18 Oct 16, Elias.

Meet Mr. George K. ANDEL III



Two friends stood talking, casually, both knew each other a very long time. They spoke about regular things. It was a nice day and they were nice people. The friends participated in Veteran events together. The friends were both Veterans. “You have got to meet this guy!” one said to the other. “He’s about the same age as you. Says he is a Team 3 guy who was in Beirut. I saw his book pictures of what he did.”

One friend nodded his head. But the story that was told, it sounded ‘fishy. Eventually, he became skeptical, because he is smart. Smart Veterans are good Veterans & smart skeptical veterans are the best. A brief time afterward, the smart skeptical veteran met the gallant SEAL, George ANDEL III, at a military funeral. Clad in a black leather Patriot Guard Rider (PGR) vest with a SEAL Team 3 Patch and a big shiny Trident ANDEL stood out, and stood proud, after all, he was a Navy SEAL.

Clad in a black leather Patriot Guard Rider (PGR) vest with a SEAL Team 3 Patch and a big shiny Navy SEAL Trident ANDEL SEAL stood out and proud. After all, ANDEL is a Navy SEAL, ANDEL SEAL! Strong & heroic, to comfort the bereaved.

Family members of the fallen walked past Purple Heart recipients to thank ANDEL SEAL for His service. That Trident meant a great deal to them. The Trident commanded respect. Even the others PGR members in the line where starry-eyed in his presence. ANDEL SEAL even took the time to give advice to an active duty Navy boot who attended to render respect to the departed Veteran in uniform. The smart skeptical Veteran watched this all, in categorical horror.

ANDEL SEAL was strong for the others, it was a funeral and funerals are sad, yet ANDEL SEAL was not sad, he was strong, SEAL’s are strong. ANDEL was thanked by so many of the people there. ANDEL SEAL exuded strength and compassion and it earned him respect, even respect from the family of the fallen. After all, he is a SEAL, what an honor it is to even meet a SEAL. Good job ANDEL. Death BAD, ANDEL SEAL, GOOD = comfort, good job ANDEL SEAL.

The Smart Skeptical Veteran observed all this and quietly departed. The scene disturbed him, and The Smart Skeptical Veteran became angry and asked ANDEL SEAL questions as the Skeptical Veteran was skeptical, as being skeptical is smart.




Then FOIA friend told us loud & clear that ANDEL SEAL was really ANDEL STEAL as George K. ANDEL III was a sailor, not a SEAL, not even a big bad BUD/S failure, ANDEL STEAL was just a sailor. So mad and sad we write and wash out the pains he’s caused for how long who knows yet you all now know better. Our gratitude extends to that non-lude cool smart dude, that Smart Skeptical Veteran.


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                                                George Kenneth ANDEL III, USN June 1984 – April 1987, Machinery Repairman (MR)

Here he is though with two real Navy Special Warfare Operators though, I love Irony:

Hey real SEAL’s, you could not tell in person this guy was full of shit? Seriously? Ughhh….



STEAL Team Bitch


Take off the Trident ANDEL & thank you for your cervix. Semper Fi, –Elias.





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