Exclusive Costco Military And Veteran Offer Through Sheerid

This is an exclusive offer for Military, Veterans and their immediate family members from Costco through Sheerid and made available to us here at Guardian Of Valor. This offer requires verification of Active or Veteran status. If you are not currently active, you will have to submit proof of Veteran status, there are several options to accomplish this on the link. It is also available to immediate family, but you will have to have your sponsors information. We have verified and tested the links, it is safe and secure and your information will only be used to access this offer.

Although we are not allowed to tell you exactly what the offer is due to the agreement for future offers, we can tell you it is worth more than $50.00.

We hope you enjoy it, and we have plans for more exclusive offers in the near future. Go to the below link to verify your eligibility, once verified you will be sent an email to access the offer.

Costco and Sheerid Offer Verification Page


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16 comments on “Exclusive Costco Military And Veteran Offer Through Sheerid
  1. it didn’t ask me for any form of verification i just filled out name, birth date, discharge date, and it just took me straight to the application, is this right?

  2. It’s $110 for the Executive membership but you get a 2% rebate on most of the things you purchase so at the end of the year, you can use your rebate towards your renewal. I think it’s a good dear overall. Thanks.

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