Gregory Schaffer, Fake Navy SEAL, Indicted On Several Counts Of Sexual Assault On A Child, And Child Abuse


A fan sends us a link to Gregory Schaffer, from Bayonne New Jersey. Schaffer was outted by our friend Don Shipley awhile back. Well not only is he still up to his old tricks, he is now molesting little girls in the process.

According to the New Jersey Journal, he was indicted for aggravated sexual assault, multiple counts of sexual assault by contact, two counts of terroristic threats, two counts of endangering the welfare of a child and two counts of child abuse, officials said. He was officially charged in December and the indictment was handed up earlier this month.

Hudson County First Assistant Prosecutor Debra Simon said that on at least one occasion, the girls were molested together.

One of the girls, who authorities say are friends, was sexually assaulted when she was 8 and 9 years old and then again when she was 11 years old, Gregory said. The sexual assault that took place when the girl was 11 was recorded on videotape by Schaffer and seized by law enforcement officials, the prosecutor said.

A second girl was sexually assaulted in 2008 when she was 12, officials said. Video footage of that naked victim was also recovered by law enforcement officials, Gregory said.

Last June he was arrested on charges that he lured a 15-year-old Brooklyn, N.Y. girl looking for a summer job to his office in Jersey City and raped her. He told her that he owned four stores, including a lingerie store.

The 15-year old girl from Brooklyn went on Craigslist and posted  “Teen in need of an afterschool & weekend job (NYC)”

Schaffer, posing as John Archambeault, responded, “Looking for part time help in my store in Newport Mall in Jersey City. Can you send info and let me know if you are interested in it.”

According to court papers, he asked her to sign an employment contract and a confidentiality agreement, then allegedly explained to the teen that she had actually signed a “sex contract” and “threatened to report her boyfriend for having sex with an underage girl and said he would sue the victim’s great-grandmother for breach of contract if she refused.”

Prosecutors say Schaffer made his victim try on lingerie and a bathing suit for photos (in which he also posed—in a speedo) and then forced her to have sex with him on an office desk. Despite promising she wouldn’t, the girl eventually told her boyfriend, and he quickly reported Schaffer to the police.

When the girl told her boyfriend and police, authorities raided the office and found photos of young girls in bikinis, sex toys and handcuffs, as well as a file on the 15-year-old Brooklyn girl, officials said last June.

Police believe that there are possibly other victims in the case and are asking for anyone with information to contact the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office Special Victim’s Unit at (201) 915-1234 or Homeland Security Investigations/New York Child Exploitation Group at (646) 313-4380.

According to Gregory, Schaffer used various social media sites, including Craigslist, to communicate with and coerce the young girls to meet him. An investigation revealed that Schaffer represented himself as many things, including a talent scout, producer, swim instructor, business owner, Navy SEAL and information technology specialist, officials said.




Here is the video fo when it initially happened:

Schaffer is currently in federal custody on charges from 15-year-old girl; and he was indicted earlier this year on charges of producing and possessing child pornography



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  1. This dork is even wearing a Vietnam Campaign ribbon! He was probably a toddler when that was going on.

    • He’s got all the Desert Storm Medals. I’m 39, I was 17 when DS ended. You have to be older tan me to be a DS vet…

  2. There is a Special Place in Hell for Pedophiles and scumbags such as this. May Justice be swift and hard for this sorry ass poser. Bubba will have a good time with this S.O.B. in the slammer.

  3. I would test his limits to see how he reacts to it and one thing he didnt know that hes abusing the uniform military policy a guy like him should be sent to military court and let him learn his lesson

  4. You know those guys who wear the military uniform that are not military and make lies that thier in the military you know why? Thier showing off that thier the military and make them selfs look good or do it for style and making up lies that thier military members and all these stuff but thier not thier just saying that were pepole would belive them or doing it for fun the way how i think of them

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