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May 17 2015 – Someone sent us screenshots of a civilian contractor boasting on Facebook that he duped the workers at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, into thinking he was Active Duty Military. In the Facebook post, Stephen Mynes, gloats about using his “Military CAC Badge” to get into Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia for free.

Busch Gardens and several other parks owned by Anheuser Busch, give free admission to Active Duty military members. According to the Waves Of Honor program, sponsored by Anheuser Busch:

  • Waves of Honor permits any U.S. active duty military, activated or drilling reservist, or National Guardsman to one complimentary admission per year for military personnel and as many as three direct dependents.

I have used this privilege once at the Orlando park, and when I presented my Active-Duty CAC, they allowed my wife and my children free admission as well. The value of one ticket is usually around $75.00 for one park for a day.

This guy took advantage of the employees at the park not knowing the difference in an Active-Duty Military ID and a Civilian Contractor ID Card. One of his friends that also is a contractor, admits in the same thread that he does the same with his civilian CAC.

Kyle says in the first comment “The joy a retard not knowing the difference lol I use mine the same way.”

Not only does he admit using his card to fraudulently gain entry to the park, they both gloat about using the cards to get military discounts elsewhere as well. In the photo he posted to Facebook you can clearly see the ticket, dated today, and his name beside the word HERO.

Below is the screenshot with the conversation sent to us by one of their friends who saw it on Facebook and was appalled.




I am glad Stephen thinks its fun to basically steal from this park by getting free admission that was meant for real Active Duty members. I have to wonder what other deals he has gotten by falsely presenting himself as an Active Duty service member? Not to mention he posts it to Facebook of all places.

We looked up both of these individuals and they are both in fact employed as civilians by Department of the Navy. Stephen we learned is working on one of the Naval ships, and had to get a CAC for access to the base where the ship is located.

I am sure Busch Gardens would love to learn how this guy duped them, although the cards look similar, if you look closely at the cards it will tell you the person’s affiliation and if they are civilians or military members.

I have to wonder if this is common, as most civilians don’t know the difference in the cards.





We got this screenshot from someone who knows Kyle, Kyle is the one in the comments of the original post. According to him, he doesn’t care because his dad served. What does that have to do with him using discounts meant for Active Military? He must care because he has since deleted his Facebook account.




Here is what Stephen has to say, he thinks it’s funny that people got upset because he got free admission meant for Active Military personnel.




Busch Gardens has said they are looking into this incident.



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