Freemane Brown, Fake SEAL, Arrested In Tampa For Stolen Valor, Unlawful Use Of Uniforms









TAMPA, FLORIDA –¬†Freemane Brown has been arrested after Deputies observed him aggressively soliciting for donations while dressed in a Military uniform.

Courtesy WFLA – Deputies say they found Freemane Brown, 54, at a grocery store on E Bearss Ave in Tampa wearing a U.S. Navy uniform with a rank of Commander and 21 ribbons to include the Navy Cross and Silver Star, along with the Navy Seal Trident and Jump Wings. Deputies observed many of the items on the military uniform were not in compliance to standard military regulations.

Deputies contacted the manager of the store who said she gave permission to Brown two days earlier to stand outside the store since she believed Brown was a veteran.

During questioning, deputies say Brown first made statements he was a former member of Seal Team Six and traveling all over the world. However after further questioning, Brown admitted he was never a Navy Officer nor a Navy Seal.

Deputies say he allegedly purchased all of his military insignias including the Navy uniform at a local Army/Navy surplus store. Deputies also noted Brown had a name tag on the uniform but it was covered with a small piece of black tape.

Brown voluntarily surrendered all of the military insignias at the scene. He was arrested at his home on Wednesday for a felony charge of unlawful use of uniforms, medals, or insignia and booked into the Hillsborough County Jail.


As you can see in the photo, Freemane was wearing the SEAL Trident, Silver Star and the Purple Heart among a ton of other decorations. We checked with sources and confirmed he has never served in the Navy, and certainly was never a member of DEVGRU, more commonly known as SEAL Team 6.

Under Florida law it is a Felony to impersonate a Veteran or member of the Military to solicit donations. So now he gets to enjoy three hots and a cot, we will keep you updated as we get more on this story.


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