Dillon Gunter, Lies About Service To Media, Called Out By Those He Served With





Dillon Gunter attending the University’s Veterans Day Ceremony



Lawton, Oklahoma – We began getting emails yesterday about a news story that was posted on Veteran’s day of 2014 by ABC News out of Lawton, Oklahoma. The emails were about Dillon Gunter, who in the article claimed to have served a 9 Month tour in Afghanistan and to have been wounded while deployed.

Those that served with Dillon through Basic and DLI(Defense Language Institute), informed us that he never made it out of training and that he was surely never deployed. They say Dillon was a screw-up through Basic and DLI, and that he was separated during IET(Initial Entry Training).

Below are just a few of the emails we received:





They also sent us links to Dillon’s Facebook page, when we opened his page there were a lot of angry people posting. It wasn’t long before he took his page down, below are a few of the comments posted:





His page was being slammed by people expressing their disdain for what he had told the reporter. We read the article, and sent for Dillon’s military records. During this time, people were emailing the reporter and the news station that posted it to tell them Dillon was a liar, and it wasn’t long before they took the article off their website. We did a cache look up to find the article and took screenshots of it, below is the article that Dillon made his claims. (Dillon is the one in civilian clothes)







When we received Dillon’s records back, we weren’t the least bit surprised about what they said. Everyone that emailed us told the same story, that he was discharged during training, and never deployed.



According to his records, he has no deployments and never completed MOS training.  At least the reporter removed the story once he realized he had been lied to by Dillon, although the story of what the university did for Veterans is a good one.

Dillon’s lies took a few months for his friends to see, but once found they began to call him out on them. Be proud of what you did accomplish, their’s no reason to inflate your service. I am sure the University would have still given him a meal without the claims of deployment and being wounded.



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7 comments on “Dillon Gunter, Lies About Service To Media, Called Out By Those He Served With
  1. IET dropout with an AAM.. I busted my ass in a Special Forces unit for 3 years as a mechanic up to my nose in grease, sweat, and my own lonely tears for an AAM. Shenanigans!!!

  2. Odd to read about this. But after being Cassvac from the sand pit for a Bo Bo that almost cost me a leg, and in the end will cost me a leg. A cable up me spine. Some copper in me left shoulder, I spent 2 years getting repaired or slightly fixed, and given me papers. The thing that pis’s me off is how in the h$& do you get a medical retirement???? For being a F up ???? Me and many others have to toile in Pain and on a combat cocktail of meds, deal with a F’D up VA and more meds and surgerys, while this turd, I bet is first in line getting all the help, that should go to so many of us out here that need it but can’t get help because he is taxing the system…

    • I was on heavy last night so let me clarify my post up top how is it possible to get a med retirement from basic for being a POS ??? When so many out here… Get ran through the ringer with serious issues from multiple deployment or many years in the service to Merica?????

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