Don Shipley, retired Navy SEAL, busts another phony Nikko “Kaha” De’Lozada

I spoke with Don last night, and he informed me of how this poser really took the cake for him. He said Nikko holds the World Record for Most Lies Told, 118 in under 10 minutes.

In Don’s words:

“Nikko tried to pull a fast one on a sympathetic YouTube and had my video pulled by crying about me bullying him. It’s OK for Nikko to tell lies on YouTube but I’m the bad guy when I call him a liar… And Nikko only succeeded in waking a sleeping bear with me and pissing me off even more.
Just once I wish that the silly bastards like Nikko that claim to be Navy SEALs would STAND UP like the men they impersonate and take their medicine. Instead they blame others…

I FULLY intend to make Nikko “Kaha” De’Lozada as well known to the World as the Flintstones are while he continues his false claims and thumbs his nose at me.”


No worries brother, we will help you make him famous!  If you have never seen Don out phony SEAL’s he always does it with a smile, while giving us a smile at the same time. And of course you always makes us smile Mrs. Shipley!

For those that do not know, Don is one of only a few Retired Navy SEAL’s that have access to the database that holds the names of everyone that has ever attended BUD/s.  Every prospective SEAL spends over a year in a series of formal training environments before being awarded the Special Warfare Operator Naval Rating and the Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) 5326 Combatant Swimmer (SEAL) or, in the case of commissioned naval officers, the designation Naval Special Warfare (SEAL) Officer.

All Navy SEALs must attend and graduate from their rating’s 24-week “A” School known as Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) school, a basic parachutist course and then the 26-week SEAL Qualification Training program.

So if Don says someone is not a SEAL, they were not a SEAL! Here is the video that YouTube removed after Nikko complained.


One of Nikko’s facebook pages, his Martial Arts academy: De’Lozada’s Academy Of Martial Arts


So help us help Don make NIkko the famous poser he needs to be!


What are your thoughts?
62 comments on “Don Shipley, retired Navy SEAL, busts another phony Nikko “Kaha” De’Lozada
  1. I think that Don Shipley and his wife need a weekly TV show. It would sure be better than Honey Boo Boo and any Kardashian crap!! HOOYAH, Senior Chief!

  2. HOLY flying monkey sh*t sea story Batman… WTF? Senior Shipley, I LOVE your exposure videos. I do believe that Mrs. Senior Shipley should be in all of them from now on. HOOYAH!

  3. Damn, that dude left out a few stories, like the time he and his buddies went to space so they could place an old Soviet Union satellite back into orbit, only to find out that the satellite was a nuclear missile launching platform, so his one buddy strapped himself to the satellite and flew it out into space, away from the Earth to prevent major death and destruction.

    Or that time when he was playing around with his dad’s old ham radio and ended up actually talking to his dad from the past and they ended up solving a serial killer mystery together while changing future events.

    Or how when he was younger he and his friends along with his dog used to drive around in a van and solve different mysteries.

  4. wtf!! is this guy retarded??? he is just rambling on and on, and on like a retard, wtf!! i got tired at lie 33…. does he really believe what he is saying????lmao!!!!!!!!! this guy was lapd detective marine , plumber , mailman wtf!!

  5. Thanks for outing this guy Don and thanks to you and the wife for giving me a great belly laugh- you two rock! Best to you both.

  6. I retired an E6 from the Army after serving in the Corps…My work hired this guy named Charles (Chuck) Lester who claimed to be a SEAL…now I’ve never been a SEAL..but I was in the military and I can spot a fake…this guy went as far as saying he was in Beirut…at 18? as a SEAL Team member and Sniper? He’s worn glasses all his life??? Oh and he got the Navy Cross too???? Come to find out…I still have low friends in sorta high places…this POS never served a day in his life??? He has a criminal record as long as my arm..and is a felon to boot! So these POS are out there…Go get them Don!!!!

  7. Thanks for pointing out this poser, Don. By the way, during Desert Storm, SEAL teams 1, 2, and 3 came to Twentynine Palms for POW camp infiltration training. I was one of the Marines assigned to help with the training and you look familiar. Were you by any chance one of the SEAL instructors there? If not, all you SEALS look alike (lol).

  8. Oh, my Lord! Why stop at phony Navy SEAL when you can claim to be a police officer, firefighter, kinesiologist, Olympic Gold medalist, Mortal Kombat creator, screenwriter, lawyer, MBA from UCLA, survivor of Beirut Marine bombing, survivor of Japanese tsunami, and still have time to produce 7 children?

    I think he left out survivor of Sharknado, Space Shuttle Door Gunner, and siege of Stalingrad.

    Hey, is it really true SEALs ride into beaches by hanging onto dolphins?

    • Didn’t you know everyone was there at the siege of Stalingrad! I saw you there too! My Mother’s Uncle’s Daughter’s Ex-Boyfriend’s Sister’s Cousin’s Mother’s Grandfather’s dog was there too! True story! LMFAO! And isn’t everyone a space shuttle door gunner? JS.

      • Hey, everyone knows there is no door gunner on the shuttle. I should know as I am retired Space Command and was a tail gunner on the Space Shuttle enterprise.

  9. Uh…what was this dude jabbering about? I couldn’t understand half of what he was saying, about being here or there, slipping in and out of Iraq, and shit like that. I’m totally bumfuzzled! Not to mention, him being a police officer, and a fireman, and a medic, and having like 6786978665677890876 kids and shit like that. I mean seriously, did this guy really smoke some good rock or find the heaven’s stash of dope? I seriously I couldn’t understand what he was talking about going to UCLA and getting an MBA, then being a firefighter, then going to UC Berkley, and getting a Law degree, blah blah blah, what the fuck was he jabbering about? Not to mention his math wasn’t straight, by my calculations he’d have to have been 8 or 9 when he joined the navy. I didn’t think you could enlist that young…Oh well. Get’em Don, get this fucktard for all of us, and shut his jabbering up about nothing at all!

  10. Love you Don as a fellow combat veteran and as I wrote to you in a personal e-mail why do these assholes always have to be spec ops guys? They could never be just an average soldier or marine ect. Yet most of these clowns make it out like they have had five kills with an MRE spoon and wild shit like that. Thanks Don seriously man, this has become an epidemic since 9/11. And it’s not just guy’s posing as Navy SEALs it’s idiots posing as SF troopers or Rangers and it infuriates me.

  11. Nikoo was also a Shaolin Monk mastering Wushu in China. Aka Newbie or Raynaud Lozada and grew up in South San Francisco with his family, not orphaned. He was a high school dropout and lies about the same as his fraud brother Paul Lozada who was SFPD and dishonored for CRUSH unit illegal activities. Thanks Don, Nikoo gained a lot of training from the Great Star Movie Theatre in SF Chinatown and was shot because he was a punk.

  12. This dickhead couldn’t even call the type of explosive or the number of dead in the Beirut bombing! Holy crap on a cracker…

    From under what rock did this shithead crawl?

    • i had to reply to my own comment, this guy has a serious mental issue, he is unbeleivable, if it goes through his mind it is gospel, wow this guy..i had to take two shots at wtching the whole video….thanks for the plastic dinosaurs,it was a welcome break..

  13. I’m literally trying to peal myself up off the floor from laughter! This dude really thinks anyone is gonna believe he rode a dolphin into Iraq, then he tells the entire script of the movie backdraft LOL!!! This dude has never made a wall sweat a day in his life!!!!

  14. Big ups to all of you who have honorably served our fine military in whatever capacity you did (from retiring to serving 1 full term) thank you for your service. I retired from the Army and I know a few of the Army’s Quiet Professionals, none of them speak of their experiences in a braggard manner. It is sad when someone imitate and fabricate stories of bravery and honor. My job was a missile system repairmen (27F-N-T) however I did stay at a Holiday Inn a few times during the course of my service to our great nation.

    Please seek some counseling for your problem sir, it is quite disturbing to us all!

    AA All The Way – Tempered Steel – American Made

  15. Oh my god…at least all of you are watching this guy..I unfortunately had his lies around me after something tragic happened to me. I dealt with his lying ass and so did my family-sure we figured it out but damn! The stories we have!! Seen this guy talk his way out of a ticket with the cops.
    Out him!!!! We (my fam and I ) have always wanted the world to know!!! I have too many stories on this guy. Fuckin’ tried to make me feel “protected” with all his stories after I was just falsely imprisoned by another sonofabitch. I hate posers with a passion.

  16. He is now living in a $500 dollar room in Union City. Now working as a shuttle driver in SFO… He is still saying the same lies as always. His stories matches the video and the numbers of service years do not match. Probably going to lose his job because he does a shitty job.

  17. Does anyone have a copy of the video? I’d love to share it with my family, who also wants to see him try to make fools of the world, as he (and his mom and brother) tried with us!!

  18. Nikko claimed to be a highly decorated MARINE who served in desert storm. An LA police officer, movie director and to have had a baby with the daughter of Bruce Lee. He is portrays himself as this international man of mystery when he is an out of work n money con artist. He is on disability for a disease he contracted. He lives his lies so well, that if you listen to him long enough they sound over the top BULLSHIT…….

  19. “Missions and stuff” & “Master swimmers”

    If this wasn’t about something I hold dear I would be laughing at just how deep this guy went with his story but, of course, I can’t because he just is another piece of trash attempting to con others over the graves of those who sacrificed for this nation.

  20. I am so grateful for everything that you a have done to expose this dude. In about 1994, my sister, an aspiring actress and JUST SIGNED Revlon model, conned and manipulated my sister into trusting him as an “agent”, “talent scout” and “publicist”. She ended up dating this POS, trusting him, being in a relationship with him, and becoming infected with HIV! He knowingly and intentionally infected my sister. I just hope one day she rids the shame and empowers herself to come out with what he did to her and get this son bitch brought before a judge to be held accountable! !!!

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