Fake Facebook Soldier Profile Solicits Underage Girl

This was brought to our attention by a concerned mother, it seems her daughter was propositioned by someone on Facebook claiming to be a Soldier. I can tell you this guy is most certainly not a Soldier by the way he has worded his email to her. We are leaving the mother and daughters name out of this for their protection. He is also using the photo of a Fallen Soldier.

Here is one of the emails the teenager received;



This is the profile of the fake Soldier, I am sure most of the pictures are stolen from somewhere, not to mention he claims to be Airborne Navy. Don’t know where he is from nor do I care, you can tell by this young ladies profile pic that she is underage. People like this are making real Soldiers look like crap, at least the mother has family members in the Military and realized he was a fake.


This is one of the pictures:

 UPDATE: The photo being used is Army Sgt. Damien T. Ficek, 26, from Pullman, Washington.Ficek died December 30, 2004 in Baghdad, Iraq, when his patrol was attacked by enemy forces using small arms fire.


Thanks to some of the fans it seems this faker is using the photos of a Fallen Soldier..


This is more of a disgrace using the photo of a Fallen Soldier!!!!




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