The Guy In Uniform At Million Muslim March In DC

We got several emails about pictures coming out of Washington D.C. yesterday during the Million Muslim March. As we all have seen, they did not get anywhere near the turn out expected. I think I saw a total of 20 people standing around. But this was not the main concern, everyone was concerned about the short guy wearing a Class A uniform, who looked like he had never heard of AR 670-1.

Here are the pictures in question:







Yes he does look like a soup sandwich, but come to find out, he did serve in the US Army. As far as the extent of his service, we are not sure as of yet, it takes awhile to get records. But he did serve, which tells me he should know what right looks like, and he just does not care and is using the uniform for his own political purposes.

His name is MD Rabbi Alam, and he is the founder of AMPAC(American Muslim Political Action Committee), and the organizer of the Million Muslim March, which I would like to add was changed to Million American March Against Fear awhile back.

Mr. Alam has a lengthy political history, he has ran for several offices, including Missouri Secretary Of State in 2012.

According to his biography:

“Alam is a U.S. Army veteran, having served in both Afghanistan and Iraq. He spent six years on active duty, and was assigned to 6/52 ADA unit in Ansbach Germany. Alam was also a certified language interpreter for the Department of Defense. He finished his Army service as a Sergeant in 2005.”

Here are some photo’s when he served, when he remembered how to properly wear the uniform.




So it seems he is not a poser, like so many thought he was. But they had good reason, I can count at least 15 gigs on that jacked up crap he calls a uniform in the pictures of him at the march. And most Veterans respect the uniform when they wear it out in public after they get out.

As stated above, all we can confirm at this point is that he served, we are not confirming or denying his service in any theater of operations until we see his records.



Stars and Stripes did a story on his citizenship in 2004, they confirm he did deploy to Iraq  in 2003, and was at Baghdad International Airport, as part of Battery D, 6th Battalion, 52nd Air Defense Artillery out of Ansbach, Germany.

Here is a link to the article:  Service Members Become US Citizens


UPDATE: 20130913

We received some more information on Alam, it seems he got several Article 15’s while serving. He got another field grade Article 15, towards the end of his career and was demoted from E5 to E1, he was also chaptered out of the Army for patterns of Misconduct, and received a General under Other then Honorable Conditions.

He has filed a request with the Army board of Corrections to have his rank re-instated and his discharge upgraded, which I do not see happening. So he was not authorized to wear the SGT rank as it was taken from him. And since he did not receive a Honorable discharge, according to the US Code he is not authorized to wear the uniform.(Although this is hardly ever enforced by civilian laws.)

And the Biography he has posted is a lie as well, because he did not finish his Army career, he was chaptered out before finishing, and he did not finish as a SGT, but as a PVT.

We also got a copy of his records from our friends at thisainthell.



And from what we have seen, he deployed to Iraq but not to Afghanistan during his career. So yes it seem he has embellished his record a bit. Here are copies of the paperwork he submitted for review to the corrections board: (Be warned, he Blue Falcon’s a lot of his fellow Soldiers)


What are your thoughts?
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  1. I would never consider wearing my AF Blues (besides the fact they shrank in the closet!)
    I didn’t retire so I don’t feel it’s appropriate.
    I also would never consider wearing it to a political rally, that goes against all rules and regulations as I remember (I got out in 1994).

    • I remember in the 80s when one of Reagan’s political appointees came on base and did a political speech. Boy did everybody from the brass on down get their nose out of joint. An apology came down from the WH.

      • Very true. Most likely if you wear the uniform to an event like this one (Muslim March) you are doing it to gain favor, sympathy or to be seen as someone against what the uniform stands for. Had I known this guy was in DC I would’ve went down there, but in all his interviews he stated he was going to be in New York doing another rally there.

      • Shipmate…I agree, I would never wear my uniform to anyplace that would bring discredit upon the Navy or my uniform. (USN Ret) I also wear a uniform (flight suit) on the USS Midway, and although I don’t wear any rank I make sure and tell people that I was a Gunners Mate when I retired and not a aviator.

      • I do look for uniforms when people talk, Especially retirees, I think they know quite a bit more than the rest of them, They ain;t just talking, they been there and done that, For years, they have more than earned my ear time ! Thank you for your service !

      • I’m convinced that the lint in the trap in the dryer are the cremated remains of my missing socks. call me crazy….but it does kinda make sense!

        • LOL that does make sense that the lint in the lint trap are the remains of socks!!! My socks come out missing their mates all the time!!!!

    • JW. as I suffer from the shrinkage thing too, and I also remember it was against the UCMJ to wear our uniforms to any form of political rally. Some people will ignore any rule the care to when they are trying to prove a point, or bypass congress.

    • I got honorable discharged from the Navy two years ago, I wore my working whites to the 9-11 event at school. I took care to make sure everything was right on it before leaving the house. I figure it is the best way to honor those who are still fighting.

    • I am very proud of my miltary carrer. I am a retired U.S.Army 1Sgt. I rearly wear a miltary uniform,but you can bet your bottom dollar when I do I comply with AR 600-9,even down to my haircut. And Would always wear headgear when outside. I have never wore it to any political event. I was a soldier who obeyed orders. Now I’m a ex soldier on a mission. This duchbag, who received a chapter 13,is just that!!!! He is a disgrace to the Army,fellow soldiers and the United States of American. Now I will resume the position of Parade Rest,since I have spoken my piece!!

    • You are correct. One may not wear the uniform to a political rally AR670-1 1-10 j (1). I’m assuming as a participant or organizer would be more frowned upon. I won’t be that test case unless I’m standing post under orders.

    • having had my dress greens in the closet back in the sixties—-I doubt the uniform shrank—-I believe like I did civilian food put a few pounds on you.—–hehehehe

        • Believe it or not, would depend on his unit, in terms of decorations. His chain of command (first line leader, PL, PS, commander, etc) should have put him in for at least ONE performance or service award (especially upon ETS). I do know that the language community was hard up for interpreters at the height of the Iraq war, ergo, that would explain his already being an E5. That being said, I would love to see his ERB.

          • he didn’t ETS he was chaptered. When you read his paperwork he was missing from CQ for 7 or 8 hours. then he says he was not given fair treatment. By what I was reading he was givin a total of 3 Article 15’s which equals shit bag inturn equals no awards. By regulation once he was demoted he is not autherized to wear the rank of SGT stripes so he was a fraud after being a shit bag. His claims that everyone was wrong except him hold no merit. I wish someone would call me to review his paperwork. DENIED!

            Active duty 1SG

        • That is correct, they do not give awards based on rank, having sat on many awards boards. I was explaining his rank on the shortage of interpreters.

        • In response to: “they don’t award ribbons/medals based on rank”

          If only that was true. After coming back from Iraq in 2006, I remember the company having an awards ceremony where members in our HQ platoon were being awarded Bronze Stars. I remember a SSG being awarded the Bronze Star, that SSG was a cook. A female como SSG was given a Bronze Star. Every soldier in that platoon that was an E6 or higher received a Bronze Star. I specifically remember those two getting them…. they never left the fob, they were bad at their jobs, and just all around lazy. At this time I was a SGT and a team leader in an MP squad. One of my guys lost his right leg, and we encountered several IED’s. My guys never were awarded or even discussed about receiving any Medals above an ARCOM and of course a Purple Heart.

          Bronze Star requirement definition:

          (a) while engaged in an action against an enemy of the United States;
          (b) while engaged in military operations involving conflict with an opposing foreign force; or
          (c) while serving with friendly foreign forces engaged in an armed conflict against an opposing armed force in which the United States is not a belligerent party.

          I would love to know at what time and point did our cook and como SSG’s were ever put in any of those situations. It wasn’t like the hadji’s were trying to storm our little fob (Brassfield-Mora).

          And I’m done ranting.

          • I understand your frustration about the awards system, but participating in OIF/OEF counts as “engaged in military operations involving conflict with …” Doesn’t mean that they actually have to have engaged in direct combat.

          • E5 and up got them when we were deployed. But us lonely E4 type got cute MSMs

    • OK. So you guys tear people up who wear too many ribbons and now your tearing up this guy for not wearing enough? Granted he looks like a duffle bag and shouldn’t be wearing the uniform to a political rally, I think the Supreme Court pointed out that he is allowed to do that which makes it Constitutionally legal whether you like it or not.

      • As an NCO, he should have at least more than the four given for deployment. He’d never make points (unless he’s in some MOS where the points are insanely low all the time). Hell, I got an AAM for doing a good job on a field exercise and wining a soldier of the month board, and most soldiers that deploy get ‘end of tour’ ribbons…what’s this knucklehead’s excuse?

  2. It’s a distraction, he’s either an imposter or a pog. Every REAL AMERICAN SOLDIER and vet KNOWS AR670-1 and would NEVER be seen in public with their uniform THAT tore up. No headgear? Send his a** to Leavenworth with Hasan.

    • According to the info provided he was Air Defense Artillery and/or an interpreter.

      Send him to Leavenworth for what? Being a jackass? It’s ridiculous comments like that, that do nothing to fix anything.

      • Leavenworth is a little harsh. Who cares, he did his time. I could give two fucks what he does after he gets out. If he wants to look like a jackass let him.

      • During the war in Iraq, the military recruited many of the Iraqis that came from the refugee camps in Egypt to be translators. They took them all out in the desert near Pendelton, or someplace out there, where they had built a lookalike Iraq village. They did this pretend game so the new soldiers could get acclimated quickly. It was a huge waste of government money, and they paid these guys big bucks to play it out with them. But it was all under the interpreter name. This guy was most likely there and then on to Iraq. Some of them actually did get deployed. Most of them failed the tests. I can’t be sure, but this was a little known project. The only reason I know about it is one of them weaseled his way into my family by marriage. I won’t even go in to how and who. Let’s just say he is gone now! You would need to live around them to understand how barbaric most of them are, and they never adapted to this culture. Even after years of being here.

    • Have you seen veterans from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and so on? Those guys have their ribbons and awards all out of order. Every REAL AMERICAN SOLDIER and vet KNOWS to just chill when it comes to wearing the uniform once your out. He served his country and until proven otherwise why not just support him and thank him for his service? Waaaaaaay to many people on this site want to burn people at the stake before having any proper evidence to do so.

      • Actually, with all the veterans in my and my husband’s families, the order of awards and decorations has undergone changes over the years. Some vets aren’t wearing their awards out of order; they’re wearing them in the order they were worn when they earned them. And they have every right to do so.

        • Very well said ….. I am putting a wall plaque together, and don’t know the order of my medals ….. can’t even find Sergeant stripes around here …. don’t know where to look to find the proper order …….. I know one thing, the Vietnam Vets didn’t have very many medals and ribbons ….. no where near 4 rows of ribbons ….. sounds like they wouldn’t mean much if they were given out as described on here.

          75th Infantry Rangers, Mechanized Infantry, LRRP Recon – 101st Airborne.

          • I am a VietNam vet and I have 4 rows of ribbons that include 6 medals. Sometimes men did not get the ribbons and medals they deserved like some of my army friends but they were available and issued when earned and the paperwork got done.
            To find the proper order for your ribbons go to any online site that sells military ribbons and insignia and they will have the information on site. Thats how I got replacement ribbons for my box and the proper order to display them in.

      • Amen.! A;so a lot of comments about quantity of ribbons. A lot of you younger vets need to know that in the past you were not awarded ribbons for for things like professional dev, Most of the grunts I served with in RVN were only awarded the NDSM, VCM, and VSM. These were in the bush combat soldiers 24/7 365. Things were done different. Not better, not worse, just different times. I served 11 years and never had service or deployment stripes sewn on my Class A. It was just not something many did back then. Don’t judge too quickly.

      • He shouldn’t be wearing his uniform to advance his political agenda. And using foul language and calling people names will so not endure people to your point of view. Try being a little nicer and you can discuss your difference of opinion. Anyway, not one person has said anything about his race or religion, you are assuming. They taught me in the Army never to assume, it makes an ass of u and me.

    • You and me both. Regardless of the political party/movement being supported. You DO NOT wear your uniform in support of anything but the Constitution and the country. Not the NRA, NAACP, local government, Million Muslim March, or any other stupid (I say stupid, because nobody really knows what they support anymore) political ‘organization’. That includes those individuals posing in uniform with messages denouncing military action in Syria. It isn’t your right to oppose dick if Congress approves military action.

  3. Yeah usually have many more ribbons and medals when deployed overseas at least once and he supposedly went twice? Also the other issue, has he be honorably discharged or not. If he wasn’t then he shouldn’t be wearing the uniform at all. I would like to see his DD-214 as well.

  4. I can see why people were concerned about him being a fraud…3 red flags stood out right away to me. One he has a deployment patch but no deployment service stripes…two no deployment related ribbons…three as an E5 he should at least have one service stripe. Regardless of his screwed up uniform, this new trend for wearing the uniform for political statement BS is getting out of hand. This guy and the screw ups who are wearing them to take a photo with a note saying they wont serve in Syria…enough is enough…honestly that crap just needs to stop.

    • I see what your saying by I have an interesting theory to offer up. Prior to my current unit I wore my class A’s 4 times. My guess is he never wore his A’s after deployment, and never updated them, or at least never did so properly, he got the deployment patch but not much else and never updated his rack, or he bought new “used” ones and just threw together what he could.

    • I agree, but its not a ‘new’ trend…John Kerry did it and even threw his ribbons over the fence of the white house…and that POS is Secretary of State now. SMH at vets who dishonor the uniforms and even their own service.

  5. If you want to a bunch of destroyed, pathetic uniforms by former service members, one need look no further than any event involving the group Iraq Veterans Against The War. Apparently they take their style tips from the 60’s, judging by how they frequently wear service uniforms with the sleeves cut off or their ribbons and medals randomly pinned all over their utility uniform ala the Vietnam era John Kerry pictures they are trying to mimic. It’s like a bunch of kids playing dress up.

  6. Can I rip the sunglasses off? Seriously – grrr. You do NOT wear your uniform to a political function – period. Someone slap him please, make his brain turn on….

    • I don’t really understand why soldiers “can’t” wear their uniforms to political events? Why can’t they proudly display their service at any event they choose? Why is it considered “rude?”

      • the military has historically been kept out of politics. this goes back to the officers in Gen G. Washingtons army wanting to revolt and make him king of the NW territory. Gen. Washington made an impassioned speech calling for the complete seperation of soldiers in uniform and political discourse. and the carries on today in regulations and policies stating that uniforms not be worn in support political rallies.

      • Military service members take an oath to support and defend the Constitution. The POTUS is our Commander-In-Chief no matter what his political party. We have to be able to obey lawful orders even when we don’t like the guy giving the orders.

  7. My dad who is a retired Senior Chief Petty Officer only takes his uniform out to clean it up and I’ve only ever seen him wear it to our church once and it was for a veteran appreciation night. But he taught me and my brother to absolutely respect the uniform and those who wear it. And under no circumstance is it to be used as a political stunt or popularity stunt it represents those who serve and those who have.
    All Gave Some, Some Gave All
    God Bless

  8. I AM retired and I wouldn’t wear my uniform in public, or ever again frankly. When I retired, I passed the buck to the next generation. It’s now THEIR uniform, not mine. And I sure as shit would never consider using it for political purposes. No wonder this guy can’t launch a reputable political career, he has no sense of ethical responsibility.

  9. Total of four ribbons. NDSM, ?, ?, ASR.
    The other two he’s wearing should be GWOT-SM and the OSR. However that doesn’t account for a OEF or OIF campaign medals or a Good Conduct Medal (one every 3 years of ‘good’ service).

    No NCO PD ribbon (so now PLDC/WLC) and most interestingly no combat stripes on his right sleeve.

    I’m going with him lying about OEF and OIF service. Also going with him having been a trouble maker since he isn’t wearing at least one GCM or any actual awards.

  10. You’re telling me I’m more decorated as a 2 1/2 year SPC with no deployments than an Iraq/Afghan vet? Something seems off..

  11. Actually he looks better that our local honor guard. I have seen a few people who were only allow to wear 4 ribbons and I have seen people wear over 15 ribbons who were only allow to wear 2. I am not taking up for him by no means, but if he served then that is great. Wish I knew how to get a copy of some people’s dd214. Is it available to the public?

  12. I served 4 years and was deployed to Desert Storm and my rack is way bigger than his..something is very fishy with his uniform. Also, is it not against regs to wear the uniform to a protest??

  13. Us Navy E5, 8 years…..3 Sea Service, 1 Navy Expeditionary, 2 Good Conduct, 1 Navy Battle E, 3 Meritorious Unit Commendations and Aviation Warfare Wings. In the 80’s, decorations were not given out so freely. Awards do not truly represent the character of a soldier/sailor or airman’s service.

  14. You are not a permitted to show up for any march, picketing, rally in military uniform! This guys either fake or broke. If he is still in the military his Commander needs to be counseled!

  15. It’s better to be discreet about your service. You can wear a US Army Lapel pin, or the mini ribbon of your highest award that comes in your decoration box. I can’t imagine wearing my Class A jacket unbuttoned, or rocking the massive iPhone case on the belt like it’s geek time. The last time I wore my uniform in public off duty was when I was in my B’s for military appreciation day at a minor league baseball game with my family. I made sure that I looked great because people with zero military exposure were there and I wanted to leave a great impression of our armed services.

  16. If one is going to wear the uniform to enhance their credibility, then wear it correctly to make it credible – whether you are presently in or you have separated honorably.

  17. There are many people commenting about Alam’s presentation of his uniform and even others specific to the Ribbons / Awards, a topic I am totally unqualified to speak about (other than it appears sloppy or unkempt and to ME, That alone is disrespectful) however I DO have one observation.

    Many or Most of you have warn the Uniform in an “Active Duty” capacity and as always I thank you very much! There is another aspect to many of these “Stolen Valor” issues that have a greater influence upon the Civilian Population. Many, many – Too Many in fact have NO Idea how to tell the difference between a poser and the “Real Deal”… that is Very Dangerous in my opinion. Look at what we have going on in Afghanistan with “Green-on-Blue” attacks, sometimes by individuals just “dressed up” in a Uniform (or so they say) but the threat is obvious. I’m not saying that is the issue here.

    Alam is reportedly the “Founder” of AMPAC who organized this Rally. My Monumental Concern over this fact is that WAY TOO MANY Mindless Americans have seemingly surrendered their critical thinking skills, becoming willing to accept whatever they say as fact. Today people are WAY too willing to surrender to “Authority Figures” even if they are nothing more than a jerk wearing a uniform. To the “Casual / Mindless observer” walking past the Mall here are WAY more likely to STOP and Listen to what he’s saying simply because he’s in Uniform. I respect many of you would never do that but I’ve seen way too many who will and THAT is why I believe it is completely inappropriate for him to use an Old Uniform to prop up his message.

    I may have misunderstood some of the comments here but if you were saying “He DID serve America and therefore retains the right to wear the uniform (if displayed in a most respectful and correct manner) due to his service… Would it be equally appropriate for him to wear it protesting a Heroes Memorial Service with the Westboro Baptist Church Clan or even a KKK Rally? I could be way off base here, but it seems to me that if an individual is wearing the uniform with the intention to give added weight to a message or position you yourself are wishing to promote by inferring to the unsuspecting that the members of a branch of our Armed Forces – or the Military itself ALSO support it….. That seems beyond disrespectful or inappropriate, it should be Criminal if it isn’t already!

    One Mans Opinion ~ Marc

    • Here’s the problem with that…why should he feel ashamed of his service in this circumstance? He feels he is fighting for his Constitutional rights…few things are as important as that. In fact, he most likely feels this is the most important fight and service he has ever done for his country.

      • Lindsey, he has been running around Kansas and Missouri pushing for Sharia Law the last couple years. He was just at the Missouri Muslim Capitol Day with Faizan Syed, director of CAIR Missouri who wants to see folks punished according to Sharia if they insult Islam. MD Alam himself signed a White House Petition asking for President Obama to pass a law banning free speech just days after Benghazi. Look it up, he is not fighting for Constitutional Rights, he is fighting for Sharia and lying out his ass trying to accomplish just that. He is a Bangladesh Jatio Party boy and has even made statements on his BanglaUSA Net Radio show telling PM of Bangladesh Sheikh Hassina she better watch her step or she may be assassinated by unknown sources…… oh yeah, and he also tried to organize a MILLION MUSLIM MARCH to BANGLADESH….. that event had a much different message and more honest in my opinion…… you can see all the info listed above and more, if you can access GOOGLE.

  18. Isn’t there a regulation somewhere that covers uniform wear after ETS or retirement? I think I read somewhere that I can only wear Class As as an Army retiree, and only for certain occasions? Of course, I’d much rather wear some of the cool new MultiCams, but I can’t, at least not with all my patches. Maybe he’s “untouchable” as a pure civilian?

    • I think you are right about the retirees but I remember seeing that Honorably Discharged Vets can also wear their uniforms when they get out.

  19. Everyone needs to remember we served to defend and guarantee freedom of religion. I served with many Muslims and never had any reason to question their allegiance to this country. Patriots come in all religions, colors, and sexes.

  20. Discharged, retired, or active duty, wearing the uniform to a political rally is wrong. However, if you were going to wear the uniform, it should be worn correctly. Now, me, I was a Corpsman, meaning I was Navy attached to the Marines, and, maybe it is different in the Army, but we were always taught that you NEVER go uncovered out of doors.

    • Nope not different at all. I’m pretty sure the entire DoD runs covered. Not being honorably discharged also means he cannot wear the uniform, and as an E1 those stripes are a no go as well.

  21. Spew your hate elsewhere Ahmadinejad. You’re in the wrong place to entertain thoughts of racism, anti-Semitism, close-mindedness, and lack of thought. You speak with innumerable active and retired service members and and those who honor and respect our military. Find a conspiracy site to properly dump your failure of a thought on. Or go talk to your brothers at the Klan meeting about how this makes you feel.

  22. He should be removed from this website, as he is not lying about his service. Yes, his uniform is jacked up. However, he is not “faking” anything.

  23. Well i can verify he is a vet. He was my neighbor in the barracks back in 2001. Germany 6-52 ADA Alpha Co. I think at the time he was an E-3 or maybe an E-4. He was a supply room guy….dont remember what that MOS is. I pcs’d before they deployed to Iraq but i know that unit did deploy while he would have been there.

    • Alam was a Supply Specialist (92Y) while assigned to 6-52 ADA. He was deployed right after 9/11 to Al Jabar Air Base, granted it fell under Operation Southern Watch and not Operation Iraqi Freedom nor Operation Enduring Freedom. 6-52 ADA did deploy in support of combat operations during the initial stages of the war. I did serve with him for a bit of time while I was stationed in Germany.

  24. If he had two deployments to the combat zone in his six years of service, he should pretty much have at least six ribbons (which he doesn’t). He whould have two service stripes on the left sleeve (but only has one). But, the big thing is that wearing the uniform after leaving the service is reserved for retirees and, even then, it can only be worn for special occasions like weddings and funerals. A guy that served six years and then got out cannot wear the Class A Uniform ever again.

  25. No – it’s against the regulations. Wearing it in any type of political way lends a “This Cause has the Army’s Seal of Approval” to the cause.

  26. Man I am so glad to hear this. I thought I was going nuts. I love my field jacket for the winter playing in the snow with the kids and each year it was getting smaller. I used to wear my BDU shirts as jackets down in the country in the woods but i can’t even button them now. They all seem to have shrunk in the same fashion as I can button the chest area but in my stomach area they seem to have shrunk. My pants are the same way, all in the waist not in the length.

  27. John Kerry’s medals are in his office in a display case. A reporter saw them and asked him why the medals were there in his office when he supposedly threw them away in protest. Kerry admitted that the ones he threw were not his. Check it out for yourself. It’s true. It was a staged show.

    • In my mind, throwing away his medals (or someone else’s, since he didn’t have the balls to toss his own) makes him no better than Jane Fonda.

      I’m super proud of the medals and ribbons I earned. I believe that in the case of medals for valor (Silver Star on up, and any other medal with the V device), you wear it for yourself, and every other person, many who died, who also deserved that award and never got it. It’s a great honor, and a responsibility too…

  28. I know recently the LGBT folks had numerous veteran and ACTIVE DUTY troops at a big gathering/rally. So either the reg was waived for them or the policy was violated. I still recall the Gen who attended a church in his uniform. Gen Boykin whatever else who might think about hims was counseled about being in uniform. It always connotes the idea that the event is endorsed by DoD or your service branch.

  29. I would never wear my uniform in public after I got out. I still have it, but the ribbon rack has been lost and I as I am no longer assigned to the units reflected in the insignia, it would end up looking rather bland anyway once all that stuff comes off. No unit crests, no unit patch, just the ribbon rack, which was lost years ago. Only thing left would be weapons qualification badges and service hashes. Besides, I’ve been out of the service for nearly 30 years. It was a significant part of my life, but I have done a lot since then and that period doesn’t really define who I am now anyway.

  30. Exactly – grooming and appearance must be within the regs when wearing the uniform while not in service, including haircut, mustache etc. I’m thinking that this guy is not wearing headgear in any of the photos is because his hair is so thick from not conforming to regulations that it will not properly fit on his head.

  31. Now Im not defending his wearing of the uniform on the million muslim march. However I do see him being railroaded out of the Army. I would love to hear from his fellow soldiers and read the ART 15 packets.

    He needs to work on his English skills and have a friend write up the paperwork.

    This reminds me of a very close friend that I had that was treated the same way. So I don’t doubt he could have been fucked with.

    • Yeah, I was all for hating on him, thinking slimy bastard wearing that to the muslim gathering, but after reading all the articles, I felt bad for him.

  32. I’m pretty much as anti Islam as you get, but, reading all the letters, it seems he may have been treated pretty poorly in the service, I hope not, I always respect all our service men and women, so I really hope he is lying, but reading those, yeah, I kinda feel for him

  33. What I see here is someone attempting to play the Race Card (badly) and a touch of “No body likes me, everybody hates me, I’m going to eat some worms!

    I;m not saying the system is perfect, but he has himself (at least) that the entire U. S. Army are out to get him. Hears a news flash, PRIVATE Alam. The U. S. Army has more important things to do that listen to your winy ass or treat you like someone special.

    You f***ed up and got caught. Admit it, deal with it, and act like a MAN! (You’ve already proved that you can’t act like a soldier!)

  34. After reading everything, it honestly looks like the guy was discriminated against while in the Army. I know I’ve seen it happen in units I’ve been in and others have too. If someone is a douche when they enlist they’re just a douche in a uniform. If my unit had done that to me I’d have gone apeshit too. I had NCO’s that I’d have knocked clean out if given the chance.

    All that aside, it doesn’t matter how many awards he has. My guess is he’s not wearing the ones he’s earned because he never took his class A’s to get his rank fixed once he was demoted.
    If you’re going to wear the uniform, it has to be done the right way. Using it as a ploy is what a coward who can’t backup whatever his argument may be.

  35. im out now and I swore an oath neaver to put the uniform back on, only time I would, would be on a very special occasion and my shit would be wired tight because of how much I respect not only the uniform but the men and women who wear it now. as for pvt. duffle bag people call it as they see it and the care of his uniform is a visual of his pathetic military past. Sgt. Wm Forton

  36. i was in the Corps, so I don’t know anything about Army uniforms, so what is wrong with how he is wearing his uniform? and if he served in Afgan/Iraq, shouldn’t he have a lot more ribbons to wear?

  37. OK, here goes AR 670-1, 11 May 2012, page 315

    30–4. Wear of the uniform by former members of the Army
    a. Unless qualified under another provision of this regulation, or under the provisions of section 772, title 10, United States Code (10 USC 772), former members of the Army may wear the uniform if they served honorably during a declared or undeclared war, and if their most recent service was terminated under honorable conditions. Personnel who
    qualify under these conditions will wear the Army uniform in the highest grade they held during such war service, in accordance with 10 USC 772.
    b. The uniform is authorized for wear only for the following ceremonial occasions, and when traveling to and from the ceremony or function. Uniforms for these occasions are restricted to service and dress uniforms; the BDU and physical fitness uniforms will not be worn.
    (1) When attending military funerals, memorial services, weddings, inaugurals, and other occasions of ceremony.
    (2) When attending parades on national or state holidays, or other patriotic parades or ceremonies in which any active or reserve United States military unit is taking part. Wear of the Army uniform at any other time, or for any other purpose than stated above, is prohibited.
    For further information, see

    In short, he is not authorized to wear his uniform as he was not honorably discharged. If he were honorably discharged, he should not wear it at a political activity.

  38. I hate it when anyone does not wear the uniform correctly. I live in a small town and see this just about every day. It needs to be stopped but how. If u have any ways let me know….. signed a retired army girl

  39. I read every page above. This guy admitted he left the CQ desk for 7 hours and then got a field grade AR15. Seems reasonable -at least in the units I was in the CQ couldn’t even leave the BN area for chow. He also got into trouble for leaving the BN and then not going to a dentist appointment ect..he was angry because they came to his house to look for him, but did not look for him at the dentist. Does not pass the common sense test. It would be interesting to read all of those counseling statements and the AR15 paperwork. The complaints he makes to the Chaplain don’t have much to do with the actual charges levied against him by his chain of command and the letter the Chaplain wrote is standard and in no way looks like the Chaplain is taking his side, just the opposite. He then claims the Chaplain was forced to PCS because of the letter. The guy s delusional, the implication he makes is that he was targeted because he is Muslim or has a problem with communication. I mean think about this one incident where he thought it was OK to leave the CQ desk for 7 hours, he knew better….

    • It depends on the Unit SOP. In units I have been a member of, during the week, the CQ NCOIC only has to check in at the beginning of the shift, receive the briefing, and enable the CQ Runner to eat meals. Other than that, the CQ NCOIC can return to duty. The CQ NCOIC can also elect to stay on post the entire time (which I always do, as I lead by example). On weekends and holidays, however, the CQ NCOIC is required to stay on post for 24 hours.

      Alam’s letter doesn’t specify if his duty was on a weekday or weekend. If it was a weekend, then chances are he was at fault and AWOL. He might have misunderstood the difference between weekdays and weekends, but that is NO EXCUSE, as he was likely briefed on his duties. NCOs do not make excuses.

  40. I actually read through every page of his appeal letter. He obviously never looked at AR 25-50 on how to write a memo. Even allowing for English as his second language, he has a couple of gems in the garbage-pile of whiny complaints against his superiors. His defense attorney even wrote a memo saying that his (Alam’s) command violated his rights under AR 27-10.

    He definitely got shafted, but it seems like he probably brought it on himself by blue-falconing everyone in his command to higher (IG, JAG, etc.) While retaliation is wrong/illegal, there is A LOT of grey area where he definitely got himself into.

    The reason he didn’t get any IG action is because he did not submit a DA Form 1559 (IG Action Request). IG is particular about forms… He should have put his letters through the spell-checker, formatted them properly/more effectively, had someone look them over, and SIGNED them. Those memos would never make it out of my office (I work in BN S-1) and I would be verbally pummeled for even putting that garbage in front of my PSG or PL. When you are asking for an appeal from the MBCMR, you want to give the best performance possible. He didn’t do that.

    But again, he ratted-out pretty much everyone in his command and unit JUST because they put “Arabic” as his race on his Article 15 paperwork. He ruined his career over that tiny detail. After that he put himself smack-dab on everyone’s radar. The thing that befuddles me is that he probably signed all of that paperwork. As an S-1 NCO, I can tell you that ANY error on paperwork, especially Article 15 stuff, gets kicked back until it is 100% correct. He could have respectfully refused to sign it until it was corrected. That error would have taken maybe 5 minutes to correct and re-print. He went to PLDC (now called WLC) so he should have known how things in the Army work. He made some bad decisions and kept making them. Apparently, the Army wasn’t for him. He kept referring to the Creed of the Non-Commissioned Officer. He apparently forgot the part where it says, “I will be loyal to those with whom I serve, seniors, peers, and subordinates alike.”

  41. You guys that read the paperwork are missing the big stuff: While his spelling and grammar are atrocious, you’d expect that the Trial Defense Service’s wouldn’t be…

    Now, anyone that’s ever received a letter or memo knows that the Letterhead logo is ALWAYS monochrome, not full color. And, I think that, while the TDS may have a spelling error or two in the memo (gov’t work, ya know?), they should probably know how to spell “Trial” (not Trail, as it is spelled on every one of the last few pages).

    Considering that, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the memos are forgeries, and not even good ones, at that. So, chances are, a LOT of his “history” is fraudulent. Definitely needs more checking…

  42. One thing that people forget is that soldiers are subject to Army regulations, Civilians are not, Since he is discharged (Honorable or not) he is not subject to military regulations. He is not wearing unauthorized medals so has broken no law. Any joe can go down to the goodwill store and pick up an old uniform and wear it. Active duty is subject to regulations and I believe retiree’s can be as well. So he is a duchy bag using his military to better his agenda, not unheard of in this day and age. There is worse posers out there that could use our scorn more this this guy. He is getting more exposure then he deserves.

  43. I just seen this article surfing through the net….
    Yes this soldier is in fact the real deal he was my soldier at one time when he first came into the unit of B 6/52 ADA under the command of 1SG Palmer ..and CPT Adams….. He has served n the Middle East,.. but not n Afghanistan. He does have a lil communication problem…. I always had him to repeat back to me, the direct order I gave him so he under stood… He had really good mentors staying on him to do the right thing all the time. Yes I had to keep my foot n him to keep him going… If not he would go astray. Then I would have to put him back n check…. As far as him being a poser… He has earned the right to wear the uniform and all the medals in all his glory cos I seen him get most of them to include his combat patch and strip…… Now as far as regulation goes he is non complaint, yes ate up like a soup sandwich I agree. I am also still n touch with his section chief Michael Leslie that he directly work for in the supply rm. Please understand Alam is not a dump cookie by any means…. He holds degrees in Nuclear Physics…. How do I know… Well that’s simple,.. I was getting to know my soldier and his family and was invited over to his quarters where he pulled out all his credentials and showed me! Purely authentic, with raised seals on every credential and it showed a perfect time line for his education….The whole 9 yards… So yeah! Always keep ur eye on him….I never turned my back on him after finding out such information!..cos then I considered him a high value person of interest having the knowledge he has, after that, cos NCO’s have to have accountability of there soldiers at all times. so please if u have any question please feel free to contact me!.. OUT!!!

  44. I am shocked that you guys are bunch of haters. Thanks Sgt. Linder for standing up and speaking the truth. Look, it’s so clear that you all are mad, because I am a Muslim and, I am proud to serve my country. Now, it is actually time to show respect for your fellow soldier. If you served and truly loved your service and now love your country, please stand with me. Do not just hate me as because I am successful. I am honored and grateful that I served my country. And I need all of your support and I am now running for Michigan State Representative. In the notion of your brother, I am a veteran, please visit my campaign website and support me. That will be greatly appreciated. My campaign site is Please if you can donate. Thank you. Your brother in the service: MD Rabbi Alam, 816-372-1873. Thank you.

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