Deployed Soldier Asks Selena Gomez To Accompany Him To The Cavalry Ball

buchanPFC. John Buchan, a member of 1st Squadron 4th Cavalry Regiment, currently deployed to Afghanistan, has sent out a video invitation to Selena Gomez. PFC. Buchan, ask’s that Selena accept his invite to join him at the 1st Squadron 4th Cavalry Regiment’s ball, which takes place on 17 April 2013, in Manattan Kansas.

Now Ms. Gomez, we know you just recently broke up with Justin Beiber, and we believe a date with a Cav Soldier will help you get over the break up. As a Soldier myself, I can assure you that PFC. Buchan will treat you as a true gentlemen would. Here is the video invitation from him to you:


So Selena, will you save the date in your calendar to allow PFC. Buchan to take you to the 1-4 Cavalry ball? Not to mention he also was the Soldier of The Month for 1-4, that in itself is an accomplishment. Anyone that has ever been to one of those boards will tell you it is no walk in the park!

We look forward to hearing from you Selena, no matter what your answer may be. His battles have set up a page on facebook to support the cause as well:

Get Selena Gomez To Go To The Cavalry Ball With PFC John Buchan Note: The support Page was taken down temporarily.

You can also contact us with your answer and we will get it to the Soldier, and get you in touch with him. You can email us at

And to add to this, in no way is Selena to feel like she has to do anything. If she wants to that is fine, if she declines that is also her right. No one will look down or berate her should she choose either way. She should not feel obligated just because he is a Soldier, nor should anyone look down on her either way.


What are your thoughts?
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  1. Am I the only one who is clueless as to who she is? I even googled her images still don’t know what she does, is she a movie star, what movies?

    • Answer what? There was no question. That was the most moronic, pathetic attempt at asking a young lady for a date that I have ever seen. That wasn’t asking her for a date, that was a public service announcement. Maybe I’m too old to understand, but a woman wants to be treated like a woman, not like a conquest. Take the glasses and stetson off, talk to her for a minute, connect with her, and then ASK her. What ever happened to being a gentleman?

      • Thank you Jim! It’s cute that he wants Selena to go to the ball with him. However, if a guy came up and asked me on a date like that, I would have rejected him right then and there. You’re right there was no question, and the way he asked kind of made him seem arrogant. Please try again, you look like a sweet guy.

      • I think you should some respect for the guy and thank him for serving our country. God people these days are such disrespectful ass-holes. You sir, should learn some manners.

      • @Jim watch your mouth asshole. hello he has been defending your country and you have the balls to say that to him. and i’d like to see you try to do that. and she’s not actually there so who would say in a video to a person that’s not there “Dear madame selena gomez, would you do me the honor of accepting my cordial invitation to the whatever?” get a life!

        • Dont make this a bigger deal than it is. The fact that he’s a soldier should not mean anything except he’s accomplished. And the video itself was kind of boring and like an infomercial. My views on the video has no bearing on my opinions of our military. I give you props however for trying to ask for a date. Your creativity is a bit lacking though.

  2. I saw PFC Buchan’s unit and I had to smile. A friend of mine was a Black Lion in the 2/28 INF in Viet Nam, and he told of his adventures in the 1st ID with his sister unit, the “Quarter Cav” 1st of the 4th Cav. He admired those guys.

    I admire PFC Buchan’s drive. Our country remains safe in the hands of people like him.

    • Cmon man. Famous people do stuff with “common people” all the time. You just don’t see it, because you aren’t the one they are doing it with. They have regular friends and family. All we ever see is what the tabloids show.
      If she happens to turn the guy down, does that mean she hates vets? Of course not. It means either A) she’s a little busy or B) she’s not interested in being guilted into a date.

    • Mila Kunis already did this back in 2011. A man asked her to accompany her to a Marine Corps Ball via youtube, and she accepted and went. It’s recently been brought back to attention in certain corners of the internet, and that’s probably where this guy got his idea from, especially considering the videos are REALLY similar.

      Just google “Mila Kunis Marine Corps Ball” and you can find pictures and articles and what not about it.

  3. I have no idea who she is supposed to be…never heard of her but apparently she must be some kind of celeb. And that being said this is just lousy!!!!!!!!! Using his military to put her on the spot in a public manner!!!!!!!! I[‘m sure he knows she won’t go and it’s all in fun but it’s still crappy. Yup the least she can do is go to this event if he can put his life on the line for us but no one knows her true personal life and if she doesn’t go for whatever reason she has it just makes her look bad. He is a cutie though…if i had a daughter i wouldn’t mind him knocking on her door….lol

  4. She is a singer, and she was “Alex” on Disney’s series Wizards of Waverly Place. She has also done a few other movies for Disney that I know of “Princess Protection Program” is one I know off the top of my head. I believe currently though she is focusing more on her music career than her acting career, not entirely sure.

  5. Super lame video … That is not a way to ask a girl to go to a ball with you … I agree with Jim earlier, I am all for celebrities supporting veterans, but cmon, treat her with some respect. That rifle alone would be a big turnoff for me :/ Too agressive … He may me a sweet guy under those glasses and guns, but this video does a great job of hiding it.

    • Woah Woah now, being that hes overseas fighting for your right to say that, I suppose he couldn’t call a professional studio from Hollywood to make his video. Good thing he wasn’t asking you to go with him. “big turn off”-it’s a turnoff for those fighting against us too.

      • I’m sorry, but when people make that statement, it drives me up the wall. “He’s overseas fighting for your rit to say that…” Really? Look, I’ve been to Iraq 3 times and it never occurred to me that people should always speak kindly of me because I served to give them their right to speak at all. Soldiers aren’t immune to negative comments.
        I happen to think the video is dumb. Nothing against the PFC.I’m sure he’s a great guy, but this stuff only works to guilt the celebrity into going on a date with them. It’s ridiculous. And if she were to say no, holy hell the horrors that would rain down on her from some people of the same people who make statements like that. All of a sudden she would be accused of hating the troops, hating America, and probably hating little babies too.

  6. No class? No respect? No sincerity? This guy is putting his life out on the line for people like you. That is the most sincere and classy thing a human can do. Ive been deployed several times and just trying to maintain your sanity is hard enough. We will take anything that gives us something positive to look forward to. Give him a break. Hes fighting for your freedom jackass.

  7. Aw if she doesn’t go there are so many other very fine young ladies that would take him up on it in a heartbeat. I will be so disappointed if she wouldn’t do it, I mean…….it would be nice for her to go with someone “normal” for once. *get ready for a book/movie deal on this lol*

  8. Politeness and respect ALWAYS matters. His video was the technological equivalent of beating her over the head with a club and dragging her back to a cave. There was no way she was going to be impressed by that. Oh by the way, I am in Afghanistan too. But that doesn’t mean I have forgotten how to treat a lady.

  9. I’m in Afghanistan on my second deployment, and had another one back in the early 90’s, a little skirmish called Desert Storm. So, I must be the classiest guy on this thread LOL. Look, all I’m saying is that the kid went about it the wrong way. He tried to look like some bad-ass superhero with his sunglasses, stetson, and rifle. And then he never even actually ASKED her to go. He just said he was “on a mission” to get her to go. What woman likes to be thought of as a conquest? Famous or not, a young lady likes to be treated with politeness and respect. That might have looked cool to his battle buddies, but there is no way she was going to be impressed by that. Just sayin’…

  10. I’m on my second war and third deployment, jackass. So are thousands of others now and previously. But we aren’t exploiting that to try to get the attention of some starlet.

  11. not that she needs any more publicity, but dropping what she is doing to go to the middle of kansas to go out with some turd that sent her a video…not happening.

  12. Selena Gomez has had three RIAA Gold certified studio albums, three RIAA Platinum certified singles (including FOUR #1 Billboard hits), was the main star of an Emmy-award winning television show, was designated as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador (just like Audrey Hepburn), stars in numerous films, and her net worth is valued between $4 and $5.5 million dollars.

  13. Oh yes, because calling eachother names is going to solve everything.
    Incase none of you have noticed, Selena is a very influential, compassionate and talented young woman, why can’t you all stop making presumptions on what you think she will do and just wait to see what actually happens… Despite being asked to a ball in such a manner…

  14. She sounds like some D list actress that is mainly famous for dating that Beaver kid, there is a reason they have her in Disney movies playing kids roles…its because she has the body of a 14 year old boy I guess if she is worth 4 or 5 million that brings her up to a 6 out of 10. PFC Buchan. for one needs to get his finger off the trigger 0:13, and get himself out of the sandbox and meet some real women this is just weird and creepy especially considering she isn’t smoking hot or famous.

    • Welcome to the 21st century, where guys have different taste in comparison to yourself. You are obviously not very open minded, or sheltered, either one because she is on TV shows, movies and magazines. She is a stunning young lady, according to millions.
      And please refrain from dissing her, just because she is famous, it doesn’t mean your snarky comments won’t affect her.

  15. SelenaGLover – I have to watch my mouth? Hello. I’ve been defending this country since before you and the ass wipe on the video were even born. In fact, I am in afghanistan now too. So suck it. Just because i don’t approve of military (or fake military in some cases) using their uniform to get public attention, get starlets to go out with them, doesn’t mean my opinion is wrong. There is no way she will go. It would be so uncomfortable for both of them if she did. He’s not getting laid. He needs to stop the bullshit and find a woman who he actually has a chance of talking to again after the event is over.

    • just google “actress asked to military ball” You’ll find many have accepted, some who declined, and to top it off, news of some that kept in contact with whatever soldier they went with.
      Do not judge others, for you will be judged in return.

  16. PFC, stop using your uniform and the fact that you deployed once to play on people’s sympathy. It’s the Army, not Make A Wish Foundation. The Army deploys, goes to war, and asks NOTHING from its citizens. You volunteered and you deployed. So have tens of thousands of others. So stop the nonsense. You can’t use your uniform to get a job, and you shouldnt use it to get a date.Take your mother to the Ball. She would appreciate it more than anybody else you could ask.

  17. @carson west – the soldier is just barely over 18 himself. he has probably had a thing for her growing up watching her on TV. I dont think he plans to rape her, so relax. I resent your thought that people in the military cant think for themselves. Some cant, but most are professionals. This particular asshat in the video makes us all look stupid and desperate, though.

  18. i hardly consider a veteran common people. they should be more famous than any actress or singer or anyone else. They put their lives on the line everyday for our safety. They give up the chance to sit at home relaxing with their families and they go protect us from however the world is trying to harm us. So i would think that Selena Gomez would be honored to go to the ball with the soldier. Whether or not she goes is her business and she has the right to say no but her reason shouldn’t have anything to do with her being famous.

    • I so agree with you! Soldiers who fight for their country should in my opinion be honoured with more respect than celebrities. It would be so sweet of Selena if she were to say yes.

  19. Okay, so….

    Please, if you read the comments could you ask John Buchan to make another video? This time say something sweet that will melt her heart and then ask her to go to the ball?

    I mean he said he is on a mission right? Tell him to make a series of videos, and post them…. she is a great girl she will go with him if he asks properly.

    And get rid of the gun, and wear pants and those white tshirts…. That would be hot! But dont go nude, dont take your top off.

  20. Selena Gomez’s attempt to steal the valor of others will not be tolerated! It is very clear that she didn’t earn those 74 Air Medals and Basic Training Ribbon with “V” device. I can’t understand how people think they can get awa…….wait, this thread is about the Cavalry Ball? I don’t think she’ll do it. There’s no way she’ll get caught in the company of that many awesome human beings.

    • Well she hasn’t responded by now. I mean, she does have her own life too. There are so many ladies that would take him up on it, he needs to polish up the asking a little and just ask someone else a little more available!

  21. Where are the new videos?? We want to ship “Buchez” before Justin Bieber wins her heart back with that God Awful voice of his. Twitter would be the best way to get her attention and start a hash tag thingy…. #SelenaGoToTheBallWithJohn
    He is so cute by the way.

  22. Leave the girl alone. She is in a movie coming out at the end of March. She will likely be too busy on a promotion tour to drop what she is doing and head out to the middle of Kansas.

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