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Veteran Ryan Lonergan


UPDATE: 20151022

We spoke to Ryan again, and the College has held their meeting on the events that transpired. A lot of people tried to say Ryan acted wrongfully by causing a scene in the cafeteria, while the whole time Ryan maintained he didn’t lose his cool, although he admits he did raise his voice. We took Ryan at his word, after all he is a Veteran and we expect integrity from one of our own. Several other articles were published, also calling Ryan out for being belligerent and making Veterans look bad, including one on Rally Point to which we personally responded too.

The college, after reviewing all evidence including taking eyewitness testimony, has concluded that Ryan in no way violated the College’s Disorderly Conduct Policy. Also the rumors being spread by other articles stating that Ryan forced the student to throw away his food and leave the cafeteria are false, at no time did Ryan force the student to do anything.  Below is the letter from the College with their findings:





WILLIAMS BAY WISCONSIN –  Ryan Lonergan is an Iraqi War Veteran who served in the Wisconsin Army National Guard from 2006 -2014. Ryan served a tour in Iraq from 2009 -2010, ending his career in 2014 and opting to go to college.

Ryan is currently attending George Williams College in Wisconsin, and last Tuesday Ryan had a run in with a fraud on campus. We spoke to Ryan via phone today to get the full story on what transpired.

He tells us that he was in the Dining Hall of the College when he was approached by a fellow student who noticed his tattoos and asked Lonergan if he served. He told the student that yes he in fact had served, and the student told him he was a Marine Infantry Officer. He started telling Ryan some very elaborate stories of his “service”, which began throwing up red flags to him. So he began to ask him some basic military questions that anyone that served should know.

He said the real tip-off was when he couldn’t tell him what the GPS system inside military vehicles was. So he pulled the student off to the side, still in view of fellow students, and berated him for his Stolen Valor.

“I told him I didn’t believe his stories and I gave him one chance to tell me the truth before I’d go to the proper authorities. It took him a bit, I could see him thinking pretty hard and then he confessed he was never in the Marine Corps and he never made it past MEPS, I told him he was taking credit from men and women who actually earned the title of Marine. We then walked back to our separate booths and I told him to grab his lunch and more to a different table away from me. My voice was loud and I did swear a couple of times, but I never got violent. I never told him to leave, but he threw the rest of his lunch away and left the building.”

The next day Ryan received a letter from the school administration, saying he violated school rules and that a trial would ensue to determine his punishment. Here is a copy of the letter:




Ryan tells us he has gotten an attorney, and the school has postponed the trial for now, but he is also not allowed on school grounds unless he is attending class. Ryan was not belligerent when he confronted the guy, nor did he get physical. It’s actually now illegal in Wisconsin to commit Stolen Valor but only if you gain a financial benefit while doing so.

We support Ryan in what he did, he wasn’t violent, and he used tact while he told the student why it was wrong to claim what he hadn’t earned nor sacrificed for.



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