Erik Whelan, Busted By Airport Police At Glacier Airport In Fake Uniform














KALISPEL, MONTANA – Glacier International Airport, is an airport in the northwestern corner of Montana. Earlier this week, Erik Whelan was spotted by airport police walking through the airport in uniform. A few of the officers were Veterans and noticed his uniform looked off, so they approached him at the security gate.

Once approached they noticed he was wearing CPT bars, Ranger tab, CIB, Airborne, among other things. When they began questioning him, he showed an old expired military ID. When he realized he was caught, he used the excuse that he was going to see his girlfriend and she wanted to see him in uniform. They made him remove all of his patches and tabs, as in Montana it is not illegal to pose as a Soldier.

They sent us the info on Mr. Whelan and we began to do some digging,  we found his Facebook and he also had photos of him in uniform on it as well.

As you can see in the below photo, he is a Corporal instead of a Captain.





He also claimed he served with the 82d Airborne from 2007-2012.




We gathered the information on Erik and sent it to our contacts with the Army to check his service status. Seems Erik did enlist, but never made it through training, he was classified as a Deserter and DFR’d(Dropped From Rolls) after he failed to show for required training.

The official response:

PV2 Erik Jason Whelan,  1st Battalion, 163rd Infantry Regiment, Montana Army National Guard, Kalispell, Montana.

Enlisted in April 2007 and dropped from the rolls of the Army (DFR) in October 2007 as a deserter. No MOS or awards listed.


On his profile he also claims to have joined the Marine Corps in 1990, says he did three tours including Desert Storm, as a member of RECON. Well since he is currently 40 years old, in 1990 he would have been 15. Didn’t realize the Marines allowed you to join at 15!


Well Erik, since you wanted to impress your girlfriend and you got busted by Airport Police, now she can be really impressed that you are a Deserter who couldn’t even report to training.


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