Decorated WWII Veteran Faces Eviction From Daughter And Son In Law In House He Built


Grandpa Jack and Granddaughter Jaclyn



This was brought to our attention by a fan of the page, a story done by NBC4I out of Columbus Ohio.

Courtesy WWII Veteran To Be Evicted By Daughter And Son In Law


A 91-year-old decorated World War II combat veteran is about to be evicted from a home he and his wife built and lived in for the last 54 years.


The elderly man’s lawyer said John Potter’s daughter and son-in-law used a power of attorney to sign Potter’s home into their name, and a court ruled in their favor.

Fifty four years ago, John and Evelyn Potter built a Vinton County home together in the small village of Zaleski.


Potter said he has lived in the village all his 91 years, except for the years he served his country including a fierce battle against the Japanese on Attu in the Aleutian Islands. Now, after almost a century of struggling to make a life in Ohio, he said he is about to be forced out of his home.


“I laid awake at night trying to figure out what in the world I could have done to these people to make them so angry at me,” said Potter.

He said the people he is referring to are his daughter and son-in-law, who he thought were looking out for him.


“In 2004, she signed his house, deeded his house to herself by power-of-attorney which in the state of Ohio is illegal,” said Potter’s granddaughter Jaclyn Fraley.

She took over as Potter’s power of attorney in 2010 after she and her grandfather became aware of the deed transfer.


Shortly after the discovery, Fraley and her grandfather petitioned a Vinton County Court to get his home back. That court ruled in his favor, but his daughter appealed that ruling and the appeals court ruled that she legally owned the home.


“Sadly once the property was granted back to them by the court of appeals, based on the statute of limitations having passed, we are left with no options,” Fraley said.


NBC4: “Where would you like to live for the rest of your life?


Potter: “Right in this house!”


Recently Fraley said they got more bad news in the form of a termination of lease or eviction notice.

A Vinton County judge could rule on the eviction and how much time Potter will be allowed to remain in the home during a hearing on April 22.


NBC4 asked Potter’s son-in-law and daughter about evicting her father.

“Actually, I can tell you an awful lot, simply because I’m the one who is doing it,” said Dean Cottrill.


Janis Cottrill is married to Dean, and is Potter’s daughter. They claim the family feud is over visitation rights for Potter’s other child, who has Autism.

“For him to stay in that home, it is real simple. Leave Joe alone and stop the lawsuits,” said Dean.


He said his wife Janis is upset over the feud and cries many nights.


“I would hope my mother would be a caring compassionate person and even though there is family difficulties she would still care and respect her father enough to let him spend his final days in his home,” said Fraley.


She said she and other family members are upset because the courts did not protect her grandfather’s rights.


“We are actually working to start drafting letters to our representatives in the legislature to create laws to protect against situations like this happening to anyone else,” Fraley said.



No matter what feud the family may be in, this Hero, one of our National Treasures who fought for this country, WILL NOT BE THROWN OUT IN THE YARD LIKE A PIECE OF TRASH!

He fought for this country, for OUR Freedom and HE DESERVES OUR RESPECT! He does not deserve to be thrown out of HIS house by anyone! We all stand with you Mr. Potter, It is because of men like you that I live free today. And I will not stand idly by while you are mistreated by anyone, or anything!

I will do my part and donate to his cause, I call on everyone that is able to do so as well. Appreciation is what I have for one of America’s greatest generations!

I have personally spoken to the Granddaughter, they have a facebook page setup for this Hero, go check it out and tell them we sent you. Grandpa John J Potter

She also has a donation page setup which you can access from the facebook page referenced above, she assures us that all fund will be going to help her Grandfather and she will provide proof if needed. Her goal is to purchase the home back from her mother. We also have her contact information to include her personal phone number. We got your back, Grandpa Jack!

UPDATE: 20130427  We want to help this Veteran, not hurt what his granddaughter is trying to do! Posting the personal information of the family members responsible does not accomplish this. Please do not post addresses and/or phone numbers in an effort to harass anyone, this does not get us to the end state we are looking for. If you want to help, go visit his facebook page or his go fundme page. Thanks for understanding!


UPDATE: 20130620  After Jaclyn, the granddaughter of Grandpa Jack, raised over $139,000 in donations to buy back Grandpa’s house, the Daughter Janice Cotrill has refused the offer to buy. And now he is facing eviction from his home, with a hearing scheduled for June 26th. Jaclyn has made two offers, both have been above market value of the home itself, with Janice rejecting both.

“For me, the hardest part in all this is what it’s going to do to him: taking a 92-year-old man and forcing him to leave his home. I was trying to keep it so he could have a calm, quiet end of life. His health is weaker,” Jaclyn said of Grandpa.

Fraley said she has considered alternative housing options for her grandfather, including building an addition to his caretaker’s home, or buying a new home. She said the money raised by has stayed untouched and she says she is willing to be completely transparent with how the money is used by her grandfather.

Potter, who mostly relies on his pension for income, is not paying rent to his daughter

“Everyone who sent us money said they didn’t want to give a dime of to Cottrill. People told my grandfather to take the money and buy a different house,” Fraley said.

To me this is appalling, I can not understand how anyone cold treat a parent this way, much less a Veteran of WWII. Seems to me the daughter is trying to get all the money raised through donations, even though it is more than double what the home is worth. I understand everyone not wanting a dime to go to the daughter, but think about grandpa and the memories he has in the home he built, I am sure that is priceless to him.

Jaclyn, if there is anything we can due to help, please let us know. We helped you in the past, and we would be glad to do whatever we can to help Grandpa.


UPDATE: 20130920

After Jaclyn and Grandpa made several offers to buy back the home, the daughter finally accepted, halting court proceedings that would have evicted him from his home.

Thanks to all of you that went and donated to the fund to help him buy it back!

From ABC:

 After raising money from Internet donors, John Potter of Zaleski, Ohio, had attempted to buy back his home before an eviction hearing at the Vinton County Courthouse. Jury selection was scheduled for Oct. 3, after the eviction hearing was postponed during the summer.

He received an eviction notice from his daughter, Janice Cottrill, and son-in-law earlier this year, saying they had terminated his “existing lease.”

Potter and his granddaughter, Jaclyn Fraley, 35, raised nearly $140,000 on the website, but offers to buy back the home were previously rejected by his daughter.

The court has been notified that paperwork was filed to dismiss the eviction, Fraley said.

“I want to express my appreciation for all those people who helped me,” Potter said. “It wasn’t one person, it wasn’t a hundred but over five thousand people and I certainly appreciate it more than they will ever know.”

After Potter’s attorney called Fraley to notify her of the offer’s acceptance on Wednesday, she said, “I think I shrieked for 10 seconds and started bawling.”

Potter’s next step is to wait until the deed is prepared, paperwork completed and signed by her mother and stepfather, said Fraley, who said she would then write a check to them.

Fraley declined to reveal the price that was accepted, but she said it was “five figures” and more than her grandfather’s last rejected offer of about $60,000. But the amount was less than what was raised on

Fraley the remaining money from will be used for Potter’s care and things he might need for the house.

When Fraley told Potter about Wednesday’s purchase agreement, he told his granddaughter it was “too good to be true.”

Potter had a market appraisal conducted on the home which showed that its value was $47,000 plus a tract of land worth $2,830, together which was much lower than the value he and his granddaughter had expected.

They made an offer to Cottrill through their attorney for the market value of the home and received a counter-offer that was about $85,000 plus about $4,000 and $11,500 for the eviction process and attorney fees.”

Please see our update on this story here –Grandpa Jack In Hospice


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114 comments on “Decorated WWII Veteran Faces Eviction From Daughter And Son In Law In House He Built
      • I’m with you on this. But I’m also confused over this deal with the statutes of limitations. I can understand that they are beyond the time frame for criminal prosecution. But to return property that was obtained this way, that shouldn’t fall under the statutes of limitations at all. No legal penalties should be waged, but the property should be returned. They need to take this to the Ohio Supreme court. Because as far as I can see, it’s OK to swindle people out of their money in Ohio, as long as you can get away with it for 4 years.

      • They abused the power of his PoA, doing something illegal with it. How and why the court upheld that crime is sickening beyond human understanding. Now, you tell me how you didn’t see that.

        • I am Uncle John’s niece. The courts did rule in his favor but the statute of limitations for fraud is only 4 years in Ohio. That had already passed so the courts hands were literally tied.

          • I just sit with tears in my eyes when I read what they did to him. I just live one county away and it is hard for me to imagine anyone, in this area could ever hurt their own father this way. Please tell me the daughter and son in law have nor had a moments rest since this story came to light

          • Good morning,
            While I am coming into this article late I am having a real hard time with the statute of limitations for fraud? I understand it is only 4 years in Ohio but if the POA is current then the statute of limitations is a mute point. I was in law enforcement for over 24yrs although it was not in Ohio I cant see that there is a statute of limitations here. I would say appeal the ruling to the Ohio Supreme Court and see what happens.

    • they swindled him out of his home. i hope they rot in hell for this injustice. and i hope you are happy with agreeing with these morons. letter of the law my butt. they are just being greedy little b-tards and i hope they rot in hell.

    • You are a perfect example of our society that hides behind technical and clinical “legalese” to mask the fact that you simply do not have the intellectual capability or common sense to discern the fundamental difference between what is right and what is wrong.
      (golf clap)

    • Vanity, Power of Attorney is for taking care of someones legal and medical care if they are ever not able to .When you have POA that does not give you the right to plunder that persons property. This is FRAUD.

    • No sorry by abusing the POA, which is illegal here in the state of Ohio they are not in the right. State laws vary by state not all are the same.

    • The suppose you quote the Ohio which states that when a current POA is in affect that the fraud has a 4 year statute of limitations because I have been looking off and on today and still have yet to find anything to support that they are following the so-called “letter of the law”..

    • Just out of curiousty, has anyone found out what type of a POA it was/or is?? Normally if its not a real estate POA then a general POA would have to include the right to make real estate and or banking decision on the father’s behalf legal. Just a plain old general POA is not sufficient enough to change ownership of property at all. I know cause I called a lawyer in Ohio and that is what I was told.

    • So it was ok are you nuts the daughter took advantage of of her father*********SHAME ON HER & HER DIRTBAG HUSBAND. What a bitch & good for the granddaughter who did what was right. And shame on you for being heartless

    • “In 2004, she signed his house, deeded his house to herself by power-of-attorney which in the state of Ohio is illegal,” I’m sure I read that right because I copied and pasted it. ILLEGAL. It was never her house and she’s still getting paid for it.

    • The letter of the law makes it legal for anyone to just put their name on a person’s deed without consent?

      What Ohio law allows this? Make sure that letter is correct.

    • California Penal Code Section 4: The rule of the common law, that penal statutes are to be strictly construed, has no application to this Code. All its provisions are to be construed according to the fair import of their terms, with a view to effect its objects and to promote justice.

      In lay mans terms, the SPIRIT OF THE LAW trumps the LETTER OF THE LAW. Most states have statues similar to this law, and this is what gives police and the courts their discretionary powers.

  1. vanity… it’s not his own anymore either way it was obtained illegally, over what? visitation with an autistic child.. Way to use your parent who raised you, fought for your right to your own stupidity and childishness…. It’s his house they obtained it illegally regardless of what one judge thinks. This is despicable treatment. I hope and pray your family NEVER does this to you bc you would feel the same way.

  2. “Your” article? Bulldog didn’t write the article. NBC4 (Ohio News Station) wrote the article. Yes, technically the thing called “mother” owns the house, but Granddaughter is betting if she dangles $125K in front of the greedy wench that she’ll take it and run. If not, they may have enough to continue the fight in a higher court or relocate Grandpa Jack to someplace where he will be comfortable. Read the article man. Read.

  3. This is awful. I could never imagine hurting my own family member! She got the house illegally but the court still took her side over pitty reasons. Its his house. He raised her, he paid for the house, he fought for this country and gets shit on by ungrateful people! I really hope they dont give her the any money to get the house back. Just buy him a new one. At least then she cannot steal 125 and keep the house.

  4. Its actually against the law BUT the court took her side over pitty reasoning and didnt care enough to listen or fight for a veteran who didnt deserve this treatment! My son is autistic and youd never hear me say its all over a feud so Im taking your home. I hope they dont give her money cuz I doubt itll change. Take the money and buy a nice home. 🙂

  5. There is always another option. They can always appeal to the Ohio Supreme Court.
    But honestly, who is wanting visitation with the autistic child, and why? Who is his legal guardian? And how/why could someone be so cruel to their own father, for any reason? I didn’t see any quotes from the daughter, which tells me the husband bullied her into doing things she didn’t want to because he’s a greedy SOB. Get the real story, interview the daughter, away from the husband.
    Kudos to the granddaughter for everything she’s done trying to help this great veteran his home back.

    • I’m Uncle John’s niece. The fraud came to light 2 years ago when my cousin refused to let him come home from a hospitalization and tried to force him into a nursing home. She has her brother living with her but her husband in the “legal guardian” and she’s actually getting paid from the state to be his caregiver. They kept him away from his dad for over a year till the courts ordered visitation. My cousin and her husband are both evil and both doing this.

      • I had a feeling there was something as to why your cousin and her husband are so adamant about making sure they stay the legal guardian, greedy and evil sob’s. Do they really even care about your autistic cousin? Your cousin’s FB page also shows she was married in 2010 to this POS Dean which also explains quite a bit too.

  6. Anyone that could do this to a parent is a horrid person. My father signed his house over to my brother and me and we would never think of telling him he had to move. So glad Grandpa Jack has a loving granddaughter who is willing to she he is taken care of. If all else fails Jaclyn contact your local VA Home. The facilities are excellent and he will have the care and comrades he needs to see him through this.

    • … a few years ago I signed my house over to my daughter … I have given away all my property and worldly goods to avoid any squabbling between my children after I’m gone … so now I live in my daughter’s house for as long as I am alive … are her siblings envious? NO … could she kick me out? Yes. Would she kick me out? …

      If you raise your kids right there is always 100% trust … and trust is a two way street … after I divested all my property our family has actually grown stronger and closer … I’m sorry John is having this problem … where did he go wrong with his raising of the daughter ???

  7. Even the 10 commandments says “honor they father and thy mother” without any condition. It didn’t say only “if”. we’re talking about somebody who is already 92 years old, where is your heart and mind to kick out this veteran, on top of that, without even considering his capability and potentials to take care of himself. If my parents were not nice to me when I was young (fortunately and with all the blessings they are loving and caring) I will still take care of them and take it as my opportunity to show what is love, kindness and compassion. Remember the golden rule – do unto others as what you would like others do to you. This is a sad family story. Pray without ceasing. Trust in the

  8. did everyone seem to miss the fact that “In 2004, she signed his house, deeded his house to herself by power-of-attorney which in the state of Ohio is ILLEGAL” the daughter may have the deed in her name, but the means by which it became in her name was against the law, by that mean, she is not the legal owner, the grandfather is or at least he should be. i hope they take it higher, because this is complete nonsense. no vet should be treated this poorly.

    • Agreed. It says the statute of limitations has expired, but by no means should that stop them from trying to appeal to a higher court. If nothing else, the appeals court ruling should be overturned based on the fact that they obtained the house illegally. So glad I’m not the only one who saw that, Chris.

      • Exactly! I don’t know how you get to keep a house if you do it illegally. So it’s only illegal if you get caught within 4 yrs?!? That makes no sense. So if a parent gives power of attorney to one child, and that one child “gifts” the house to themselves….but no one knows it because they are taking care of bills and things, when the parent dies that one child can take the house(and who knows what else) because their brothers and sisters (and dad) didn’t know what was going on for over 4 yrs? How can that be legal???

  9. It seems the house was taken from him by fraudulent means. Power of Attorney does not give you the right to steal from someone no matter how much time has passed.

  10. NEVER give a General Power of Attorney to anyone, EVER!!!!!
    this is what can, and sometimes does happen. it is sick, but that is why the courts allow for Specific Powers of Attorney to protect ones self against this.

  11. I want to thank everyone for their support of my Uncle John and our family. Thank heavens his grand daughter is such a wonderful person and has fought this battle so hard also one of my cousins has used her vast experience to get this message out. This has been a very hard lesson for all of us. One hopes and prays that our children will look out for our best interests when we are old. My Uncle John is still sharp as a tack, keeps up on current events and has a wide circle of people who love and respect him. His wish is to spend what remaining time he has left in the home he built with my aunt (my mom’s sister). My aunt passed a few years ago having suffered with Alzheimer’s and spending the last few years of her life in a nursing home. Uncle John has already been through so much and should be able to spend his remaining time in peace. Thank you again for supporting him and donating when you can.

  12. It is a crying shame that any family member could take such advantage of thier own father.I agree that the law is completely screwed up to uphold such an injustice of of the law.I certainly hope the rest of the family turn thier backs on the daughter and her husband.

  13. Back in the 60s when I was a kid, my next door neighbor, an elderly woman who was stricken with Diabetes, put her house in her niece’s name with the understanding that her niece would allow her to live in the home for the rest of her life rent free. As you already surmised, this did not happen. The niece threw her aunt out on the street shortly after taking control of the home, and the woman was forced to go from friend to friend staying with each one for a while. She finally ended up staying with another disabled friend, had her legs amputated and died shortly thereafter…of course, penniless. The niece then sold the home and moved to Florida where she still resides, happy as a clam.

    This story makes my heart hurt. I would gladly take the man in and provide loving care to him until he passes if I lived nearby.

    I don’t want to write what I think of this daughter and her husband. Despicable is as nice as I can be at this point.

    Our veterans deserve nothing but the best for their lives.

  14. The transfer of the deed was illegal on day 1 and therefore VOID. The statute of limitation for locking up the daughter for fraud may have passed but hat has no bearing on the deed transfer legality. Does that judge keep his head where the sun don’t shine. They need a better lawyer.

  15. So who has located this f-sticks FB or Twitter account?!! I’m sure their info blasted out there with this story would show some strong support for the wrong they’ve done to this man!! As a US. Marine veteran, it pisses me off to the point that I want to go to Ohio and find these 2 a*&holes face to face!!!

  16. We can all work to shame them right out of their social and professional networks. Find out where the daughter and son-in-law work, then send letters to their jobs and have groups of veterans and supporters of Uncle Jack protesting outside their place of employment until they are forced to resign. Remind everyone in their neighborhood exactly what these con artists have done to this national treasure of a human being, making it so unbearable for them to sustain a job, keep their friends, or remain in the neighborhood, until they are forced to return the home back to its rightful owner. If they try to sell it…make sure there’s story receives enough publicity that NO BUYER would dare propose a bid!

    They played hardball because they knew how to manipulate the system and this war hero. It’s time for supporters of Uncle Jack to play hardball and crush them!

  17. Right or wrong in the courts eyes this is wrong this man fought for our country and built that house STOP TAKING ADVANTAGE OF MY HEROS this is his house not theirs i dont give a fuck what anyone says i would never dream of doing this to my parents as kid let alone a war hero people need to grow up and show some goddam respect for our heros both past and present i dont see the people taking his house fighting for our country i just wish our country would see them as i do a bunch of FUCKING THIEVES

  18. He should sue her for the value of the house. For every criminal case there is always a civil solution, have they gotten a lawyer to see what civil rights that have?

  19. Kicking an elderly man out of his own home over an autistic child feud? Holy shit you fucked up people. I say the vets of America unite and give those people a good old fashioned sock party. But seriously us vets should make their life a living hell.

  20. Someone needs to bitch slap that low life piece of sub human trash and put the boots good to her equally low life husband of hers -.-

  21. Baby Boomers are deplorable scum. From the very beginning they did nothing but spit in the faces of everything their fathers fought for and built.

  22. This is horrible, a person like him deserves better… Sadly, most members of my own family are greedy fucks and are already grabbing what they can from my grandparents. I really hope things get better for him.

  23. This cad of a son-in-law couldn’t even put a roof over his wife’s head? He had to rob her father? What a loser. I pray for this father, not only for the suffering of being forced out of the home he built for his wife and family, but for the knowledge that his daughter chose a husband who couldn’t even provide a home for his wife without robbing his father-in-law.

    A dire warning to the son and daughter: when justice is subverted on the level of the courts and law, mobs form. Mobs are much less forgiving than courts. Mobs lynch and mutilate. Courts sentence and parole. Do the right thing now before you find yourself at the hands of an angry group of people out for justice.

  24. How nice, back in the old days, or out in the country, outside of the corrupt “law of the land”, The 91 year old would have either his oldest son, or himself go and confront the wrong do’er. This would often result in a shoot out/fist fight. Might be that time to take matters OUTSIDE of the corrupt “law of the land”

  25. This is the problem with the internet. There’s way too much personal info on us available to the public that was harder to get before the internet was born. If any one of you contacts this daughter and her husband for the purpose of harassing them, you will be just as wrong as they are for swindling the vet out of his home. This is called stalking. Please DO NOT lower yourselves to this gutteral level just because you are mad at them about this terrible tragedy. In all too many cases, people end up harrassing the WRONG person. Unless you have a date of birth or social security for the intended “target”, you will never be SURE your Target is the right one. STOP! This is NOT what that 91 year old vet would want you all to do, I’m almost certain of that. Do not break the law (stalking) just because you want revenge on the woman who has done this to the vet. PLEASE THINK FIRST and don’t join the “mob” mentality.

    • That is the only thing that can be done about it now. These people have no regard for the actual law and no regard for the life of their elderly father either. They deserve whatever happens to them for their evil deeds. That’s karma. They need to be pressured to drop it, don’t stop people from doing so!

  26. I will repeat this here as well:

    This is the problem with the internet. There’s way too much personal info on us available to the public that was harder to get before the internet was born. If any one of you contacts this daughter and her husband for the purpose of harassing them, you will be just as wrong as they are for swindling the vet out of his home. This is called stalking. Please DO NOT lower yourselves to this gutteral level just because you are mad at them about this terrible tragedy. In all too many cases, people end up harrassing the WRONG person. Unless you have a date of birth or social security for the intended “target”, you will never be SURE your Target is the right one. STOP! This is NOT what that 91 year old vet would want you all to do, I’m almost certain of that. Do not break the law (stalking) just because you want revenge on the woman who has done this to the vet. PLEASE THINK FIRST and don’t join the “mob” mentality.

    We are NOT honoring those who fought and died for our freedoms by forming an internet “mob”. I realize we have rights and freedom of speech but that does not include going DOWN to this level of behavior. WE ARE ALL BETTER THAN THAT. Please do not contact in any way the daughter and son-in-law.

  27. Yes Jesse, that is how things were handled “back in the day”, the 19th Century, that is. Times have changed. If we all think the “law of the land” is corrupt then we can DO something about that by voting into office those who we believe would create or alter the existing laws to reflect a better outcome for the victim in situations like this…..NOT take the law into our own hands. It was the “mob” mentality that created the KKK. It was the “mob” mentality that helped Hitler to gain control and power. The “mob” mentality is a very dangerous thing. Taking the law into our own hands have proven to be a wreckless act that would land us in prison today. Please don’t advocate or promote this type of mentality. We don’t like what was done to this poor man. We can change that through level headed thinking and action. Who knows…maybe our vets can facilitate creating a “Potter’s” law to protect all from being victimized by vultures like this.

  28. Nathan, people are going to do what they want; doesn’t make it right. You know the old addage, “Two wrongs don’t make a right”. I stand by my feelings/opinion on this issue of harrassing the daughter/son-in-law. To me, helping this man get another home and/or seeking legislation that would change the laws in every state that empower those like our vet and stop this from happening to others…is the way to spend our energy, in my opinion. Do what you want but don’t be surprised if your actions have serious, negative repercussions.

  29. Attacking each other over the internet isnt going to solve anything…what happened is wrong and not justified! That man raised a daughter who took advantage of him and stole from him! He fought for this country only to be treated like dirt and for the gvt to screw hin over! This needs to be put on a BIG talk show so they can get the help he needs to WIN HIS HOUSE BACK!

  30. Shame on you Dean & Janice…to stoop that low to take your fathers house out of spite…How can you hold your heads up in McArthur without shame…Shame on the court system for letting this happen..

  31. Thank you everyone for your support of Grandpa and I. We are fighting and will keep fighting until he is forced to leave.

    Please donate even the smallest amount helps us to our goal of keeping Grandpa in his home!

    Thank you all again. The love and support means more than you could ever know!

  32. I bet the daughter who is trying to take his house is one of those shallow narcissistic greedy stuck up c**ts who doesn’t want to work for a living. She’s probably been married 5 times, had plastic surgery and mooches off men for material bullsh##. What makes it terrifying is there’s a lot of them around and they use their looks to get whatever they want. In other words, succubus actually exists. lol

  33. I don’t understand why their states elder abuse division of adult protective does not do something to step in????? Are we just unique in maine to HAVE adult protective??? Am i naive in thinking it is available everywhere in this country???

  34. Rather unbelievable, not only because he is a veteran that helped rebuild and launch this great Nation, but more importantly because he is Family. My Father is also a WWII Vet, but more importantly he is Family and I would go to the end to support him despite any disagreement or perceived slight. He’s my Father, he’s my core, and he’s my link to those before. I love him. Always.
    I pray that this is resolved amicably, but if I had to choose – respect the sacrifice and wishes of this gentleman.

  35. I can’t see how the transfer of the house is legal. It would violate the use of the power of attorney for the daughter to steal the house from her father, which is effectively what she has done. Some lawyer or attorney in that area needs to challenge this for jaclyn and her grandfather.

    • They did. It’s called fraud. And the statute of limitations is four years. They were over the four years so it couldn’t legally be reversed. But all is well, thanks to money being raised– they bought the house back! 🙂

  36. Since she wont sell the house to you have someone she doesnt know make her an offer and you might be able to snatch it up for less and gift it back to him that would piss them off so bad

  37. Ya know – I try to keep it clean when I comment, I really do. But, in this case – this bitch should be drug out in the street and shot in the head. She’s a liar, a thief and an embarrassment to her family and the entire human race. I have nothing polite to say so I’ll say this – the ass beating I imagine giving her is nothing compared to what she’l get in hell, but, I promise – it’ll be damn close. He shouldn’t have had to buy his damn house back! She lied and stole it – it wasn’t fucking hers to sell!! Two faced bitch….

  38. I am in a lawsuit with my brother with my parents home, even though they had a trust. I never thought this would have happened in my family, but my lawyer tells me that seems to be the norm. The last thing I did was to see that my parents could die with their dignity. That is what matter the most.

    It seems that money is more important as to taking care of the child, then loving her father until his dying day and giving him his wishes. The granddaughter is his Angel looking after him, she is the one who will have peace in her heart.

    Courts drag things out, to me it seems so everyone can make money it is easy to say take it to the higher courts but in the end the victim is having to pay.

    I pray that he gets his house back before he dies and the granddaughter gets the house and sells it, so her Mother can’t try to take it away from her, also that the Granddaughter ends up with a wonderful life. I believe God will take care of the rest in his own time.

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