Don Shipley’s Phony SEAL Of The Week, Jay Kerwin Of Bootcamp LA

Jay Kerwin

Jay Kerwin


Los Angeles- Retired SEAL, Senior Chief Shipley sends us his latest fake Navy SEAL, Jay Kerwin of Bootcamp LA. Don tells us he told Jay to come clean about his claims publicly, and Jay told him he could not do that as it would be bad for business.

Don says:

Jason/Jay was asked to remove his claims of being a Navy SEAL and fully qualified Air Force Pararescue and he did not explaining “That would be bad for business.”

Jay, while fit and motivating to his clients, has mislead them into believing he’s something he’s not for profit and his claims have escalated over time with no end in sight that now includes book writing.

Jay should have been content sharing his fitness techniques and leaving out the part about his service in the Air Force Pararescue that amounted to NOTHING  but being discharged as an E-1.

If Jay would like to challenge me I’ll be happy to tell his complete story. Too many legit SEALs and Pararescuemen have sacrificed much, and many killed, while Jay enjoys telling stories to his clients.…


Here are a few snapshots of his claims as pointed out by Don in the video below, more can be found with a simple Google search.







Below is the video of Chief Shipley outing Jay, if you have never seen Don out fake’s, he has a very unique way


Seems someone who knows Jay, and was actually present when he went through training had something to say on his Business Facebook page. That is before he took down his Business page because of the amount of comments he could not control.


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36 comments on “Don Shipley’s Phony SEAL Of The Week, Jay Kerwin Of Bootcamp LA
  1. Don,

    I really have no clue why you waste your time trying to out so many folks. Look after yourself and family…all I see is a guy trying to relive his glory days and keep his name in the community. Give it a break, you actually look like a fool…but what is to be expected from a washed up SEAL.

  2. Seems to be Mr. (no longer “Major”) Kerwin got the message when he was outed here; updated bio on his page:

    Lead Instructors

    Jay Kerwin

    Jay is a certified Skydiver, SCUBA diver, Pilot and E.M.T. Medic. He has been an athlete all his life competing in Wrestling, Football and Track and Martial Arts. He is a former National Champion in wrestling.

    Jay recently won several INFB all Natural Body Building competitions throughout the West Coast.

    Jay continues his passion of fitness by operating Boot Camp L.A. with his wife, Marcella Kerwin. When he’s not helping recruits to achieve their personal bests, he helps individuals achieve their fitness goals with personal one-on-one training.

    Jay has just finished a project with DeePak Chopra and Jack Canfield which resulted in his new book Stepping Stones to Success.

    Disclaimer: Jay Kerwin is not a military officer nor has he ever been. Additionally, any reference made by third parties online or in the media to Jay being a member of the U.S. Navy or a Navy SEAL is inaccurate.

    We have the utmost respect and admiration for all who have served this country and we sincerely apologize to all for any misunderstanding. We have taken and will continue to take steps to address all concerns. Specifically we are working to ensure that the correct information is published in all source and third party materials.

  3. He still claims to be “certified ” in Skydiving, SCUBA, EMT and is a licensed Pilot. All of that is false too. I have checked ALL the bodybuilding competition up and down he West coast. NO ONE has seen him since 2003, and then he never won anything. He is NOT a National Champion in wrestling either. The Junior Olympics have no record of him ever winning anything. A convicted FELON on drug charges cannot get a pilot license by the FAA rules. He may have operated Boot Camp LA for 13 years, but this year was his first for getting a business permit in LA county. This guy has built a business based on lies.

  4. On his webpage, he’s still listed as “The Major”. He posted a statement to address these issues and asked people to send him questions.I wrote and I’m still waiting.

    About his training in SCUBA, EMT and Skydiving. He is not a licensed pilot and has not won any Body Building competitions anywhere. His claims of National Wrestling Champion in Junior Olympics, they never heard of him. The ONLY school related championships he was involved in is when his high school team won sectional in state. That team went undefeated, but lost at the state. All his claims are false. The only education he has his high school.


    His bodybuilding video on HIS personal trainer and on YouTube made several sponsors of bodybuilding competitions laugh so hard. They said that was the silliest thing they ever seen. AND IS NOT part of any Official Bodybuilding Contest they ever seen.

  5. Just a thought, I was not a seal and never claimed to be. I have been several things in the military some of it hero shit but most of it fairly run of the mill stuff, you would not write an action movie off of 90% of my time in. Years back some dumbass thought my enlisted surface warfare pin was a trident and published it as such for a award I got working in supply which I apparently got posthumous according to the article. Something’s it’s the writer and not the service member who fucks it u..

  6. You’re right. Sometimes the media is to blame. People do jump the gun a lot of times and reports need to be checked out. It’s sad that your enlisted surface warfare pin was mistakenly misidentified.

    This is not the case here. If you research any of his claims from his BootCamp LA page you will find all of them are false. He is NOT a licensed pilot, he is NOT certified as an EMT, he is not SCUBA certified and he is NOT skydiver qualified. If you look at his performance in bodybuilding, which is/was posted on his bootcamp la page and on YouTube…there is NO WAY, that is a winning routine. Most bodybuilding friends I know laughed at it. Nobody in the bodybuilding community has seen or heard of him in the last 10 years. What they do remember of him, he never won anything.

    On the claims of being a Navy SEAL, Alex Arnold, who Jay claims that he trained for several years and was on his page, it was written and approved by Jay that and I quote from a cached page. “His personal trainer, Jay Kerwin, was a Navy SEAL and founder of BootCamp LA.” This is one of Jay’s students. Why would a student of his ever say something about the teacher, if the teacher didn’t put it in his head???

    This man, Jay Kerwin,, was kicked out of the Air Force for selling steroids and NEVER served as a Para rescuer.

    Jay was asked to remove any reference to Navy SEAL from his webpage by Retired Navy Senior Chief Don Shipley and told him that “it would be bad for business. No one really knows what a US Air Force Para rescuer is, but everyone knows what a Navy SEAL is. Since they do the same thing”.

  7. I don’t have any more respect for someone who served time in the military than someone who served time in prison. But phonys and liars are the worst people on the planet.

  8. I have an update. Mr. Jay Kerwin was ass raped while awaiting trial in the Air Force Brig. for the steroid charges. I cannot reveal my source because it’s super ultra extreme classified and the guy who gave me the intel is a 99zulu (combat ninja) he had first hand knowledge of the incident in the shower. He gave me intimate details of the ass rape incident. Lets just say a loogie was used as lube and oddly enough the sources call sign was “ass bandit 1”

  9. Jason Kerwin is not a pilot, and does not hold an FAA pilot certificate, although he does have an FAA Student Pilot Certificate/3rd Class medical from 1999, which anyone could get, and has expired, since 2001.

  10. To Jay Kerwin, This is Garry King, I know you remember me. One day at L.A. Fitness, you told me you were a Navy Seal, as I told you I was an Airborne Ranger. Who would even think one of us was Fucking stealing Valor…. you are a Complete Piece of Shit. I will tell every one I know about you. Just another wanna be special Ops…. you Bitch are a Disappointment.

  11. Jason : The Air Force ships its inmates to Forte Riley Army Base. I am proud to say I spent some time there ” inside ” anybody have a problem with that.

  12. Jay “GAY” Smith, I’m guessing Chief Shipley isn’t even going to qualify your pussy statement with a response. Crickets have been chirping on THAT one for 11 months now. You’re such a little man with a big ego. Such are the cowards.

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