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Bud Hadley on Instagram with his “SF” pose.





13 February 2017 – Mobile, Alabama – Once upon a time there was a bushy bearded Army Medic named Edward “Bud” Hadley Jr that roamed around Mobile, AL telling tall tells about how he was a badass Special Forces guy who walked the streets of Iraq kicking in doors and taking names. He boasted about how his service as a SF member in Iraq got him a Bronze Star with a V for Valor. He decorated his office with Special Forces awards and peppered the roof of his car with SF patches and tabs because after all, he was a mans man and wanted everyone to know it.



Bud taking a selfie ensuring all of his unearned tabs and patches show



After this American hero left the military he stayed in the medical field and worked as a respiratory therapist around the Mobile area. As he was telling his harrowing tales to anyone that would listen, he met another Veteran that worked in the hospital. The two quickly became friends not only because they were both Veterans, but they both had a love for facial hair. This bromance quickly turned into a rather successful company called Warlord Beard Oil Company LLC. The two Vets were quickly taking over the Deep South with their stellar beard oils, waxes, and so much more.


Claiming SF, Paratrooper, Diver, all false claims


But the American hero could not help himself, he began telling his harrowing tales all over the south and on social media. He began to boast about how he as a Special Forces guy was going to start donating 10% of all sales of his Pineland beard oil to the Green Beret Foundation. He did not stop there though, he covered his companies Instagram with Special Forces and Airborne tabs and patches and began to befriend numerous SF members across multiple social media sites. The American hero could not stop himself, he had jumped on his Special Forces train and became the little Stolen Valor that could… convince just about anyone that he was in fact the Special Forces American Hero that he dreamt he could be.


Hey! Look at me I’m an SF guy!





One of many Instagram posts insinuating Hadley was SF qualified


The cold hard truth about this “American hero” is that he tarnished his honorable service as a U.S. Army Medic by claiming awards he never earned. In a joint investigation headed by our counterparts at Green Beret Posers exposed, we found that Edward “Bud” Hadley Jr was never Special Forces qualified, never earned his jump wings, and was never awarded the Bronze Star with a V for Valor. And of course it doesn’t stop there. Bud had claimed to be a solid supporter of the Green Beret Foundation and said that he was going to donate 10% of the Pineland beard oils sales to GBF to help “fellow” SF members and their families during tough times. But as of January 7, 2017 Warlord Beard Oil Company LLC and/or Bud Hadley had only donated $50 to the Green Beret Foundation. Bud decided to write an apology/confession letter stating that he was wrong and that he would begin to donate $1,500 quarterly to the Green Beret Foundation and made a “good-faith” donation of $365. Our silence cannot be bought and despite what Bud thinks, this will not just “blow over.” Stealing valor and using a legit organization like the Green Beret Foundation to gain financially and to gain customers is wrong on so many levels.


“Proud supporter of the Green Beret Foundation”



Here is  Bud’s confession:



And here are his real records:


Hadley’s official records



One of the worst parts of this story to me is the fact that Bud is dragging his business partner, a Gulf War Veteran that never stole valor or knew that Bud was a fake, down with him. I sat down with Mr. Steve Rich, the business partner, and discussed what he knew about Bud, their business deals, and we discussed Mr. Rich’s service in the U.S. Army and he provided me with his DD 214 as proof of his service. Mr. Rich and Bud have a lot of things to discuss and work out, for the sake of Mr. and Mrs. Rich and their children I hope that they can figure out how to get Warlord Beard Oil Company LLC back on the right track and that the company will only be ran by Valorous owners in the future. We will keep everyone updated on this businesses story and its outcome as we are updated on legal proceedings. Listen to Ms. Mighty Mouse, Mr. Rich, and Mrs. Rich’s interview on our YouTube channel Guardian of Valor. Here is our interview with the current owner of Warlord Beard Oil Company. Warlord Beard Oil Company talks about Hadley and his lies.


The Co-Owner issued an apology once he learned of Hadley’s lies.

Co-Owners Apology


Another Instagram post




Bud continuing to claim Special Forces and SF groups




Warlord Beard Oil Company LLC has SF patches to further Hadley’s claims



Special Thanks to our Brothers at Green Beret Posers Exposed, true “Quiet Professionals”.




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