Grounds of Valor, What You Need to Know

Over the past ten years our team has worked tirelessly to hunt down and expose Stolen Valor POSers on our own dime, but due to the growing epidemic and our growing families we are now looking for some support from our Brothers and Sisters. For roughly two years we tried to figure out a way to support our mission so that we never have to charge for investigations, and that’s when it hit us, coffee!!

We have been working this project for over a year and we are proud to announce that we will be launching Veterans Day 2017 with the support and backing from Counter Strike Coffee Company. We will be offering a smooth, medium blend at just $13.50 a bag. Each purchase will support the Guardian of Valor LLC mission AND it will afford us the opportunity to hire qualified Veterans to help with both Guardian and Grounds of Valor. By hiring our Brothers and Sisters we hope to not only speed up the investigation process, without losing our integrity, but we also hope to offer Veterans a new mission that will make them feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves once they leave military service.

This whole project has Veterans in mind. Each bag will include a little known war story so that Veterans and Patriots across the world can learn about our Brothers and Sisters that served valorously throughout history. While our main mission is to out Stolen Valor POSers, the heart of the mission is to preserve the valor earned by those who never got the chance to come home, and that is where Grounds of Valor is stepping in. We will also be adding items that are made by Veterans, giving them a place to access the Veteran community free of charge.

We want to thank everyone that has supported us over the years and invite you to cheer us on throughout this new endeavor. Everything we do, we do with the Veteran community in mind. Hooah!

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