am proud of every day! I never was ina combat zone, unless Iceland is considered one, and am unable to understand why someone trys to act like something they aren’t. If you were military, even if you were a cook, or worse, you are supposed to be proud you wore the uniform. I hope these “so Calleed” heros get btheirs! thanks for listening to an old Airman. 1956- 1963.

    • Thank you for your post (and for your SERVICE.) I was a military stenographer serving in Germany in the mid-70’s. No combat, no danger. But I was willing, ready & trained. I put on my uniform and went to our G-4 office and did my job to the best of my ability. I’m not ashamed. I AM disgusted with people who think they have to make up stories about their service record to prove that they are “heroes.” Think what would happen if the many clerks, cooks, etc failed to do their assigned job—silent heroes

      • Thank you for your service. The military is one great machine and all who served played a great part in it’s magnificent endeavors.

    • “”even if you were a cook, or worse” Hey, I was a cook and even saw the field beyond the wire. I worked six LZs before the Commanding General (MG E.B. Roberts) hijacked me for his own mess. I get the chuckles when someone runs down cooks as if they were (all) useless hangers-on.

      • you know the old saying, an Army, or whichever branch, runs on it’s stomach! You must have been a good cook to get picked to cook for Brass! Good for you.

      • Tell you what, man… I’ve known a lot of folks in my time in the Army from all MOS’s, ranks, etc. It’s brought me to one main conclusion, which is: good people are good people, and d-bags are d-bags. Doesn’t matter what rank or how many initials/credentials they have after their name. Cooks have just as important of a role in the military as the platoon sergeants or the intel dudes.

      • In Iraq, when I was there, all of the dining facilities were contracted out…. cooks made some of the best EOD security so we could bounce from mission site to mission site for counter IED ops and Post Blast investigations :).

      • My Granddad was a cook over in France during WWI. He felt his position was just as important as any other – we all gotta eat. He was proud to have served, and I only wish I’d been a bit older to ask him about what it was like over in France when he was there.

    • Gene, I know you didn’t say “even if you were a cook, or worse”. Some might ask what is worse than being a cook? Actually, there are many soldiers like myself who were or are proud Food Service Soldiers. I’m just jerking your chain. I get what you are saying. ALL soldiers have important roles regardless of their specialty, Serving is something to be proud of. I too served 29 years active and an additional 12 years as a civilian. I started out as a Cook and ended up a CSM with 0 combat tours on Active Duty and 1 short tour to Afghanistan as a civilian. I don’t have a chest full of ribbons, but I am extremely proud of my service. I have enough to brag about. My integrity is what I brag about the most. SHUT UP MIKE!.

    • I am a O.I.F Veteran and Kosovo And Bosnia. Why people do this , because they are scard to man up and raise there right hand and say the pledge of enlistment. I was in a pharmacy recently and a guy walked in and had on a 101st Abn cap, I asked him what unit were you with and when did you serve with them. All he said was I don’t know what you are talking about.
      “I was with the 101st ABN, it seems uncanny to me that he could not tell me the company he was in or the Bn. he was in, it is either 2 things he is a wanna be or he was a nasty girl. POS

  2. Her facebook page says she was born Aug 10, 1967. Grenada kicked off Oct 25, 1987. If she served in Grenada, she would have had to have been AGE 16 at the time. I was active duty during Grenada, and I can tell you, not a whole lot of folks went. The vast majority of us were stuck elsewhere watching it on T.V. Only a few actually landed on the island. Just over 7,000 in total, composed of:

    US Army 1st and 2nd Ranger Battalions 75th Infantry conducted low-level Airborne Assault to secure Point Salinas Airport. Hunter Army Airfield, GA and Ft. Lewis, WA
    US Army 82nd Airborne Division – Brigade Task Forces 325th AIR (Airborne Infantry Regiment) and battalions of the 505th and 508th PIR (Parachute Infantry Regiment) Fort Bragg, NC
    US Army 4th Psychological Operations Group – provided loudspeaker support and dissemination of informational pamphlets. Fort Bragg, NC
    US Army 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta (AKA Delta Force) Fort Bragg, NC
    US Army 27th Engineer Battalion Fort Bragg, NC
    US Army 548th Engineer Battalion (United States) deactivated Ft Bragg, NC
    US Army 44th Medical Brigade – Personnel from the 44th Med. Brigade and operational units including the 5th MASH were deployed. Fort Bragg, NC
    US Army 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) Ft Campbell, KY
    US Navy SEAL Team 4 Little Creek, VA and US Navy SEAL Team 6 Virginia Beach, VA
    US Marine Corps 22nd Marine Amphibious Unit Camp Lejeune, NC
    US Army 1st Corps Support Command COSCOM, 7th Trans Battalion, 546th LMT Fort Bragg, NC
    US Air Force 5th Weather Squadron, 5th Weather Wing (MAC) Fort Bragg, NC – Jump qualified Combat Weathermen who are attached and deployed with the 82nd, now in AFSOC
    US Air Force 21st Tactical Air Support Squadron – jump qualified FACs who are attached and deployed with 82nd Airborne, Fort Bragg, NC
    US Army E co 3/60th Inf Reg (later designated:E Co.(LRSC) 109th MI Battalion (Airborne) 9th ID Long Range Surveillance Company (LRSC) (1984))

    That was it= for about two months, and then it was over. Sorry, she wasn’t there.

    • just a quick not 1987-1967 is 20 not 16. not that i am sticking up for someone that wants to steal the honor of those of us who served

      • Guys! Sometimes it’s good to remember a bit better and if you can’t remember, look it up! Grenada was in 1983. I remember it exactly because I was on duty at the National Military Command Center when it kicked off. By 1987 I had finished three more tours of duty and was serving as XO to General Pascoe, in Sembach Germany.

        • Thank you for clarifying this. I was wondering if some people ever learned math. I had just completed USUT training at Benning when Grenada kicked off in 1983.

          • Yeah, it was 1983. I distinctly remember this because I had just PCS’d from Ft. Devens (10th SFG) to Ft. Benning (Airborne Instructor) and was staying with a friend overnight at Ft. Bragg when it kicked off.

        • Thanks for your service. I was in Schweinfurt, Germany in 1986-7
          – C Btry, 2/31 FA, then B Btry, 1/10 FA

      • It’s not about stealing your honor. No one can steal your honor, unless they are purposely using your name. These people only degrade themselves. Go read the Stolen Valor Act. It’s a government passed Act to keep the Valor of our Medals and Badges. Just because these people claim to have done something or be awarded something they really didn’t, doesn’t degrade our Service or Honor. Now the government that cuts our pensions and our benefits, They are the ones who degrade us and steal from us. Stolen Valor has 150 million dollars set aside to for funding. If they ever collect that back in a years time, plus the time it took for them to review the Act and the cost to the taxpayer, is doubtful. But, it’s a Good Cause to a certain extent, as it allows for the prosecution of those who are Fraudulently doing this to rip off more of our taxes, by gaining Government contracts, because the idiots up in Washington, forget to check these impostor’s credentials before assigning them the 66 million dollar contracts.

    • Sorry Grenada happened while I was in Beirut October 25th 1983, I am sure it was a typo….

      • Yep…the Captain’s math was correct…he just mis-typed the year (i.e., ’87 instead of ’83). Happens to all of us from time to time. He’s got nothing to be ashamed of here…Carry on gentlemen…

        • HE is a Captain, and it is expected that officers need the enlisted to type for them anyway (haha j/k).

        • It’s Called ATTENTION TO DETAIL!!!!
          That’s what they would have told me at Inspection Time.

    • Greneda kicked off in 1983, NOT 1987. I was onboard the USS Edward Mcdonnell on ASW ops and REFTRA in GTMO at the time.

  3. Kill them all then let God take care of the lying bastards. I am retired and do wouldn’t mind helping out if the staff at guardians of valor would have me. My disability is not service connected and I will gladly submit my dd214 for inspection. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can help in any way. Yours truly a former Sgt.with the 82nd Airborne as well as a vetran of the 59th a Ordinance Brigade in Germany stationed at NATO site 111 before it was decommissioned and given back to the Germans.

  4. Cpt Pratt there were also two members of the 307th Engineer Battalion out of the 618th Engineer Co. that actually were awarded combat wings for jumping into Grenada. If I am booty mistaken they were sent there attached to the Rangers. I was present when they were awarded thier combat jump wings with gold star. Just wanted to, make sure your list was complete. I hope I jan have not offended you. I wish I could recall thier names but out has been too long.

  5. Grenada was 1983…think you have a typo since you got 16 correct. She would have not been there at age 16 unless she was a tourist.

  6. Barry, “Ordnance” is a weapon….”Ordinance” is a municipal law.

  7. Ms Kersten solicited $4000 from local businmesses using her poser personna for Wounded Warriors and to fund her and her husbands motorcycle ride to DC in support of a major veterans biker rally there. It is unclear to me what happened to this money, whether it went into 6974 coffers, Wounded Warriors, or somewhere else. She stated to me she was unhappy with the plans the post had for the money and was considering depositing some or all the money into her personal bank account to disburse herself.

    Veteran Farms consists of 3 1/2 acres, two horse pens and stalls and at the moment, one horse, and a color coordinated Ford F350 and large horse trailer. This is ostensibly funded by a grant from the Texas Veterans Commission. There is no record of this grant and no record of her academic qualification to be an equine therapist. She has, however,boarded a couple of young veterans in her house as “ranch managers” during which illegal substances were used at the “Farms” according topeople who were there She has stated that the truck and trailer were funded by the grant to be used in support of “Farms”operations but has loaned it out to be taken to Colorado and is also advertising herself as a horse hauler for hire – most likely using this vehicle..

    There is also the unanswered question of the “PTSD” treatment at the Temple, TX VA.

    Another question is that of three shotguns valued at $3500 donated to the post to raffle off as a fund raiser. The post was only able to sell approximately 16 tickets valued at $800. Two of the guns were won by Ms Kersten’s family and the other by a friend of Mr Banks

    I am the first to admit that all of this may be quite legit but on the surface seems very questionable. I think that Ms Kersten truly wants to help veterans but does not seem to comprehend that her behavior puts everything she does in question. As long as she is enabled by the VFW Post she wil find a way to continue and bring shame on the rest of us. The whole situation has been overcome by ego and ambition..

    • Doesn’t shame me one bit! Go ahead and stress out over this crap about shaming us.
      I served my time and unless you are directing something straight at me and using my name, then go ahead, it doesn’t bother me one bit. These people only degrade and disrespect themselves, not us. The Government is the one who cuts your pension and decreases your benefits, now that is degrading and disrespectful. I haven’t checked yet, to see if they took any money out of their pockets yet, but they seem to always exempt themselves from everything else.

  8. I also served 4 years in the active service( Navy Submarine Service) USS Providence SSN-719, and 4 years in ANG tanker on M60A3’s. These people should be lined up and shot the way they disrespect those who serve and those who have served.

    • Scott, what years were you on the providence ? i had a couple of buddies on the Providence and i was on the Toledo..were you Groton at the time ?

    • They don’t disrespect those who serve or those who have served. They only disrespect themselves. I haven’t gone anywhere and someone said to me, you know you are a low life because of all the low life’s out there who disrespect the military. “Your service to this country don’t mean crap because, anyone can claim to be a soldier and claim to have all the awards or more than you do.” “In fact, I bet you don’t deserve those awards, you probably got them because you were a Platoon Sgt or above!” Not Once, Have I heard those words. I guess, the Stolen Valor Facebook page has given you and a whole bunch of others, this false impression. Go read the Stolen Valor Act! The Guardian of Valor website just uses that name Stolen Valor. Maybe that gives you the idea that we are all being projected as being “low lives” and maybe that term shouldn’t be used. But, that site wants to let you know they are here to help Promote the Stolen Valor act. Actually, they probably do a great job of Posting these poor sick fools and giving all of you Poor Disrespected Military a little comfort when they post how much some of these people got for prison time and had to pay back, which still doesn’t come anywhere near what the Stolen Valor Act has cost the Taxpayer each year. Guardian of Valor probably could have done as Swell of a Job as they are doing now, without the cost of the Stolen Valor Act.

      Go read it! Just Google or Bing it or whatever search engine you use!

  9. What horrible people. My Dad served almost twenty years in the Army, and my husband is currently active duty Army. This should be a federal offense 🙁

    • no all inposters should be dressed in the uniform the facked an droped in to taliban country

    • Hehehe, Go read the Stolen Valor Act!!! Google or Bing it or whatever search engine you use. It is a FEDERAL OFFENSE if you Fraudulently try to gain tangible benefits.

  10. I was never able to serve in the military, nearly took took the oath in
    07′, but a series of events lead me to be able to have placement of my daughter that started that year. As for the people that are the reason for this site- an absolute disgrace to our military. But, I belive the numbers of them reflect the courage and integrity of Americans as whole. I read the whole Banner exchange which prompted me to register and comment. After dealing with an alcoholic huxter for a mother of my daughter, one key thing clicked with me. How one guy said how the imposter tried to overly CONvince him of his service record. I hate decievers, and those who practice in lies. Dispicable fools, who overlook the flag they represent; the biggest two we get to vote out on Nov.6 heh-heh

  11. I just got a Facebook message from a Ramirez calling me a POS and to stop posing as a Seal. Although I am a Vietnam Vet (DD214 available if you need it), Ihave never posed as a Seal and resent the message saying I have. Get the facts Mr Ramirez before you spout your big mouth.

    • Hey, that’s part of what this site is all about, The Good Book, said there would come a time when people would be telling on each other. So, if someone doesn’t like you and wants to tell a lie about you and they can tell a big enough lie, or produce some evidence, like if Ramirez has something written or a recoding of you saying that, You ARE OPEN to Investigation. Look for your name on the WALL OF SHAME!

  12. i was in the USMC for 11 years and a disabled vet but for people to say they where in and get some of the bennies that i earned is a shame and i hope they pay for it all 1977 to 1988 was some good times and some bad but loved it all

  13. I live next to a town that hired a Cop who has been accused of telling people he was a Navy Seal…he is now a POLICE OFFICER in Log Lane Village Colorado…how can i find out more? Fred irl Cook is his name

    • There is a Gentleman. a retired Navy Seal named Don Shipley in Norfolk Va has access to a data base with all the Seals who ever served in it. If you have written or video proof of this guy claiming to be a SEAL google don shipley, contact him and give him the info, He will eat the guy alive.

  14. I am a sixty year old disabled Vet who is damn proud of my service and my country. Only thing I am not Proud of is the person we call the President now. He let Americans be slaughtered, in Bengazi, and refused to send help, although help was requested three times during the attack, which lasted six hours. There had also been earlier requests, from two weeks before, for better security, and it was turned down. America hired Obama as President, we did not hire those he appointed, so if they mess up, it still falls on the President, like Watergate did on Nixon, and he had nothing to do with it either. I was not a Nixon fan, but he responded as a True Leader with Honor would, he Resigned. Unfortunetly, Obama does not know the meaning of the word Honor. I am just so happy I am not a young man having to serve under this Fool today.

    • it may have been on obamas watch but he would never want a solider dead, we have no control over those crazy bastards and it could have happened with anyone as president. romney is a spine less crook that will put more solders in harms way than he can deal with because he is a fool and only cares about his own wallet, obama cares for th people of this country and our service men and woman. he is very strong in foreign policy, we do not need the weakness that romney will bring or the ignorance that bush brought. romney also could care less about disabled vets such as yourself, obama fought for vets and will continue to.

      • Sorry Jac but you are dead wrong on all counts. The Obama Administration is the one that proposed that all veterans who have private insurance be required to use that insurance for their care, instead of the VA. The problem with that, is the insurance companies would have increased the premiums for the veterans medical insurance, which would essentially mean that a veteran was paying for his care in part for his combat related injury. That is definitely not taking care of veterans.

        The Obama administration is also pushing for increases in the rates for Tricare, to lower the cost of it for the government. Although the proposed changes are not scheduled to take effect until after the election, to save the votes of veterans who aren’t educated about what is going on. The funny thing is, none of these price increases are being proposed for the plans that military contractors who are unionized.

        And don’t forget all the thousands of veterans who were notified that they may have been infected with HIV, hepatitis C, and other infectious diseases by the VA. If Obama can’t ensure our veterans, who amount for such a small percentage of our population, receive decent care through the government, he has no place dictating medical care throughout the nation.

        Plus, your statements about Romney only caring about his wallet are without basis. The man has given away more money than Obama has made. He is the epitome of what Obama says rich people should be. He gives away huge amounts of money, and hasn’t taken a paycheck for most of the jobs he has held.
        You really need to find a better argument, because yours has nothing but holes.

      • No Decent President would stand by and listen to screams of help and turn them down three times! Why do you think Obambi relieved Gen Ham of duty? Because Gen Ham is a Soldier and was going to buch the Wimps Stand Down Orders, so he was sacked and replaced with an obedient Lapdog. The military was ready, we have teams set and ready to go just for situations like this. We had a Drone overhead that could of bombed them, but instead, Obama enjoyed watching it in Real Time, listening to their Screams! We should have at least Tried! The military many times does not know the situation on the ground, so they advance slowly, but surely. That would have been the case here, and we may not have saved anyone and even lost a few more, but at least we could say we tried, instead of just sacrificing them to Obama’s Terrorist Buddies! Ambassador Stephens flew in to Bengazi that day for a meeting with a Turkish Minister about an Arms Deal to smuggle weapons to the Syrian Rebels, which was illegal but Obama wanted it done. Obama deserved to be put on Trial for Treason, and if found guilty, Executed! Every American Soldier now knows they cannot depend on this Traitor in Chief!

      • Say that from the inside of a FEMA camp in the next two years. When it is against the law, why does this jerk keep talking about his 2016 third term as President. or will that be God, King, or Empior Wake up people. I spent 22 years defending this greatest counyty on earth, from all enimies forgion and domestic, just to see it slowly vanish. With Santa Obama giving away everything under the sun to those who never worked a day in their life, or who pretend they can’t work this country will shortly be at war. No it won’t be a civil war or world war it will between those who have worked all their lives and Have, against all those who would just rather do nothing,have little and want to take everything away from those who have.. Every one who takes what others die for to give them freedom need to make a trip to one of Germany’s concentration camps, spend some time learning History and then get on their hands and knees and pray that history does not repeat its self.

      • POTUS helped sign a bill where i lose pay every month. i am active duty, got a 1.7% raise(about $40/mo, however my monthly pay is now $20 less than it was last yr.. that is some shitty math.

        • Larry Klein, you sound like quite the moron. Was the Obama family in the UFO crash landing in Roswell? Is that why hiw birth certificate isn’t real? He was also the second shooter in Dallas. You’re an idiot, and I stopped reading your quaint rant on line 2. Stop letting your mind run on the lean mixture you have let it run on for years, pick up some books (the kind without pictures) and try acting like a learned man.

          • Cris, obviously you’re a moron who attacks without substance, is that all you can do is make insanely outrageous comments and not address the facts???????

          • What is your source on the claim of the hospital Barack Obama was born in, and it should be credible, because I will be checking the source.

      • Yeah and it was Bush’s fault 5 years ago, that we are now getting our pensions and benefits cut? Wouldn’t you think that if Obama cared so much for us, that he would have stopped that? Have you gotten your insurance plan yet?

    • BS Jac both the prez and Hilary are the lowest of lows they hate our Military, just look what is happening to it now, need I say more ???

    • We used to host them on fb, but they kept banning us for the pics. So we had to move everything here, although we use our facebook page as our main conduit.

      • Bulldog,
        I kind of wiggled around facebook police by blocking out the faces and not mentioning names,
        I do mention the scams they pull and any action that happened to them. I’ll probably post a link to this site and a few others.

  15. Hell yeah get those jack ass’ thank you so much for all your help in exposing those who bring shame to us all. How someone can pull the bullshit they are doing is shameful and disrespectful to all my brothers and sisters! Keep it up guys and if there is a need for donations send me the link and I will gladly open my wallet!!!

  16. I am just a citizen and want to thank all for all you have done but my question is Were the guards safe that guarded the tomb of the Unknown Soldier during Sandy. My prayers were with them as they with each of you.

  17. you really have to stop listening to the loud mouth fanatics like glen beck and rush limbaugh, they are filing your head with lies

    • I didn’t see the facebook profile but technically he could be in the Army under the Delayed Entry Program, if they still have that. My PEBD is a year before by BASD so I have been accruing an extra year of pay everytime I enter a new payband 🙂

  18. Very wellsaid. Hope you don.t mind but I want to post this on my timeline.

  19. There is NO way she could have been there as I was only 20 at the time and I was born in 1962! I was stationed at Shaw AFB and had to help bring up our TSC-60 van for a long-range HF shot to support it. The closest I was to Grenada was being told we would have to go if the link didn’t work (it did).

    Years later I met a ROMAD that was involved in the initial jump in and he had medals and paperwork to prove it.

    It disgusts me to see people fake military service!!!!

    • yes she could have been there!!!
      SHE WAS A HOOKER!!!!! DUD!!!!

      1964-1968 Regular
      1968-1974 reserve
      1966-1967 nam

  20. What scuzzbuckets
    I am sad to hear of this
    I have family n friends
    That served
    They deserve the Honor
    Not these disrespectful dogs
    I’m so sorry they have
    Decided to stoop soooo low

  21. Guys…When I read the 67 to 87 age reference to Grenada I figured out that he did a typo and meant 1983. Also when it comes to bigger fails is the spelling corrections, about 99% of the spelling bee correctors make grammar and spelling mistakes in the correction post.. Just let them be, why embarrass a fellow Veteran.

    • Amen brother! Everyone makes those same typing mistakes from time to time. Keeping this in mind, remember the old saying, “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…”

      My opinion Bryan is the same as yours…the Captain need not be ashamed for anything he wrote above.

      Brian Alterio

      • Haven’t you been reading. This site is here so you can throw stones. If you go back and ask the Captain if he is ashamed, I don’t think you will get, Yeah, I am really losing sleep over it now. I just can’t seem to sleep, thinking about 1987. But, again, the majority of the comments here are all about How We Are All Being Disrespected and being Degraded by these poor sick fools who claim to have served where they didn’t or achieved awards or medals or badges, when they didn’t. That just makes me want to stress out over how these people who Guardian of Valor are putting on their Wall of Shame, who I still can’t remember their names unless I go back and look at the wall, have just disgraced me and shamed me for being a soldier! Yes, it’s just the lowest part of my life and I think that it can only get worse, because the more of these people that are brought forth, the more the Government will cut my pension and social security, because these people are degrading and disrespecting us! I didn’t know why Obama was allowing our monetary cuts, until my eyes have been opened by all of the people and their comments about how we are now such a disrespected, degraded and shameful military because of all of these people on the Wall of Shame. Sarcastic, of course, but that’s what you get when you read these comments. Of course, for some of us, this is entertainment. I love it. Oh, Capt Pratt, please get some sleep tonight. I know 1987 is really killing you now. Sorry about the Attention to Detail comment, but when you don’t pay attention to Detail on a site like this, they will eat you up!!!!!! Like you and I really care. Let them comment, that’s what this site is for. Sorry, I ended the sentence with a preposition. Will that get me a reprimand, anyone?

  22. I noticed on one of the stories of posers that you said that all military pay is direct deposited. Well that’s not true. I was in the army from 05/2006 to 05/2011. Active duty military police. I surved in fort wainwright alaska for the 28th mp then in fort carson Colorado with the 59th mp. I received checkes but the checks read department of defense. And I surved with the national guard in Kentucky for the 228 military police and received checkes. To get checks it depends on the situation. And your financial standing. But the check shown in the picture is not a check the is issued but the department of defense or by any state.

  23. I love this site and it has really given me a view into the lifes of those who steal valor. I was just wondering, does anyone else fear that sites like these will help those who do steal valor as well as hinder them. Looking through just a few of the posts and they are all about what is wrong with the uniform or story that is involved. If the wrong person looks at a site like this, it may be a tool for them to know what not to do, allowing for more to get away with stealing valor. Am I the only one who feels this could happen?

    • Mitch…your concern is appreciated. Unfortunately, there is a long history of people who attempt to falsely lay claim to the identity and valorous deeds of others.

      Since the Revolutionary War that established the independence of the colonies, to the present War on Terrorism, and every point in between, there have been people who spent countless hours trying to convince others of their “importance” by attempting to hijack the military idents. of those who actually did honorably serve “the People.” (Ironically, if they had spent half as much time helping others, or trying to qualify for military service, I believe our nation would be in much better shape than it currently is…just sayin’.)

      I’m quite sure there were “scammers” around in the time of the Romans, the Greeks, and within every other society before, after and in between. Yet, back then there were probably fewer cases than today because “worldly justice” was more likely dispensed on-the-spot (i.e., outside of the courtroom), by those who were actually valorous in deed.

      In my opinion, regardless of the scammers attempts to deceive the people around them, they stand very little chance of deceiving those who DID serve for any length of time. Especially in contemporary time with the advent of super-fast interpersonal communication, and great internet sites, like Guardian of Valor.

      Unless a person actually served, however, those who did serve will almost always find something amiss, or just plain wrong, about the individual’s “presentation.” I don’t care how much prep-time a scammer puts into their false ident. There are almost always “tell-tale” signs that ID them for what they really are. Especially when the scammer TRIES to properly don a military uniform. They may not get caught by the first Vet or even group of Vets he or she meets…but, a Vet somewhere will spot the fraud for what he is and not hesitate to call him or her out.

      But again Mitch, I and I’m sure other Vets here, truly appreciate your concern. Remain vigilant, as we all are, and help us police the posers as much as we are able to on behalf of all Vets, living and deceased, and perhaps more importantly, on behalf of all whom we love.

      Best Regards,
      Brian Alterio

  24. Cool site! I like the honesty and openness here. No political BS. Yes, Grenada was in Oct. 1983. Know it well, I was a pilot on chalk #7, UH-60 Blackhawks. We 1 of 2 aircraft that were carrying SFO-D/Seals to secure the Govenor’s mansion. But first we had to “tag along” through the gauntlet of crossfire to insert the other aircraft payloads into the prison. Lot of rounds down range that morning, one of which brought down chalk #2. Sinking feeling knowing your brothers in arms have been shot down. Just thought I’d help clarify…. I, too, hate posers and most politicians. Not much different really. Both are pathological liars.

  25. hey guys – just redistered as a result of the facebook posting
    my background is 75th Rangers Eco 9th Inf Div RVN ’69-’70 – RA 11835…
    i do have an indivual i suspect as a poser – anyone know of a Doug Palarmo in the NYC/Ct area? supposed to be SF(19th SF Grp Res.& cliams went to RVN with 10th Sf Grp but only the 5th SF Grp was in nam) but never answers questions like someone who served also claims to have his HALO credentials(over 100 jumps ?) but cannot name his rig used
    thanks for a reply

    • is he suppose to be in A CO in Rhode Island /or BN in WV? B CO in Ohio? maybe C CO in WV? the name sounds familiar …if he is with 19th grp just ask him who took over for CSM Harry? it was only 2 yrs ago so he should know and who is the CDR now ??

  26. So how do we report someone who we know is claiming they re crazy and getting paid for life now?

  27. Maybe you could include a picture of the undistinguished U.S. Senator from Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal.

    He lied about his service record and even still, the state of Connecticut elected him. No wonder people lose faith in the process.

    Good site, I hope you keep it going. I will add it to my blogroll.

    • Reminds me of something about a Birth Certificate!!!!! The People still elected him!
      Connecticut must have been for him too. Although, I don’t remember where the electoral votes from Connecticut went. Hehehehe :))

  28. Does anyone know Michael N. Magoveny residing in Connecticut? Claims to be a vet — trying to verify. Thanks.

    • ask him for a copy of his dd 214, then read it, if it looks legit, you can contact his branch of service’s public information beaureau and do a freedom of information act request on his releasable information. I would say that chances are he is a vet , there are a lot of vets from the last ten plus years of war and everything from vietnam,

  29. I have an ex son-inlaw that needs to be on this list! Chris Ward served in the Army. Was in Iraq for maybe 3 months has told all kinds of stories including 5 yr old girl had a bomb strapped to her and blow up all over him, also hum v blow up broke his feet. Nothing is true , he got bunions removed, then broke his own feet so he didn’t have to go back. Have gotten several jobs saying he got purple heart. In the mean time he was liking to pain meds so decides to call his own script in got caught went to jail. He got out of that trouble. Well few months later he held up cvs at gun point got all the drugs he wanted. He didn’t stop there, after he picked up my grandson for the weekend he took him to a hotel then called his family to tell them he was going to take his life and my grandsons life. Well thank god the swat team got to him before he could take my grandson from us. He was only 4 at the time. This poor little guy thinks that cops shot his dad, and he is in heaven. We try to tell him that he is just getting help from the dr and the police are not bad people. He seen them go in and drag Chris out of the bed, then came back for the gun and drugs that were out on the table. Pray for my daughter and grandson. This guy needs to be in a mental hosp, or behind bars for a very long time. Now is walking around in public like nothing happen or will ever happen to him. Breaks my heart!

  30. this guardian of valor is just a place to rag on guys who are having a hard time. why don’t winers go and get some cheese to go along with it. you are creating more negativity. If someone lies about service to get some type of financial benefits, go ahead and prevent that, look vets get drunk or pilled out and talk some shit, either you are a vet or you are not, is there a group of special vets that are better than all the rest, hell no, they ought to reinstate the draft and put you lazy fuckers alll to work, then bragging about military service won’t mean shit because every man woman and child will have served.

  31. I was a Navy Corpsmn from 1978-1992. From 1985-1992 i was stationed with a Navy Reserve SEAL Team out of Coronado (the bck of the Team 5 area) I was not a SEAL, I was a black shoe corpsman. One way to get messed up was to get caught saying you were a SEAL if you were not. In those days the Teams had very few non-qualified personnel. I have always been reluctant to talk about this time because of the impression someone might walk away with that would be, “John told me he was a SEAL!” I am also grateful that I knew I wasn’t a SEAL and in working with these fine men, knew that they were in a different league when it came to being an effective operator. I think I got along well there because I knew what I was and why I was there and it wasn’t to pose in my cammies. It was to serve as a Corpsman. One ogf the most heroic things I ever did in the teams was to give clean urine to one of my 5326 brothers when he had to submit a piss test and he confided in me that he had smoked some weed. I probably saved the government a million in trining costs that day!

  32. http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/What-In-the-World-Was-He-Thinking-96120359.html

    Phony Silver Star homTullis
    John Thomas Tullis regaled acquaintances for decades with his escapades as an Air Force officer. He flew fighters, he told San Diego’s black-tie crowd, and proudly wore what appeared to be the Air Force Cross, the Silver Star and the Purple Heart on his dress uniform.

    Then, in the last few years, “Colonel Thom,” as Tullis introduced himself, began entertaining the socialites with decidedly darker stories — ones of his role in the Iran-Contra affair, his work with the CIA and his orders to fly bombing runs over Afghanistan with the aim of killing Osama bin Laden.

    Tullis is, indeed, an Air Force veteran, but he never rose above the rank of staff sergeant and never received a valor medal or ribbon, according to records obtained by the POW Network, a private group that tracks possible military impostors, and verified by the Air Force Personnel Center.

  33. AJ Dickens needs to be on here. He made the news here in the San Francisco Bay Area of his claims as a retired Navy Seal. Even got a contract for 300 million to provide security on a construction project for the nation of Burundi. First class poser and deserves to be on this hall of shame!

  34. How do I find out if some actually served? I know some one that states he served and was “shot” in Iraq. I have asked several questions but just do not believe he served. If he was shot, wouldn’t he have some sort of purple heart or something? Wouldnt he be able to go to the VA?

    • If shot you have to be nominated and shooting yourself in the foot no longer counts.

  35. Ask for pictures. I once attended a VA group therapy with 12 men attending. The crap got so thick I couldn’t stand it, so I asked all to bring their pictures so we could see each other in our youth. One other guy brought pictures. Lots of excuses about house caught on fire and burned them all up to floods ruining them. Most said they forgot so I asked to do the same the next meeting and for the next 4 meetings. Finally realized my suspicions were correct. The VA counselor did not want to hear about that because the more bodies at group, the more money they got for their clinic; somewhat similar to the body count in Vietnam….

    • Amen ScoutGunner.
      Now you are talking. Let’s start taking pictures of everyone who drives over the speed limit and everyone who gets their say at a VA group and put them all on this Wall of Shame. I worked at a VA Hospital once and my ears are still ringing. Guess it’s a shame, I can’t remember all of their names, so I could report them here. But, not to belittle this site, they do a good job with listing some big name Posers. Like if that A.J. Dickens guy really got a 300 million dollar contract posing, that would probably be one of the biggest Frauds yet for this site. The Guardian should follow that one right up.

  36. I come from a strong military background and as much as I would love to go to war, I can’t go active duty because my eyesight is too bad and my foot has been broke 3 times and will require surgery if it happens again so I joined my state’s state defense force and the Coast Guard Auxiliary and I have the utmost disgust for posers. I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve never done anything kick-ass (unless saving lives as a firefighter is considered kick-ass) and will not get to fight unless there is a draft but I’ll stand for those who RIGHTFULLY deserve honor. I’m thankful for this site to expose the frauds. I actually saw a kid wearing an Air Force dress uniform (their one with the windbreaker instead of the dress coat. Not sure if they call that their Class B) with Army rank and when I said something to him about it, he ran.

  37. F’N AWESOME YOU GUYS PUT THE PICTURE OF Matt Buckingham LIVING IN HIS DOUBLE HOODIES perfect just the one I wanted it makes him look like a bum living on the street funniest picture ever.

  38. I just viewed each profile on the wall, and I’m blown away by these scumbags. They should form a special unit for these turds to scrape birdshit off runways, paint ships, scrub toilets, etc. One year for each lie they claim, and one year for each rank they claim. They should wear pink uniforms with lots of meaningless shiny dangling things. They surely don’t want to try their crap with this retired sailor.

  39. enjoyed reading all the comments on here, 10 yr 11b here, never shot at, i have met many “sidewalk commandos” always enjoyed exposing them.

  40. THANK YOU! Phonies are taking away from the true valor of those who really served and they’re making money off of it. Here’s one (AJ Dicken) exposed by Shipley and friends:
    Part 1 – http://abclocal.go.com/kgo/story?section=news/iteam&id=8994000
    Part 2 – http://abclocal.go.com/kgo/story?section=news/iteam&id=8995381

    Mary will recognize the name. 🙂 And he’s on the run right now – last reported in Albequrque NM so if you see him, be sure to report him to the FBI (Reno – (775) 328-4000)

    EVERYONE that is former military has the right and responsibility to nail these assholes to the wall so make sure you always check on claims and if they’re fake, report them everywhere you can!!

    • Yeah, now that’s a great cause. AC. thanks for the comment. Guess, I didn’t get down far enough,from my above comment about tracking this guy down. Of course, I just now looked at the dates that are posted. I better go respond to the more recent dates. Thanks for the great information.

  41. I’m afraid you have you dates all wrong. I was on duty in the National Military Command Center when the invasion of Grenada went down in October 1983. Please learn your history before shooting off your mouth.

  42. Troy, you’re completely wrong on your dates. I was on duty at the National Military Command center when the invasion went down in October 1983. That would have made her 16; not a bad gig, considering you have to have training too. Please learn your history before shooting off your mouth.

    Werner Saemmler-Hindrichs, MAJ RET
    In 1983, JCS/J-3 OPS TEAM 2

  43. It scares me how some of them actually do their research, and successfully pose as a veteran and a service member. It also pains me to see disgusting antics by civilians to obtain money and other resources that should be going to an actual veteran/service member. I wish there was some sort of punishment for people who make such outrageous stories and attempt to live them out. I’m fine if you “play” military at home, but don’t make up these stories to get attention and worldly possessions, it takes away from the real ones who need it.

    I recently had someone tell me (on the internet of course) that their military “friend” was in Iraq as of now. When I asked him what part he goes “Oh, northern Iraq.” I tell him that when I was there, they had pretty much given back Northern Iraq. He goes “Oh…then I don’t know then. That’s what he told me.” How low will people go?

  44. I am trying to find someone who claims to be SSG Chris Robles, stationed in Afghanistan, uses the email chris_robles@yahoo.com, met him on Match.com and now is staking me and threating me with a bunch of weird things, wanted me to contact his”diplomat to send him a birthday card after I ask for his APO. this man is a rude threatening and disgusting.

  45. Quick question. i met two guys on a dating site and both claim to be military yet they are trying to get money from women, i have pictures of both can i post them on here. I had 5 brothers serve in the military and this is the worse thing

    • I wouldn’t recommend posting the pics. the scammers will use pics of actual vets and active duty members. maybe post screenshots of the site??? wouldn’t want to give any honest service members a bad rep.

  46. My X Husband states he was retired Lieutenant Courrnal and I found documents from the Military directly that he is still lying about. Less than honorable discharge by order of court martial tribunal. He states he is purple heart recipient, briefed the president, last man to jump on Helicopter in Vietnam, And has all these ribbons and crap that I have proof are fake. How do I get him on this site because he is STILL claiming the Military got it wrong. He is also using it to get jobs and then skips town

  47. I hope that one day I will see the picture of my soon to be ex-son in law here. He is a sociopath and I would love to be a fly on the wall when those pretty silver handcuffs are slid over his wrists. He has left children behind that he will never take care of on top of the lies he has told about his service. I hope that one day he will be served a huge platter of justice…

  48. Any one ever hear of Josh Stevens, he has a bunch of wild stories to tell, he claims he saw combat and got medically discharged all while i was still in my Technical school. I also joined 4 months before he graduated HS?

  49. That sounds like Shane Steven Ladner. He got his first Purple Heart while still in high school in Gulfport, Mississippi. He was wounded while fighting in Panama. After his recovery and graduating low in his high school class he got another Purple Heart on a very secret mission, somewhere. Maybe Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. he was so many places it hard for him to decide. Because of his lies he did cause his wife to lose her entire leg and he still lies, he got a Purple Heart license with a counterfeit DD 214, arrested and now has attorneys (?) claiming to clear his name because he’s an honorable man. He’s a POS.

  50. Hahaha.. sooo not relevant, but I love this comment from claire.

    L Ron was also thrown out of the very church he started and created. How can a religion grow, that disbanded all ties with the man whos fiction it is based upon?

    With that being said – lying about his military service was almost a given.. 😉

  51. Where’s Senator Lindsay Graham? Claimed to be a Gulf War, Desert Storm vet when he was an Air Force Reserve lawyer who never left South Carolina.

  52. This has got me feeling sick to my stomach! I can’t believe people really do this!

  53. From a Facebook group of which I’m a member. I don’t know the man in question but this sounds like something that should be looked into. I did work with Maj. McLeod, and he is not at all the kind of person that would make up such a story:

    Here is a pitiful but necessary story that needs to be told; fraud and deception by a USAF Col falsifying a Purple Heart recommendation that took place almost 10 years ago. At the time of the rocket attack Lt Col Craig Souza was serving as the Joint METOC officer for MNC-I, Camp Victory. Because of his position as the Commander at, 3rd Weather Squadron, he naturally deployed with III Corps as the Joint METOC Officer, MNC-I.
    Col Craig Souza was presented a Purple Heart at his retirement ceremony much to the disgust of his peers and subordinates that were in theater with him and knew of his ruse. On October 24 ,2004. Camp Victory Iraq a rocket attack killed US contractor, Ed Seitz, in the showers. Another Lt Col nearby sustained superficial wounds and the blast startled Lt Col Souza so much that he fell out of bed and wrenched his neck. Lt Col Souza’s trailer was undamaged and several hundred feet from the impact area.
    In true Frank Burns fashion he submitted himself for a purple heart that was deigned at MNC-I Baghdad, 2004. The MNC-I staff was the best vetting authority and deigned it in theater. Probably because a wrenched neck doesn’t meet the criteria for a Purple Heart. If he deserved this medal, why wasn’t it approved by the III Corps staff that he was assigned to? Were they incompetent, did the medical staff miss his wounds? How did this staff of over 1000 fine men and women miss a wounded soldier walking among them every day? They didn’t but somehow he falsified documents 10 years afterwards to “earn it.
    At the time I was at Fob Spiecher and later at Camp Danger with 1st Infantry Division and Lt Col Souza held a staff position that served our Combat Weather Community. An active duty MSgt on his staff alerted me to his deception. This SNCO was within 100 feet of the blast and sustained no injuries. This now CMSgt is currently on active duty and will testify to this once Col Souza is off terminal leave. Additionally there is an active duty USAF Col that will further testify to the fact that Craig Souza complained vehemently of neck and back problems in the 90s. As this story unfolds, many more will come forward.
    Col Souza’s career was earned on the backs of good NCOs and staff. Rarely will you find any NCO/SNCO that has anything good to say about him. His falsification of the Purple Heart brings great discredit upon himself, the USAF and dishonors our true wounded soldiers. Please investigate this and shine the light of our free press to expose this fraud and dishonorable actions of this impostor. Our honorable enlisted, officers and true wounded warriors deserve better.
    Raymond S. McLeod
    Ret. Mustang-Maj, USAF

    Maj. McLeod’s email address is rayamymcleod@hotmail.com

  54. As an Australian just popping through – G’day, and cheese and whiskers you make me LOL.

    Get at em, nothing worse than these types of posers – I’ve even caught a few douch-nozzels out “Oh, yeah an SAS Officer – wow, straight out of Duntroon, you don’t say?” That’s because they don’t recruit straight from Royal Military College. *grumbles*

    Toodles, and keep up the fab work!

    • And this is why people are afraid to speak out/up against these frauds. Stop being afraid of a bunch of liars and the people that would defend them. At what point as a country and culture did we let liars and thieves decide what to stand up for??

  55. What about the guy that showed up to an AF basic training graduation wearing items from 3 different branch of service uniforms and mixed matched to that. Guy was wearing tan combat boots, AF blue pants tucked into the boots, AF service coat with more ribbons and functional occupation badges than are in the PDG. Top it off with the MSgt stripes he had sewn on the coat and the Army beret, this guy was a shoe in to win the costume contest. First prize was a trip to SFS.

  56. I’m a retired Naval Surface Warfare Officer. I served a few years in Special Boat Units in Coronado, CA. Worked with SEAL’s on a daily basis. Just like in most things, some were great and some were less than stellar. Most were in-between, like me. While there I did manage to make it through Navy Scuba Diver training. I was 35 years old at the time. That’s more than enough for me. The ships I served in could inflict widespread damage, and in my humble opinion worried the Soviet Union more than our other assets. I miss my old shipmates and I had some fun. I never felt the need to tell women at the Officer’s Club that I was a Blue Angel jet jockey, an astronaut, or a SEAL. They really wanted the Medical Service Officers (MD’s) anyway! I think the phonies who hang out at the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Wall and take money from tourists are less dangerous than the politicians who put our brave men and women in uniform in harm’s way without giving them the tools to get the job done and then lie about it. Obama has wasted far more of our country’s treasure and life than all the screw-loose posers ever could. They’re a disgrace it’s true but still more of a distraction, the politician’s are the real danger to our freedom. Keep up the good work!

    • …Dude you are so full of B.S. its funny….Obama has wasted treasure and life….That’s a bald face lie….Typical for a gop /tea party racist hater….

      • “Typical for a gop /tea party racist hater…”
        i didn’t hear anything he said to be racist, did you? I’m sorry but correct me if I’m wrong, the only thing he said involving even the smallest amount of color was Obama, So by saying the name of a black person, and what they have done, and disagreeing with it, you now become labeled as a racist? I didn’t hear him call Obama any derogatory term that involves race at all actually.So thank you for being part of the problem. and not the solution.


  58. Thank you again for this website, it sickens and angers me so much to see these douchbags put on the Uniform which I so proudly wear, and take credit for things they did not earn. It may not be much but I’m damn, (excuse the french) proud of the ARCOM I earned, as well as the rest of my medals/ ribbons. I’ll b the first to tell u that my deployment wasn’t anything compared to our brothers and sisters who were in the South, (not that RC East or any part of Afghanistan is safe) but only if u ask. And to me the saddest part is that the majority of these guys are or pretending to be a part of my beloved Army. I am certainly not the best soldier out there, but I do give my all. To make things worse, it seems a lot of them claim to b Reserve or Guard which makes those of us who are National Guard or Reserve look like douches. Thanks to ur website, however, maybe CID or FBI etc. can catch them and stop them. If u need help or there’s any in Va that you find, this MP offers his assistance.

  59. I just want to say I’ve never served but I do want to tell y’all thank y’all for y’alls service to the country and those posers out there should be ashamed to think of stealing the honor of those who did thanks again for all of y’alls hard work and service even the cooks and other silent heroes

  60. still (after all these years) would like to know how John Kerry got three purple hearts without ever going to a medical facility.

  61. Kerry, ah yes…. Last time I was in Coronado at the Amphib base I met some swift boat dudes who maintain a static display of the boats they served in while in Nam. These are some great humble men let me say. After a little chatting I asked them what they thought about Mr. Kerry.
    They fricking hate him that’s what. One guy called him a “cake eater”. Show up after the heavy lifting to get a slice on the backs of the guys that made it happen. He looks a lot like Lurch from the Adams Family does he not?

  62. I confronted a fellow US Government Employee with her DD 214 from FOIA that showed that she did NOT serve two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as she claimed and also that she was an enlisted E-5, not the “Officer” that claimed she was. She then filed an Injunction for Stalking against me and I am now fighting that in court on my own dime, in addition to having my 2nd Amendment rights taken from me by this court because of her LIES!

    So Veterans, be careful and if you want to give the “Poser” a chance, don’t! send that information straight to OPR, or else.

    Also, if you live in Florida…the last question on the injunction is “Has the respondent ever served in the U.S. Military?” !! NOT a question about prior arrests or anything relevant, because YOU as a Veteran are deemed Dangerous by the State of Florida!


  63. Fakers need 2 years in jail per award, rank, etc they fake over what they actually are. If they’re not even in the military it should be 10 years minimum. Don’t forget the command shitbag Major Steve Jordan aka Snake Eyes

  64. Saw a guy this past Saturday, don’t remember how to spell his name, that has made the list of every faker around. Claims to be a Desert Storm vet, claims to have a PhD, have written code for a lunar rover, etc. He was in Kuwait for Desert Storm. Claims to have gotten a PH, but in reality fell off of a tank in Kuwait. Anyway, I saw him at a small engine repair shop, he hustled by me and got into his van with a Kentucky Desert Storm license plate.

  65. Stalking Order was dropped but this whole ordeal cost me $4500 and three rifle matches , everything she claimed on her bullshit restraining order was as much of a lie as her “Two Tours in Afghanistan and Iraq” but just like that she won’t be held accountable for lying on an official statement, swearing her name and signing it, wasting countless hours and money of the court, county etc. The system MUST be changed!!!

    Thank god I had a Hard-Charging USMCR Attorney LTC Anthony Perez (USMCR) in Miami, FL

      • Gee “Tom” maybe you should put “Uncle” in front of your name!

        How is Her Honor the Judge doing? that little move is gonna bite you on your USAF tailpipe!

  66. Not sure WHY or for what purpose some of these idiots do these things……Glad they get outed and shamed, they deserve it…..I was a 12B30 in a WVNG unit from 1979 to 1991….Volunteered to get back in in 2009 due to a ARNG Unit being deployed to AStan….I deployed from 2/2010 – 2/2011 At 48 I was still able to cut it…..and these idiots at half my age lie about it…..they need dropped into the Hindu Kush Mountains were I was and see how brave they are….

  67. John kerry is claiming medals he did not earn,i know hw was in nam but there are inconsistent statements

    • Its a documented fact that during the Vietnam Conflict John Kerry used his commission to recommend himself for several medals… he recently negotiated the ‘Iran Deal’ which will end U.S. sanctions and allow the continued development of nuclear, “whatever your preferred news agency calls it”, development.

  68. My mother I n law has been m stressed for years about her husband being a navy seal, Her husband decease recently deceased. The husband who swore he was a Seal in the 60’s. Things don’t add add up and I don’t believe it. Can anyone tell me if Merick Sherline was a Seal in the 60s from Detroit!. She deserves peace. Btw, he posed as one for many years.
    I really need help, I’ve done some lower lever special op stuff and can find no record .

  69. 2.7 Million served in Viet Nam-2010 Census 13.5 Million Claimed to VN Vets; and the shame perpetuates itself w/George Bush’s Air National Guard Service which he was AWOL from. Then Supreme Court says this kind of fraud is Free Speech! My/Our free Speech should be to kick their asses when caught in the act. It has been happening since the War of the Revolution but we know one thing-we all face the Grim Reaper sooner or later and it will not be pretty for these Frauds! In the words of a 60s Hit by the Beautiful CHER-“Drums keep pounding the rhythm to the brave and the beat goes on, la de da da di”. Welcome Home Brothers/Sisters!


    • Ask him which month in 1975 he was there. That might set him up. Especially, if he says he was there after April of 1975. He would have had to be one of the last Americans there.

      • here is a classic case: I know personally an ex service member who was NOT SC past April of 1961 but claims to have been flying SECRET missions during the start of Nam..and also claims he flew secret recon missions during the Lebanon Conflict. I can NOT find any thing suggesting that this person was even a pilot….he was a duty clerk and during his so called Nam secret mission was shot down and a POW for 45 days. Nothing can be found as he claims his SERVICE RECORDS BURNED in the St. Louis Missouri fire!

        • Records that did burn in the St Louis Fire were mostly WWI and prior; the military has 3 Backup Systems at various locations for ALL Records!

  71. Andrew Frank Deichl – just do some diggin’ … he is a fraud…

  72. will be posting a picture later today of a so called man in Milton Fl claiming to be a Vietnam vet and joining vets orgs and holding offices using papers forged on a true vets name after his death! However when pressed to provide certified dd 214 he cannot ising excuse all his paperwork was burned in fire and they have no proof of his discharge!!

  73. Woah! I’m really loving the template/theme of this website.
    It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s challenging to get that “perfect balance” between usability and visual appearance.

    I must say you have done a awesome job with this.
    Also, the blog loads very quick for me on Firefox.
    Exceptional Blog!

  74. AND..let’s add this..it is harder than doggie dooh to get even the Air Force Inspector General involved to check out those that are POSING so they can receive funds due to fraud…Most VA hospitals take the persons word..they actually tell the person to bring in their paper work, instead of taking time and looking into the claim!!!! When you have a Service Member who has a Military ID with the words POW posted across the bottom, but their Military records do not match the claim. What are you suppose to do????

  75. I just wanted to say I am a proud veteran of the army and for those who served in the past present and future thank you. You bring great honor to our country.

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  77. A general question- if a guy goes around claiming that he served (as I did, 13B 2007-2011 and proud of it) and gains no ‘tangible benefits’ from a government body, is he still in violation of the Stolen Valor Act? If he were to, say, join the VFW or the American Legion, despite their being private clubs, is that a tangible benefit? I always found the law rather vague on that point.
    Anyways ladies and gents, thank you all for your service, and than you to your families for their sacrifice as well. I wish you all the best.

  78. I couldn’t figure out how to edit my post, but the last line should read “thank you to your families for their sacrifice as well. “

  79. Ten years ago one of my female employees said she was going to Morocco as part of an Eco-Challenge race; the other three in her four person team were Navy SEALs. Being a suspicious guy, looking out for my employee, I got their names and called a friend who WAS a SEAL and is part of the UDT Museum. No matter how “secret” a SEAL is they all go through BUDS (Basic Underwater Demolition School) so my friend ran them through the database. To my surprise, they ALL passed! One was the son of the current SEAL Commander! They loved the fact that I checked them out to protect someone on my team. While they did not win their race, they finished well and my employee held her own with the SEALs.

  80. I have a person who is claiming Combat Medic, from Oklahoma National Guard, her name is Angela Wright-Clark, I ran her in military.com I found a person listed as a spouse by that name. she is willing to brag a lot about her service, it’s almost over bearing and I steer clear of people like however she is serving on our Parks and Recreation Boards and I want to ensure that the kids are safe! If she is for real then I will feel much better!

  81. For a person to make such false claims about themselves shows you how small they think of themselves.

  82. what about Andrew Frank Deichl? Is he still out sounding off his pie hole about being one of the “Black Hawk Down” warriors?

  83. Or…he was wearing a hat given to him by someone else. I wear my Dad’s hat occasionally and when people ask…I say I don’t know this is my Dad’s hat and I usually get a strange look at first, but then they think about it. My father is in his 80’s and as his daughter I am entitled to wear with pride his mark so long as I let everyone know it is his. I am just the Brat that followed along for the ride.

  84. I think the guy who talked to himself on face book with different accounts is crazy. I never knew someone would go to that length to compulsively lie. I don’t understand any of these clowns and how they love to tell stories that never happened.

  85. I obtained your site info from Bill Carpenter, Rayland, OH. Bill and I served together in RVN. Aman came in my office in Skiatook, OK a ouple of months ago. He had a fancy Vietnam cap and jacket His name is Dwayne M. Garrett. He is from Skiatook, OK 74070. He claimes to be a POW during the Vietnam conflict. I do not believe him and am wondering who I can report this to.

  86. I know someone, named Jason petet from el cajon california. He claims to be former “Delta Force Sniper” yet he cant even hold a rifle steady, Let alone a bow without shaking. If anyone can find some information on this guy, please let me know.

  87. I would like for someone to explain to me why a soldier that really was in army that once he is out would pretend to still be deployed in Afghanistan trying to scam money off of woman on Facebook? This soldier did it so many times he was put on a web site called malescammers.com in his uniform with proof it was him and his phone number. I don’t understand why he would feel like this was his only choice to make a living. Why lie about still being deployed.

  88. I was never in the service. I joined the Police dept and worked for 18 years as a Patrolman, Detective and on ESU. There is a guy all over YouTube who claims he’s a vet. This guys channel is 155 Millimeter and The Kings of battle. I beg you folks to go watch and determine for yourself if he is really a vet or a phony. He is arrogant and his comments to the Shipley’s disgusts me. There is only one reason he would disrespect the Senior Chief like that. I know it. But determine for yourselves. He has just posted a new Video. or Vidiya as he calls them.

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