Donald Crangle, Delta Force Poser And Concealed Weapons Instructor Busted




Donald Crangle out of Saint Louis Missouri, was busted a couple of weeks ago on charges that he was falsifying applications for Concealed Weapons Permits. Under Missouri law, any person wanting to obtain a Concealed Weapons Permit, must take a minimmum of an 8 hour class, given by a certified instructor.


Well Donald was a certified instructor, but he was also not giving applicants the required 8 hours of instruction. It was brought to light in March after a clerk in the county police department’s records division noticed an applicant’s certificate showed he had received the required eight hours of firearms training that day even though it was only 1:30 p.m. County detectives then signed up for Crangle’s next class at his home.

It was during this class that Crangle went into his accomplishments as a member of the élite Delta Force teams. Several fans messaged us about his stories after he was busted, he loved to make himself look like a hero.

Police said Crangle spent about a third of the class that the undercover officers attended talking about his days with the Army’s Delta Force. His website states that “Sgt. Donald W. Crangle is a retired veteran of the U.S. Army Special Forces.” Here is a screenshot we took of a cache of his site, as it no longer exists.


After just three hours, Crangle told the 11 students in the class that day that they had completed the course even though they had not met any of the state-mandated criteria, police said.

Stocker, of the county police, said that for about the first hour of the class that detectives attended, Crangle talked about being in the Army’s Delta Force, and told them he’s on disability.

So when this story initially broke back in the first week of October, my good friends over at caught wind of it. If you do not know the site, the owners are all former and current Special Forces. We all combine forces when it comes to outing these douchebags.

Well they sent for his records, and guess what, Crangle did serve as a 19E(Tank Driver), and went AWOL as well and was discharged after less than three years of service as a PFC.

Here are his records:





So not only was he a less than stellar Soldier, he has now possibly defrauded thousands of people by not providing them with proper training to receive a Concealed Carry Permit.


According to a reporter from the St Louis Post Dispatch this is what Crangle had to say when reached by phone:

Crangle called them “nothing charges” and said he had pleaded guilty because “there is no fighting St. Louis County.”


Crangle claims he has video showing that the class the undercover officers attended lasted about six hours. He says it would have lasted longer, but a SWAT team interrupted the class. He said he didn’t provide the tapes to the court.

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” he said. “The St. Louis County police is like a military force, and eventually you’ll all realize that. How can you fight them?


“I wish you guys wouldn’t report on this anymore, you are like parasites.”

Parasites huh? I am thinking you, Crangle are the only parasite in this story.  And it seems the Judge thought so to, Crangle plead Guilty to the charges.

The NRA revoked Crangle’s certification after he was charged.

Judge Mary Bruntrager Schroeder sentenced Crangle to two years of probation and 100 hours of community service on four counts of issuing a false instrument or certificate. She also forbid him from teaching concealed carry permit classes. Should he violate his probation, he could spend six months in jail on the charges.

She also sentenced him to one year of probation and 100 hours of community service for the remaining three charges of providing false information regarding the performance of an applicant.

Both sentences are to run concurrently.

So now that he is on here and our friends at Professional, everyone will know his lies and faked Military career. No more defrauding people with his delusions of grandeur.


What are your thoughts?
6 comments on “Donald Crangle, Delta Force Poser And Concealed Weapons Instructor Busted
  1. Good bust. I like to see these shitbags being gutted. Gonna take him a long time to live it down (if he ever does), and his reputation is trashed permanently.

    He should wear an orange shirt that says “Poser” while he’s picking up highway trash.

  2. Can we make a notation that the MOS of 19E is an M60 Armor crewman Not just a driver. Completion of the Armor school at Knox means you are trained for any position on the track ( loader, driver, gunner, tc), of course that designator is no longer in service since the M1 Abrams came in service…now it is 19K…..

  3. send them all to jail, I spent 23 years in the US ARMY and prude of it’ as a motor mach and as a Bn. Motor Sgt and I don’ t clime to be a super hero, just an old trooper.

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