Example Of A Faked DD214 Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty

Below is an example of a DD214 that has been forged. Some errors are obvious, while the other errors might not be caught by someone not familiar with one. It is a little blurry, and the edges were cut off, but this is how we received it. So for all our fans with Military backgrounds help out everyone else, and point out the errors you see. One example would be some misspellings, if you’re going to forge a 214, at least use spell check. In box 25, Separation Authority,  the shortened term for Chapter is CHAP not CAHP.

So comment on the errors, and of course the lies you see.



What are your thoughts?
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    • AIT is Advanced Individual Training, not “Advanced Infantry Training”. Why would a “calvary” scout go to Infantry training. Infantry (and Cavalry, and some other Military Occupational Specialties (MOSs) do not attend AIT at all. Instead their Basic Combat Training (BCT) and AIT are combined into One Station Unit Training (OSUT).

      • I do believe that Ross knows what AIT is. What he’s pointing out is that there is no such thing as Infantry AIT. Infantry training consist of One Station Unit Training (OSUT) conducted at Fort Benning, GA. There are no other bases in the United States Army for Infantry training. Hence Fort Benning is known as the Home of the Infantry.

      • I have to disagree OSUT is correct but back in 90s we had what was called Split Op program where we had kids that were juniors come in for basic then after graduating go back to do AIT.. Im not sure if they did away with the program I got out back in 2001, I am an 11B1P Airborne Infantry so yes we do have an AIT 🙂 Airborne

    • Yes, it is possible, though very (read extremely) unlikely for it to happen. That individual would have to be serving in a capacity under the Navy in order to do so.

      • USMC General Chesty Puller has 5 Navy Crosses and 1 Army Distinguished Service Cross, all of them just under the MOH. Chesty pulled all Marines and Army out of overwhelming numbers of Chinese in Korea. It was his finest hour, finer than Guadalcanal, and that is why he got the top award from each service.

        As Nick said, it is possible, but hard to do. This guy said he has a Kosovo Medal and an Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal. Being that he is missing Iraq or Afghanistan, if he won a Navy Cross, it would have been all over the news.

  1. On the GI bill part, it has Yes twice, the awards section is FUBAR and they don’t put on DD214’s that they didn’t include things because of national security. That kind of defeats the purpose of omitting them

  2. Army of Occupation medal?… Army Overseas training medal?.. Navy Cross ( in the Army?) Fort Knox for Infantry Training? USMC Sniper School? Operation Desert Fox? Warrant Officer? Undisclosed locations for Schools?
    I can hardly read it cause my eyes are bad, but I can smell the bullshit

    • Occupation medal is still open from 2001 for Kosovo, so that is a maybe. Desert Fox will not work, that was from the 16-22 Dec 98 and was the bombing campaign for the Iraq war. Ya, nothing saying how he went from enlisted to CW2. Undisclosed is what made me laugh, thought that was awesome to see on a 214!!

      • there was a division sized element for desert fox that did set up a def. area along the border to repell 3 rep. guard divisions and for a follow on attack,,,, but they didnt get anything for it and the USAF took care of the real action.

    • there was Operation Desert Fox,it was a 4 day bombing mission(1998)? on Saddam Hussein for non compliance in letting un weapons inspectors into the country,it was mostly Navy and AF,with some Marine ground units in support from Qatar,no Army as far as i can remember,but yeah this 214 is a fake.

    • The Army of Occupation Medal was a World War II Medal that was issued to Soldiers, Sailors, Coast Guardsmen, and Marines who occupied Germany and Japan after the war. On the ribbon, the white was for peace, the black for Germany and the Red for Japan. After World War II, anyone assigned to Berlin before the wall came down got the medal as well.

      You redacted the period of service, but the last Army of Occupation Medal was issued in 1990.

    • While this is clearly BS, I went & checked mine; the awards aren’t in descending order. (I’m pretty sure mine is real – just QC’d by the world’s finest IPAC, which, you know… ).

    • FYI, older 214’s are not necessarily in order, but newer ones are. Older 214’s tend to be in order earned, because (in the Army, anyway) they were hand written or typed onto a DA Form 2-1. When you separated, the clerk would pull the 2-1 in order to create the 214.

      In the modern military, Awards and Decorations are kept on computer databases and are downloaded directly from those databases onto the 214, so they should be in perfect order. If you happen to have awards from multiple services, then your service’s award goes first. For example, an Air Force Sergeant goes to CENTCOM and serves with the Army and earns an Army Achievement Medal, that medal would go after his Air Force Achievement Medal.

      This guy’s 214 sets off alarms because it should have an Army Service Ribbon listed (it is missing), and probably listed first. The Navy Cross listed second implies that he earned it straight out of boot (listed second, right after National Defense).

      • Mine’s old corps… by a week. It seems to flow Joint, service, campaign & unit but, they couldn’t figure out a prior service award. I also don’t have the “//nothing follows//” pointed out. These aren’t that uniform or your admin clerk/software was provided by the lowest bidder…

  3. The rank is incorrect. Should read CW* and the pay grade would be W0* Cheif Warrant Officer is only part of the title and means nothing without the number. Also in the MOS/Specialty none are a Warrant Specialty

  4. Wow. I spotted a big error right off. Calvary is the hill where they crucified Christ. Cavalry is a functional branch of the military.

  5. How can a chief warrant officer be a SF Weapons Sergeant? And an NCO Professional Development Ribbon again as a W2? And correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t a Chief Warrant Officer classified as a CW and not a W?

  6. List ODA number under unit deployed, list courses selected to instead of course completed doesn’t work that way, there where a max of 12 guys on triple nickel in Afghanistan in the invasion and I have already meet or seen online at least 25 guys who clam it. lists 18B as MOS should be 180A, navy cross?really? hope some tool didn’t try to pass this thing off

  7. Basic training is not put into the Military Education section. there are 2 forward slashes // after every decoration in block 13 and should end with //NOTHING FOLLOWS, and the MOS box 11, nothing is made bold in any part of the DD214 except for section headers. No SGLI, no one declines that. Block 22.a. is done by a civilian and it would include a signature serial number as well as that civilians pay grade and title. Plus what everyone else said.

  8. Oh sorry it is 7 years. With 4 AGCMs. Apparently he served most likely 8 years.. block 11 accounts for 7 years. As a matter of fact this whole thing doesn’t make any since as far as timeliness go. The math is all wrong!

  9. The army does have a Professional Development Ribbon but not a Professional Deployment Ribbon. Maybe it’s a typo. (yeah right) This guy sure attended a lot of undisclosed location schools.

  10. Well at a glance I see “Weapons Seargent” which should be spelled “Weapons Sergeant”. Also an obvious one is that unless he’s on an Air Force Base, the “Official Authorized To Sign” would be SSG, not SSGT. Also, seperation code of LBK means Involuntary discharge at end active obligated service (things like RCP, QMP, QSP, etc) and usually accompany a reentry code of RE-3, meaning they can reenlist in theirs or another branch of service, but only with an approved waiver. This has a reentry code of RE-1A, which is (fully) eligible to reenlist. Kind of contradicts the LBK. Ooh, just caught an obvious one- the last ribbon says Army NCO Professional Deployment Ribbon- deployment? Really? That should be Army Non-Commissioned Officer Professional Development Ribbon! Also Army Overseas Training Ribbon should be Army Overseas Service Ribbon and forgot the L in Medal for his Armed Forces Exp. His time in service is blacked out, but his Good Conducts say between 12 years, and 14 years 11 months service. Now the Primary Specialties show 7 years of service, but under that is blacked out, so I don’t know if there’s more. Officers and Warrants don’t get Good Conduct awards but may wear awards given during previous periods of enlistment. So unless he has at LEAST five more years of enlisted jobs in that blacked out part, thats a pretty big fake there. I see time as a weapons sergeant, but I don’t see anything about PLDC/WLC in his schools, which so far as I know is still required for Sergeant. Then again, I don’t know that much about the working of the SF world or the Warrant conversion system, so maybe he bypassed it because he went Warrant quickly. Also as Shade mentioned, I don’t recall any 214’s specifically mentioning X’ing “to ensure National Security”. That’s what I see, but I’m sure someone much more switched on to DD214’s will find a LOT more than I did. 🙂

  11. – It’s really obvious, but there are WAAY too many spelling errors… Yes, they may show up in the fields that people enter, but the blocks themselves (like “SepEration” “SeArgent” and “Vetern”).

    – Without seeing the dates of service in this example, Good Conduct Medals can give away issues. I know that Navy uses a three-year period for Good Conduct, and you’ll see people claiming that they have 5 GCM’s with nowhere near the required service.

    – The Remarks section is a red flag, as it’s usually for continuations that won’t fit in the blocks (such as awards and training that won’t fit). Deployment information and mission information won’t be there… and the type shouldn’t be lower-case. On that note, font types that look different mean that, even if it was a valid DD-214, that there was doctoring. Changes, additions, and corrections need to be done on a DD-215

    – This “Seperation” Code is a valid one (LBK is expiration of enlistment), but it strikes me on face value as odd as he’s a Warrant Officer, but I wouldn’t personally jump on that one without more research. People will make mistakes on the SPD code, though. An internet search will reveal what the real reason is, and may show either why they REALLY got out (if they forgot to change it), or be a mismatch is they outright forged it (like a code that would be for a female separation for a male DD-214)

    – Navy Cross… for Army? It’s not an award that’s cross-service awarded. DOD awards can be cross-service awarded, but branch-specific are usually not. Things that jump out like that should be red flags… especially the BIG awards (and Navy Crosses look cool on paper, especially SEALS are in the spotlight).

    – There’s so much to type on a DD-214 that we don’t have the luxury of making new lines for everything (like in this training block). I don’t know the specifics of Army, but training should be continual entries followed by commas, and school length and dates should be in the format of month spelled out (2 WKS, MAY02).

    – And there are NEVER blank areas in fields. Typing starts at the beginning of a field, and if there is unused space, a series of “X”s will be used to fill the open space. That Remarks section (even if it was used properly for the information) doesn’t use the right format.

    • USMC General Chesty Puller has 5 Navy Crosses and 1 Army Distinguished Service Medal, so it is possible, but rare.

      General Norman Schwartzkopf was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard after Desert Storm, another example.

      However, to your point, people who win big awards from other services are practically household names.

    • I just looked at my husbands and there are no XXX’s anywhere and there is blank space like where his awards are listed but it does say //NOTHING FOLLOWS. In the Remarks section it lists his dates of deployments and starts with “DATA HEREIN IS SUBJECT TO COMPUTER MATCHING WITHIN DOD OR WITH OTHER AGENCIES FOR VERIFICATION” I also noticed that there are several areas that should be shaded but they do not look shaded (ex 4a and 4b) which everyone seems to say is forged.Box 21 and 22 both have actual ink signatures as well.The actual lay out of the from on here is different from the one I found for my husband but it is from 04. I could not find his most recent one.
      You know my husband has put in alot of time with the military and our family has been through 3 deployments within a 6 year period but not once would he ever think of falsifying anything he has done or accomplished.He is very proud of what he has done and works hard for what he can still do.It burns me up to see these people who try to claim the same things that he has had to work for.It makes me want to find them and just slap them in the face. Why not be proud of what you have done and if its not enough then work harder to do more. It is totally up to you to decide how far you want to go. My father only did 4 years in the ARNG and that was all he did but that was his choice and he never tried to say he was something he wasnt and wasnt ashamed of his time. It does not make him any less of a man than my husband who has served so far for 17 years. In my eyes they are both strong great men because they have served their country no matter how long it was or what they received while enlisted. They gave time out of their lives to do what they could.So what if my father was never deployed to a war. Had we went to war when he was in I am sure he would have went.
      Sorry to ramble, I just dont understand why so many people have to try to be something they are not. Be proud of who you are and if you are not proud then do something to feel the pride you want but do it honestly.

      • It goes without saying that we have respect for your father and your husband. They are part of the 1%, the percent of Americans who served. God bless your family.

        Recently, DD214’s have been getting signed electronically with the member’s and the admin’s CAC cards. I think that “wet signatures” are going away.

        Also, you are correct that certain sections are deliberately shaded so that they cannot be forged.

  12. He “could” have a NCOPD ribbon as a warrant if he was an NCO before being accepted to WOBC which I didn’t see listed nor Ft. Rucker which 99.99% of all enlisted personnal that go warrant go flight not walking warrant.

    • I am currently serving and have a TS/SCI with multiple caveats and no mention of it on my 214 either…your DD214 wont mention it at all, legally it cant…stupid rules…you can say you have a clearance and everything but its a security risk to have it mentioned on your file…never understood that one. Your JPAS print out would be the only thing you have that would mention your clearance level and only your security manager can give that to you (S2 NCOIC or OIC) I have never heard of a Level 4 TS/SCI either…must be something the SF get…yeah no.

  13. The whole thing is fake, the areas that are supposed to be grayed boxes are not, it looks like a Windows Office Document version of a DD-214. Nothing is to be in Bold letters, and the Remarks section has too much crap in it. And the typing of all the “stuff” that was done is in very small writing. Nothing is uniform on this 214

  14. Lrn2OSUT. According to his DD214 he went to scout school shortly before me. Scout school is (and was then) OSUT, meaning MOS and basic were just one big 16 week block (sure as shit wasn’t 30 weeks). Scouts, tankers, 11Bs don’t go through BCT like the rest of the army, but OSUT.

  15. Chief warrant officer should be CW2
    MOS should be 180A
    AIT is Advanced Individual Training
    // separates awards
    Multiple awards should say “2nd award” and not a number in parenthesis
    No signatures
    WTF is “fast track SFAS”?
    How old is he, Army of Occupation Medal? WW2 era?

  16. Wow. Lets see. Somehow this guy has the Army of Occupation Medal…as I am tracking this is for WWII. He never showed on his paperwork where he went to WOCS but yet his is a Warrant Officer. Oh that brings up his rank of W2…try CW2 jackass. The rest of the awards are all crazy shit (like a Navy Cross for an Army SF guy??) or the NCO Professional DEPLOYMENT Ribbon. Last but not least…L4 TS/SCI security to know where he has been…are you f$%^&ing kidding me. I wish I could kick this piece of human garbage in the balls.

  17. Since we’re on the subject of awards here, a question: A Soldier that was in OIF 1 from March 2003 to March 2004–are they authorized one campaign star or two ? Anyone know?

    • According to MILPER Message 11-342, which is the most recent according to HRC’s site, that is two stars; one for each of the following:
      LIBERATION OF IRAQ 19 MARCH 2003 – 1 MAY 2003
      TRANSITION OF IRAQ 2 MAY 2003 – 28 JUNE 2004
      (one or more days in each campaign qualifies for the corresponding star)

      • (no mention of anything prior to 19 March 2003, so you may lose out on those 3 weeks; or you *might* be able to work it as the GWOTEM, but I don’t know about that. Talk to someone who is in an S-1 capacity, they may be able to help you more with that.

  18. Also, that DD 214 among all the other things people already said here, DMSM – Defense Meritorious Service Medal not Defense Meritorious Medal

  19. I mean, where do you start? The font is the first thing that jumps out. His rank should be WO2. I’m pretty sure there has never been a WO2 holding an 18B MOS unless he was enlisted before he received his Warrant rank. Do they no longer fill out the month and days in the time in service blocks? I’m fairly certain it should read 8 years, 0 months, and 0 days. The obvious award block, between misspellings and names of awards that don’t exist. The list of Military education seems a bit shady to me. // NOTHING FOLLOWS

  20. Fast Track SFQC at Camp Rowe TC NC (Never heard of it, Not saying here was or wasn’t)
    SERE at Ft Bragg
    I worked at SERE @ Camp Rowe for 19 years. If Fast Track was at Camp Rowe why wasn’nt SERE @ Camp Rowe where it is conducted,

  21. This had way too many to mention again (I say that because I responded in facebook). Another to add from what is listed above, it is Camp Mackall, not Camp Rowe, Col. Rowe training center is inside Camp Mackall. He went to SFAS at Camp Mackall at the same time he was selected to go there while serving in Kosovo? He can’t spell, has crossover dates, Navy Cross? (duh) GCM x4 for an officer? (x4 Duh). Classified info is NEVER on a 214. This stunk on so many levels.

    • Made me curious too, which branch this person was in. Says Army, his DD214 is signed off by a Marine (SSGT as opposed to SSG), won the Navy Cross and was selected for Marine Sniper schoool. Wonder what training facility he was at in Israel, maybe he was with the MOSAD too!

  22. Well, I could say it is meticously forged.

    For one is already mentioned highly dubvious Navy Cross, but the thing is Special Forces soldiers do not just work by themselves.

    When I was stationed in Ramadi Iraq, we had FOB Cobra right by river from Camp Ramadi. On the other side there was Camp Blue Diamond. The camp not only had Special Forces operators, but also Navy SEAL teams and some marine Force Recons. So, I would of fell for it to be honest but then I looked at other things that are really really dubvious such as a lot of mistypes. The signature of authorized person is not made by civilian. All of DD214 forms that I seen are signed by civilian federal workers with authorization, not military personsel like in his case S. L. Lara which is already red flag because the person signing authorization have write their full name, and sign DD214 in blue ink to mark it as the original form. For example my DD214 authorization form was written by Rosa Santiago while she was working in administration in Baumholder Germany. His is not signed by hand, nor digitally.

    There is no IR dates. I don’t know about that, but every soldier and officer I met after honorably discharging from the military went into Inactive Reserves. His is set to N/A.

    Another more highly dubvious award is Army of Occupation Medal. I never received Army of Occupation medal from my deployments to Germany, Kuwait and Iraq nor anyone that I know or knew in my unit. Then again, he stated he was deployed in Kosovo, where I was never deployed. He might of got it from there if it was real DD214, but as again I highly doubt we are “Occupying or occupied Kosovo”. We are listed as invited guest force to any nation we are deployed to and thus technically not occupying anything.

    As already mentioned another red flag is the font. This is totally wrong font and seems like made out from Microsoft 2007 or other typing programs.

    As mentioned as well numerous grammar mistakes. I am russian born, and still notice a lot of mistakes like “Advance Infantry Training”.

    18 B “special forces Seargent?” What the hell is “Seargent”? Is that a new rank from outer space?

    I am former 19D Cavalry Scout myself. We do not go through any kind of “Advance or Advanced Infantry Training.” nor have I ever heard of any “Advanced Infantry Training” going for 30 something weeks.

    Fort Knox is Armor and Recon Cavalry school. Besides churning out Cavalry Scouts and Tankers, the other stock they churn out is tank mechanics for Army and Marines, and although common, but not that much soldiers who are scheduled to go to AIT in other installations.

    19D program in Fort Knox is OSUT where you get in and stay in until you graduate. That part supposed to be 19D Cavalry Scout or “Armored Reconissance Specialist” school and thats about it since scouts technically do not go through AIT as mentioned for OSUT comment.

    Since I was never in Special Forces unit or schools, I don’t know if others can point out any mistakes in those areas such as Fastrack SFAS and SERE courses.

    Little things:

    Can’t see date of separation.

    Army NCO Proffesional deployment ribbon? Proffesional?……

    Defense Meritorious Medal? Should be Defense Meritorious Service Medal.

    Armed Forces Expeditionary Meda;? Meda;?….

    DIstinguished Service Medal Army?…. Maybe Army Distinguished Service Medal?

    With all those bronze stars, purple hearts, no Combat Action Badge?

  23. Starting from the Top

    Block 2: the Army uses / not – for ARMY/RA

    Block 4: Chief Warrant Officer what? Should read CW2 since the next block is W2

    Block 7a: Since he was residing in McCormick SC and there are 5 MEPS stations between his home and Louisville why in the hell would a Recruiter drive him 525 miles to enlist at Louisville?

    Block 9: Since the IRR requirement is 8 years for the Army he is one year shy by calculations he should have one year IRR Remaining.

    Block 11: MOS Codes are shown as 19D2P – Yrs Mos not in parenthesis or similar and if you are a CW2 in SF your MOS is 180A not 18-B also after the last item the will type //NOTHING FOLLOWS.

    Block 13: Where do I begin? Awards are typed in order of precedence not random. 4xAGCM = 12 years service it is showing only 7 years on the 214. Army of Occupation Medal (last issued in 1990) Highly Doubt he received it. Navy Cross would be the highest Award and would be first Since it rates one below the MOH. DSM yeah right… after that he is all over the map with medals that are crazy 3x PH, 2x BS, Expeditionary not Expiditionary. Missing the Service in Defense Meritorious Service Medal. Award on Army Presidential Unit Citation (extra word), Active Army has no OVERSEAS TRAINING RIBBON (Only the reserves have that. NCO Professional DEPLOYMENT Ribbon? Thought it was Development… Should say CONT in BLOCK 18. The only Campaign award is Kosovo so where are the ones for Iraq and Afghanistan. Where are his Tabs and Qualification Badges? I could go on but I will stop as I am getting pissed.

    Block 14 : Basic Training does not go in the Military Education Block as it is required and not a School. AIT is Advanced Individual Training and yes the 19D course was at Knox until it moved to Benning this past year. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FAST TRACK SFAS. You have to complete SFAS and it is 24 Days not (6-8?) weeks and be selected then you spend a year or more in training at Fort Bragg, NC at the JFKSWC and Camp Mackall. Camp Rowe is the SERE School. Where is WOBC or WOAC?

    Block 18 is just fucked up with too much Hidden Agenda BS to even get me started. There is no such thing as Undisclosed Location for training or deployment. And if you need a L4 TSSCI to read this we should be cringing because we are in trouble…. All I can say is Block 18 looks like Superman, MacGyver, and Rambo all in one.

    Okay so I am a perfectionist but I have a long and distinguished career and I hate people who try to live on the Fame of others who never returned or returned damaged. I have no problem researching and pointing out the BS when I see it.

  24. For the medals too….cant get over the fact he didnt even give himself the Army Service Ribbon…the wonderful rainbow ribbon EVERYONE gets once the complete BCT and AIT…thats fail number 2… shortly after him failing to put his rank in correctly…he failed at everything…dip shit fix yourself time time now

  25. Also….you would never disclose the clearance level needed to view something that is disclosed to the public…and putting something cant be disclosed for national security is in itself a security violation….fyi for the civs out there….you would never see something mentioning any form of security clearance on a 214….and to go along with that…there isnt such as thing as a “level 4 TS/SCI” there is a TS and SCI is a caveat, among others….a clearance is distinguished as confidential, secret, and top secret…maybe this guy should have google image searched for a 214 before he did this

  26. Oh and I missed one thats a sweet clue to fake…. In Block 22 the person signing it is a SSGT? She/He’s Air Force? And where oh where is that SIGNATURE? And since when did a Soldier in the Army outprocess through a Air Force unit? Just Sayin

  27. Too many spelling errors: sergeant, separated, transferred, veteran. Dang, I’m a civilian and I’d blow the whistle just on that, plus the font is all wrong. I’ve seen DD-214s before and this looks like it was made with PowerPoint.

  28. It shames me to see crap like this. I found so many errors and shameless lies here that I wanted to puke. I served from 91 to 97, and missed all the major “hot spots”. My only “combat” tour was an MFO deployment and that is only because they pay combat pay for it. I am proud of the awards and decorations I have earned and feel no need to embellish. I wish they would write laws to punish people for impersonating decorated veterans or falsifying DD-214’s, after all, we were willing to impeach an President for a paperwork lie….

  29. The Kosovo medal should read as: Kosovo Campaign Medal/Bronze Star. Having been there twice, that is caught my eye. The reason for the Bronze Star on the Kosovo Campaign meadl(ribbon) on the ribbon is not because of the number of times but for the Air campaign(where we bombed the shit out of everything) and the ground campaign(where we went in and cleaned up the bombing mess. they whole thing didn’t look right to me but then again, I really couldn’t see it all that well(even after enlarging the image) and I’d actually have to dig out my DD214s (1 from being Active Duty and 2 from Deployed National Guard).

  30. I know this is meant to be an educational experience to serve the general public – but by pointing out how jacked up this DD214 is aren’t we helping future fucksticks forge their DD214’s more accurately? I opened this with some general interest and when I zoomed the picture up I could tell there was so much off with the DD214 that I didn’t want to try and make a list…but after reading some of the comments things have gotten to a descriptive level to where some one researching how to forge one properly could basically make a step by step instruction manual out of the comments here.

    All of that aside, I hope whoever obtained this from said douchefuck for a job interview – or whatever it was – reported him. Why is it every douchebag that wants to fake being in the military has to say they were some kind of elite Tier 1 Operator but cannot disclose it due to national security? Isn’t it enough to lie and say you were some dirty leg and part of something you could never hope to accomplish in your real dysfunctional lifestyle?

    • Don’t worry about helping liars. If you are suspicious, you can always write the NPRC in St. Louis for the DoD copy of the 214.

      Your last paragraph is spot on! This Veteran’s Day, if a liar came to me in a Army PFC’s Class A’s, rocking the Iraq Campaign Medal, 1 Good Conduct Medal, National Defense and Army Service, I might miss it. The problem for these people is that they can’t resist putting every tab and badge on and as many decorations as they can find.

      Also, even with a conservative uniform (or a well forged 214), almost all of them like to brag. It works great until they run into someone who was really there…

  31. ok, enough of these guys for a minute. my dd form 214 does not show hardly ANY of the schools i attended in twenty years of service. how can i get this corrected? can anyone help?

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