The Guy In Uniform At Million Muslim March In DC

We got several emails about pictures coming out of Washington D.C. yesterday during the Million Muslim March. As we all have seen, they did not get anywhere near the turn out expected. I think I saw a total of 20 people standing around. But this was not the main concern, everyone was concerned about the short guy wearing a Class A uniform, who looked like he had never heard of AR 670-1.

Here are the pictures in question:







Yes he does look like a soup sandwich, but come to find out, he did serve in the US Army. As far as the extent of his service, we are not sure as of yet, it takes awhile to get records. But he did serve, which tells me he should know what right looks like, and he just does not care and is using the uniform for his own political purposes.

His name is MD Rabbi Alam, and he is the founder of AMPAC(American Muslim Political Action Committee), and the organizer of the Million Muslim March, which I would like to add was changed to Million American March Against Fear awhile back.

Mr. Alam has a lengthy political history, he has ran for several offices, including Missouri Secretary Of State in 2012.

According to his biography:

“Alam is a U.S. Army veteran, having served in both Afghanistan and Iraq. He spent six years on active duty, and was assigned to 6/52 ADA unit in Ansbach Germany. Alam was also a certified language interpreter for the Department of Defense. He finished his Army service as a Sergeant in 2005.”

Here are some photo’s when he served, when he remembered how to properly wear the uniform.




So it seems he is not a poser, like so many thought he was. But they had good reason, I can count at least 15 gigs on that jacked up crap he calls a uniform in the pictures of him at the march. And most Veterans respect the uniform when they wear it out in public after they get out.

As stated above, all we can confirm at this point is that he served, we are not confirming or denying his service in any theater of operations until we see his records.



Stars and Stripes did a story on his citizenship in 2004, they confirm he did deploy to Iraq  in 2003, and was at Baghdad International Airport, as part of Battery D, 6th Battalion, 52nd Air Defense Artillery out of Ansbach, Germany.

Here is a link to the article:  Service Members Become US Citizens


UPDATE: 20130913

We received some more information on Alam, it seems he got several Article 15’s while serving. He got another field grade Article 15, towards the end of his career and was demoted from E5 to E1, he was also chaptered out of the Army for patterns of Misconduct, and received a General under Other then Honorable Conditions.

He has filed a request with the Army board of Corrections to have his rank re-instated and his discharge upgraded, which I do not see happening. So he was not authorized to wear the SGT rank as it was taken from him. And since he did not receive a Honorable discharge, according to the US Code he is not authorized to wear the uniform.(Although this is hardly ever enforced by civilian laws.)

And the Biography he has posted is a lie as well, because he did not finish his Army career, he was chaptered out before finishing, and he did not finish as a SGT, but as a PVT.

We also got a copy of his records from our friends at thisainthell.



And from what we have seen, he deployed to Iraq but not to Afghanistan during his career. So yes it seem he has embellished his record a bit. Here are copies of the paperwork he submitted for review to the corrections board: (Be warned, he Blue Falcon’s a lot of his fellow Soldiers)




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