Brandon Clinkscale, Fake Spotted At Staples Center In Los Angeles










Los Angeles California – We got several emails about this guy that showed up at the Staples center in Los Angeles over the November 30th weekend. The first email we got contained several photos and a description of what the guy saw.

“So I’m at work minding my own damn business when this jack a** comes walking in front of me… First thing that caught my attention was that he didn’t have head gear, but then I looked at his boots and he’s wearing f****** black boots! The rest you can see for yourselves!

Unfortunately since I’m a security guard I couldn’t leave my post. Asked him about the boots and he said they were “field boots.” He also attracted the attention of other former service members and they called him out on his uniform too. He said he had attended Benning and that he went to Airborne School but then he changed his mind. He wouldn’t say how long he’s been in the service. I was told he is/was (can’t remember) a former security guard for Universal Protective Services out of Los Angeles, CA. I did three years active, two with the NG, I know what a Ranger looks like and they don’t look like this POS.





Soon after getting this email with the photos, those other service members emailed us with a video of them asking him about his uniform. They asked him for his CAC card, which he couldn’t provide, and when asked why he was wearing a CIB but no combat patch, he started showing them photos on his phone. He is wearing a CIB, a 1ST Ranger Battalion Scroll, Special operations Diver Badge, Ranger Tab and Military Free Fall wings under the lapel.

He is also wearing the wrong Flag, and doesn’t have a combat patch, he has on unauthorized black boots and has the tan beret in his cargo pocket.

Below is the video recorded by service members that questioned his uniform:




We found out who this guy was after he emailed us and started giving us excuses as to why he was wearing the badges, he also told us he was a Ranger. Well, first some Rangers that knew this guy contacted us and told us he wasn’t tabbed and he was “Released For Standards” from Battalion. So we reached out to our contacts with the Army and got his records which are below. Brandon Clinkscale, according to his official Army record, didn’t earn the tab although he did attend the Indoc program.




We got several emails from Brandon, he told us some old Veterans gave him those badges because he helped them out, and that he was wearing black boots because he was working in the kitchen. He also tried telling us that head gear wasn’t a requirement, I guess that’s some new Army reg I am unaware of.


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  1. hope someone fucked him up…. @tim miller… who cares? are you fucking with us right now? he’s seeking attention and admiration for something he hasn’t achieved. he’s making a mockery of those who have. the sad part is that people who see him will associate him with the people who have completed one of the toughest things an american soldier can do. “who freakin’ cares” really?! you know what, do me a favor and stop breathing my air. it can go to much better causes like fire.

    • You’re wasting your time Joel. People like that asshat and their “who cares” bologna comes from this new generation of weakling cowards who feel it is okay to take a shit all over what this country once represented as one single voice.

    • Not “AM”…were a trainee…BIG DIFFERENCE. You are a disgrace to the uniform and are NOT entitled to wear it as you were DISCHARGED and probably to keep you from being hurt from your own team members. Stop trying to be something you are NOT!!! This is the 20th guy from Fort Benning, GA that I am now aware of (one being my X husband who was DISCHARGED by order of court martial tribunal and he too kept wearing the uniform, but not with me around as I could of and would of kicked his butt). Hate fakers, Hate lying jerks, Hate to reputation of those who served and served with dignity being tossed aside. If you want to wear the combat gear…go into combat! Don’t be a wuss and fake it…you will be called out…and we take that seriously.

      • Dame:

        Real Rangers don’t go around announcing the fact that they are Elite. My husband is a former Ranger and he doesn’t brag. He did what he did and would do it again. He served with honor and pride for his country. Yes, he was in Vietnam and was hit with tomatoes, dog poop and eggs when he deplaned at the mentally deranged San Francisco air port when he came home. He shouldn’t have worn his uniform; but even without it he looked military. When his DD214 and badges and patches were stolen, the Army replaced them. (Don’t ever use Starving Students movers) They stole our safe and every day we wonder if my husbands identity will show up somewhere we don’t want it to be. Will someone pose as a Veteran when they really aren’t? Thank God we had Lifelock prior to the theft. It seems that everywhere one turns there are frauds and thieves who steal from our bravest. It really makes me sick!

      • You can’t seriously be this stupid.

        You don’t become a Ranger just for attending the training, you have to complete it and get tabbed. Military service records are public knowledge, and anyone can file a FOIA request to confirm it. You went through some of the training back in ’07 but you never got your tab.

        You’re a failure that feels bad that he failed and has to live a lie to boost his ego. You’re nothing but a poser.

  2. Anyone who’s been in the Army for more than a day or two can tell this tool is full of crap. Not only is he NOT a Ranger, I would bet he’s never even been in the Army. He says to contact his if we want any more information but I would also bet he doesn’t have the balls to post his email address. What a douche bag!

    • Oh, he was in the Army. He put in two years, and actually did attend Ranger training, but he failed to receive a tab and was discharged in 2007. He’s a poser that couldn’t make it and needs to go around lying and saying he did.

      What makes it really sad is that there’s no evidence I can see that his two years of service were dishonorable, so he could have just been proud of that, but no…not this jackass.

      • It, very often, happens that way I have seen. You have these guys that either get washed out for one reason or another, couldn’t hack it, or they fucked up somehow only to come back and pretend later that they are something (or were something) that they aren’t. These sacks of shit always come crawling back after they realize their life is a steaming pile of Bergdahl and try to steal the honorable service that many of us earned.

  3. Smh.. Obviously my initial comment didn’t post because I put it spaces.. In which the second post was referring to the latter because I realized I left the l off of gmail. So I forgive your sarcasm.. As to my AKO.. I haven’t used it since I initial got it.. Nor do I have a CAC reader to access it nor do I care to. So I don’t even remember what it was.. I think it was brandon.l.clinkscale @ ako or something to that extent.. But I don’t use it and have no use for it.. Unless I’m trying to get into PEERS.. Which I can go to a totally different site altogether.. But I provided my email so if you want to talk hit me up there

    • You might be a Ranger, maybe a Shitbag Ranger or something, but you are most definitely not a United States Army Ranger.
      If you were a bonafide Ranger, first of all you wouldnt be looking like a shitbag out in public wearing that uniform, which is all dicked up.
      Secondly, there wouldnt be a video about you on the internet if you were indeed telling the truth. Veterans know if youre full of shit. And you, are full of shit.

  4. Private you obviously aren’t tracking too much. First you headed to basic training on 18Nov14 which means your still there in some soft skill mos not a ranger. Two it’s not stolen valor if you are in it’s unlawful wear of badges and tabs. You also decided to impersonate a NCO. Shouldn’t be hard to locate a Drill on here with contacts at Jackson. His Facebook profile is public name is what he posted as his AKO user name.

  5. What is PEERS? Really I spent 26 years and never heard of it! I can say what I think he is trying to say, but I don’t want him to learn another word he might try and use later.

  6. @clinkscale or supastarstorm first off not using your cac or military Id or needing to shows that you are full of it… Second Ar670-1 prohibits the use of sunglasses undercover along with the wear of black boots in the Acu…third pockets that are left open are targets for instant humiliation knowing that that is not within regs for proper wear of the acu… Fourth if you were a ranger you would know that hands in the pockets are for posers because I have had to push anytime that I had my hands in my pocket when I was a private… And lastly stop being a da!& poser I have lost buddies in Afghanistan and they would be pi$$ed off because they died to give guys like you the right to fake wearing our uniform which royally pi$$es me off because I have been in for almost 12 years and have served proudly!!!!

  7. I just want to start no CA card for one that’s wrong. Two take off our uniform you peace of shit. I hope everyone of these guys who try and pose as one of us serves time in prison our hey I think we should do this drop there fag ass off in Iraq or Afghanistan and let them really see what we do. I have buddy’s that are rangers and if they had seen you they would have torn that uniform off your peace of shit ass. I been in uniform for 14 years now and black boots have not been worn since 2002 so go home and take that uniform back where you got it and go hang yourself after that’s done.

  8. I’m trying to give this guy the benefit of the doubt. Not that he’s a Soldier….nonono lol. Maybe it was a dare, or maybe he is mentally retarded. Maybe he was on his way to work, where he was playing a bit part in a really bad war movie, the ones where they have uniforms that are all jacked up. Maybe a SyFy original. With his money as an extra, he can afford another crack rock.

    Maybe he is not a total douche that needs to develop a fatal case of ass cancer. Just maybe…

  9. my name is christian lopez, I’m the one that recorded the video and was asking all the questions. Very disrespectful guy. And his name is Andrew clinkscale.

  10. I served for two years then was medically discharged. Anyone who went through a week in bct would know that halfassed uniform is not in regulation. If you wanna play dress up then just admit it, or if you wanna learn how to properly do it go to the nearest recruiting station and go through meps bullshit. Once you’ve experienced day zero in basic you’ll have a different outlook.

  11. If the guy I am emailing is truly this fake ranger, he said he went to basic AIT, RIP, Airborne school and ranger school in 2006, had enough time to get to his unit and then be discharged due to patterns of misconduct, he says he got his finances back in order and rejoined from 2008-2011. I was never a ranger, just a 68w in the guard, but I find it highly unlikely someone can get this done in the matter of a year, if I’m wrong please let me know. Also, he stopped emailing when I told him that that was suspect.

  12. Well he is lying. Because Rangers(75th rangers that is) can wear multicam in garrison now, i mean im not sure if its a choice or not, but im pretty sure almost all now wear it.. Which he isn’t..

  13. Mf u makin all cpl look bad we already look bad enough lmaoo but best give away is HANDS IN YOUR POCKETS….pretty sure a ranger would know that….oh my brothers a ranger….ur a pussy hope u die of aids… give me back my sham shield

  14. Wow this shitbag really hands in pockets no head gear black boots cib no combat patch open cargo pockets what the fuck cone on guy you piece of shit I have been in for five years now and never have we dressed or acted like that you must be mentally handicapped to try and act like a soldier let Adobe an army Renee do you have a death wish stupid…

  15. @fitz in order to access enterprise email on Ako you have to use a cac card sorry to comment on that and believe me I hope that this douche does get a fatal case of ass cancer

  16. Why doesn’t the army just do what the Marines do. No Cammys is Public, Wear proper civilian attire, nothing worse than seeing a bunch of Fat Army guys at a Burger King slopping ketchup all over their Cammys, or strolling through the cereal isle in a grocery store texting. Leave the Cammys for the Field, I would like to call out the fat bastards that cant fit in a uniform or have their hands in their Cammo pockets hangin out like a bunch of boots. IF they were not allowed to wear the Cammos everywhere including Disney Land than they couldn’t fake it, you don’t need a War Patch to pick up a gallon of milk or to go Christmas Shopping, bags of shit and texting, might as well be a civilian, ha ha

    • That’s probably why he was dropped from Ranger training before he completed it, and probably had to do with his discharge from the Army, too.

  17. Hate it or love it; the kid is a real Ranger. He served in a Ranger Battalion which would have required him to complete RIP/RASP. You do not get to Ranger Battalion without completing Ranger Selection. He completed Ranger Selection which would make him a Ranger.

    I would say if you are going to get on him; do so rightfully and professionally. He did not earn those “hooah” badges or Ranger tab but he did earn the coveted Ranger Scroll and Ranger Tan Beret so respect that much.

    To Mr. Clinkscale: My suggestion to you would be to appologize for the improper wear of the uniform, badges and tab. And drive on.

    You are an Army Ranger. It is an accomplishment that very few have achieved. Be proud of that!

    • You just said he did not earn the Ranger tab but then you say he’s an Army Ranger?? You obviously don’t know what you are talking about any more than he, so let me clarify for you.

      One can be assigned to a Ranger Battalion without being Ranger qualified. They have many support personnel who are not tabbed, some of whom I know personally. They wear the scroll because is the unit they are assigned to. But you have to EARN the Ranger tab to be called a Ranger.

      • “Upon completion of RASP, regardless of when in your Army career you attend, you will have demonstrated that you have what it takes to be a U.S. Army Ranger and will be assigned to the 75th Ranger Regiment.” -

        So let me clarify this for you Sergeant First Class: Apparently I do know what I’m talking about unless you are saying the US Army itself does not know what it’s talking about.

        The Ranger Tab will make you Ranger qualified but does not signify that you are a Ranger. Upon completion of RASP, you will be assigned to one of the Ranger Battalions. Only then can you consider yourself a Ranger. Rangers are not all 11Bs. Yes all those support personnel who serve in the Ranger Battalions are Rangers. And yes, there are many Rangers who have not earned their tab. Ranger School is a leadership school that Ranger Battalion will send thier Leaders and high speed Soldiers to. One does not simply get assigned to Ranger Battalion. You have to earn that right.

        You are a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer in the US Army. Do youself and your Soldiers some justice and educate yourself.

      • No.. Let me break this down to you and clarify it for you. Going through and passing RIP (RASP as it being called now) is what makes you a Ranger. Wearing the Tan Beret and having the Ranger Scroll is what makes you a Ranger. You CAN not be a Ranger without being in one of the 3 Ranger Battalions or at Regiment. Going through and passing Ranger School only makes you Ranger Qualified. If it was any other way then every person who went through Ranger school and passed would be a Ranger. There are people in the Marines, Navy and Air Force who have Ranger tabs but aren’t Rangers.. There are Legs who have Tabs buy aren’t Rangers. The Scroll and The Tan Beret makes you a Ranger.. When it comes to battalion, the Tab promotes you from a private to a tabbed E4.. And only in Battalion can a private go to Ranger School. The rest of the Army had to be a NCO first and you have to compete for a spot. In battalion its on by the order in which you arrived at battalion and if you score really high on your PT test. Furthermore, you aren’t assigned a battalion. You pick which battalion you go to.. There is no support attachments in Battalion when you are infantry.. The day you graduate RIP you ARE a Ranger. Plain and simple. Don’t try to take away from what I’ve done because you don’t understand the process. Especially if you’ve never served a day in Battalion. Unlike you, I have.. And like I’ve explained to these guys, I am shooting a movie. Which is why I am wearing the badges.. I don’t have to explain or defend myself to you or anybody here.. At the end of the day I have a project to finish and I’m not gonna let what you guys feel like I should have done affect me finishing my film.. If you all want to be mad, that’s on you… I’m taking something that I actually took part in and doing something with it.. Even if it isn’t based on the best example of stories to work on.. I’m done with this entire situation.. I can’t being a ranger because I was one.. I wasn’t in training for it.. I was living as a Ranger.. Woke up went to sleep a Ranger.. Now I’m making a film about some.. (Technically) but that’s besides the point.. You all need to find a day job or do something constructive cause focusing on me and whether or not I was a Ranger isn’t going to do anything for you.. Damn sure doesn’t do anything for me or stops me from my life.. Now, you all have a great day.

        • You are missing the point. You are claiming badges and tabs you did not earn. Ranger School keeps records of those who earned the tab; you are NOT counted amongst that number. You are clearly, CLEARLY trying to pass yourself off as something you are NOT in these pictures and videos. RIP makes you a ranger? LOL. Try telling that to someone who recycled a phase or two. You are a wannabe, clutching at vague associations, tenuous connections, and technicalities you damn well know aren’t accurate. You can try to fool the masses, but we vets actually know what you are doing and can see through the bull.

          If you received any sort of discount or monetary gain because of that CIB you are wearing, to include speaking engagements, job offers, etc., you can and SHOULD BE prosecuted under the Stolen Valor Act.

          And you look like an absolute joke in that “uniform.” You are really disgracing whatever military service you actually did perform.

  18. Here we go again….

    You guys picking on this hero because he is black!

    I bet if he was cracker white like ya’ll you wouldn’t be saying anything!

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