Fake Facebook Soldier Profile Solicits Underage Girl

This was brought to our attention by a concerned mother, it seems her daughter was propositioned by someone on Facebook claiming to be a Soldier. I can tell you this guy is most certainly not a Soldier by the way he has worded his email to her. We are leaving the mother and daughters name out of this for their protection. He is also using the photo of a Fallen Soldier.

Here is one of the emails the teenager received;



This is the profile of the fake Soldier, I am sure most of the pictures are stolen from somewhere, not to mention he claims to be Airborne Navy. Don’t know where he is from nor do I care, you can tell by this young ladies profile pic that she is underage. People like this are making real Soldiers look like crap, at least the mother has family members in the Military and realized he was a fake.


This is one of the pictures:

 UPDATE: The photo being used is Army Sgt. Damien T. Ficek, 26, from Pullman, Washington.Ficek died December 30, 2004 in Baghdad, Iraq, when his patrol was attacked by enemy forces using small arms fire.


Thanks to some of the fans it seems this faker is using the photos of a Fallen Soldier..


This is more of a disgrace using the photo of a Fallen Soldier!!!!


What are your thoughts?
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    • I was good friends with Damien and we where in the same platoon when he was killed and this is very dishearting that some person would use him to do the things they did….He was a great leader, amazing friend and would give the shirt off his back for anyone……He didnt even get a chance to see his new born child because he gave his life for what he believed in and @#*$$%%@#@ has the balls to do this hope I see him in a dark alley sometime……

      • Has anyone considered that this might be like a 419 scam? The wording in his private messege seems like a foreigner and i know that they use religon, lonliness, etc. to take advantage of lonely women and men. While he’s not using religon here, he is trying to play the lonely heart and “scam” comes to mind. That he wants to take advantage of this girl there is no doubt but, if you look at his “friends” they are all females. I guarantee if the mother had continued the relationship it would have lead to either asking for money or images of the girl.

        • Someone should create a fake female account and try to investigate this further. Take screen shots of everything for record so it can be turned over to our police or State Department (if foreigner). I would do this but i do not have the time and resources to investigate this at this time.

          • I did use a fake account to e-mail him. He has to be a foreigner because of his vocabulary usage…or he could be a pedofile in America who didn’t graduate high school. He switches between slang terms and doesn’t use proper punctuation. I reported it to Facebook, but they have yet to close the account.

          • @ reader – It is only entrapment if it is done by a person acting as an agent for the police, not if it is done by an individual then turned over to the police.

  1. soupnazzi nailed it.

    There is a nifty website as well as a Firefox addon that searches for like images. The page is tineye.com. you can point it to a photo and it will search for like photos.

    With the plugin you just right click and then click on “Search on tineye”. It’s GREAT for finding pics like this to expose these frauds.

  2. also after 9/11 everyone in the military were awarded the National Defense Service Medal and he’s in greens. the Army is changing to blues beginning in 2014 and the greens are rarely seen anymore. especially in someone so low in rank. as i recall, starting a couple of years ago new recruits are no longer being issued greens, only blues.

    • The thing is that he is in Army and is shown in Army uniforms (legit pics), but in the e-mail he claims to be Navy. Thankfully this person can spot the clear difference between branch uniforms!

  3. please ignore this comment. by the time i finished typing it others had posted identifying the man in the pic making my statements irrelevant.

  4. Im with thebronze on that one, looks like a sign the LNs made for the MRAPs in 2009…..im starting to wonder if most of these are trying to be used as a crappy way to gain intel from us..

  5. O.K. so where shall I begin? To start, lets just point out the fact that he is an enlisted guy. One of the photos is of COL James Markert. MY REGIMENTAL COMMANDER at the Old Guard. Second, this must be a VERY well rounded individual because according to his photos, he is an NCO, a Field Grade Officer, a Ranger (In Regiment), Special Forces, AND a member of the Band. I bet this guy is also a Space Shuttle Door Gunner and an Under Water Basket Weaver. I believe they both fall under the Career Management Field of 68BS. Wow! Here is an idea and this would be WAY worse for him than any legal ramifications. Lets force him to enlist, make him a career private and make him a 31E. That is a Military Correctional Officer. Let have him pass out crap paper to convicts for the rest of his natural life.

  6. It is a known fact that men soliciting fraud are using soldiers profiles and pictures once the soldier has returned home. It is sickening to known this problem exists.

  7. All the females that posted on his pics, I sent the Stolen Valor link too, Hopefully they’ll post it on his profile, this guy is a terd.

  8. I like how half of his pictures that this dirt bag took have different name tapes on the soldiers. Yea guy I’m sure thats all you there.

  9. He told one gal that the band picture was taken that morning in Dallas. When clearly it’s the 8th Army Band in Korea!! The profile Ranger shot is at least 12 years old. Black beret, no combat awards, faded non-digital photo. There is also the photo of two warrant officer aviators (black nametags on their left shoulders), so he’s also an aviator!

  10. so what has it been, 13 years since the Rangers stopped wearing the ‘black’ beret? So that would put the soldier in the photo at over 30+ years of age. Must suck in life when you have to pretend to be someone you are not.

    • Jason how did you know? One of his FB contacts responded with this;
      (Name Withheld)
      Thank you,is he black guy from nigeria, pls answer me?

  11. Wow, crazy, I live about 5 miles from Pullman Washington. I think I remember Sgt. Ficek being mentioned at a memorial Day service. An incredible man. Its unfortunate that some low-life scumbag would use Sgt Ficek for personal gain. truly disgusting.

  12. you have to be dumb as shit to think that an American wrote that crap, let alone a Soldier..who even talks like that..If you are dumb enough to fall for that then you deserve to be taken advantage of.

  13. That pic is of Sgt. Damian Ficek, killed in Iraq in 2004 while deployed with the 161IN, 81st HBCT, WA ARNG. Same brigade I was in. We had mutual friends.

  14. Bulldog1; based on my research, It is my opinion that Tonny Terrytos is a sexual deviant and predator. He is using the military to lure victims into rape situation. This is based on his preferences found at this web link:

    Commentaire de Terrytos (13/03/2007 09:11) :
    Yo! gay rights gay rights Gay sex Rape stories rape stories black gay Gay black mature home young wife gay sex

    Could you please notify her mother to contact the authorities. I will send the information to all his contacts to notify law enforcement.

      • Not sure if the new law can be used in this situation but it would be a federal crime added to the current of soliciting a minor across state boarders:
        USC code 10 771-772 makes it illegal for anyone other than a person of the armed forces to wear the uniform, or its accessories. There are a few exceptions to this law, for Hollywood actors, re-enactments etc.

  15. Gave a report under impersonating a celebrity, spamming messages, referenced this link for the spamming and messages to underage girls, and included Sgt Ficek as the celebrity as well as other soldiers referenced.

  16. The black berets are not that old. We stopped wearing them out in public and switched back to pc’s in like march or april of 2011. Its a shame what he has done and should be punishable by whatever means we say so. Hooah to the fallen soldier. May you rest in peace brother-in-arms.

  17. my heart gose out to families and loved ones who pictures these sick ass low life people are usen just to prey on peoples emotions i have a skype account ant i have military men trying to talk to me and i dont know if its real or not how can you tell im a mothrer and a daughter of military men i would be very pissed if someone used their photos for any thing …..if any one can tell me how to spot fraud please tell me concerned parent in ala.

    • One way to spot Posers (fraud) is the way the use their grammar. They just don’t sound native to America, If you go back and read what he sent to the young girl on FB, you will see he uses phrases and forgets conjunctions to fuse words and uses English in a ignorant jargon. I find it easy anymore, but that’s because I have been fooled at one time or another Be careful on the internet.

  18. SGT Ficek was in the Rangers long before Shinseki gave berets to everyone. We served together in Charlie 1-161, though when he was killed in action he was detached from the company.

    As soon as we got wind of this poser using Ficek’s image we sent the word out to all the Charlie Company vets on Facebook who served with him to get this guy removed.

    Hopefully Facebook listens.

  19. This guy is nigerian..I’m not surprised..I’m so sick off these people scamming us americans.they roll over here in banna boats and try and scam everyone on the internet.it is a fact they hate americans.this guy is probaly selling woman now.and their cheap to ..buy one get one free.they do it with animals as well.I work with alot of them.they treat are patients horrible and abuse them.they have no respect for woman.they make it very clear

  20. I personally spend some time private messaging his 13 young girls in his friend list and notifying them with evidence of his poser acct. They were shocked, but have blocked him. I reported him to my vets groups on FB and we bombarded FB Security with requests to take this freak down In the memory of Damien, the fallen soldier and his family, I felt I had to spend the time to do this. I am still fuming.

  21. What a sick creep this thing would be. I just hope that Face Book do the right thing and take his whole site down. Total exposure of these creatians to every one and any one is one of the only things which realy helps stop them. Great work from all whole dived in and nailed the creep.

  22. More information on the impersonator;
    (Name Withheld)
    he said his real name terry anthony, he said to me terrytonny@yahoo.com thanks rite soon i don’t think so if it’s correct..
    I don’t have real picz & phone# that’s all
    Allen J Olson
    Good morning (Name Withheld). One more question for you, did this person ask you for money?
    (Name Withheld)
    He said plane ticket he will pay back

  23. This is sad, he got an older woman to buy him a place ticket. He may be flying into Ontario Canada from Dallas Texas.
    (Name Withheld)
    His black guy from nigerian.. i pay his ticket but i have no idea if i know you before i can’t give him he was crying & it will control my money..

  24. Love this little old lady:
    (Name Withheld)
    He said like that to me but he lied so i give him to god to curse him talk you later i wanna sleep is 1:11 here midnite okay thank you

    Hey everyone, we stopped this guy somewhat but he will find other victims. If any of you can get his real ID and location I would greatly appreciate it.

    As of today, it is a Federal Crime to impersonate a soldier. This guy will go to jail if he is in the US.

    SSG O

  25. I really hate that there are people out there that will use out uniform with the intent to abuse people’s trust. This is on a whole new level of shitty things to do. compared to wearing medals you did not earn, impersonating a soldier to abuse children or to fleece women is beyond anything I’ve ran across.

  26. The POA contacted me today and said the Provost Marshall is investigating. There are other silent organizations and the media that are involved. Continue to pressure this person and if any of you have new information please forward it to me.

        • “hueydoc”, the impersonator knows his targets better than they know themselves. This is his job from a computer in Dallas, Nigeria, or somewhere in the world. Did you see his second FB profile? He has more. She is sucked in by her own desires. We can only hope that FB is intelligent and blocks these predators.

  27. It angers me to no end that this profile is still active, as a veteran and a woman. I’m at a loss of words for this situation and have forwarded it on to as many people as i can reach as one person… why is it still up?

  28. Ugh. I just reported him on FB. If he knows Dutch, he may be Indonesian, rather than Filipino. I am surprised he’s still got the FB page; maybe you guys should pass this on to ASMDSS for them to call in a fire mission, that seems to work.

  29. hate to say this guys facebook is still up hes saying hes in a relationship and is still posting mobile pictures im getting pissed im active duty and this guy is pissing me off with the isaf picture where it shows 10th Mountain since im 10th Mountain 2BCT

  30. Message from one of his victims:
    hai, Allen i think my friend (Name With held) able to contact this fake soldiers, maybe you could contact her to get more information so we can stop him.

    i sent you their conversation :

    Donna Williams Wiltsie
    i didn’t pm him a few days he gets back on saying he missed me and wants to meet me to get married. but i need to ask for his leave and it will be 1,500 for paperwork to process. who does he think he is fooling? lmao. he isn’t even in iraq he never knows the time or temperature there. lol terry.tonny (9/27/2012 6:44:31 PM): So my commandant he’s gonna need like 1500us dolls… To process my vacation, after that I flight imediately!! terry.tonny (9/27/2012 6:46:45 PM): Our protocol here is that when ever you going on any vacation, the person you going to meet he/she is responsible for the LEAVE FORM…ok, and I promise gonna pay you back as soon I get to you….ok
    Donna Williams Wiltsie

    he said he will do paperwork i just need to tell my address and send money western union. i asked to who and where then he left. lol.

    if i get an email or address can your friend so anything with it to stop this fake from doing it to innocent lonely females?
    the fake soldier sent an adress and a name Michael Raynolds he said michael is his commandent.
    No12 Isokun Odo Street Owo Nigeria

    Name used for Western Union:
    Michael Raynolds (Reynolds)

    Everyday I am getting closer to catching him.
    SSG O

  31. The guy is one of those scammers, much like the Nigerian guys who need help to liberate millions for their banks… Maybe even the same people. It is money driven, 100%. Had dialog continued, it would have gone down the same path. Same game, different angle.

  32. I have been watching all females he tries to add as a friend and warn them what he is doing. He will say anything to make you trust him and think he wants to be with you. His main goal is to make money , even as far as getting plane tickets bought for him and cashing them in. All the pictures on his page are fake in all the different uniforms and different names on all of them. He says he is 42 and shows pictures mostly of 25 year old guys. The address to send him money (Western Union) is in Nigeria so pretty high chance nothing can or will be none to stop him (and others) legally. Another female I talked to said she gave him her phone number to talk for 5 minutes , after he got an ok on to do it from his commander. She said he sounds like a black man which sounds right if he is from Nigeria and can’t spell.

  33. Can everyone check out a dennis miles on fb..he is also using a fake profile to scam woman.using a pic of a fallen soldier..my friend just got scammed out of money..his profile is still up..dennis miles says in Kabul ..

  34. this is the first post the fake terry tony sends to all his scam victims.

    Sgtterry Tonny Tos

    Gush… good morning how is weather over there I love your posture in that profile picture can I meet you? I will be glad to have you as friend Am from Dallas from a base airborne navy before i was recently deployed on a mission to Iraq for peace making and peace keeping…….As a single military man with lonely heart and i need someone caring and honest to established friendship with….And i think you have every quality that a man needs from a woman. I remember a colleague of mine finding a ‘MARRY ME BUTTON’ on this platform site. Guess what! he had one and so special they still keep each other up to date…so lovely that i get jealous at times when they chat online. Moreover, be free to open up to me if there are chances for a gentle soul for me. I wish to call soft flower because as i write to u, I need your reply.. Do you have an yahoo I’d so dat we can chat…send it to me.

    No12 Isokun Odo Street Owo Nigeria

    Name used for Western Union:
    Michael Raynolds (Reynolds)


      i saw this on another site and it could be very helpful to anyone being possibly scammed. the fake terry uses terrytonny@yahoo.com so easier to tell FAKE

      I had contact with the US army, and they send me to a site at the FBI for complaining about scamming, militairy solders have always an emailadress ends with .mil never with hotmail, yahoo, .com or something else, so beware, if the email adres is not ends with .mil than they are scammers.

    • most of these scammers are not in the states so they really can’t be stopped. they can block and delete accounts they make but chances are they make new ones and continue the game. just be careful and not trust guys in love to fast or asking for money. was it this terry tos tonny who scammed you or another name?

  35. Virginia Villania Diangkinay is believing everything the so called sgt terry tonny is telling her about being with her. she is an older asian lady and won’t believe me saying he is a fake and a scammer. she claims i’m saying it to get him. i feel sorry for her and hope someone can get through to her he isn’t inlove with her only wants her money. https://www.facebook.com/virginia.diangkinay

  36. Hi
    I have recently been chatting to some who claims to be an American army man.I would like to varify him or the photo to find out if his for real or using a fallen Hero’s picture?
    Can some one get back to me on this,I have a picture

  37. I’m talking to him right now on a dating website called Badoo. What he has written in his profile is almost identical to what he wrote on the underage girls email….
    I have been asking him to send me new pictures of him …but he sends pics of soldiers in different types of camo and where u cannot see a face clearly. I knew from the get go that this guy is a fraud…from his way of messaging with broken english…to all the excuses he gives when asked personal questions. I asked him what his accent was and he replied “british”. How laughable is that. He has 4 different soldiers photos on his profile yet claims to be all of them. Somebody needs to stop this guy. Hes going by just Sgt. Terry Tonny

  38. I’d like to know of any other women who have been messahing him. One more thing i sent him a screen shot of the email of the underage girl…and asked if that was him…he said no eay that there are bad people out there pretending to be u.s. soldiers and giving them a bad name. He also said they have been having that problem alot. Please!! This guy is sick. But even though i have been hounding him with questions and doubts…he keeps coming back to message me everyday.

  39. Omg…sorry me again…i just went to the two facebook accounts he has and all the pics on there are the ones on Badoo and the ones he has sent me….

  40. michelle are you talking about the terry tonny guy? i never heard of badoo but ifits him be careful he is only after money from anyone willing to believe his stories.

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