Government Shutdown Puts A Hold On Death Benefits For Fallen Soldiers Families

According to NBC, the Government shut down has placed a hold on death benefits to families of our Fallen Warriors. Usually within 36hrs of a Military members death, the family is sent $100,000 to help with immediate expenses, this includes the cost of going to Dover to witness the return of their loved ones in flag-draped coffins.

Five US Service members were killed over the weekend in Afghanistan, and according to NBC, they were notified that the benefits could not be paid at this time.

The coffin of Marine Lance Corporal Jeremiah M. Collins Jr. is brought home from Afghanistan. (Courtesy: AP)

The coffin of Marine Lance Corporal Jeremiah M. Collins Jr. is brought home from Afghanistan. (Courtesy: AP)

Marine Jeremiah M. Collins Jr. was KIA in Afghanistan this past weekend along with four other service members, pictured above is Jeremiah being brought home.

These Soldiers and Marines died fighting for us, and we are going to deny their families this benefit? If any of these families need help getting to Dover, or with anything else, please contact us. We will do what we can to help them, and to let them know that the sacrifice’s they have made are not in vain!!

This is a slap in the face to not only these Warriors, but also to the families. I will gladly give my paycheck to these families if that is what it takes!

The video below is from NBC Correspondent Andrea Mitchell, she says the families got a phone call saying that the Government could not pay the benefit. I am just disgusted!


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Again, If anyone knows the families and knows if they need help, please contact us and we will do everything possible to help them through this.


UPDATE: 20131009

The Fisher House has stepped forward to help these families monetarily to get to Dover and with immediate funeral expenses. They have asked the Government to reimburse them as soon as they get the budget mess sorted out.

Well we got tons of emails from fans that wanted to give to the families, so in coordination with several other Facebook pages, we have decided to give back to the Fisher House. We have started a campaign on GoFundme in Honor of the Fallen, the Gold Star Families and the Fisher House. 100% of the donations given, minus the fees GoFundme charges, will be sent to the Fisher House in the name of all the Veterans, Military and Civilians who donate, in our show of appreciation for what they did.

Here is the link to the donation page: Fisher House Donation In Honor Of The Fallen



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114 comments on “Government Shutdown Puts A Hold On Death Benefits For Fallen Soldiers Families

    • If they cannot afford it, they should send the President’s plane to pick up the families so they can be there to, I am sorry, I cannot even think of the word I want to use. Meet their loved one….WHAT A HORRIBLE GOVERMENT WE HAVE, THE MOST UNGREATFUL PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.

      • Obama will travel the world on his taxpayer funded million dollar plan. but will not pay for the funerals of the people that laid down their life for him. Disgusting, just disgusting!

      • If they are having trouble affording paying people maybe they should cut their pay checks, their LIFE-TIME benefits for them AND their families, begin paying all insurances like everyone else, then we will see how much in debt the U.S. is and what the country will be unable to afford. Hm….quite a thought.

    • America was founded on God, Without our foundation, we WILL crumble. No, it’s not America anymore. No God, No America. Know God, Know America. Period. To those families who are hurting, I am so sorry, both for your loss, and that the Country that your loved ones died for is treating you in this way, I’m so sorry.

    • I agree with you Paula, the government does not care what these men and women in uniform go thru, and they sure don’t care about the families. I would love to help take them out of our white house today, But it can’t be just a few. It has to be many,many.I also am a USMC vet

  2. Just another reason to have every last representative and the President recalled and replaced. Time to take back our country and put people in office that will serve the people and that have the countries best interest at heart and not the damn big businesses. It is a damn shame that the people fighting for our country and their lives have another thing to worry about.

      • Duncan, you need to do YOUR research. The bill was passed by the House and Senate to pay civilian employees of the military. There have been several other funding bills passed by the House, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has not allowed them to come up for a vote in the Senate…..effectively killing attempts by the House to fund the 15% of the Federal Government that is “shut down”—with the exception of Obamacare.

        • Duncan -You watch too much NBC cause you have it ass backwards-the Dems and especially Obama is doing all they can to be assholes-there are a lot of things that can be shutdown-but they choose the things that will piss people off the most like a bunch of little BULLIES in Middle school.The House is passing bills to fund particular items and then Reid stops it at the Senate. And what kind of President says I will not negotiate -with the CONGRESS-but will with TERROISTS! The Repubulicans are doing what the majority of people want in this country -they are doing what people sent them there to do .The Dems do only what they the elitists want and screw the rest of us and by the way we aren’t going to follow the same laws you have to.That is unconstitutional. And remember when we get to the debt ceiling that when Obama was a Senator in 06 he refused to raise the Debt ceiling calling it unconstitutional and the debt then was 7 trillion “with a T” he said now it is 17 Trillion with a T and he is all for it-most of the difference added since he became the potus. THIS is a Tragedy for these families and our country-something best be done and it will-by the good people of this country if no one else-I didn’t see Andrea or Matt offer to pay and they could without breaking a sweat-no charity in their hearts.

          • You couldn’t me more wrong I’m afraid – the president has not negotiated with terrorists – I’m not sure where you’re getting this information. Ironically, you would actually be getting more accurate information from NBC then from whichever organization you are receiving your news.

      • The senate has vowed to do the bidding of Obama, thus he does have a hand in it and he has the “my way or highway” attitude willing to negotiate with countries that attacked ours but not within his own. But you are right Duncan, the “President” had no part as Obama has never acted, represented or done anything for me to give him the respect of calling him “President”. Of course Obama has never done anything wrong, Not once has he admitted to anything negative but rather points the finger and always blames someone else. He also loves taking credit for things he did not start nor do, but if its positive, he takes credit. The Socialist/Communist needs to be held accountable for actions that are beyond impeachement but are treason and punishable by our country. Its just arrogant people with their heads in the sand that back him, Im sure you can relate, that keep him going, even as he destroys this country.

  3. Being the selfish cowardly butt holes they are they probably had some poor secretary call the families and afterwards canned that person’s bottom so they could keep their own paycheck….. Sorry, but if you guys can’t get your crap right in 7 days we should automatically be allowed to reelect or collect your check…. Sorry, but my four year old could run the government better than these morons we have!

    • What exactly should be fixed in seven days? In 6 years our debt has increased more than every administration combined in our nation’s history. Since the 1800s we’ve gone from a small surplus government to a balanced budget government, to now a government that borrows money to pay for the money they’ve borrowed. Why do you think they should be able to fix anything at all let alone in seven days? It’s been over 70 years that this has been brewing.

      • this isn’t neccesarily true. Despite him not doing a fantastic job, Obama has only raised the debt ceiling 4 times vs Bush’s 7 and Reagan’s 18 times, and with Bush we went from a debt of 6 to 12 trillion while Obama has gone from 12 to a little over 14 trillion… needless to say, no-one has done a good job, also keep careful consideration that the nations budget is not held by 1 person, but 2 branches of government, therefore we shouldn’t turn this into a finger pointing event… just fix it

  4. This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it.
    Abraham Lincoln

    What the hell are we waiting for??

  5. Army is fully 100% funded. This can only be on the part of Obama’s Feel The Pain efforts. He signed the funding so the buck stopped at him. There is no shut down. Don’t drink the Kool Aid. 80+% Of the government is up and running. Hopefully the House will keep up the fight. I think it’s about time for impeachment/treason charges be brought against Obama on this one. This isn’t winning Reed, it’s losing your soul for a hope at political gain.

    Treason: The betrayal of one’s own country by waging war against it or by consciously or purposely acting to aid its enemies.

    If that isn’t Obama than there isn’t such a thing.

      • Where am I out of touch with reality? I bet if you were just a bit more specific I could show you the truth. That way you don’t have to take my word anonymous word for it.

        • Patricia we are not here to name call. The things he said are as close to truth as possible. Obama has no real love for soldiers or the families of soldiers. No government official does ( except a few )

          • Funny? really? i served my country and would do so again if called upon to do so, if your going to make statements back them up with fact otherwise just shutup.

          • Craig I agree with you I enlist in May and I love my country. I may not like our president but I don’t want him dead I just think what he’s doing isn’t okay. Just because you don’t support the president everyone doesn’t mean you have to hate the troops.

        • Hatchwho,

          I think the issue is the simple fact that Obama cannot shut down the government. Obama is not the one who is refusing to even vote on the bill that passed the Senate which would fund the government. Obama is not the one saying “the government is too big we should shut it down”. Obama is not the one making demands “as preconditions” to open the government. Disagreeing with the president is one thing, but on this issue as upwards of 75% of Americans realize. It falls squarely on the shoulders of the GOP.

          The GOP can’t get enough votes to defund Obamacare on its own, so they are refusing to fund the government. (and agree or disagree with Obamacare, at the end of they day they got a majority in the senate and a majority in the house to vote for it) The GOP is not saying “vote for repeal based on its merits” they are saying “vote for repeal or else we wont’ fund the government”. I don’t think anyone here thinks that extortion is how our government should function.

          If Democrats were saying “pass gun control or else we wont’ vote to fund the government” or “pass immigration reform or else we wouldn’t fund the government” then ok you’d have a point. But to blame any of this on Obama is just dishonest on your part. And honestly that sort of “cheer lead for a political party, comes first” type mentality you’re displaying is one of the biggest reasons why this country is in the trouble it is today.

          Just blaming Obama because you disagree with Obama is dishonest and counter productive. And as the original response said makes you look totally out of touch with reality.

          • Every single politician, including Obama, in Washlngton is at fault for the condition this country is in today, and we are still fighting wars we should not even be in from jump street. There is plenty of blame to go around,; nevertheless, it is true that no one seems to want to do anything about any of it except let the status quo remain as it is. Obama HAS IN FACT done enough during his tenure in Washington to be impeached and removed from office, but there are gutless wonders in Washington that do not want to act. Other presidents have been impeached for far less, although none have been removed from office. Obama should, however, be removed from office at this point in time and government returned to the people of this country.

    • No the military is NOT being fully funded. My husband is in Afghanistan right now and his pay has been reduced as of Oct 1 to base pay only, no more Hostile Fire Pay! So my question is if the Hostile Fire Pay has been discontinued does that mean the rocket attacks will stop?!

      The other members of his unit that are still stateside were all told “GO HOME” they are not working and not receiving paychecks.

      Then there are the first responders like base security, etc… they are still REQUIRED to show up to work 40+ hours a week, however are NOT being paid!

      Don’t believe everything the news says. From a real military family dealing with this on a daily basis the military is taking a huge hit! If you actually read the fine print even though “the military” will still be funded (in the words of our fearless leader) this funding excludes Guard and Reserve units, which by the way makes up the majority of the deployed service members!

      • Wait, are you saying the guard and reserve make up the majority of deployed soldiers? That is so incorrect it hurts to read. Also the emergency responder comment was far from the truth as well. And I still go to work every day and I get paid so I believe some of this is overdramatic. But yes, we are feeling it.

  6. Where is the Commander In Chief ? He should be looking out for his Fallen Heroes and their families. What about the First Lady and her promises to take care of military families ? The empty promises continue. Prayers fo the Fallen and their families that are suffering while our gov . acts like bullies on the playground.

  7. I am deeply hurt that our young warriors and their families are being drug through the mud. I think they have been through enough and to have their benefits not paid is a criminal act. This administration gets up in the morning and looks at themselves in the mirror just as I do. The main difference is that I put my life on the line for twenty years for our country. I lost warriors just like this young Marine and I write with a heavy heart that not only did we lose the warrior on the field of battle but he comes home to a country who won’t pay for his families death benefits. I am truly ashamed of our administration and our Commander in Chief to allow this to even happen.

    • Gunny
      Well said sir and thank you from the wife of a deployed service member and the daughter of a soldier! when soldiers are used as pawns in a political game it is the soldier who will lose…

  8. Mary my dad served in ww1 & my brother in Korea had a nephew killed in Iraq I agree put the congress & president on the front lines without their retirement pay from jobs now & replace them all not with politicians just the people off the street such as the plumber Joe

  9. Please let us know if you find out any contact information of those fallen heros! I would LOVE and feel HONORED to donate money to help the families until our frickin government get’s their *&#@% together.

    • me too, set up a donation site for these families. I would be willing to donate. seems to me this death benefit is promised to them as part of enlisting. sue the government!

      • The President could fix this with a flick of his pen. He is the commander -in-chief. He is their leader. He knows that this will move us and touch our hearts. We support our troops and their families. What better way to get action from us. We are pawns in a game that is being played. It is truly a sad day in the United States of America.

  10. That is bullcrap. They fought at died for this country and the government isn’t gonna pay for the stuff there family needs that’s not even an ounce okay. If they dont support those young troops fighting for something they believe in (FREEDOM) then why dont they take the next soldiers place. They fought and died for freedom and this is how the government repays them???

  11. way to fucking go America, you elect a retard into office then bitch when the shit hits the fan. most of you fucks need to go kill yourselves for electing that piece of shit into office!!!

  12. These soliders risk everything to protect us and unforchently they do so with thier lives. The least this motherfucking government could do is stop thinking about themselves and think about them and thier family’s who have now lost a family member.

  13. No money can replace the lives of this fallen heros, but we need to support their families. they would rather get their loved ones alive and well than seeing them in a box draped with an American Flag and the government can’t give them the respect,dignity and support they deserve. Cut the salaries of the government then maybe we can get it moving again.

  14. Article 1 Section 9 of the US Constitution
    “No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law; and a regular Statement and Account of Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time.”

    Instead of complaining in here, call your Congress person. The fact is Congress continues to keep the government shut down because they know all they have to do is say “its the other political party’s fault” and people who vote Republican will blame Obama (which is weird since he doesn’t even have a vote on this matter at all) and Democrats will just blindly blame Republicans. We are getting the government we deserve because we as Americans keep voting for it.

  15. they stop the death benefits for the brave who gave their life for this country and obummer makes November national muslim month go figure

  16. My heart absolutely breaks for these families. Politics aside these brave soldiers and their families paid the ultimate price in the defense of our freedom, the very freedom that allows us to express our feelings about the situation in a public forum. I cannot afford much but would like to contribute to making sure these families at least get to Dover to watch their brave soldiers come home. Is there a fund established?

  17. does anybody but think that the next election there will be a lot of people replace including our president if things don’t change really fast….i know that Obama can not go back in to office but we can impeach his ass for sure and it is about time to start doing something for sure…if they are getting paid for doing nothing then we should make sure they do not have a chance to ever get paid again for what they are doing now i am so very disappointed in out government it is time for a change for sure…the sit and eat and get paid when there are people out there that they took off work because of something we don’t need and most don’t want for sure they are fools for sure and i intend making it know with my vote

  18. wow really our fallen heroes families get no benefits for a fallen son/daughter in action. i see the hurt in this country and its time for us to take it back. if our country does not come back to WE THE PEOPLE its our own fault… we have generations of fallen heroes lets not let their death be in vain.

  19. If you are in favor of this Socialist BS then so be it. But there are millions of freedom loving Americans that will fight to keep this nation free from Socialism.

      • The ACA is actually _less_ socialism than our current predicament. Realize that fire brigades, police forces, and emergency services are all elements of “socialism.” You condemn foolishly without any forethought. It is a telling thing that you cannot even grasp the actual anti-socialistic intent of the bill. You probably are not even aware that the ACA is a product of the right wing.

  20. M.
    The new Tea Party Republicans in the House were specifically elected and mandated by their districts to stop Obamacare by any possible means. They BEGAN their negotiation by demonstrating their unanimous opposition to that destructive, stupid law. When that was defeated by Harry Reid in the Senate, the House RENEGOTIATED and softened their position, by once again offering to fully fund the government, but to be fair to everyone, asked that the law be delayed for one year, just as Obama did for big corporations. When that was rejected, the House Republicans began providing bills to fund high priority programs, like not stopping military pay regardless of the shutdown. Guess what, Reid agreed to pass that, but non of the other funding bills. He wants the whole enchilada, or nothing. The latest bill fully funds the government, and Obamacare, but asks that the Senate and Obama agree to give up the subsidy (waiver) that Congress and their staff gets, and that the individual mandate on individuals be pushed back one year. That’s it. Not unreasonable. Obama and Reid have unreasonably said that they will not negotiate. It was the Republicans that have been appropriately funding necessary programs, as they have historically been funded, one bill at a time. The Democrats and Obama talk about a “clean” continuing resolution – that means to pass the funding of everything, pork and all. It is hardly “clean.” These continuing resolutions to fund the government have become necessary, because Reid and the Senate have broken the law and not passed a budget for the past five years! The blame is squarely on Obama and the Democrats, but the national news organizations keep telling everyone that the Republicans are demanding that Obamacare be defunded, or no deal…. that is not the truth.

    • Except the right _actually is_ to blame. How can you be so blind to this. If you are aware of the facts you would see: 1. republicans have already delayed the bill – the left compromised 2. republicans all seek to illegally defund the bill. 3. the bill passed 3 years ago. 4. the ACA mechanics itself are not only wholly beneficial but actually a product of right wing think tanks.

      Reid and Obama _have already negotiated_ it’s a _liberal stereotype_ even that liberals compromise _too much_. It’s a bill. Defunding it would be _illegal_.

      Please drop the falsely esoteric misinformed jibber jabber- you’re wrong. Now deal.

  21. @ M. – you are part of the problem. You blindly follow the media, believing everything they tell you. This bullsh@t is a product of both parties. Neither willing to compromise. Do you understand what compromise means? It takes BOTH sides to compromise. They only thing I can say in favor of the GOP, is that they have offered to sign off on individual spending bills that would end much of the repercussions we’re seeing now. But the elite left refuses. Open your eyes. Washington has become toxic.

  22. You say don’t post political opinions on here but this is what this administration has done; made it political. He again kept the federal golf course open. He’s a horrible leader.

  23. This isn’t Congress this is that Muslim bastard in the Oval Office. He needs to go, and NOW! He is a disgrace to the Office and this Country. I wish someone would take his golf clubs and wrap them around his neck and which ever ones are left shove them up his muslim ass.

  24. This is absolute Bull Shit these poor kids gave their lives for this country and these asshole Republicans with their heads up their asses don’t give a damn because they still get paid. Well I say we should stop payment to them and send it to these poor families who now are going to be in debt because jerks can’t get their way like spoiled children. I don’t understand how everyone is blaming the President though because he can’t go to the Senate or Congress with a gun in his hand and tell them to do what he wants. We need to get a whole new bunch of elected people in there and also need to get rid of these lobbyists who give so much money to candidates for them to vote their way. Put 4 or 5 of the best economic professors from the best schools in there to fix the budget them we may have a chance.

    • well president has said numerous times he will veto any bill that defunds delays or otherwise disrupts his obama care bill so he IS kind of in the middle of this crap republicans have tried to reach a compromise 1st it was defund obama and democrats wouldn’t have it then it was delay one year again they wouldn’t have that then republicans said well at least remove the individual mandate still obama and democrats won’t have it and refuse to look at anything that has any conditions placed on it they want it their way or no way

      • Obama doesn’t have to work with our system of checks and balances like other Presidents because he is the kidnapper of the American people and he will not talk until he gets the money. I think he’s done this before. Did anyone see if he has a criminal record?

  25. I am a veteran and I am embarrassed to say I defended these a_ _holes. It’s a damn shame they only care about them selves. But karma is a bitch and they will get whatever God thinks they deserve.

  26. I am a veteran and I am embarrassed to say I defended these a__holes who only care about themselves and not the great people of this nation or it’s military! all they care about is how fat there pockets will get and who will donate to their political campaign. They are nothing more than cheap whores. But remember this all of you political whores KARMA is a bitch and god will see fit to punish you how ever he sees fit.

  27. I am a middle class business man in Dallas,Texas. Please pass this along to any family member that is in need of transport to Dover please contact me via email @ I will do all In my power to see to it that one of you get’s to Dover to welcome your Son or Daughter, Husband or Wife, Brother or Sister or Father home. We the American people thank you for your loved ones service. It is the very least that can be done in return for their valor. God Bless each of you. I will await communication from one of the known 5 or any other that can affirm the same.

  28. One of those soldiers is in my unit. His wife is not getting the money to pay for his military funeral. So my unit is going to try to come together and help financially. They might not even be funded to go get his body from the airport which means our funeral detail will pay for the trip out of pocket.

  29. If the administration used the same money they are putting out to pay for guards and guard rail to keep veterans out of there memorials, there would be money for this,,,,,this is the most corrupt evil man ever to be in the WH.,,, AMERICA needs to Revolt………….

  30. Obama and his cronies have no sham. They are using death benefits now to play politics instead of working with the house. This President will not compromise unlike all other Presidents before him. He thinks he is a King and doesn’t have to work within our checks and balance system. He is counting on the ignorant to blame the Republicans, instead of himself for not compromising.

  31. Please, explain to me which terrorists Barack Obama has negotiated with. And he’s already negotiated far too much. Which itself is a liberal stereotype. I implore you to inform me. I also do not watch NBC, I don’t know where that came from, not what it would have to do with the facts.

  32. After being in high school and watching recruiters convince my best friends to enlist because they would get their college education free and they would not be sent to Vietnam. What did the govt. do? Gave them 6 weeks boot camp – home for 2 weeks and straight to Vietnam.

    They not only refuse to pay the soldiers benefits (or death benefits), close the veterans memorials, stop every funding everything that they know will hurt the American people, down to the newborn. What will those babies do when there is no formula?

    I am so angry. Obama speaks with forked tongue. I do not trust that man! And Harry Ried needs to be picked up by the nape of his neck and the seat of his pants and be tossed as far as the larges, strongest man in the US can toss him! No benefits, ever…

  33. WHAT A SHAME!…This is what it’s come down to. They continue with their salaries and benefits. Even the government provided gym they go to is still open for them. Yet, our troops get it up the Ying Yang. Who is the real enemy here?…shameful to say that I fought AGAINST more honorable men and women in Vietnam!!

  34. The Republican controlled House of Reps. passed a Dept. of Defense budget right before the shutdown. This passage allowed DOD to pay all things military, that included salary, housing, and yes death benefits. But, what really frost my a$$ is not one mention was made about the fact that we’re still in Afghanistan and yes Iraq. Where are all the mad mothers that carried signs and protested these wars when Bush was president? Obama, took a majority of military from Iraq and sent them over to Afghanistan and not one protest not to mention he said we would be out. We’re still there 6 years and counting.

    Vietnam Vet/71-72

  35. It really doesn’t matter which party we are talking about. Both parties are equally corrupt and do not do much for anyone but their corporate masters. It’s been this way for a while. There is no single person or party responsible for this shutdown. The blame lies with all of them. I totally agree with removing their pay and benefits until the budget passes. I would also like to see term limits for Congressmen. Why should they care about the average citizen, they have their cushy jobs, their fat paychecks and their outrageous benefits. Replacing them would not fix the problem. Over time, the new Congress would become just as corrupt and self-serving. Regardless of all the political bull Sh!t, these soldiers died fighting for American interests. At the very least they deserve a proper burial with full honors befitting a US Serviceman and their survivors deserve their death benefits. These are sad days indeed. I offer my condolences to the families of these dead patriots and hope that those dead beats in D,C. can get their heads out of their arses for long enough to do the right thing here. But I’m not holding my breath

  36. Im so sorry that these family members have to go through this. Slap Obama upside the head the next time he goes on a vacation or golfing. This is just sick. Lord I pray that u step in and somehow get this man out of office if it is your will, so shall it be done. Praying for all the military families and the ones that sacerficed it all to protect and serve. I just think they should all come home now.

  37. I don’t care anything about what party you belong to or who’s responsible,that’s not doing anything to pay my bills. You think the bill collector want to hear anything about the president or republicans or democrats and their BS ing in Washington. I am not defending anyone of them because at the end of the day they get their big fat check, and i am left to ponder how i am going to pay my bills.We have soldiers on the front lines, fighting and they have to be worrying about what these jokers in Washington doing. And all they keep doing is playing the blame game. Harry Reid and all these jokers have to go. I am not taking sides, because in my opinion there is enough fault to go around from the president to the republicans to the democrats, and it’s time to stop. When i see those metal caskets coming off those transport draped with the Red White Blue, then to hear all the politics behind why their families won’t automatic get what is due them. Make me wonder.Time for all parties to stop playing politics.

  38. This is so so awful and I wish that The Almighty God would get this man out of office. He is doing some disturbing things and this just shows he is heartless and i really dont know how he sleeps at night. Oh wait….it doesnt affect his 1/4 of a million dollar vacations or his healthcare insurance so i am truly sorry. I wish i coyld sebd my own money to help, OUR GOD WILL PROTECT HIS CHILDREN NO MATTER WHAT OBAMA DOES. JUST KEEP THE FAITH.

  39. Well duh! What the hell did you think would happen? Maybe if more people took an active role in their LIFE which starts with this country then shit like this wouldn’t happen.

    Open your damn eyes people!

  40. I’m in the military and the minute i saw this….ABSOLUTELY PISSED….I’m not going to say what I want to because I’d be using foul language but bottom line…OUR GOVERNMENT SUCKS!

  41. You all need to remember this government has given you the right to say all you have said. Such a shame the language is so potty mouth.
    The total government is to blame. There is no one person. A handful are playing bad.
    Do you think anyone of them are reading these statements? I’m sure not. Remember when it is time to vote to it, don’t say min e doesn’t count. Also just how many of you putting out these comments voted? I would bet not many.
    I am ashamed of our government right now. What do you think the world is saying in between their laughing?

  42. Look at these comments and see what the American Government has done to us… They have got us fighting against each other in hopes that we will not see what is really going on. If anyone really knows what is going on in this country, please let me know.

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