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Matthew Farmer






In 2013, Matthew Farmer appeared on American Idol doing an audition and making claims of being injured in combat. Soon after his audition aired we began getting emails from those he served with calling his claims lies. We exposed him and he admitted he lied, and was later removed from the show, you can view that story here. Matt Farmer American Idol

According to the Kane County Chronicle, Farmer was recently arrested for passing a bad check and is currently being held for extradition to Oklahoma.

Campton Hills police arrested a former “American Idol” contestant Wednesday who was wanted on warrants from Oklahoma, officials said.

Matthew A. Farmer, 29, formerly of the O3100 block of Campton Woods Drive, Campton Hills, was being held in the Kane County Jail as of Friday afternoon, awaiting extradition to Oklahoma County. Campton Hills Police Chief Dan Hoffman said police were called to the Campton Woods Drive address by the landlord, who alleged that Farmer wrote several bad checks for the rent and essentially was squatting there.

“He paid with a $5,000 check for renting a million-dollar house, and it bounced,” Hoffman said. “We have him in handcuffs, and he’s telling me, ‘The check is good.’ The landlord is standing next to me, and he’s denying, denying.”

While this was going on, Hoffman said police got a call from Streamwood police, asking them to make contact with Farmer regarding a domestic situation involving his wife.

Hoffman said the woman in Streamwood was Farmer’s fourth wife, and they were getting a divorce after being married for a month. Hoffman said Streamwood police asked them to tell Farmer to stop harassing her.

In 2013, Farmer admitted he lied about his military service in Iraq on “American Idol,” according to, which included the admission from Farmer in an online post. According to its website, Guardian of Valor outs people who falsify their military service.

According to Oklahoma County court records, the no-bond warrants on Farmer were issued for separate charges.

On July 8, Farmer was charged with being in actual physical control of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and transporting an open container of an intoxicating beverage, both felonies. Court records show he posted bond and then did not appear in court, prompting a warrant to be issued.

Farmer also was wanted on a warrant for failure to appear in court on a Sept. 7, 2014, misdemeanor charge of domestic abuse, court records show.

Hoffman said Farmer also is wanted on a warrant from Arizona in connection with a rental house that was damaged.



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