So You’re Going To Send Hate Mail To The Troops Overseas For The Holidays?

A friend of this young woman became very upset this morning when he saw her post this to her Facebook, after him and a few of his friends were talking about sending some letters and cards to the troops over the holidays.

He became infuriated and took screenshots of what she said:



Yea well kallie, I would suggest you re-think sending our troops any kind of hate mail over the Holidays.



I really have no words to express how this even begins to make me feel. But I guess if you look at it from another view, we do fight for her right to have her opinions. I really hope she does not go through with sending hate mail to our troops.

We visited her Facebook page, and she has most of it private, but we are hearing she is garnering a lot of unwanted attention due to that status.



Although it is your right, because of those that have given the ultimate sacrifice, to voice your opinion, I would highly discourage sending our troops mail of this type. 



What are your thoughts?
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    • I served 27 years in the Army most was done as a sniper now i spend my days in a wheelchair due to a bullet in the spine if this bitch was within a mile of me could still shut her up from my chair. HOOAH

    • I actually agree with her in a lot of ways. However I do not like the way she went about it. My issue is with the hegemonic ways of our country. I am against invading and occupying countries. I am even against the casualties caused by our hegemony.

      I am however not going to blame young men and women who join with good intentions. I also blame the lack of decent jobs for those not quite cut out for college and thus feel the military is their only choice. I don’t like that most of our young soldiers have no real world view yet. That’s my issue with it. I will not go as far as pointing at those who serve and call them baby killers. That’s ignorant and does negative impact on the discussion of ending our hegemonic ways.

      • I really feel sorry that your Ivory tower education has left you with pragmatic ignorance. It always amazes me that someone who has no military experience wants to share their understanding of “who joins the military” and if it’s our lack of jobs that pay well that leads people to join the military. I joined out of a sense of civic Duty … and later went on to other jobs in the public sector. And, as for the “not cut out for college” you truly do not know who joins the military. My daughter was valedictorian, National Honor Society, involved in several extra curricular activities. She was the ideal candidate for college, but chose to join the military instead. Her younger brother, who was just as academically successful, followed her into the military. I’m glad that you spent the money to get educated about imperialist America … but I think you may be better served to round out your education by venturing out of the Ivory tower to the real world.

  1. She will be another Megan Lyn May who was fired from Carmike Cinemas in Kansas for posting similar trash talk. Why do these self-righteous types ignore the humanitarian aid we offer during times of natural disaster? Providing medical care, food, water and shelter after the Tsunamis, and major earthquakes? Only focus on killing in defense of our nation or an oppressed people by tyranny, it is a shame…

        • She was probably fired or something. It’s ok, because I’m sure she will gets what is coming to her. Maybe someone should send this a newspaper or station. I dare one of my friends or family to get one of her cards.

      • Even though you have pissed me off royally I’m going to pray for you cause you need help. I personally know marines that was over there and there jobs were non-combatant. They had to kill people cause it was either them or him. What they sacrifice is beyond what you can imagine, a lot of them can never live a normal life anymore so you can voice you’re opinion. Be thankful that men and women are willing to sacrifice there life, mental state, eyesight, hearing, limbs, and willingness to live a nightmare for the rest of there life. A lot of people joined the military in the past couple of years cause our economy is in shambles. Don’t judge our soldiers by someone’s decision to send them over there. They are only trying to survive and make a living. Also if you are that concerned about people killing people or kids, you need to look at Africa, Syria, and even you’re own town with the all that crime there.

      • Our soldiers do what they do because they were sent their by the people America voted for. And killing is not the only thing they do. How about the countless number of schools and hospitals they have built for children all over the world. But with regards to your opinion, you too are part of the “Killing Machine” by being an American. The American people have chosen for these young men and women to act based on their votes and who they put in office. I imagine you voted for the current administration and the president himself has authorized the killing of countless people through the military. Therefore you too are just as responsible just for being an American. The soldiers, marines, sailors, and airmen all do what they do and represent all of America. So if you are so against what they are doing and really truly don’t want to be any part of it, renounce your citizenship and leave the United States. But I doubt you will do that because you care way too much for the liberties and rights you have and enjoy every day here that were afforded to you by such young men and women who sometimes do have to do what you are unwilling to do in order to provide safety and freedom to those who do not have the courage or the selflessness to do themselves. War sucks. No one likes to do what is necessary, the difference is that some people are willing to do it so that others do not have to.

        But before you send hate mail to the people who were sent there, send hate mail and protest your elected officials.

        • No one likes to do what is necessary? Are you trying to tell me that the fifty odd nations the us has invaded since WWII were all ‘necessary’? And why the fuck should she protest her elected officials? Those fucks aren’t the ones that signed all their rights away to do the bidding of corrupt politicians that can’t be trusted.

          • You’re right, those fucks aren’t the ones that signed their rights away. Those fucks are the ones that made the decisions to conduct the invasions, to continue the wars, to upgrade and increase the drone strikes. Don’t like war? Don’t blame the servicemen, blame the politicians.

    • Almost as bad as calling someone that is likely already homesick during the holidays and has possibly experienced traumatizing events nothing but a baby killer and worthless. Do not look for sympathy for this woman, she deserves none.

    • I wonder if this would be your same thought if you had a brother or sister who was killed at the twin towers or whilst fighting for your freedom overseas. You are so young that I understand you have no depth of experience to make informed opinions on matters of these sorts. BTW there were many children in the childcare facility on 9/11 who were killed. And w/o the men and women fighting for your freedom you could live in a country where the remarks you just made would send you to prison or worse, cut your pretty little head off.

      • The soldiers are not fighting for our freedom overseas. According to the Constitution men are endowed with certain unalienable rights from the Creator. These rights cannot be taken away, they are given by God. They can be suppressed by man, but man can not take away my ability to live by these rights. It does not matter what country I lived in God has given me the ability to know Him, and I would be a follower of His no matter what country I lived in. Our fore fathers understood this and they drafted the Constitution to protect these rights. But ultimately the Giver of these rights is God and only He can take them away.

        • Semi valid points. The only reason you know of such unalienable rights is due to our Constitution. BTW the US Constitution only applies to US Citizens, not everyone in the world. I dare you to tell Saudi Arabia, China, or Iran that the US Constitution applies to them or their citizens.

      • I think that’s part of her problem. She probably doesn’t believe that foreigners are responsible for 9/11. If you look at the facts then you have to admit she has a pretty strong case.

        Since 9/11 the government has expanded our military presence at an alarming rate. Just food for thought.

        • Since when? If you look at more recent times we are on the pull back and down sizing. In the long run this is going to set us up for failure just like what happened when Clinton was president.

        • The Government is actually in the process of drawing back to pre-9/11 numbers. When I joined the Marines we were at 172,000, currently at 205,000 and drawing down to roughly 150,000. So we added about a 12.5% increase and are drawing back around 25% of the total currently. Tell me how she has a pretty strong case, if the number swell (needed to continue doing the things we were doing stateside and to deploy) is about to implode harder than the real estate bubble.

    • As an american you have the right to voice your opinion and concerns. Babies are being killed in this country. 1.7 million per year due to abortion. 40 million since Roe vs Wade. Where is the outcry over the murdering of babies? But say something against the military and the blind masses of people will attack you, and won’t care on wit about YOUR freedom of speech. Why is there no concern for the wellbeing of babies? Sad that more people are concerned that someone would “dare” to speak freely about their beliefs. Sad state of affairs.

      • And what, pray tell, do you propose we do with these 1.7 million babies that would be born into situations where their parents didn’t want them, can’t afford them, or both? Adoption? Only about 130,000 adoptions occur annually in the US. It varies widely by state, but a child in the system costs conservatively and roughly averaged $14,000 annually. Leaving out all the horrifying statistics about kids that grow up in the system, where is the annual increase of 21 billion dollars + going to come from? Granted, it will only increase for 17 years and then level out, but we’re looking at 357 billion, and that’s very very conservative. Besides, the bible treats the unborn as property rather than people and repeatedly refers to the beginning of life at first breath, so I don’t really understand where this outrage over “murder” comes from. Think your outrage through.

        • So you condone murder of babies Jason? That is the problem with people today. Maybe we should not allow those women to become pregnant in the first place. Please give me the scripture that says babies are property until their first breath so I can study better. Thanks

    • Kallie, unlike many others on this thread, I bear you no ill-will, nor do I feel any animosity towards you. Rather, I feel sorry for you. To have such a narrow view of those who would lay down their lives for YOU shows an ignorance of what it means to believe in something enough to be willing to die for it. If you think it’s horrible that children are killed in war, you should try talking to those who have inflicted that death. Those men and women live their lives with that horrific weight on their conscience, and I dare say that NONE wished for that outcome. Instead of hate towards them, how about love and compassion? Instead of hating those that try their best in defending right and good, how about condemning those politicians that put them in that position to begin with? Of course they have a choice to serve, but none of us (yes, I am a vet) signs up believing that we’ll have to make that choice. We signed up because we believe that despite the mistakes and problems, the good outweighs the bad. We sign up because we believe we can put our efforts into making a difference for good in the world. Contrary to what you seem to believe, the US military does more than any other in the world to try to limit collateral damage and civilian death through rules of engagement that actually put our troops in more danger, through technology, etc., even though our enemies use those same children as pawns and tools to further their own causes. Despite this, in conflict it is unfortunately impossible to prevent all collateral damage and civilian death. I feel sad for you, that all you can do is hate, instead of trying to understand. I hope that you are eventually able to let go of that hate and find some peace in your heart.

        • This is what’s wrong with the world. People are so quick to pass judgment, instead of understanding or even attempting to understand. I blame poor parenting..

          • It has nothing to do with Parenting. I am a good mother and raised my children one way but you know what in the end they all do and say what they want. it’s not her parents fault that she feels this way. I am sure that she is old enough to know better. Stop blaming, damn!!!!!!

      • Very Well said. If more people would take the time to understand and show some compassion and just a little love towards their brothers and sisters in this world , we would have a much better world to live in!!

      • People aren’t looking at the big picture either…most of the children who die in “combat zones” are considered “soldiers” most of them trained at a very young age to wear bombs or use a weapon to kill US soldiers! If the parents consider these children to simply be expendable then why should our troops consider them as anything other than expendable….JUST SAYING!!

        • A very astute point Maranda which many people do not think about or choose to ignore. My first deployment in Afghanistan i shot a 12 year old girl in the head and killed her when she approached our entry control point wearing a suicide vest and refused to stop. I can tell you Miss Kallie Ann with absolute conviction no one LIKES being presented with that kind of situation and having to make that kind of choice. A picture of the dead girl was later distributed by the Taliban, conveniently lacking the suicide vest, portraying coalition forces as murderous child killers. If you think a day has gone by that i have not seen that child’s face in my mind you sorely need to rethink your misconceived perception of the mindset and intentions of service members.

          • Also please understand this is not something i am particularly comfortable talking about and I share this in the hopes that it helps you come to a better understanding of the *baby killers* you have such a passionate hate towards.

    • How hateful. I understand you may not agree with what you think happens overseas, but if you don’t like it then don’t send them care packages, but don’t go out of your way to send them hate mail. My husband is Marine infantry and he helped build play grounds for children when he was in Afghanistan. So maybe do a little research before posting such ignorance. The holidays are the hardest for deployed members. They are away from the people that mean most to them and sending them hate mail only drives them further into depression. Its cruel. Its people like you who make their job that much more difficult. I am not a supporter of war, and casualties on any side is tragic, but sending hate mail doesn’t make it go away, it just makes the individual you sent it to even sadder in an already difficult time.

    • You asked someone on your wall where were the others defending that person’s point.. well you have seen everyone, people have emailed you, so obviously yes a lot of us are sick of people like you. If you lived in a country where you had to do a mandatory service maybe, just maybe you would be less likely to judge someone in the military.

    • Hope when they bring back the draft, your drafted first.


      A vet that volunteered so you weren’t forced to do a service to your country.

    • Hey Kallie don’t ever use RBC for a reference, I am sure they will not speak highly of you. Gaps in your employment record look just as bad as the employer saying they would never hire you, and that does say a lot. On another note, if you would have seen the way women are treated in Afghanistan you would change your opinion. I personally seen women that were mutilated, beaten, poisoned and treated like livestock. The Taliban would throw frag grenades over walls at the girl schools just because they wanted to learn. Think about what you said in all your comments, and look at your self in the mirror, ask yourself am I really that heartless and selfish that I deserve a better life than all those people. One other thing, one day you might find yourself in a bad situation and need help. I will put money on it that the person that will help you will be a Veteran like a police officer, fireman, doctor, or that homeless man sleeping on the street. Remember Karma

    • Blocked me? If you’re OK with everyone’s comments I seriously doubt you’d block one that was being sent to you…but tell you what, strap up and go overseas back when the fighting was actually brutal in Iraq as it is in some parts of Afghanistan now. Live a day in the lives of one of those that you consider a “baby killer”. I feel sorry for your idiocy-induced frame of mind that is apparently stuck in the ’70s “-nam baby-killers” that were being protested. In the meantime you could feel free to stuck start a 240B.

    • I am really hoping that you are not old enough to vote, and if you are, I can see how Obama got into office and fyi his drones have done far more damage to civilians then our soldiers, who are protecting our freedoms so you can make your silly little comments. I am just sorry they had to see your post.
      Have your fun but one day you will have to accept the fact that there is only one truth. Evil exists in this world and it wants what you have and one day you will be begging these selfless soldiers to protect you.
      If you were mature and considered yourself a intellect then instead of bashing the workers you would bash the leaders and then vote for what you feel (although I think based on your comments it may be better if you did not vote at all)

    • So let me get this straight your wanting to send hate mail to men and women that put their lives on the line for you because they MIGHT have to kill children? Did you know that a large number of children that are killed are because they have bombs strapped to them that will kill not only the child but the soldier and anyone else in the direct area as well? So it’s ok for a child to kill a soldier and it’s self but not for a soldier to kill a child to protect him/herself? Join the military and see what it’s all about before you go running your mouth about something you don’t know anything about.

    • You know, just because you disagree with her doesn’t mean you should call her a slut. I will never understand why women’s first reactions seem to be trying to slut-shame other women.
      Seriously, you could have called her deluded, an idiot, an asshole, whatever. Why imply she’s promiscuous, when that has nothing to do with the topic at hand?

      • The sad part is she is a slut, even though it has nothing to do with the topic, it’s correct.. I know her personally, not friends. Just went to school with her.

  2. Prime example of spoiled, over -indulged youth. Kallie go volunteer at a soup kitchen or a VA hospital and see the pain up close and personal.

  3. well kallie, from me and my platoon we would like to leave you these words, you are unamerican, you don’t know half of whats going on over here and personally quit feeling sorry for the little fuckers over here bc they are going to just grow up like their fathers and brothers and try and kill the later generation of your family so you’re welcome, I am trying to prevent your ass from having to experience what we experience, grow up and brush up on your current events for you start running your mouth to the public. P.S. can’t for your letters 🙂 can’t wait to be inspired hahaa

  4. I’m sure she’s enjoying the attention. Stupid kids are all about shock value. She looks to be about 18-20, so of course what she says is right, right? Have fun living your freedoms. By how self centered you seem, I’m sure the internet is littered with your little presents to the world. Here’s your five minutes of fame. After this, you have nothing. Go to school, get educated. Or maybe step into our boots and see what we really do.

  5. Sorry I meant if she truly feels this way, then I think everyone should know. I think she should be put on major blast on some sort of news, be it a paper, website or actual news. I have friends and family fighting over there and it sucks. She thinks the soldiers are so terrible and just go around killing whoever when that’s seriously not the case.

    • So…you want her to get plenty of fame and notoriety for what she said. Is that what you mean? You want her face and name all over everything (even to the exclusion of the nameless, faceless service members who gets killed every day and nobody talks about them)?

      • Umm no that’s not what I meant! but way to twist words! I just want her dumbass to get what she deserves. My husband lost someone very close to him last year when he was deployed so I don’t appreciate her comments. But say what you want

  6. it is amazing how you take the liberties that men and women fight and die for so graciously. In your ignorance of your freedoms such as social media you desire to have your opinions heard. Congratulations. You have voiced your opinion. You suggest that the black lash from your comments does not affect you yet you seek out the source of them and affirm that everyone that disagrees with you is wrong. The funny thing about the first amendment is that it works both ways. My opinion carries the same weight as yours.

  7. What place do u have to make such comments? Have u served? Have u been over there? R u still mooching off ur parents cause ur too lazy to get out on ur own just like ur too lazy and scared to go over there? U r nothing compared to our troops. U have nothing to show for urself. U r NOTHING.

  8. ahh ic so your saying that people like me joined to be a part of a governmental machine that are just a bunch of baby killers. hmmm that’s news to me. Because through all the training i received and everything the Army has taught me thus far is the exact opposite. We protect the ones who’s liberties and basic human rights are threatened by people (or groups) that want nothing more than to destroy them and take away their rights. Oh but you must have served I assume sense you claim to know what our military is “really doing.” ughhh….. I guess my point is just shut the fuck up because you have no idea,… and the thought that soldiers die for people like you so you have the liberty of free speech to trash talk us and sent hurtful messages….. you ma’am are a true ass

  9. Look b$^&* if you don’t love it, LEAVE IT. If yo need any help packing, this United States Marine will be glad to send you on your way!

  10. clearly this person does not care about the comments she is recieving. i will tell you one thing though..if you send hate mail be prepared for karma. those soldiers are fighting for your freedom i dont know whats going on over there more or less than the next person so for you to totally go out of the way and say they are killing babies is ridiculous. also im pretty sure you havent seen the news lately considering those “babies” they are “killing” are blowing our soldiers with bombs. please for future reference talk to a soldier before posting non sense. read a newpaper or listen to a history class. this is war princess pay attention or free wont be free anymore.

  11. you have a clue that any member of the armed forces don’t have the authority to fire unless fired upon ? Do some fights end with the very unfortunate results of civilian death’s? …Yes! Don’t u think the soldiers are hurting enough? Please leave your address so I can send you mail. Plus, maybe my kids who just wrote letters to soldiers overseas will write to you why you hate the USAF. Please accept my sincerest condolences to the soldiers + veterans effected by your hatred! Sincerely a united states airforce vet..PS – I was a medic and could’ve taken care of hundreds of kids
    Sincerely, the Burnett family smiles

  12. I don’t receive much mail over here, so I would welcome a nice letter from young Kallie. I’m assuming that she also wrote to the Taliban during Ramadan to ask them to stop blowing-up Coalition Troops during the “holidays” who are trying to make Afghanistan a better place.

  13. Well I sure in hell would not be calling myself her friend and if she was ”family” I’d be ashamed to admit it. Karma is a bitch little girl and yes you are a little girl, grow up and get some knowledge on life then make educated comments.

    I come from a Military family we have served in every single branch of the service for as long back as I can remember. Lucky for us at this point in time all family members are state side none are on deployment. I do however have a number of friends that are deployed and I also have adopted a number of soldiers while they are on deployment, sending them letters and care packages.

    Turns my stomach to think that my family in the past almost died for idiots like her to be born, and that present and future family members will put their lives on the line for even more like her to spew the trash from their uneducated minds. Just makes me so happy to know they served to give her the right for freedom of speech.

    Clearly her momma should have been on her knees swallowing instead of on her back…. and yes I went there, so get over it.

  14. I’m sure that you’re being spammed by the second with people delivering hate male about your views about military personnel (such as myself) that get sent overseas to kill babies. I will first start off by saying if you feel so strongly about your opinions to send negative mail to those overseas, how about you use your “strong” voice by sending mail to the real enemies? You know.. the ones you voted for?
    Just a thought. Think SMARTER not HARDER. Simpleton.

  15. i’m not one to use the “C” word, but I will for this half witt! What, are we still in the 60s-70s where people only got part of the story and called our Vietnam Vets baby killers???? It is ignorance like this that can vote! And we wonder WHY our country is in the state it is in and why we have the likes of Obama as President? Look around, people like this is why!

  16. It would appear you did the smart thing and deleted your fb account. Good on you. You, little girl, have some growing up to do. Our men and women do NOT go over there to kill “babies”, they are not instructed too, they are not trained too. They are NOT allowed to fire unless fired upon. This is NOT the 60s-70s and we are NOT in Vietnam. Keep in mind however, that our men didn’t just go around killing “babies” over there either! It is your right to be ignorant and your choice. But one day you will actually grow up and get a clue. I hope it is sooner than later. Good luck and life, and for the love of God, please don’t waste your time, ink, paper or a stamp on sending such vial and hateful comments to our military who are already in situations in life that are too hard for you to comprehend. And if you are this upset about “babies” dying, then aim your comments at the terrorist and at those who have sanctioned 40 MILLION abortions of innocent children. Everyday, babies are being aborted right here in the united states! Every day in countries like Afgahnistan and Iran babies and women are being beaten and beheaded by their spouses, fathers, brothers…. just for glancing in the wrong direction. You want to be indignant and ignorant of reality, feel free to do so, just please do not project that onto other humans who are simply doing their job (which does not include murdering babies). From an Army VET

  17. who wants this dumb bitches address, employers address, work schedual, cell phone number, and other info…its not hard to get ahold of when you piss off enough people..stupid waste of life whore.

  18. I feel sorry for people with minds like hers…I believe that we have been over there for far too long, but my support is still strong…these kids are being killed for her freedom!!! They are roughly the same age as her!!! If you’re 18-20, you are STILL a baby…they are killing OUR babies too!!! These young men and women ARE some bodies baby!! They have the guts, the selflessness, the strong mentality to leave their own country to defend our rights, and to help other countries instill a system such as our own!! Not all of them are killing…a lot of them are defending the citizens of the country they are in!!! Chick, you need a reality check, and should be careful with what you put on the internet…bc now a days, they can find anything and everything about you…but karma will get you…I hope if you ever decide to reproduce, I hope your child enlists!!!

  19. Because I cannot post on her site I will post here.

    Ignorance, not understanding what is happening to the women and children that is taking place over “there”. Al Quida wipes out entire communities that disagree with them like rats or cockroaches. Women and children are treated with less respect than we treat stray cats. Gang raped and stoned to death because they showed their face to the wrong person. Get a clue girl, they want all Americans dead and anybody else that goes against their way of life. Get your head in the ground like an ostrich until they show up at your door, murder your dad, take your brother(s), sister(s) away, gang rape and kill your mom, then its your turn.

    Tell you what, I will buy you a plane ticket and let you go over to Iraq, Afganastan, Syira, North Korea without military escort.

  20. The holidays are arguably the hardest time of the year for deployed military members. They are away from their homes for extended periods of time, whatever rank of position they may be, in order to protect our country and ensure we can have safe and happy holidays. It’s a wonderful gesture to send them care packages and thank-you cards, especially around the holidays knowing how easily depressed they can become being away from loved ones and risking their lives day in and day out for our freedom. They joined the military not because they were drafted, but because they had incentive to sign up, aware that it very well could cost them their life. If you can’t afford to send them a care package, don’t have the time to send a card, or flat out choose to be uninvolved with our soldiers, that’s fine. But to me it’s inexcusable to send those men and women hate mail because you don’t agree with how the United States government operates. It’s cruel. It’s moronic, in fact. Your not hurting “big brother”. You’re hurting someone’s dad, sister, child, spouse, or even your neighbor. Its people like you, Kallie Anne, who make a soldier’s job that much more difficult. I am not a supporter of war or casualties in any country, but sending hate mail doesn’t make it go away; it just makes it harder on someone who already has it tough enough.

    I truly hope you read these comments and realize how fortunate you are to make comments like this publically and not be stoned to death, raped, hung, beheaded, or tortured. You are aiming your hostility and disapproval of the government at the wrong people. It’s admirable that you are a young person who had such strong opinions about your country, but that’s where my admiration ends. Targeting military men and women forced you to delete your facebook today. I’m sure you’ve gotten an unimaginable amount of backlash spamming your phone, work, and life. If anything, you willingly just put your life at risk because there are a lot of crazy people out there with radical opinions that you went and pissed off. Your parents should be ashamed at what a cold, disgraceful daughter they raised that you would go out of your way to individually cause pain to complete strangers.

    Whatever karma comes from this, just know you signed up for it, soldier.

  21. I wish i knew where you lived Kallie Anne, so we can put signs in your from yard that say you hate your military and see what happens. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about and it is because of dumbs kids like you that make us forget why he have the ability to say stupid shit. SO INSTEAD OF TEARING DOWN THE PEOPLE THAT ARE FIGHTING FOR YOUR FREEDOM HOW ABOUT YOU SUPPORT THEM. Or you can march you dumb ass over seas and hug all the kids and people that are attacking our way of life here in America. Your retarded and need to be beat for such retarded comments

    • No veteran currently in the military has fired a single bullet or dropped a single bomb for American freedom. There is no military conflict over the past 68 years which is morally justifiable, except possibly the first Gulf War. But even that turned into massive bombing missions which killed thousands of innocent civilians. Otherwise, they are all aggressive actions which are not fought for the sake of the people.

    • Kallie obviously doesn’t mind sharing her opinion. For anyone wishing to share their 1st amendment freedom (which happens to be courtesy of the US Military) this is the link to her page! Yes, kallieKILLS which is interesting given the nature of her remarks. I just can’t imagine why her profile is all locked up right now, but feel free to leave her a thoughtful message!

      also she is in brick township nj… anyone else narrow it down further yet?

  22. I’m a medic, you know what I did overseas, took CARE of locals, their children, etc, gave them healthcare and medication….know what my ROE was? Can’t fire unless fired upon, but I damn sure better be able to prove it or, guess what? I got in trouble! I didn’t kill any fucking one you dumb bitch.

  23. Kallie Anne does have a point. Her overall opinion is clear: She doesn’t approve of war and the things it entails. You cannot deny, thousands of people a day are killed due to war, directly and indirectly, a proportion of which ARE children.

    However, the way she puts forward her views aren’t exactly sensitive. I agree that the men and women who go out to fight in wars are indeed brave, and (most of them, but not all of them) should have our respect, however anybody who LIKES war isn’t, frankly, in their right mind. I’m sure nobody enjoys having to watch relatives/friends go to fight, no matter how much pride it brings to them. I certainly wouldn’t want her hate mail if I was in the army and thought I was doing the right thing, and they certainly don’t deserve it. If she wants to get her point across about war, she should send her disapproval to people higher up in the hierarchy of matters, not to the soldiers themselves. If their opinions were going to be swayed by one person sending a rather abrupt message, then they wouldn’t be in the army in the first place.

    The simple fact is that war isn’t easily solvable. Obviously, there are two, pretty much equal, arguments. Yes, self defence; yes, pride; yes, doing what you consider the right thing. But you cannot deny that, in some cases of war, many more people die or are mortally injured than necessary. I think that many people on here haven’t taken the time nor effort to see into her, though rather badly put, argument. Yes, children DO die. This could in fact be prevented, but not easily.

    So overall, I’m saying: Don’t just give her hate for the reasons you are. Calling her a ‘spoilt, stupid bitch’, which I have seen several times on this thread, is not the answer to the problem. Of course, you’re angry at her for going against your views. But saying things such as those in response makes you just as bad as her. I think people need to learn to think before they speak, and actually open up their eyes to see the fuller picture, not just what they want to see. You should always challenge your own views, see if you can argue for the other side. It doesn’t mean that you have to agree with it, but you aren’t very educated upon the matter unless you know both sides of the story. Some would say that unless you CAN see both sides clearly, and make an informed judgement, you are in no position to comment on the matter at all.

    I’ve seen many appalling things on this comment thread, such as people threatening to hurt her, being abusive to her. Did she threaten to kill anyone? No. All she was doing, though it may not have been the most tactful of ideas, was sending a letter. Many people who have commented here obviously think that it is appropriate to threaten violence against someone who has done nothing but send a piece of paper. Maybe this is the reason why the world isn’t a better place than it is.

    And this is all I shall say upon the matter. I only hope that you take what I have said into consideration, even if you don’t agree with it.

    • As far as we know, she hasn’t even sent anything. And it’s funny, I had similar thoughts about other postings – people threatening to put burning gasoline on her, to picket her house, to look up her personal information and post it online. We don’t even know if she sent “hate mail”, yet there are plenty of people who have already done that, and more, to her. I guess it’s only wrong to send hate mail if you aren’t the one doing it.
      She is immature. But so are a lot of people on here – acting with their emotions instead of common sense.

      • picket her house? sure sounds better than picketing a soldiers funeral.
        and something I have noticed, she wasn’t concerned about all the babies being murdered right here in the united states. guess they don’t matter since they are American.

      • Thank you, Pixie. This is exactly what I have been thinking this entire time. Yes, I am a close personal friend of Kallie’s. No, I don’t condone the things that were said, but I also don’t condone the words and potential actions of half of the people that have said something.
        No, what was posted on Facebook should not have been said, but equally, nobody should be posting anything threatening toward her. I wonder how everyone making threats would feel if it was THEIR lives and privacy being threatened by complete strangers.

        Everyone needs to take a step back and realize that by saying that she ‘is an ignorant slut’ and threatening to set her on fire and giving out all of her personal information, they are just as much in the wrong as Kallie is.

  24. I see a lot of people blaming politicians and their actions. I doubt that most realize you vote for these same politicians you are besmirching. If you want to change that then how about voting? Attendance towards voting is atrocious, in my own area (Texas) voter turnout on average in the city is around 13%. I am not yet a voter, being only 16, but I find it ironic that when these people condemn politicians for their actions and yet they don’t vote or don’t realize they voted for this type of representation.i understand corruption can take hold of thee represenatives, so them vote them out!
    I don’t want to accuse anybody who’s reading this unless they are guilty of it. If you vote then good for you, but please don’t make these complaints and then don’t vote it’s just not logical.

  25. I know this girl personally. Nothing on here will get through to her, so you’re wasting your time. I know you’re mad, but it’s pointless. You can’t get through to someone as close minded as her. She’s selfish and thinks she knows everything about everything, not to mention a drug addict. Don’t worry she doesn’t have friends either so she’ll stay miserable.
    I respect and have love for everyone who she is so against. We’re not all like that around here <3

    • She’s right. Whether she is a drug addict, a hooker, a law student, or a veteran, she is more open minded than those that believe we are doing good things overseas. After hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths because of our wars, the people that support our presence in sovereign nations are either blind or evil.

  26. People like this make me sick. But, this will not make me feel like my decision to enlist was a bad one. Send your hate mail to my mountain buddies here with the 10th Mountain. We would love to laugh at your stupidity!!!

  27. do any of you people realize that there are many people who think just like her. She just has the courage to say it out loud. Really get off her case.

  28. There has not been a single military conflict since WWII that has been fought to protect American freedom. You people have no clue what you even support. While it is silly and unproductive to send hate mail overseas, those that are deployed are not fighting for her right to do so. They are propping up failing nations that will fall right back into war as soon as we get out of there. They are “serving” the interests of government contractors and politicians, not you or I.

  29. Stupid bitch. Take the silver spoon out of your ass and grow up. Someone needs to ship your ass off to a third world country. Have some respect for those that fight and die for your freedom.

  30. So you protect the others’ privacy who commented and anonymous, but not her? You’re just encouraging bullying and creating a hypocritical double standard. Her profile did not need to be shown to get your message across.

  31. shes fucking right. And soldiers are ppl just like us, they dont need special treatment like theyre some sort of children with cancer for whom we all should only care about.

    theres one of several things I would give my life for, one would be to stand up against military pride and nationalism of any country. Because that is pure evil and hate.

    By saying “FUCK THE US MILITARY” I guess iam doing just that.

    so yeah, risking your life isnt hard. Whats hard is creating and giving life

  32. You all should read wut you are saying about this girl, and you think you find yourselves any better than what she was messaging to a so called friend who posted their conversation for the world to see. It didn’t say she sent the hate mail and you dont know that she did. It is people acting like this and being so blind themselves and so quick to judge that most of the world is at war or conflict with one another in the first place. Who are we to judge and maybe there was more to the conversation that didn’t get posted. How do you know? Just saying. Made me feel bad for this girl to read some of the posts being said about her.

  33. You people are all a bunch of morons. Bullying some girl because she doesn’t share your brainwashed belief that the government and the military are wonderful. I mean seriously, you are a bunch of lowlifes. If you still think that your job in the military makes you a hero then you’re fucking delusional. If you also think that our government isn’t using you for less than noble causes, then you’re also fucking delusional. You guys can get all kinds of pissy and turn into a bunch of half-ass crybabies about some young girl that points out that dark shit happens that no one can justify (while you try to pretend that killing civilians and, especially, children is okay under your own justifications) but in the end you’re just being a bunch of brainwashed morons following the corrupt blindly. If you don’t like what she said, tough – it’s a tough world, people don’t always blindly agree with the unintelligent majority’s opinion. If that offends you, that’s too damn bad.

    • Tht goes both ways, if you don’t like our American pride and our defending your freedom of speech… then tough, ur opinion doesn’t mean shit. I don’t think she should be threatened but if ya don’t like us then find somewhere tht ya do like.

  34. First off I support our TROOPS not our government. Second I don’t give 2 shits about some little fuckers over seas that’s going to die regardless of our military presence. We have our own problems here in the US. The troops help them more than kill them. That little cunt isn’t open minded she is narrow minded cause all she wants to do is look at the negative side of war. War is fucking war, innocent people die get the fuck over it. For those of you that are not behind our troops get in front of them. For those of you who never been to war will never know what it’s like so before you say you’re worthless opinion go over there first. Regardless of the reason we are over there you support them cause it’s the higher ups that send them there so get the fuck off there backs. Now do us AMERICANS a favor and kill yourself. Have a blessed day 😉

  35. Just some thoughts from one of the guys she is talking about.

    I agree with everyone that the holidays are a time to put our political views aside and not say mean things to ANYONE. But from what I gather, all of you are saying that she should not exercise her right to free speech because her views about not killing children somehow go against the people fighting to defend those very rights. That doesn’t seem to make much sense. seems a bit counter intuitive. I was in the Army for five years, I spent 10 months in Afghanistan in 2006 and over a year in Iraq through 2008. I knocked down more doors in the middle of the night then I can count and saw more damage and destruction done to civilians, their homes and their livelihoods then I care to recollect. This girl’s message might be untimely and ill informed but did you ever think she might be on to something. You think 5,000 plus American troops dyeing is a big number, try thinking of the 115,000 plus civilians in Iraq alone who have been killed while ‘defending your right to free speech’.

    You all understand that our rights have been fully intact for a long time, over 200 years. No one, besides our own government, is actively working to take your rights away. Therefore, after over a decade in conflict with two different countries, don’t you think people have a right to be a bit skeptical of someones decision to join the military?

    One more thing to explain to all of you geniuses who think that you have a better idea than she does about what your troops do over seas. Yes there are brave souls who joined the military in hopes of defending their constitution and homeland from TERRORISTS!!!! 90% of those brave souls spend their time sitting around on a base in the middle of the desert or mountains with their thumb up their asses, playing Xbox and jerking off. The other select few do the things you see in video games, however the games make it look much cooler and more entertaining than it is in real life. I am the guy you are talking about, I lived in tiny fire bases in the valleys of Afghanistan, went months without showering or speaking to my family or sitting on a real toilet seat, smelled the remains of dead civilians and young Afghan and Iraqi men most of whom are just caught in the middle of a really bad situation forced to choose a side. I watched fellow soldiers die in combat and have to sit by still to this day as my friends kill themselves because we aren’t provided the proper mental healthcare to cope with our experiences. WE are those men, and allthough I know many of them may not agree with me on everything, most will agree on this. When we were doing these things, making these sacrifices, being the brave heros you so much admire. Defending your fucking rights to say what you want was the last fucking thing on our minds. Anyone who has sent hate mail or said horrible things about this girl is just as self entitled and clueless as she is if you ask me.

    To the girl who generated that post, it’s not Vietnam, come up with something a little more informed and insightful than ‘babykiller’.

    To the haters. Coming from someone who spent two christmases in a row in Iraq, maybe this year for christmas, it would be nice to not kill any children.

    Garrett Combs,
    2nd PLT Bravo Company 2-4 INF 10th Mountain Division
    OIF 2007-2009 OEF 2006

  36. Actually, teh “unaleinable rights” Chris refers to are laid out in the Declaration on Independance, not the Constitution. In that sense, since it is a declaration, and not an enumeration (or restriction on) powers, it can be said to apply to all, regardless of where they live or the government they fall under because they are “granted by God” in Jefferson’s words, and not given to teh people by governments. It’s just that in the US, the Constitution specifically grants rights to the people through the Bill of Rights, which makes them explicit rights of Americans, and restricts the power of the government to interfere with those rights.

  37. Have the military not killed babies? Children? Families? They did so because they were ordered. I agree with kallie I mean fuck. What kind of person would do that just because they were told to? I would personally never send rude mail to these people but she has some semblance of a point. And who fucking cares if she can’t hold a job or she’s a slut? Completely irrelevant. But knowing her personally she’s still dumb as fuck and so are most of the people who commented. Fuck it

  38. Ugh… I agree disagree with both sides… What she said was pretty stupid, her intent was to hurt someone, and for that, she is no better than what she was spewing. But… that’s her right. As it is the respondent’s right to say what they want.

    BUT… as a Vet, and someone who works with vets in need daily, as well as gold star families, the abuse, the posting of her number, and the bullying… No better than her, and in some ways much worse… since age/experience should have made us think before reacting.

    It’s pretty sad when groups get together and attack someone they don’t agree with, no wonder younger citizens who think differently lash out, most of us don’t listen to them long enough to hear that we, were they, not so long ago.

    No band wagons for me, thanks, there was a whole lot of stupid on both sides of this one.

  39. Has anyone reported this UN-AMERICAN twat-waffle to Facebook for hate speech? While I do not like the fact that our troops are where they are I do realize they are there for a good damn reason. I cannot understand how someone that is obviously so young can be so jaded, callous, and hate filled. Something horrible must have been or currently be going on in her life to have so much vile hatred. As far as I am concerned her opinions not only make her Un-american, they make her a terrorist sympathizer, which in turn makes her a traitor, which can carry jail time. Maybe someone SHOULD make the news ( both print and TV) aware of her actions, Maybe then someone with some power will take a stand against this Benedict Arnold, and lock her away. Gitmo would be to good for her. Maybe we can have her deported to one of the countries she seems to have more affinity for , and she can spend the rest of her life in a prison that I wouldn’t send my dog too, instead of one of the club-feds here in the states. . . .

  40. This reminds me…wile visiting my brother, my father (career Army officer) had a stroke and was in a civilian hospital. My mom and I were working on getting him airlifted to the closest Army medical center.

    My mother told his doctor that we had the arrangements made and that the Army would be contacting the hospital to set up the transport arrangements. The doctor replied:

    ‘It’s about time that the armed forces are doing something for us!’

    (My brother didn’t hit the idiot…tho the thought was in his head.)

    My mom – (the career Army officer’s wife) said:

    “My husband fought in 2 wars to make sure people like you were safe here at home. I think the armed forces have done a lot for us. And….you are fired.”

    Seemed like an appropriate response to me.

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