Fake Green Beret, Felix Carswell, Sues New York MTA Over A Fall On Their Bus









Williamsbridge, New York – On Tuesday, the NYPost published an article titled “Former Green Beret suing MTA over bus fall”. Several Special Forces Soldiers immediately saw some red flags with the story and tried reaching out to the author via email with their concerns. As of the posting of our article she has still not responded to them, below is the article courtesy of the NY Post.


He survived a chopper crash in Germany and the toppling of the Twin Towers, but now a former Green Beret is suing the MTA for $10 million for a tumble he took on a city bus this year.

Felix Carswell, of Williamsbridge, fell to the floor of the Bx28 bus on Feb. 20 on Kingsbridge Road and Jerome Avenue when the driver hit the gas before he could sit down, he claims in his Bronx Supreme Court suit, filed Monday.

He had to be hospitalized after he hurt his head, neck and back, and has been having blurred vision, the court papers state.

His lawyer and the MTA declined to comment.

Despite the recent accident, Carswell — whose suit describes him as “handicapped” but does not elaborate — survived a helicopter crash in Germany while serving in the Green Berets’ elite special forces unit in the 1970s, according to his nephew. A chopper blade flew off and sliced off his right arm — but doctors were able to reattach it.

Later in life, he began selling wallets outside the World Trade Center. The morning of 9/11, his daughter came to visit him — and the two used the table he was selling goods on to shield themselves from debris as they ran down the street.


Once the story was posted, Felix’s name was passed around the SF community and no one had ever heard of him. So we reached out to our contacts and acquired his military records and found out he was not a Special Forces Soldier, nor was he a 1SG. He was discharged as an E5(SGT), with most of his time being spent with the NY National Guard. He held two MOS’s, one being 11B(Infantry)  and the other being a 92Y(Supply Specialist). Nowhere in his records does it mention even attending the “Q” course for SF, or being awarded the tab, he also never held the SF 18 series MOS.

The awards he has are:

  • Army Good Conduct Medal
  • Army Service Ribbon
  • Parachutist Badge
  • Overseas Service Ribbon
  • NCOPD Ribbon(Non Commissioned Officers Professional Development Ribbon)Of which he wold have more than one if he was a 1SG.
  • National Defense Service Ribbon with one Bronze Star
  • Expert Badge W/Auto Rifle and Grenade Bar
  • Marksman Badge W/ Machine Gun Bar
  • Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal


Here are his records as released from the Army:



























According to the story from the NY Post, he had his arm pretty much amputated in an accident in Germany while serving with the Special Forces, but doctors were able to re-attach his arm. While I can’t find any evidence that this didn’t happen, I can say his records provide no time period for him being in the hospital, and/or any recovery time for his arm. We do know he wasn’t a SF Soldier, could he have served with some, of course he could have, but that doesn’t make you a Green Beret.

I think his nephew needs to ask more about his helicopter crash story, is it possible? Of course it is, but his records and the timelines just aren’t matching the story. He was stationed in Germany from 1979-1981, but no mentions of any medical holds, and once he returned to the states he was sent to Fort Hamilton, New York. Fort Hamilton is a military base located in New York, At present, U.S. Army Fort Hamilton Garrison is the home of the New York City Recruiting Battalion, the Military Entrance Processing Station, the North Atlantic Division Headquarters of the United States Army Corps of Engineers, the 1179th Transportation Brigade and the 722nd Aeromedical Staging Squadron.


Here are more photos of Felix sporting what he hasn’t earned:









The New York Post should probably do some better vetting of their stories, especially when it comes to someone claiming to be a member of a brotherhood like the SF community shares.  Another fine example of excellence in reporting by the American media.



A fan sends us a screenshot of Felix making claims that he got his PTSD from the 82nd Airborne, 7th Group SF. Well I guess 7th GRP will be glad to know they are now attached to the 82nd, seems one of his friends called him out on it. “You suffer from MTTC(Married To The Crack Syndrome”, funniest thing I’ve read all day.





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  1. If the only injury from a flying broken Helio blade, which can spin up to or over 500 rotations was a severed arm or over 170 when slowing, he is one lucky man!

  2. I met this guy who said he was in the Marine Corps. I myself was in the Marine Corps. I asked him where he went to boot and his punk ass couldn’t tell me. I told him to his face that he was a liar. I wanted to throat punch him.

  3. Good you outed him but you are wrong when you say he would have had more than one NCOES course as a 1SG I retired as a 1SG and the only NCOES course I went to was the SGM course

    • Walter, you may have been grandfathered in, but this person is in the same time frame of when I was in. The norm being; BTMS, PLDC, BNCOC, ANCOC, then there was a 1SG course only open to 1SGs, not E8s and then the USASMA academy. So his NCOES ribbon should be adorned with a numeral 3, 4 if he was a graduate of the academy. Just want to put this out there. Can’t stand someone who is claiming to be more than they ever measured up to be. SIGNED: Current CSM with 38 years in, in Kandahar Afghanistan (INF/ENG/SIG).

  4. And, I’ll tell you for a fact, I was stationed from 1979-1982 in Germany with Special Forces, and this fool wasn’t in the unit, and, there was NO Chopper accident like he describes. It was a very small unit there; we all knew each other by sight and by name, and he wasn’t one of them.
    MSG(R) Joe C. Ricks 18Z5H

    • Shilo Watts you ignorant piece of shit, service members don’t have skin color. We judge people based on the content of their character. This soup sandwich has shown the content of his character and we will call his dumb ass out all day for this ignorant shit. We call out ALL that lie about their service!

  5. Shilo grow up its not about race. But of course there is always a dickhead that plays the race card… also “honkey” is a racist term. Nobody said nothing about colour until your dumb ass commented. Its about the truth. Don’t lie and you wont be called out, simple.

  6. “BULL is bull” no matter how you put it, what comes out of the rear of the bull…Still smells like B.S. ! But that aside….He did serve! It’s tooooo Bad he has to embellish it! AND GET CAUGHT! What a fool.

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