Facebook Page Takes Private Moment From Gold Star Wife, And Uses It As A MeMe



A fan sent us the link to a story from WSMV.com about a Fallen Soldier’s wife having a private moment stolen from her by a Facebook page that decided it would make a good meme.

Army SPC. Jason K. Edens, 22, of Franklin, Tenn. was assigned to 1st Squadron, 13th Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division, Fort Bliss, Texas. Edens died April 26 in Bethesda, Md., of wounds sustained April 15 in Laghman province, Afghanistan, caused by small-arms fire.

From WSMV:

The soldier left behind a widow, Ashley Edens, who was seen in a photo grieving her husband as his body returned home aboard an airplane from war.


“My son saved his unit. He was the only fatality in that attack,” Jan Edens said.


But the Edens family was devastated once again when they recently learned Ashley’s private moment with her husband’s casket had been turned into an internet meme that continues to circulate online.


The meme makes it appear as though Ashley is actress Lea Michele mourning the loss of Glee actor Cory Montieth.

Ashley Edens was too upset to talk with us on camera about this story.


“She’s saddened by the memory being stolen from her, the time with her husband. Her exact words were, ‘They stole the moment with my husband,'” Jan Edens said.

Channel 4 News sent a message to the operator of one Facebook page that has posted the misrepresented photo, but they did not respond.


The photo was originally posted on a story done by Dailymail.uk called: Portrait Of A Widows’s Grief

This is the original photo of the widow grieving over her lost hero taken by a photographer with the Tennessee National Guard, which the widow did not have an issue with:



This is the video interview with the parents of the Fallen Warrior, as the Widow was to upset to speak.

WSMV Channel 4

We will not post the meme here, but we are asking that everyone visit the link below and report the photo, and ask the owners of the page to remove the disgraceful photo! This Gold Star Wife has been through enough, she does not deserve to have a picture like the one linked below circulated on Facebook!

Meme Photo Of Fallen Warrior And His Widow

The Facebook page the photo linked above is called Best Frient Yes with a T.

Lets save this widow from any more grief, and get this photo removed! She deserves to have some peace after all that she has been through!


What are your thoughts?
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  1. If I’m not mistaken, once a photo has been placed online, it is considered copyrighted. If this is the case, then she could sue them to remove the photo among many other things. It is a photo of her and her husband during a moment of grief that should not be abused in the manner that has come to light. I’m pretty sure that her last photo of her and her husband was on the net before some chode decided to disrespect the ultimate price her husband made. I believe she should not only be able to sue the owner of the page, but also Facebook for allowing it to happen. I do work in the IT world and feel that the aforementioned case of copyright is correct. It’s worth looking into. It’s also worth looking into as to who made the meme so that others can….pay their respects!!!

    • You are correct. The picture IS copyrighted. But not by who you think. Take a look at the bottom left of the stock photo. (c)AP is printed there. That stands for the Associated Press. Sadly, when this widow gave them permission to use this image on their page, she basically gave up her rights to the image. It’s a shame that such a somber moment is ruined by trolololos, but the internet is not a safe place. If it’s something you don’t want someone to photoshop, then keep it on your hard drive or only send it to the people you want to see it. Countless people have tried to have photos “removed” from the internet, but there is no such thing. Once something is online, it is there forever. Like a digital tattoo… only you don’t get to pick the picture.

      • There are a few items mentioned that are not correct. First of all, the Copyright of a photo occurs the moment the shutter clicks. By default, the copyright is owned by the individual that took the photo. By default, the subject of the photo has NO rights to the photo. If I take a picture of someone that is in a public location or in a private location that is publically accessible, the subject has very little rights. I do mention “by default” because if you do photography for hire, then you enter a different realm of ownership of the photos. When I do a photo shoot, the organization that I am shooting for, becomes the owner of the photos and I can also release all copyrights.

        With that being said, she did not give up rights to the photo because she has no rights to the photo. As long as it is not used for commercial means, there is nothing she can do except asking to have it removed but the site has no legal obligations to remove it.

        The AP copyright is a bit curious because of how I have sold pictures, but the AP did obtain the photo because the photographer released the photo to the AP. This is where my knowledge is a bit cloudy because since the photo was taken by a military PAO, I am not familiar with that particular process. When I take photos, I usually sell a license to use my photos but I still maintain the copyright on that photo.

        So can she use Facebook? No. (Nothing illegal was done) Can she sue the author of the Meme? No. (Image is not used for commercial purposes or profit nor was the Meme created to be deliberately malicious, poor taste yes, but then you cannot fix stupid)

        All we can do is what we are doing now, educating people what the picture is really about and put pressure on the sites to remove the photo.

        • well here is a loophole, if the facebook page that created the meme is in any way profiting by traffic and gains traffic by posting meme’s it could be found that it is a commercial use of her photo….and I believe you are wrong, I dont think you can take a photo of someone without their consent that is why celebrities are constantly suing paparazzi photographers…clearly in this case the photographer had consent but the meme creator did not, and if the woman (or a family member representative) reported that HER picture was being used without her consent to facebook, they will probably take it down.

          For anyone going to the page to report the photo, do NOT comment on their page, it is what they want more traffic, these types of pages are like, share and comment whores. If you really want to tell them what you think use the “message” button it wont be public but it also wont boost their traffic!

          • To be considered making a profit off of someone’s image, it has to be a clearly shown that image of a person (or thing) is the reason profit was being made. Example, if I shoot a headshot of someone on the street and then use that headshot in an advert, then I am clearly using that person image to generate revenue. If I took that same headshot photo and someone happen to be caught in the background, and brings no value to the photo and gets used in an advert, that person In the background gets somewhere between zilch and nothing.

            Paparazzi’s are getting sued not because of violation of copyright but for other things, like violation of privacy. Two completely different things. Just because someone gets sued, does not mean they are doing anything legally wrong. Lot of those lawsuits is result of the behavior of the paparazzi and the vast majority of the remaining ones are worthless lawsuits in trying to discourage their behavior.

            Again, it does not matter if the meme’s author took the picture from an AP site or not. Ashley Edens has no legal grounds to stand on. The photographer owns the photo and the copyright. According to the TV segment, since the photo was taken by a military organization, there is no copyright on the photo. This makes me curious how AP can claim the copyright. I will have to the PAO folks upstairs and get some insight on that. I never really had to worry about that since I shoot for myself and not for the military.

            So I fall back to what I said earlier, the only thing we can really do is keep up with what we are doing here. Educating the public and putting pressure on the site to remove it.

    • Yes SGT, removed from Facebook. That meme was most likely created on a meme generating website, so it’s also there. Probably also 4chan, reddit, twitter, funnyordie.com, etc etc. There is a reason it’s called “going viral”. That’s because when something becomes so popular and seen by so many, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of. So if Facebook is the only place you visit, then yes reporting the picture will free you from having to witness this travesty. But like i said in the above reply, the internet is no safe place for precious memories. If you want it kept private, then keep it private.

  2. I tried reporting it and got told in less than a second it would stay because it didn’t violate their standards. Fuck facebook’s reviewing process. RIP SPC. Jason K. Edens

  3. I reported it and it said that it is not against the standards. I fucking hate people who use fallen soldiers as a form of untasteful humor. Im sure there is a VIP spot waiting for them in hell though.

  4. any photograph taken by a government employee once released is covered on fair use. because they are funded by the tax payer. sucks but true.

  5. It will not be removed until the wife contacts Facebook herself. She is the only one pictured in it so have Facebook actually pay attention. Unless somebody can speak with actress Lea Michele to get her assistance.

    • I doubt Lea oculd do anything about this, it has been circulating since the end of July. Probably been posted to thousands of social media accounts like twitter and tumblr.

  6. This photo was taken by the Nashville National Guard and as sad as this story is the military doesn’t copyright any of their photos…that’s what they told the Nashville news station…the family has no problem with this photo they are upset his memory is not being remembered correctly…that silly FB page has this photo as that dude from Glee (who is a Canadian so why would he have an American flag over his casket) that’s what they are upset about…they want him to be honored and remembered for who he was and what he stood for…not as someone else who died over a drug overdose…RIP hero and to his family I am so so sorry for your loss! Your solider was a hero and I thank him and you for his brave sacrifice!

  7. Wrong…….we are stationed at campbell and this story aired on news last night and I watched it…….the military took the photo and it is NOT copy writted bc the news stationed contacted the people who took it and said that once it goes public it is free for whatever or whoever to use…….they have contacted the original fb page that created the dual photo and the news stationed has not received a response back……………I truly feel for this family and they shouldn’t be going through this……….

  8. Who thinks the coffin of a dude that died from a drug overdose would be covered in an American flag, anyway? People are gullible. And they don’t pay attention. The saddest thing is that just because the guy was a famous actor on Glee (no disrespect to the grieving family of the actor intended, a death that way is in many ways even more painful, since the family of the soldier can at least hold their heads high because their loved one died in an honorable way) his story got so much more press than a man who, whatever you feel about the war, at least chose to lay his life down for his fellow man in the hopes that it would bring greater liberty to others. There are those of us who know this. From one Army wife to another, may your pain be eased by the fact that there are many who appreciate your sacrifice and grieve with you as part of your larger Army family.

  9. Has anyone approached AP (the ones who purchased the image) to see if they will ask Facebook to protect their rights to the image? Would be good PR on their front. At least as the owner of the photo, they have the right to have it pulled.

  10. I submitted a report to facebook to have the image removed – this is the reply:

    Thank you for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate our Community Standards. Reports like yours are an important part of making Facebook a safe and welcoming environment. We reviewed the photo you reported for annoying and distasteful humor and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.

      • So did I…
        Status This photo wasn’t removed
        Details Thank you for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate our Community Standards. Reports like yours are an important part of making Facebook a safe and welcoming environment. We reviewed the photo you reported for annoying and distasteful humor and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.

  11. I made the request to have it removed and like everyone else I got the “well sorry but this is ok to have on our site”.

    I fired off a report to them to which I doubt I will get any action on but it’s worth a shot before I go the next step on this because this is over the line.

    This is what I wrote in my report:

    I think you should actually review the complaints and actually look at the photo in question before you just fire off a report that states “No this is ok to have on Facebook”. It needs to be taken down. I bet if it was your loved one that was recently killed that was being made fun of you would be all over that like a fat kid on a cupcake on getting it removed.

    Thank you for your time.

    Like I said I doubt nothing will come of this but let us see what happens.

  12. First I had to send a gallon of ape shit to LJS, now this; its simple the page has a bunch of lewd photos of kids and teens report each photo on the page for child porno, facebook wont fuck around with that even if it looks close the entire account will be removed.

  13. This meme has been going around since July 14 it was allover tumblr and twitter. This facebook page did not originate it. I know many glee fans have tried to get people to delete it but some don’t even when they find out it isn’t Lea Michele. I don;t get it, in never made sense in the first place considering Cory is Canadian anyway and never served. I hope people don’t get ipset at Lea Michele cause she is grieving and doesn’t need this crap either.

  14. Sadly, the photo is also being used by the anti-gun group Mom’s Demand Action and is posted to their fb page at facebook.com/MomsDemandAction/photos_stream even though Jason was very pro gun. They are using the photo to promote a domestic anti-gun message. Sickening that this memory is stolen from her again and also use to promote a cause Jason would strongly oppose.

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