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7 comments on “Donate
  1. Great job, and a tireless job I’m sure. Have you considered taking Paypal to possibly increase your contributions?

  2. I, personally, want to Thank You all for the Sacrifices you have committed to ensure my Freedoms. With Respect and Honor, I salute you! Continue the Grand Fight for yourselves, your honor, and for us all. God Bless America and Her Troops. Brett

  3. Brothers, thank you for your sacrifice to make this nation a great place to raise a family. What you are doing honors those who really did servie, and I hope that you will be able to continue your work. I’ll be making donations from time to time, as I can. God bless, keep up the good work. JW Clark

  4. I’ll make a donation, but a bit confused (on your form)
    Get back to me and let me know what goes where.

  5. I need guardian of valor to look into this matter this guy is a want a be and again this fake says that he is in Kabul Afghanistan but also says soon as August 1st 2014 gets here he is retiring from Germany and is going back to Florida and I don’t like in Florida so please I’m asking guardian of valor to look into it as what I said in the above notification thank you also when he called the woman it would have shown up an out of country code but it was an Arkansas number

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