Douglas Arthur Buono Ranger Extraordinaire

Douglas Arthur Buono

Douglas Arthur Buono

Meet Douglas Arthur Buono, or Doug as his friends call him. Doug was brought to our attention several weeks ago by several people that became suspicious of him after seeing him wearing multiple tabs and badges. He walked around like he was Superman, said one person in an email. When we received the pictures of Mr.Buono, we to were in awe, I mean he looks all legit right? Yea same thing we thought!

Well after doing some digging we found out Mr. Buono did serve in the Military, just not in the capacity he was parading around in. We received a copy of a DD214, but we all know those can leave out things sometimes, so we requested Mr. Buono’s records. While we waited on the research on the records to be completed, we continued to look around at Mr. Buono.

First, he actually showed up at Fort Benning, Ga wearing all these unauthorized tabs and badges. To include rank in which he did not earn. He is very lucky he was not approached by a real Ranger, that could have turned out pretty ugly! Thing is several Soldiers at Fort Benning thought he looked out of place, and actually contacted us. When we showed them the pictures, they verified it was the same guy. And we told them we already have him and looking into it.

Let’s see, he is wearing the following on his ACU’s, although he forgets to add a badge sometimes; Special Forces Tab, Ranger Tab, USASOC Patch, Drill Sergeant Badge, Air Assault Badge, Master Parachutists Badge, and in some of his pictures he even sports a Master Halo Badge. Well if someone seen this dude and didn’t know any better, they would think he is one super bad ass!

So now on to what he is authorized to wear according to his military records…and surprise…NONE OF THE ABOVE! According to his records, he was discharged after serving 10 years as a 31B- Military Police! And was awarded the following; Joint Service Achievement Medal, Army Achievement Medal x2, Army Good Conduct Medal x3, National Defense Service Medal x2, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Non Commissioned Officers Professional Development Ribbon(Only 1 so he was never eligible for SSG(E6) much less SFC(E7), Army Service Ribbon, Overseas Service Ribbon x2, Expert Badge w/Auto Rifle Bar and Pistol Bar, Driver and Mechanic Badge with Driver-W Bar and the NATO Medal. And he never served in Iraq or Afghanistan, so he is not authorized a Combat Patch, much less a USASOC Patch! He did serve overseas in Bosnia and Kosovo. I wonder why he did not go ahead and throw a Combat Infantryman’s Badge on? Here is another picture of our Super Trooper with the Halo Badge.





After the Army:

Well after Mr. Buono was Honorably Discharged from the Army, he landed a Job with the Columbus County Sheriff’s Department in 2003 as a dog handler. It didn’t last long, in March of 2006 he got intoxicated one evening while off-duty and drove his westbound Ford F-350 off the road and slammed into a metal pole. The truck then hit a vehicle in a car lot, causing a chain reaction of crashes involving seven vehicles, the wreck caused about $75,000 in property damage.

Police say the deputy left the scene before other deputies responded. He was found at a residence on Gordon Highway and taken to the Columbia County Detention Center, where he was released on bonds totaling $3,300. He was charged with hit and run, driving under the influence and driving too fast for conditions, needless to say he was fired. You can see the Police Blotter here Buono DUI

After this he landed a job with the Georgia Youth Challenge Academy, and was working there until recently. When we contacted the Academy for a comment, they informed us he was no longer employed, but would not elaborate.

I still can not believe he had the nerve to show up at Fort Benning in his Super Trooper outfit, wait maybe I can, these posers and embellisher’s just keep getting braver. But now since he has been outed, and the Ranger and SF community are aware, I hope he does not have the balls to try that again.

Here is a snap shot of the comments on one of his Facebook Profile Pictures:


And another:



MR. Buono may have seen the error of his ways, as he showed up on our Facebook page Stolen Valor and apologized. I asked him to email us, which he did. I then asked him to email us an official apology and we would post it to the page. He has not responded yet, but as soon as he does we will post it. Here is a snapshot of the apology left on our Facebook page.



UPDATE 20131215

Doug contacted us tonight via our inbox on Facebook and wanted us to share this with everyone.



Doug, I personally want to thank you, as you are the first out of all of our cases to have come forward and admitted you were wrong and apologized.


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