Deployed Soldier Asks Selena Gomez To Accompany Him To The Cavalry Ball

buchanPFC. John Buchan, a member of 1st Squadron 4th Cavalry Regiment, currently deployed to Afghanistan, has sent out a video invitation to Selena Gomez. PFC. Buchan, ask’s that Selena accept his invite to join him at the 1st Squadron 4th Cavalry Regiment’s ball, which takes place on 17 April 2013, in Manattan Kansas.

Now Ms. Gomez, we know you just recently broke up with Justin Beiber, and we believe a date with a Cav Soldier will help you get over the break up. As a Soldier myself, I can assure you that PFC. Buchan will treat you as a true gentlemen would. Here is the video invitation from him to you:


So Selena, will you save the date in your calendar to allow PFC. Buchan to take you to the 1-4 Cavalry ball? Not to mention he also was the Soldier of The Month for 1-4, that in itself is an accomplishment. Anyone that has ever been to one of those boards will tell you it is no walk in the park!

We look forward to hearing from you Selena, no matter what your answer may be. His battles have set up a page on facebook to support the cause as well:

Get Selena Gomez To Go To The Cavalry Ball With PFC John Buchan Note: The support Page was taken down temporarily.

You can also contact us with your answer and we will get it to the Soldier, and get you in touch with him. You can email us at

And to add to this, in no way is Selena to feel like she has to do anything. If she wants to that is fine, if she declines that is also her right. No one will look down or berate her should she choose either way. She should not feel obligated just because he is a Soldier, nor should anyone look down on her either way.




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