Brandon Clinkscale, Fake Spotted At Staples Center In Los Angeles










Los Angeles California – We got several emails about this guy that showed up at the Staples center in Los Angeles over the November 30th weekend. The first email we got contained several photos and a description of what the guy saw.

“So I’m at work minding my own damn business when this jack a** comes walking in front of me… First thing that caught my attention was that he didn’t have head gear, but then I looked at his boots and he’s wearing f****** black boots! The rest you can see for yourselves!

Unfortunately since I’m a security guard I couldn’t leave my post. Asked him about the boots and he said they were “field boots.” He also attracted the attention of other former service members and they called him out on his uniform too. He said he had attended Benning and that he went to Airborne School but then he changed his mind. He wouldn’t say how long he’s been in the service. I was told he is/was (can’t remember) a former security guard for Universal Protective Services out of Los Angeles, CA. I did three years active, two with the NG, I know what a Ranger looks like and they don’t look like this POS.





Soon after getting this email with the photos, those other service members emailed us with a video of them asking him about his uniform. They asked him for his CAC card, which he couldn’t provide, and when asked why he was wearing a CIB but no combat patch, he started showing them photos on his phone. He is wearing a CIB, a 1ST Ranger Battalion Scroll, Special operations Diver Badge, Ranger Tab and Military Free Fall wings under the lapel.

He is also wearing the wrong Flag, and doesn’t have a combat patch, he has on unauthorized black boots and has the tan beret in his cargo pocket.

Below is the video recorded by service members that questioned his uniform:




We found out who this guy was after he emailed us and started giving us excuses as to why he was wearing the badges, he also told us he was a Ranger. Well, first some Rangers that knew this guy contacted us and told us he wasn’t tabbed and he was “Released For Standards” from Battalion. So we reached out to our contacts with the Army and got his records which are below. Brandon Clinkscale, according to his official Army record, didn’t earn the tab although he did attend the Indoc program.




We got several emails from Brandon, he told us some old Veterans gave him those badges because he helped them out, and that he was wearing black boots because he was working in the kitchen. He also tried telling us that head gear wasn’t a requirement, I guess that’s some new Army reg I am unaware of.




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