Fake SGM Gets Called Out By Marines At A Funeral




Cornelius Davis



Florida-  Marines attending a funeral in Florida came across this guy, Cornelius Davis, who claimed he was a SGM, with a Silver Star, Bronze Star W/Valor, Purple Heart and several other awards. As you can see in the video below, he is also wearing ribbons and medals on the same uniform, which we know isn’t authorized. He also has all of his ribbons out-of-order, with the Purple Heart at the bottom of his stack.

When the Marines asked him about the uniform regulation, AR 670-1, he said it was about PT and since he was an Officer, he didn’t have to do PT. He is also wearing SGM rank on his beret, which is not allowed by enlisted, only Commissioned Officers wear rank on the beret. The below videos were pulled from youtube for reasons we can’t discuss. But we got them from an anonymous source, we also have some info on who this guy is. But be aware that some people are posting names out on the internet thinking they know who he is, but the name they are using is an elderly woman. Once we get information on who he is, we will look to see if he has any records at all.







Here is Part 2 of the video:




As you can see he is obviously not a SGM, and didn’t earn the Valor awards, Cornelius is a convicted felon who never served.


UPDATE: 20140823

WPTV Spoke to this man who identifies himself as 44 year old Cornelius Davis.

“WPTV spoke with the man in the video, who refused to go on camera and said he was angry at the social media postings. He identified himself as 44-year-old Cornelius Davis, showing dog tags and scars.

A spokesperson for the United States Army says the items on the uniform do not make sense and are not correct.

The Army says it has no record of a Cornelius Davis with the date of birth he provided having served in the Army since 1999.”


Cornelius was arrested for Violation of Probation on February 6th, 2015.


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51 comments on “Fake SGM Gets Called Out By Marines At A Funeral
  1. What a dummy! That uniform was all messed up. A private with 6 months under his belt could have done a better job than that. My hat is off the Marines for calling this fool out.

  2. Just sad. But you knew within two seconds it was a scam. Never seen an effeminate, shaky SGM. A real SGM would have had those guys on the ground squat thrusting until they were bleeding from their eyes for asking him any questions. You don’t dog a real SGM with questions, he just tells you stuff to do, and you do it or you die.

  3. His real name is Robert (Bobbie) Bowen.
    He must have lost a lot of weight in Afghanistan and Iraq. That jacket is hanging off of him.

  4. He needs to be publicly drawn and quartered, even I as a 22 yr. AF disabled vet could see everything that was wrong with his uniform.

  5. That is the name of the person the car is registered to. But SHE is an elderly woman. Which means our phony could be living with mommy. No Shock there.

  6. Apparently, he’s the jack (a$$) of all trades! … What a piece of work!

    This fake “SGM”, of all things, is obviously a “bathhouse” Barry supporter!
    Just like his dear “leader”, shameless, arrogant and not all that bright!!

    If you’re going to be a FAKE Soldier…At least read up on AR 670-1!

    Seen that 8-up uniform and that beret with SGM rank, yikes?

    Let alone those “valor” metals he picked up
    at some surplus store or Craigslist?!

    Remember this too, you FRAUD’s,

    If you’re planning on going to a funeral, It might be best and healthy for you,
    to make sure that there’s no REAL military folk there, current and former.

    …Just because we’re in civies, doesn’t mean we’re not everywhere!

    Simply hearing this FRAUD, speak, makes me want to punch him in the face!

    I wish I could come across these “gems” in public, myself.
    I’ll give them a lesson, they’ll never forget!!

    So, let me get this right…I can put on a Police Uniform,
    pretending to be a police officer…That’s a crime, rightfully so!

    But, show up as a fake Soldier, Marine, Airman, Sailor,
    let alone all of the “valor” metals, and that’s not crime?

    That’s “free speech” according to the pinheads of the Supreme Court!
    ………………………………WHAT A JOKE!!!

    For those Marines, HOOOAH to you brother’s, for catching this scumbag!

  7. The guy apparently claimed his name is Cornelius Davis. There was an original member of the Tuskeegee Airmen with that name. Is it possible this alleged fake “borrowed” the name from a real hero, too?

  8. I’m a civilian and I can see he’s a fake. I can also see he’s somewhat retarded. I don’t mean it in as derogatory way, I mean in a clinical way, he’s like the retarded brother in the movie Something About Mary. Biologically he’s 40 years old but mentally he’s 10. This guy is a functioning retarded dude; he can drive, he’s probably a bag-boy at Publix, probably with an IQ of 70… he has no idea what a serious offense he is committing. When he was asked about the military code (AR670-1) and he started reciting the Boy Scouts Motto, you could see this dude is retarded. And the way the “medals” are randomly slapped on. He’s not some slick poser. This is a harmless retarded guy playing ARMY. Look at the video again and I guarantee you’ll agree with me. He’s like Beetlejuice on the Howard Stern Show, retarded.

  9. Before he says that he doesn’t do PT, his response to the uniform regulations was “to respect the uniform at all time” lol. He couldn’t have tried harder. I curious to where the investigation stands. Did he at anytime at the funeral receive anything to violate SVA 2013? And if not can the families at the funeral go after him civilly?

  10. I am a special needs teacher for 30 years & mother of a special needs son. I watched the video again. The guy displays no key indicators of “retardation”, but a few minutes of video is not enough to make any accurate assessment of his IQ or developmental status. An Internet diagnosis of “retarded” is just pissing into the wind. (And if he had an IQ of just 70, he wouldn’t be licensed to drive.)

  11. This guy is totally fake and he is not even in the Army. I am a 15 year retired MP K-9 and this dude takes the cake in fake. He needs to be in jail and I’m going to see to it by reaching out to some of my law enforcement buddies down south. I was really in Fayetteville, NC Ft. Bragg and he was not fake ass SMG. The Army doesn’t wear the fucking rank on their dam beret. This fucking fool need to be in jail. If he has the balls to show up at one of my fallen brothers funeral then God only knows what else he has done. We need this fake ass muthafucker off the streets. God help him if I see him at one of my fallen brothers funeral. Thank you to the Marine brothers that called this PUSSY out ! You guys deserve a Medal !

  12. Lol, when asked what the uniform regulation was he replied “do my best to do my duty to serve my country”. I thought it sounded surprisingly scripted, and yet not something I’ve ever heard in the Army. I googled it and apparently it’s shockingly similar to the boy scout oath “I will do my best To do my duty to God and my Country…”. Fun fact!

  13. Any day one private would call him on AR 670-1. Because all day one privates are screwed up and get corrected real quick about that uniform. Guys like this don’t even piss me off. This one is just laughable.

  14. I bets the only reason you callin me illerite is because I am black!

    I am calling for a boycot of this here webpages and will seek justice against the racist oppresers who writed the stuff here.

  15. First if this SGM was real why is he wearing Officer Branch insignia, and US on the lapel of the uniform and not enlisted? Second why is there a Drill Sergeant badge where the Combat Service Identification Badge is? He has been deployed right? On the right sleeve should be his combat stripes. Left service stripes. Ribbons and medals…not but let’s just say you could would they not be put on in a neat and military fashion in order of precedence? Do these fools know what a SGM does, this is part of his life A670-1 OMG, GOOGLE PEOPLE. Poser you all suck!!!

  16. I’m a retired SFC, 20 yrs, Army. This rat bastard makes my skin crawl. He needs the shit kicked out of his fourth point of contact! AIRBORNE!

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