Don Shipley Outs Another Fake SEAL, Mark Lloyd Body Builder Clown

Our friend, retired Navy SEAL Don Shipley outs another fake SEAL. This week it is Mark Lloyd, whom Shipley calls “the body builder clown.”

Don says:

Retired Navy SEAL Don Shipley BUSTS Mark Lloyd the Body Builder Navy SEAL Commander. Mark posted his bullshit on Craigslist for his “Body Connection Personal Training and Fitness Consulting crap.
What better way to build a Fitness business than claiming to be a Navy SEAL. Marks problem is he claims BUD/S Class 716 and 716 won’t graduate SEAL Training for another 82.6 years. Mark also claims to be a past Commanding Officer of SEAL Team FOUR and he can’t even get the right coast Team FOUR is on…
Mark doesn’t see the problem with him claiming to be a Navy SEAL Commander to better his business and to profit from those claims. Mark operates his Fitness Crap in Mesquite, Forney, Sunnyvale, and Rockwell Texas.

If you’d like some training from Mark here’s his information from Craigslist. 214-641-4849

If you have never watched a video of Don outing the fakes, you are in for a treat.


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10 comments on “Don Shipley Outs Another Fake SEAL, Mark Lloyd Body Builder Clown
  1. I was working a temporary job with some guy and he had all the girls around him in awe of his exploits as a Marine…which he was not and had never been. I listened to him for two hours going on and on but after our boss bought him lunch for being in the sandbox and going thru so much I had to say something. First I asked him where he went to bootcamp and he said North Carolina…then I asked what his MOS was…he didn’t remember what that meant and then made up one. He didn’t have the rank structure at all close. There maybe alot of things Marines forget but they know where they went to bootcamp… Parris Island or San Diego and I don’t kow any who don’t know their MOS even after many years.This was just the start to all the questions he failed. I know to some it seemed like no big deal and he asked me why I outed him. I’m a Marine. I did not go through war and would never pretend that I did and it makes me sick these men and women who try and live off of the blood and tears of others. Thank you for what you are doing and God Bless You!

  2. I love this! Served from 1990-1996 in the USN myself. I hate these people, who claim to have done things they have not, and love seeing them squirm when pressed for details.

  3. Much respect for Don Shipley. You gotta love this guy. Watch his You tube channel. It’s certainly addictive. He brings a whole new level of respect for real Navy Seals when he calls out the fakes.

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