DeAngelo Williams, Carolina Panthers Running Back Was NOT Duped By A Fake Marine



UPDATE: 20140725

*******We have received Mr. Bolden’s records from the Marine Corps, and we can verify this man did serve an extensive career in the Corps, to include combat in Vietnam. The only problem we could find is the Marine Corps has no record of Mr. Bolden ever being awarded the Bronze Star W/Valor, or a Purple Heart. He was awarded the Combat Action Ribbon, and several other awards as you can see in the Chronological history below. But we have been reassured that no record exists of a Purple Heart or Bronze Star W/Valor. **********



Original Article:

We have been flooded with emails and Facebook posts about the photo posted by DeAngelo Williams giving up his 1st Class airline seat to a Marine at the airport. We went over and checked out his Facebook post and saw thousands of Marines commenting calling this guy out on his jacked up uniform, first big red flag everyone pointed out was him wearing his cover indoors.

You can view the post here – DeAngelo Williams Facebook Post

As you can see in the above photo he seems to be wearing a Bronze Star w/V device and a Purple Heart.  The Marines in the comment section were highlighting all that is wrong with this mans uniform.

Some of the points made were:

1. A Marine never wears a cover indoors unless he is armed.

2. A Marine would never be at the airport in Dress Blue “A”, he wouldn’t be wearing his cover while seated indoors, and he wouldn’t be wearing a shooting badge on the right side of said uniform.

3. He is in Dress Blue Alpha uniform and it is not authorized for leave or liberty.

4.  He is wearing a rifle badge on his right breast pocket, you do not wear shooting badges in the Dress Blue A uniform you wear it with the B uniform and it goes on your left breast pocket.

These are just a few of the many things pointed out by the Veterans and Marines on his post.

Below is another photo of the same guy in the airport on July 1st in the Philippines. He was approached by a Marine who thought he looked suspicious, and he asked him a few questions. His rank is also much clearer, he is wearing Master Gunnery Sergeant rank.





The Marine who snapped the above photo said, “I approached and conversed with him. I am a real Marine and could tell this guy obviously was not. I proceeded to lecture him in front of the entire airport for disrespecting true patriots.”

He continued, “He said he did 30 years and deserved to wear it. I then dug further into his story and he could provide no details. He left after I yelled at him. His Navy Marine Corps Achievement Medal (green with orange stripes) has an odd device attached. He is wearing a pistol shooting badge, which is not worn on this uniform and is meant to be worn on the left side (He has it on the right). He also has an odd contraption on his right side that has no significance. Further, his white belt is rolled behind his belt buckle. This is odd as Marines have these tailored to their size. Finally, he wears his cover (hat) inside, which no Marine would do, this guy sticks out to Marines.”


They tell us that someone that served 30 years in the Corps would know how to wear the uniform. We are working to identify this guy, and once we do we will update this article with any information we find.

Again we commend Mr. Williams for what he did, and we hope these actions don’t make others not want to do the same.

If anyone can identify this  person, please send us an email at the contact link above.



UPDATE:  We are in contact with a lady that claims to be this man’s daughter. She says he was actually a Marine and will be sending us documentation today. We will update as soon as we get that paperwork.


We have requested records and should have them within a few days so that their will be no questions what-so-ever. We have spoken to the family and they realize that some people just won’t be satisfied unless they see actual proof. They provided us with the information needed to get the records.






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  1. If that individual is a Marine, I’m a girl scout. I am a retired Army SGT and I have had the honor of working with several Marine who’ve had their shit together. This ain’t one of them. That uniform hasn’t seen a press in a good long while. We’ve got feelers out looking for him

    • the man you are talking about is my great uncle james w bolden he served 28 years in the core he entered the core in1955 at camp le june and was discharge 1983 in new orleans la at master gunn seargent rank i can assure you that his uniform and all his valor is authentic my family is outraged at how he is being treated and slandered after all he has done for his country but hey dont take my word for it you have the info o the research yourself contact some of those marine friends you have and have them to look into it as for his uniform being decorated wrong he is 77 and suffers from early stages of alziemers and dementia once you see the facts we dont want you going door to door selling girl scout cookies just admit you were wrong and give this man the respect he has earnred with a flawless track record of service to the same core that thanking him by slapping him in his face an turning their backs on him because of a meical condition beyond his controll

      • Unfortunately Tony, friends and family are often times the last to know of a loved-one’s…exaggerated…military service. I can tell you, however, that I think you are an honorable young man standing in defense of your great uncle. Although I don’t agree with what he is currently doing, it is clear that he has been a positive influence in your life. I hope you can keep moving forward with that knowledge and continue to make him proud of you.

      • Tony – saw the story about your uncle on Action News 5. He does not deserve what is happening to him. Speaking from experience, I know how difficult it can be to see a family member’s memory fade as a result of dementia. I hope that he finds much happiness in the time he has remaining on this earth.

      • My heart is saddened by the treatment this man is receiving. We aren’t all so fortunate as to age with our minds and memory in tact. So because this true American hero suffers from a legitimate disease is he any less deserving to wear a uniform garnished with the medals his heroism earned him? What a sad place this country has become when marines and strangers will spat in the face of a fellow Marine simply because his mind no longer possesses the capability to remember I what order, or on which side his hard earned medals belong. I for one thank you Mr. Bolden. For your sacrifice and bravery. For my freedom and the freedom of those I love. For what ever it was you did to earn all those medals, thank you Sir. Thank you for your service to this country.
        One appreciative daughter, Granddaughter, Niece and friend of several American service men and women

      • Mr Smith, I am always man enough to admit when I am wrong, and to stand up and apologize for it.
        I hope you understand that it was rather easy for us to assume your Great Uncle could have been a fake because of the way he was wearing the uniform. There was no intent to malign your uncle in any personal sense.
        I’m sorry, sir. I made a very bad mistake here, and I am sorry to you, and to your uncle, a fellow Marine. Please forgive my stupidity, and give your great uncle my best. And please know that in honor of your great uncle, I will be more careful in the future about calling out military fakers.
        God bless you, and God bless your great uncle SGTMAJ James W Bolden, USMC (Retired)

          • You are very welcome. I will pray for your Great Uncle. May God be kind to him.

          • The only thing worse than Stolen Valor is accusing someone of it and being wrong. It seems these days we are quick to accuse people of Stolen Valor just because they are wearing cut off ACU pants in Walmart. Maybe we should take a step back until we are absolutely positive someone is misrepresenting Military service for their own personal gain. Best of luck to SGM Bolden….

          • Your uncle is a bad ass I in some ways they investigated him we would of never known! His story is probably an awesome one and I would try to learn as much as you can and write it down.

          • I wish I had an address to send your uncle a card to thank him for his service. I thought the posters were being mean and jumped to judgement, and said as much in the midst of all of the hateful posts they were making. I took care of a Marine and retired DC police officer, and I know personally that some of the times he remembered best were those in the Corps and his days as a DC cop. I also know a Marine that served 32 years, three wars, and was one of the Frozen Chosen that didn’t wear his uniform perfectly when he went to military events. However, if anyone would have questioned his service, not only would he have beat their ass at 89 years old, but so would half of the town. People need to think before they use the keyboard. They also need to respect their elders.

      • With the exception of the Bronze Star and Purple Heart, the updated info, shows you were/are right. My apologies. And I wish your uncle the best.

        • I don’t know his story, but for the little it’s worth I was awarded a Bronze Star and outprocessed before submitting it for my official records. One of these days I’ll get around to sending in that certificate…

          • Jim, don’t wait too long on getting your DD-214 (?) corrected – there may be a time limit on correcting same.

  2. what happens once you guys do locate him? Will he be charged for impersonating a military uniform given that he has done it not once but perhaps multiple times before?

  3. How does a Marine with that many years of service NOT have a Rifle Badge? As a Marine veteran there ARE so many things wrong with this uniform as already stated. Maybe just maybe this man is suffering memory lose and forgot right from wrong as unlikely as that may be. If that where the case then you would think he would be traveling with Family. I suspect stolen Valor

    • After reviewing his records, I apologize and pray this Marines family takes care of him properly. I hope his family takes care of his uniform especially helping him remove unearned metals. It is now against the law to profit from having unearned valor and he getting a first class seat is under that law. Again I apologize and pray for him.

  4. When I saw the uniform I knew he was a fake. All of the comments are correct. My apology to the earnest young man giving up his seat for a hoax.
    Sgt Sully USMC Vietnam
    I have traveled to and from the Mideast dozens of times. When I board my flights I call the flight attendant and offer my debit card and tell them any military on board are not allowed to purchase a thing. USE MY CARD!!!! Semper Fi

  5. I’ve met former marines who couldn’t tie their shoe much less put on a uniform the right way. You disrespect this country more by not minding your own business. Who cares if he wears a uniform? That uniform is worth nothing accept to the people who wear it. I don’t care for your wars anyways, you aren’t my heroes.

    • Feel free to take you head out of your cock-holster whenever you feel like it, fucko. You stopped by the stolen valor site to shit your opinion out? Go home and punch your mother for not aborting you.

    • you wouldn’t exist if not for former Heroes and Wars. They protected and gave you the freedom to sit there at your computer and type gibberish.

    • J.r. you sir are a worthless coward piece of dog shit! You curse the country you so gallantly stand on? You definitely came in the pilgrim boat. Go back to your country!!!

    • We don’t care about hero worship or what you have to say honestly. We take pride in our service and we take pride in all that we accomplish and all that we have accomplished. You will never no this pride because you stand for nothing more than internet liberal activism. The proudest moment of your life will be the moment before you die because you will realize your life ment virtually nothing in the grandsceme of things and did nothing noteworthy other then polute the minds of other ignorant individuals such as yourself, yourself being someone whose life is like a plague on democracy. In the 80’s and 90’s it was the aids epidemic because it was killing so many but today’s plague everyone needs to fear is liberalism and for that reason you will take pride in knowing that your life was a mistake because you infected so many others and upon your death the pride comes from knowing the world is better off without you because now you can do no more harm. We take pride in our uniforms or anything or anyone having to do with the armed forces and we police our own and keep others not deserving of our honor and prestige away from our titles of: Marine, Soldier, Airman or Seaman because we earned it and they didn’t and for this reason we guard our rite like pitbulls guarding the gates of hell. Do you know why? We do it to protect the brain dead Americans like yourself as well as our families, our friends, and those who cannot defend themselves who aren’t brain dead and we do it for our flag and everything it stands for.

    • You can keep your opinions to yourself, we Marines have our customs, traditions and honor. We earned everything we have and more, to include the right to say your welcome for the freedoms that you have. Let me ask you a question, how would you like it if you were having a family reunion and you had a stranger came to it and lie about being your long lost brother of your dead mother and be lying through his teeth. Be kinda mad that someone was impersonating a family member meanwhile your family hasn’t done shit for this country but reek the benefited we provided. But we earned our title and honor so we have the god damn right to be pissed and to put this waste of human flesh in his place. That’s why we call them out.

    • wow what a liberal. I would love to see where you work. Perhaps McDonalds, maybe ACE hardware, maybe if your lucky a used car salesman in Oceanside. J.R your an idiot plain and simple. Im sure you love being an American and being able to post on here what you want without getting in trouble don’t you, freedom of speech? Well a wake up to you fellow citizen is that you are here living in this country because of people who do take pride in the uniform they wear, the country they chose to fight for, and the person they become. Frankly youve been failed in life by your parents too for you to have your selfish beliefs. I appreciate you using the rights though that people fought and died for. Really i am. Oh, and one last thing. im pretty sure the people who did have those same beliefs though such as yourself we ones we have killed in all our wars and conflicts. maybe hop on the apposing team 😉

    • Unpatriotic ass. Do you know how many people have worn that uniform…any military uniform…and have died just so you can say whatever you want to. Take a history class and learn why that uniform is important to our country. You dont deserve a hero

    • Always someone, sorry you lacked the guts. Yet again, you lacked the guts, with dumb comments. Thank you JR. Can’t spell JERK, without JR.

    • I’ll pass everything up except the last sentence, “I don’t care for your wars anyways, you aren’t my heroes.” You obviously do not belong in the USA. “Your wars” are supposed to be voted on by Congress and approved by the President, the last few decades this is obviously not the case, still these wars are not chosen by the individuals in the Military, they serve us the citizens of the United States and we owe them much more then they currently receive. So take your pussy anonymous ass J.R, move to another country and NEVER come back.

    • Well J.R if you were standing in front of me wearing my uniform I’d smack the bitch of your face, then shove my untied shoe straight up your ass. Were not here to be any ones hero’s, we did what we did to allow pricks like you to run your mouth in freedom. If it would have been another country “N. Korea, Afghan, Irag” for example you be nothing but another dead prick in the streets. Hide be-hide your computer and talk down to my fellow brother & sisters in arms but just remember your no better then the guy caught posing although he had the balls to do it in public, your a sissy be-hide a computer!!!!!

      • North korea, Afghanistan and Iraq have never attacked america dude. My freedom is just fine without you. Id rather drink s beer with you here than see you shoot up a house full of families and maybe “terrorists”. Marines clearly aren’t telling you things you should already know.

        • You know I keep reading all the negative comments made about a 77 year old man wearing a Marine Uniform. How bout instead of demeaning him, maybe a current Marine could help assist this man in the proper way to wear this uniform. He sounds legit to me. Give him a break. He deserves it after nearly 30 years of service. I appreciate all Marines and their service!! I can sleep at night knowing that they are there to protect my freedom. My dad was a member of the 82nd Airborne and he served this country with pride. Let’s not forget what you all fight for….FREEDOM!!

    • J R, Did you play the skin flute in High School? Take your own advise and mind your own damn business, You must be a sand digger. Its apparent you don’t give a crap about this country. If you don’t like it here please let me know and I will buy you an airplane ticket back to where you came from. You can even buy yourself a fack ass USMC uniform and wear it on the flight. Duece Bag.

    • Former 82d Airborne Infantry trooper says to JR, “Go back to NPR douchebag. Feel free to stop by Arlington to thank the people that afforded you the right to run your mouth on the way by!!!”

    • Apparently Marine’s don’t know what trolls are.

      As it turns out, I am disgusted with the actions of this man, but in no way does it bring me to have interest in harming him. I understand the inclination to “put him in his place” and to voice each of your rightful perspectives, but as far as I am concerned it is the responsibility of the peoples that are honorable enough to protect this country, to be honorable enough to look past both the deeds of this clearly deceitful old man, and the clearly opinionated poster. They, like all of us, are people, and entirely entitled to their opinions and actions. Obviously, if this is a legal issue, it is the responsibility of our legal system to pursue retort, but barring that, I think our country and the world as a whole would be in a far better place if Marine’s didn’t respond to this minor infractions with the conduct they have through out this board.

      I truly understand the temptation of hostility, and in no way mean aggression or offense to the people that have dutifully served, nor those that share the opinions, but can one of you please help me understand either how the belittlement of a persons opinion and blatant verbal attack outside the scope of his comments, on him and his is representative of the virtues of our country, or of the honor that should be expected from a Marine?

      I realize this is a site for this very offense, but for the sake of a better world, this is the discussion and considerations, in my rightful opinion, that should be explored.

      • ^Pure wisdom. Every word of it. How is a believer in the constitution like myself supposed to believe in marine’s ability to keep his composure on the battlefield, in air, land and sea, when he can’t even keep his composure on an internet forum. Thanks for the beautiful display.

        • Believer in the constitution? really? and nobody asked a marine or any other service member to “keep his composure on the battlefield” they are there to do what they have to do. When you verbally attack someone’s family – and all veterans are family – then expect to see some loss of composure! Unless of course you are a coward and don’t stand up for anything – just spout things that you learned from some other dumbass in your life. guess who won’t survive in a crisis – unless of course you stand behind one of those people that “aren’t your heroes”
          – ex-army woman here and proud to say I’m more of a man than you are J.R! maybe just stick to fashion forum websites from now on – its safer there!

          Carry on marines – you’ve scrapped better shit than this guy off your boots before!

        • JR, you’re posting about wisdom and intelligence when you clearly lack the maturity God gave a 13 year old boy. Otherwise you wouldn’t have gone out of your way to disrespect people on a website you obviously have no business being on in the first place.

          You say you are a believer in the constitution yet you are angry with service men for “their wars” when Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11 of the U.S. Constitution gives Congress the power to declare war. Marines and all the other service men just do what is asked of them. You of all people should know that the Constitution would not exist if not for the Continental Army. The Civil War Amendments would have no meaning if not for the Union Army on several different battle fields. Do you think our Constitution would have survived Nazi Germany or Japan without a military? What protects us and deters foreign aggression? Take away the wars you’ve whined about for 10 years and take away Vietnam where your people took their aggression/anger out on draftees and really look at the reason we haven’t been invaded by a hostile force. Could it be a great big ocean and unicorn farts has protected us? Or the fact that we have the most powerful military the world has ever seen?

          • Congress hasn’t declared war since WW2. Yet we’ve spent trillions and lost thousands of soldiers (not to mention hundreds of thousands of civilian lives overseas) since. You are only further proving my point here and its getting extremely sad.

          • J.R.: We’ve lost hundreds of thousands of civilians overseas? I don’t think we got the memo.

          • Foreign Civilians, I can’t believe you couldn’t figure that out. I feel so sad I have to point that out. Innocent civilians are innocent civilians no matter what flag they fly.

        • JR, you mean to tell me Congress didn’t pass the “Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002?” News to me. Now if you want to get into semantics, no that was not a “formal” declaration of war but who used the War Powers Act to pass it? Congress. I’m really confused when dealing with people like you. You act like you hate the men and women in service yet at the same time act like you care about their lives.

          • Shut up Wittgenfeld. You can’t even read a chronological record correctly. Let alone a police report. You can’t even read your own mug shot correctly. Dumb Ass !

    • You are welcome for the free speech that you have exercised here. If it were not for the men & women who earned the right to wear the uniform and medals, you would be living in a country where you would be imprisoned for stating your opinions in an open venue such as this. It really shows you lack of understanding that freedom is not free and where you are too much of a self righteous indignant panst to have earned the freedom yourself – I would much prefer you say thank you and move on. Douchebag.

  6. There is no need to get overly complicated about CAR’S and awards for valor… you may be surprised at what Signal guys on the top of a mountain in Laos did!

    It’s the simple things that trip people up and the weapons badge on the right or a Silver Star out of hierarchy is enough, unless the guy is deranged!

    I have owned veterans Forums for years and tracked down many Posers during that time… you can’t catch them all and some of my expat friends… retired Special Forces… see bars full of spec ops fakes every day… you can’t beat them all!

    On the other hand I can tell you about a legitimate SF Officer, who is retired and preys on women! Go figure!

    This guy is clearly a fake and for those of us that have served (BTDT) it sticks in the craw relative those we know and love… many gone now… then we have this clown… and pukes like J.R. that continue to pop up unannounced!

    Some of these guys are simply starved for attention as they take their final stoney steps toward the box!

    Pukes like J.R. above… die a thousand deaths as cowards usually do!

    Some of my airborne friends nailed a Poser once and amazingly enough the guy was an honest to God Trooper but he decided that was not enough and decided to add an unearned Ranger Tab…

    • Unfortunately if a marine knew how to open an American history book, He would not be allowed into the marines. He would know too much about the military involvement in overthrowing democratically elected leaders all around the world from Iran, to Chile. We know you don’t fight for anyone’s freedoms but corporations like Sullivan and Cromwell in the 50s to Lockheed Martin today. Your country needs you to fight for them not who you are ordered to fight for. Wars of today create more enemies. Doubt this? Google blowback. Hoooh ah all you want. You are bought and paid for slaves.

      • What’s funny about that is I’m a former Marine myself and am probably more educated than you’ll ever be. What’s even funnier is the political action you mentioned about overthrowing leaders were CIA operations. Last I checked, the CIA is a civilian, not a military, agency. Uh oh! You can’t blame the military now! What to do, what to do…think long and hard about it, I’m sure you’ll have some witty remark. Regardless of what you say, you haven’t been there, you just don’t understand, and that’s okay – this country doesn’t need you. Say what you will, just remember that better people have earned it. Oh, and it’s oorah, not hooah. The ignorance is astounding.

        • I’m being lectured on how to grunt now. CIA doesn’t affect what the military does? Last time I checked the entire Iraq war was based on faulty CIA intelligence. Remember? The ones marines were sent to go fuck around in sand displacing and killing millions of Iraqis in the name of…democracy? Keep grunting soldier.

          • Actually, the Iraq was was NOT based on faulty CIA intelligence, and if that’s what you think, you’re not particularly intelligent. We knew that WMD’s existed, because we gave them to the Iraqi’s to gas the Kurds. The Iraq war, however, had nothing to do with either. We also knew that the Iraqi’s weren’t responsible for 9/11. This is a surprise to exactly no one who has served.

            If you believe that those who serve are unintelligent or brainwashed, you’re sorely mistaken. If you believe those who serve believe everything they’re told, you’re even stupider than anyone could’ve imagined.

          • Millions? Even at the non-typical high 100 deaths every day, we’re looking at a likely overestimate of 401,000 civilian deaths total as the result of the insurgency, not our dudes.

          • Whoops, meant to say that the 401,000 figure is likely to be an overestimate.

          • I said displacing AND killing. So sad the reading level of the lot of you but I’m really not surprised. Operation Iraqi freedom sent Iraq pushed Iraq into an instability that the US and all its precious marines and all the contractors tax dollars could buy could not control. Now we leave the country in shambles, if you don’t understand the cost of war, try looking at it from the Iraqi perspective. Before the US invasion, there was no Al Qaeda in Iraq, and there was no insurgency.

          • Don’t know why everybody’s even bothering to respond to your bullshit. Just another keyboard troll that lacks the balls to back up his mouth face to face

    • Its been proven he isn’t a fake, just google James Bolden marine, into google news, you’ll find the family speaking out against you “guardians of valor” or whatever you hold yourselves up to be when you are really just bullies of mentally ill fellow serviceman. Sickening that you won’t apologize because your ego is too great and controls every insult you spew.

      • It wasn’t proven, please read the story before you launch accusations. We didn’t call him a fake, we simply posted this to find out who he was so we can verify/deny the accusations launched against him. We are also in contact with the family, who are working to provide us the proper documents to verify. So thanks for reading comprehension.

  7. Not on man or woman who ever served did so to be your hero or anyone elses for that matter. That uniform to you may mean nothing as you have clearly never been a part of anything larger than yourself. The sacrifices that are made day in and day out by those of us who do serve form a bond and brother/sisterhood that no ignorant fool like you would ever be able to understand. “That uniform” as well as the other Armed Services’ are worth quite a bit to those who honor their country and their service. Thankfully you speak on behalf of a small and uninformed percentage of the population. You are living breathing proof that you cant cure stupid. No one came asking for your thanks or approval, so kindly go back to eating your bucket of paint chips in your mothers basement.

  8. My two cents. As per the order, to rate a CAR you must be engaged by enemy forces and satisfactory return fire (of which no one has conclusively defined – vague). If you are in an IED attack, you cannot return fire if there is no target or you are incapacitated, you could get hit and become mortally wounded at the first hit and unable to return fire. Both these cases, you would rate a Purple Heart but not a CAR. Therefore it is not a given that when you have a Purple Heart, that it is accompanied or validated by a CAR.

  9. The very sad part of this situation is that the only shame this fake will fill is the shame those informed around him give him. Legally due to SCOTUS 6-3 decision in 2012 the stolen Valor act is deemed unconstitutional. So those who encounter this man give him hell devil dogs!

  10. Ah D’Angelo, thanks, man. I appreciate the gesture. I did 20+ years as a Navy Corpsman and I love me some Marines, but this guy… not so much. Thank you anyhow D’Angelo, that was a nice thing to do.

  11. this guy is clearly a disgrace to all military personal. He should be punished for wearing the uniform to get special treatment by anyone. My hat goes out to DeAngelo for his actions and respect for the troops. But son, you got taken for a ride by this fake….. God will bless you for your deed but this guy needs to be punished for his.

  12. At least now we civilians will know what to look out for. Impersonating a member of any branch of Military service is appalling and shameful. When this man is identified I hope he has some sort of mental illness. —- A BIG THANK YOU!!! to EVERYONE who serve, have served and will serve our country to keep our country free! God Bless You.

  13. Maybe the man has a mental disability and cannot recall everything… I don’t condone impersonating a Marine at all, I just want to make sure all the bases are covered.

    • Zane, you are the only one that’s figured it out. Too bad one of these Marines hasn’t reached out or recognized that something like this can happen. This man was once a caring, brilliant, generous man, father and husband, brother, uncle, Marine. Wow, we should watch how we judge, it can happen to anyone.

  14. Yes he does have a mental disability, it’s called faking the funk and that’s why I travel alone, so I can be as lost as possible! !!!

  15. Usually Master Gunnery Sergeants are the one that comes after NCOs and troops in uniform inspection, but this takes the cake. Not wearing a SNCO belt, No ribbons. Medals on the wrong side. Can’t tell how many starts are on this guy’s good cookie medal. If you’re going to impersonate, seriously do your research. Jeebus f**k. Even a boot can unf**k you and will punch your lights out. Semper Fi.

  16. J.R. is an ignorant ass, but so are you, SHANEK0331. You don’t have to be a nasty conservative blowhard to honor military service or to be a patriot. Your political ideology has no monopoly on patriotism or valor.

  17. I noticed that he has all of those service stripes but look at his good cookie. Sucks that there are people who would do this. I have a lot of respect for marines seeing how I am a corpsman (doc) in the Navy currently with green side.

  18. the real question is how did he get the jacket because i know if you go and buy dress blues in the army is about 500 dollars once you put all the medals on there and i dont have that many so hes wearing 700-1000 dollars worth of stuff. next the rank and years of service has to be sown on the jacket so how did he pull that off. im not defending him or damning him just wondering how did he did it without getting caught. or did some high ranking nco sell his dress jacket on ebay or something

  19. J.R. is nothin but a social media punk ass bitch, lookin up shit on google to get a point across, possibly a female an no dick…i suspect tranny even….who has never even known what a real fight is, an bullied “its” whole life…this “thing” callled J.R….sad you were never loved as a child. Its not your fault your deformed and pathetic and your parants couldn’t deal with the pressures of your entire family to discard you. So go ahead, and speak your mind, when no one gives a shit after the first sentence, while hiding behind a comment, cuz your too ugly to look at….we all get. Anymore post/comments you put we’ll be like….” Oh thats just J.R. being the goofy/tranny/whatever lab you came from, doin its thing….lol almost said all this without laughing.

    • Why let JR get under your skin ? You guys are head and shoulders above this person. Maybe he is a wanna be like the guy on the plane. You guys are better than JR don’t let him get your goat , that is what he wants. Hey JR blow it out your ass.

  20. I’m not a retired Marine and I’m offended by this toad. I just have a great deal of respect for our military.

    Thank you to all who serve and have served.

  21. Jr is so dumb he don’t know the different meaning to hooah and oorah you fucking idiot! Jr don’t know anything except for what Google tells him

  22. Just ignore him. J.R. is a troll who seems to enjoy getting a rise out of people wiling to sacrifice everything for their country. Let him post all he wants, don’t even acknowledge it anymore. The worst thing that can happen to an attention whore is to not get any.

  23. JR, How can you look yourself in the mirror after thousands and thousands of Soldiers/Marines sacrificed their own lives so that you and your family can sleep comfortably under that blanket of freedom every night. You don’t have to support the war, but don’t disrespect those who paid the ultimate price and those that continue to fight for what they believe in.

  24. I would like to thank all who serve and have served for Americans like myself God bless you all. The dumb ass making all the ignorant comments can do so so because of those who serve and have served.

  25. Has anybody ever bought military pins and patches from a website like ?? I received their catalog once. Whatever was in there, I didn’t dare to buy. But I suspect that’s what the fake Marine did and how DeAngelo Williams fell for it. All military personnel carry ID cards, do they? My dad was in the Air Force and he would be smart enough to spot a fake Marine.

    • I’ve bought mini medals and mounting bar to wear on my suit jacket on veterans day from them. Folks just need to be honest about the whole thing, if it’s not on your 214 don’t wear it !

  26. Some woman is claiming to be this mans daughter on facebook and says his name is “Retired MGySgt.” JAMES WESLEY BOLDEN. If anyone finds info about him please let me know. As I have family in the Marines who believes he is a fake. Thank you for the ones who served and those who still serve today God Bless you all and keep you safe. Thank you for the freedom you have given me and my baby daughter.

    • Look around you! See this world and the changes all around us today…. God is watching us and he’s not happy. We are so quick to point the fingers at someone even before we know truth. But remember those finger that are pointing at you. Why do we do that? To get attention, or make some one look and feel small. You say you are honored by the services that our military provides and their life they put on the line. They also put their families on hold for our freedom. You see my uncles, two brothers, a host of cousins, father-in-law, bother-in-laws, husband of 35yrs. all served in our military….. the Marines, the Army, the Air Force, Navy, the Coast guard, the National guard.. Yes, yes you see this military man, this 30 year Marine retired veteran was one of the few, the proud, and brave. This man is my uncle of 60yrs whom is well loved. Has a family who loves him and believes in a living GOD. HE SERVED AND WAS PROUD TOO. We are quick to defame, i hope your apology is quick as well. Blessings to you all.

  27. He normally hangs out at sky harbor airport we usually see him about 1-2 times a week like I said he has major mental issues we have seen in Marine uniforms and Navy uniforms along with Air Force uniforms.

  28. Here’s the deal JR we as Americans go to places and fuck shit up. So what! If you don’t like it that’s fine, don’t bitch and moan about war this and war that. It’s what people do. Even you as an educated pompous nuisance of life can see what the history books say. Oh and speaking of that why are you into the history books anyway. If you really knew what you were talking about you’d know that history books have been changed over the course of history to make some people uglier and more glamourous than they really were. History is what you see not what you read. This forum is to out those that would try to make up their own history and have others believe it. Oh and by the way how much time have you spent in a place(other than this forum)surrounded by people that could give less than a fuck about you? Or better yet how many days can you remember that you could sleep well at night knowing your brother might take a bullet for you? Just asking because that’s true peace.

    • I sleep without fear, fear is what drives a public to allow nonsensical wars to begin with. History lesson: Fear of Native Americans and their “savagery” justified our genocide of them to the public centuries ago. Our fear of latin america justified our wars to the public in order to protect corporate interests there (United Fruit Company anyone?). Our fear of communism justified our going to war with Vietnam, and our proxy war against Russian in Afghanistan. Now our never ending fear of “terrorists” keep the public in submission. I don’t fear for my brother taking a bullet for me. I’d rather educate my brother, so he knows he doesn’t have to, and I’ll love him just the same.

      • Not that you can call a history of mutual distrust and atrocity by both natives and settlers “genocide”. Look up how the Dakota War of 1862 got started, it was started by some young natives messing around at a time of high tension. Don’t go quoting that cherry-picked Revolutionary War example like it was typical or a constant.

  29. Hey j.r. Read this please
    Take a man put him alone
    12,000 miles away from home
    Empty his heart of all its blood
    Make him live and sweat in mud
    This is the life they chose to live
    There sole to the devil they give
    So have your parties drink with out a care
    While men and women die of there
    Protest the war and have your fun
    As you still refuse to carry a gun
    With nothing else that you will do
    Yet here they are ready to die for you
    There is something that you should know
    That is where I want you to go
    They’re already there so its too late
    They’ve traded all they’re love for hate
    They will hate that place until they die
    Where they forever hear they’re mothers cry
    They heard a fire and the blood he shed
    Just as the doc announced “another is dead”
    It was the biggest price a man could pay
    So that you can live the American way
    They will get their tattoos of skills and tears
    So you can scrutinize for many more years
    But there is one thing they will always know
    You fucktard, didn’t have the balls to go

  30. Take a man put him alone
    12,000 miles away from home
    Empty his heart of all its blood
    Make him live and sweat in mud
    This is the life they chose to live
    There sole to the devil they give
    So have your parties drink with out a care
    While men and women die of there
    Protest the war and have your fun
    As you still refuse to carry a gun
    With nothing else that you will do
    Yet here they are ready to die for you
    There is something that you should know
    That is where I want you to go
    They’re already there so its too late
    They’ve traded all they’re love for hate
    They will hate that place until they die
    Where they forever hear they’re mothers cry
    They heard a fire and the blood he shed
    Just as the doc announced “another is dead”
    It was the biggest price a man could pay
    So that you can live the American way
    They will get their tattoos of skills and tears
    So you can scrutinize for many more years
    But there is one thing they will always know
    You fucktard, didn’t have the balls to go

  31. I was an active duty Marine for 22 years and have certainly encountered my share of haters, we all have. Some try to understand active duty and what we do while others never have and never will. I have never met anyone who became a Marine for public acceptance. There will always be those who do not care for Marines or military in general, so what. People have opinions, much like noses, we all have one.

  32. I know him he is no fake, he served in Korea and Vietnam and is 77yrs old when his daughter provides documentation, will any of you apologize

  33. When you where the uniform as bastardly as this guy has, he’s gonna catch flak regardless of if he served or not. IF this guy is a real former Marine, then he would know how it should be worn. I could forgive a few things if he has a mental issue (and he’s tavelling alone?) as some of you claim, but the medals out of order, the fact his hashes don’t add up, etc lead me to believe (and many others here that he’s a sham). I hope that he’s not and there can be some documentation provided, but you can’t blame others here for calling out blatant uniform violations.

  34. Please be patient. Once his daughter provides the documentation, he will be vindicated. Too often, we jump to conclusins without all of the facts. This man did, in fact, serve 30 years and has now advanced in years. Perhaps his faculties aren’t as sharp as they once were. Nonethtelss, upon verification of said service, a public apology would certainly be warranted as well as “making it right” regarding the shameful accusation(s).

  35. I’ve met this man on several occassions during several tours of duty while serving in the United States Navy, Guam, Hawaii Japan and the Philippines. I know he is a Marine for this so called fake is my retired uncle and I am very, very proud of him. THANK YOU.

  36. JR go do something for your country, join the boys scouts!! Or the peace corps. If you have any courage and balls, well join the Army. If you have any courage, balls, pride, dedication, honor, commitment, well be a fucking man and join the Marine Corps, otherwise shut the fuck up you piece of shit!!!! If this man suffers from DEMENTIA why in the fuck was he travelling alone???

  37. There is something very wrong with this!!! I’ve heard 60, in his 70’s, 77 from people who CLAIM they know him. I think the ones whom have DEMENTIA IS THEM!!! UNCLE BOB, is that you???

    • this is my great uncle his name is james w bolden he is 77 years old and suffers from early stages of alziemers an dementia he entered the core in 1955 at camp le june and was discharged in1983 in new orleans la at master gunn seargent rank i can assure you that he is the real deal and that his uniform and all his valor was earned with 28 years of dedicated service to the core me and my family are outraged at the way he has been treated and portrayed by his so called fellow brothers in the core these are the facts and i encourage anyone who still values facts to check them out for yourself

      • Tony Smith or whom ever you fucking are, it’s not the fucking core you imbecile! !!! It’s Corps!!! You Nigerian 419ers get your shit strait!!! No Marine with 28 or 30 years would go out looking like that. He has altzimers or dementia or what ever he fucking has and you asswipes leave him all alone, with a fucked up Marine Corps uniform traveling all over the fucking place!!!!

        • First off no one had any business fucking with him to begin with but it was probably an weak asshole such as yourself that stopped him in the first place you seem very angry or could it be a bit of jealousy I detect because he has achieved things in his service to the country that you could only dream of jealousy is a weak emotion you got to get that in check envy and jealousy is are female traits so pull your skirt down and respect the rank cocksucker! Food for thought you do the dishes

          • Well Tony, you certainly had me fooled into thinking you were a sweet gentle soul defending his elderly and ill great uncle. And then I have to read this: “ pull your skirt down and respect the rank cocksucker!” How very disappointing, Tony.

            While I am certain that the newly-learned truth must be distressing to you and your family, I find myself caring a little bit less for your emotional well-being than I did earlier today. If your family had valid proof, I guarantee it would have been posted by now.

            I am proud to have a family full of men who have served this country in every branch of the military, and that includes a brother in the United States Navy that never came home. It’s clear that the people here take the topic of stolen valor very seriously, especially the Marines. Some advice if I may: Get a hold of yourself and go about your business.

            And for crying out loud, please find a full-time health companion for your uncle. Even in the early stages, an Alzheimer’s patient should never be left alone.

      • Tony, its great news to know that Mr. Williams wasn’t duped if in fact you are being honest here. Keep in mind I mean absolutely no disrespect to your family or your uncle by asking this and I am NOT attempting to delve into your personal lives. But, from what I’ve heard, the first instance of his being questioned by another Marine was in the Philippines. Not only was he there, but it seems he was by himself. I have to ask, as a medical doctor, why he was allowed even in the early stages of Alzheimer’s to travel by himself. I’m not scolding anyone here because I do not know the circumstances behind this trip. Even in the early stages of a neurological disease like Alzheimer’s and/or Dementia it is extremely dangerous for a person to be traveling alone. He may be on the proper medication (at least I hope he is) but even then it is entirely possible for him to have adverse reactions to the medication. It is even possible when no adverse reactions have been manifested in the past. I have seen patients, even in the early stages, exhibit later stage behavior such as aggressiveness, confusion, and slower nervous reactions. All of which can result in serious injury. These symptoms will come in spells in the early stages but they are still possible none the less. This can be compounded by an unfamiliar environment and/or undue stress.

        Again, I’m not attacking you or your family personally. I am just pointing out that in my professional opinion and as a doctor, I don’t think its a good idea to allow him to continue traveling by himself at this point. I would suggest you or a member of your family consult with his specialist regarding how his traveling needs may be handled.

  38. Tony smith thank you for your compliments. I really love getting hate
    mail from a coward in the internet. Armchair quaterback is all you are to me. Now go back and feed the pigs, while I do the dishes! Turd.

    • All I want to know is when the facts come out and everything that I’m saying is proven will you really man up? Cause you seem pretty tough beating up on a old man over the computer that can’t defend his self and this not only applys to you but everybody who has attempted to assasinate my uncles character it’s silly to me that a man that has earned that many honors the biggest thing a sorry sack of shit such as yourself can point out is it wasn’t worn properly who gives a fuck ?he put the work in and earned it that should be all that matters period

  39. Thank you once again. obviously you have a hard-on for me. You are looking for attention? Good, I will give it to you. First off no one here is beating on anyone, do you even know what those medals mean? Can you please verify where he earned a silver star? Did you put on his uniform? It’s all jacked up. Second, if he is so loved by you and the rest of your charles Manson family, why wasn’t he with someone if he has dementia? Why was he dressed to go to a parade looking like an ass clown? Obvious to me that you are either in on it with the Scam or too dumb to know better. Either way dingleberry, I don’t believe a word you say until you provide proof of other wise to the real MEN AND WOMEN WHO SACRIFICE THEIR LIFE’S FOR THIS COUNTRY! The wearing of that uniform by someone who has not earned the right is a slap in the face to all those who have been brave enough to earn it. You are a civilian who has never had the courage to be a Man!!! Go back to playing your video games dickhead coward turd sub human animal! Go crawl back to your cave!!!

  40. Dear Doctor,
    Thank you for bringing some intelligent light to all this, however, I must admit there is no truth to what is spoken here to our brave Marines and service members, to guardian of valor, and to me. These so called relatives are all in on the scam, please do not hold your breath waiting for something that does not exist. This is a total lie about this clown. He is wearing our uniform to get/receive special treatment. Why on earth was he travelling with dress blue Alpha? Medals and badges all jacked up?

    • Juan,

      No problem at all. I knew that was a possibility but at the same time I wanted to question in as respectful a way as I could, why his family would let him travel in that condition in the slight possibility they are indeed his family. Obviously, people in my position may cross the line into being too careful at times, but in this case an Alzheimer’s patient is very unpredictable even in the early stages. I actually ran across this through a link from another page that had mentioned the situation and felt I needed to comment.

      You asked why he would be traveling like that. I have not had the privilege of serving the country so I would not know the protocol. But, when his “nephew” commented that he was suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s in addition to my original sentiment that something just wasn’t right (as you mentioned the way he wore his uniform) led me to believe it was entirely possible he is a member of his family. That is mainly because one of the biggest tale tale signs of Alzheimer’s is confusion of time. Its typical for a patient in that condition to revert back to a time earlier in life. For this man, it could be a time when he was a happy young Marine. Anyway, that was the reason I posted.

      • my uncle has lived in the pi since 2005 and he has been traveling the world by himself since he entered the marine corps in 1955 so up until the recent incident their has been no call for concern but he is with his family now here in the us getting the care he needs.this is a difficult time for the family to have to defend my uncles honer his eldest son passed away last saturday whom i might add was also a marine we are focused on putting him to rest this fri i wrote this sight and they asked me to send his info which i sent them yesterday so me an my family are waiting for them to get back to us and set the record straight.even a marine is entitled to getting old

  41. I agree with your position that military impostors should be duly noted and publicly accountable. However, you are very premature here, as this man is my great uncle and has served honorably and proudly as a career Marine. He has earned the many medals he is wearing and you nor anyone else has the right to smear him. He is older now, and we think may have diminished faculty due to an age-related condition. Once you are able to authenticate his record, I hope you are as fervent in your acknowledgement of his service and distinction as a proud and deserving patriot. I expect that a family member will be contacting you soon with needed credentials, upon receipt of which I hope you promptly remove your earlier post, publicly acknowledge the error, and rightly recognize his contribution to his country. Lastly, I would also encourage you and the public to fact-check before launching into premature assumption. Things are not always what they seem, and you have the responsibility to make certain that you present factual information.

    Also, my great uncle retired to the PI sometime ago, well before the condition advanced, and our family has to figure out how to best manage and support his care under these circumstances. There are no easy answers. That said, while he may be diminished in some ways, he is quite capable in others.

    No accuser here has enough facts to make the kinds of hateful and ignorant comments posted. You have no right to denigrate this man based solely on someone’s opinion and completely ignorant commentary. You are in no position to judge him or his family.

  42. Who are you two BOOZOS???? Are you people on CRACK??? Can you listen to
    yourselves? Retired in the PI? Really? You two concerned BOOZOs should be worried about his welfare and not let him step out the house looking like this!!! Get him to the VA, ASAP!!!!

  43. Tony Smith or whomever you are, are you Nigerian? Right. Your stories do not add up, his daughter supposedly contacted this SITE about a week and a half ago, nothing yet. I don’t buy a word you are saying. By the way, Marine is written with a fucking capital M, your uncle should be proud of his stupid nephews!

  44. it seems like you have some serious issues with anger and racism i could be taking your Nigerian comments wrong so could you please express yourself more clearly on your infactuation with Nigerians or people of color so i can have better understanding on what appears to be racially motivated rants?as for his info being sent to the site i dont talk for anyone but myself i sent the info that gaurdian of valor asked for 2 days ago they thanked me and said they would send off for his records but hey why take my word for it you seem to be pretty fierce with a keyboard write them yourself and check it out

  45. If the name is James W Bolden, there is a MGySgt on the retired list by that name. Any Marine with Marine Online access can look him up for themselves. If it is indeed the same person, an apology is owed.

    • thank you for getting the facts and not jumping on the bandwagon like so many have chosen to do without the proper info and i agree he does deserve a apology but i doubt any of these people with man up and give it to him.i do have to ask if you were able to find it whats taking gaurdian of valor so long to correct this after all this is what they specialize in?

      • I still don’t know the facts. All I know is that there is a James W Bolden on the retired list. I do not know if it is indeed the same person. Even if it is, there has been many cases of even real veterans wearing medals or other devices that they are not entitled to. It has been my observation that Guardian of Valor does a very thorough vetting of claims and if he is indeed the same person and not wearing anything that he isn’t entitled to, they will post that fact. I just did a very simple check for a name. If this is the same person, he is out of uniform regardless. We retirees are authorized on certain occasions to wear the uniform and when we do, we must adhere to the proper wear of it. There are many things wrong with how this person is wearing his uniform. The NCO buckle was not in use until the mid 90s and is similar to the SNCO buckle in that it has the Marine Corps emblem on it but is missing the wreath that goes around the edge. Maybe he was confused by that, but the wear of the badges and medals has never been authorized that I am aware of and the placement is incorrect. Marines almost automatically do a head to toe inspection of another Marine in uniform and when there is so much wrong with a uniform, red flags go up immediately. As I said, if this is the same person, then he is owed an apology for questioning him being a Marine, but not for improper wear of the uniform. If he is wearing awards that he is not entitled to, then he needs to fix himself and not wear them again. As I said, Guardian of Valor does a great job in vetting these claims and verification with certainty takes time. The truth will come out.

  46. @tony smith, sure, Nigerian 419ers, scam artists of the world!!! Using the internet for scams! Spent 2 years in west Africa from Senegal all the way to Nigeria. Know all the scams. @GyCz, please tell me which site you saw this at? I have looked like crazy with that name and come back with bullshit! Now I was a corporal in the USMC, Google my name and all my Marine Corps history pops up!!!

  47. Tony, did you even read the article? They didn’t once call him a faker, it was written in response to all the flak on the Facebook post by Deangelo Williams. Just because a name is on the retired lost doesn’t mean anything, name has to be verified. Also records take time to get, I know I’ve requested them before. They would need that to verify all of the above. So how about let them so their job, and stop being a pest and reading so far into things. I read well, and see this article as them trying to find out whom he is.

  48. I read the article and it clearly states that “So I tend to believe the thousands of Marines that are sure this guy was never a Marine” if that’s not calling him a faker then i don’t know what is. I just call it how i see it and the feeling is this if this man boarded a plane from the pi to the USA he did not do it without identification how hard is it to check the name James W Bolden with his original flight info and if he did pull one over on the airlines like this forget MGySgt he must be the real agent 007

  49. Wow, really? So when did the airlines start just giving up flight manifests except to Law Enforcement? You really are dense, read the headline, read the main topics of the article. No it’s not calling him a poser, it’s simply pointing out details that caused thousands of people to call him out

    • If you read the entire story you would see the opinion of the person that wrote in in the line that i called your attention since you seem to have not caught it the first time here it is again ” So i tend to believe the thousands of Marines who say this guy was never a Marine” what i’m saying is that the person that wrote this story went above and beyond just simply pointing out details that were wrong with his uniform and put his or her personal opinion out there for all to see with limited knowledge of the real facts surrounding the story. Don’t be upset with me i didn’t write it guardian of valor did i just read it and pointed it out now if i mixed any words from that statement up or your telling me that was never in the story i will be more than happy to apologize to you and gaurdian of valor

  50. Seems you are the only not that reads it that way. They only pointed out why thousands of people were saying, thousands of Marines. If you look at the mans uniform, any Marine would call him out because it’s so ate up. The article states what was expressed by many!!! You point out one sentence where the author agrees with the masses concerning the way he wears the uniform, you fail to interpret the rest where they state they want to find out who he is to get the full story. If this person is as I’ll as you and others have stated, then why the hell was he allowed to travel alone? So instead of trying to place blame on others, and accusing this site of doing something they didn’t, look at your own back porch. Seems priorities are out of order! If he was a Marine as you say, why did he not pull out his retired ID when approached in the airport? I think an investigation needs to be opened into the care and safety of this man if it turns our he was a Marine. Stop trying to place blame on others, realize what has happened, and stop begging for an apology where none is due!!! Thousands of people called him into question becuse of his appearance, that should tell you something.

    • As stated by Sam above “why did he not pull out his retired ID when approached in the airport? No where that I see in the above story does it actually identify the person who approached him and confirmed that he was in fact a Marine, only that “He was approached by a Marine who thought he looked suspicious”, I would like to ask, how many people on here would just pull out your ID and give it to a stranger in any airport?

  51. If you have been paying any attention i never questioned his uniform being out of place i agree my problem was the questioning of his uniforms authencity.And i agree with you 1000% a investigation should be opened into this mans care brilliant idea perhaps you know some contacts to get this ball to rolling let help you out James W Bolden born July2nd 1937 but wait! You and i both know that this would never be the case because thousands of marines would have to admit they were wrong as well as gaurdian of valor if the facts ever surface

  52. Actually, no one was wrong, even If it comes out he is legit. His uniform is still all ate up, and everyone knows you don’t wear headgear indoors. The wear and appearance of his uniform is what started all of this and why so many think he is a poser. So no one would be wrong even if he is found out up be legit, because he is ate up from the floor up. But you wouldn’t understand that part would you? And yes as Gunny says above, it takes time to do the proper research and once it’s done, gov will update it. They always do, so stop looking for someone to blame, stop begging for apologies from thousands of Marines who are doing nothing more than protecting a uniform they’ve earned. Blame your family, if he’s legit, for letting him wear an unauthorized uniform and having it all ate up. Blame the root cause, not the outcome.

  53. i think we all have established the uniform was on wrong once again i never disputed this fact or anyone from my family so with that out the way and behind us im not a Marine so i trust you and everybody who called it out once again no argument here and as far as begging for a apology thats something i should not have to do in the first place i would think it would come natural to any real men or women of honor for you to say” no one would be wrong if it turns out he is legit” is a bold face lie with all thats been said i would have thought we all could at least agree upon that.

  54. I’m former Army and can relate to the Marines’ anger about the uniform. I knew a guy that flunked out of basic. He came back home and it used to piss me off to see him “ranger roll” his cap and strut around trying to play the part. He used to run his mouth about his extensive service…it was all b.s. of course. If this old man is a vet and has mental health issues, then apologies are definitely in order. I do know some old vets with ate up uniforms…some serving on honor guards even. With some of these old guys, they get false information about what they are authorized to wear and how to wear it…berets and flashes are a good example. They walk around with their cover on indoors and hands in their pockets, but they are legit vets. I would think that those on this forum who honorably served would be quick to admit if they were wrong. Even then, I have to respect any fellow vet who proudly served and defends their branches’ uniform and their military family by pointing out stolen valor. At this point I’m actually hoping that the guy turns out to be a poser instead of a legitimate ailing vet that may be hurt by the accusations. I know several like him who turned out to be the real deal. Still would like to see the proof….

  55. i respect and agree with your position on this issue i personally sent in the info gaurdian of valor asked for and they said it wont be an overnight process but they are sending off for his records so as hard as it is all me and my family can do is wait it out and let them do their job

  56. The level of disrespect here is unbelievable, and I question the service of the commenters more than the man in the photo. Apparently “shoot first ask questions later” and “guilty until proven innocent” are the mottos of this site. Pretty un-American, if you ask me.

    Thanks Tony Smith for trying to clear this up, and for your great uncle’s service. But I don’t think you’ll ever satisfy these vultures. They need to destroy an old man because of their own inadequacies. Just take care of your family and don’t worry about these assholes.

  57. Completely agree with your comment – watching Marines attack what may turn out to be an old fellow-Marine with mental problems who doesn’t keep his uniform one hundred percent kosher does nothing but dimish the respect that civilians feel toward their military. Why not wait for all the facts before leaping to judgment?

    And one other thing to consider – freedom of speech necessarily entails freedom from threats of harm for exercising that freedom. So for anyone to say something along the lines of “men and women died for you to have the freedom to say whatever you’d like. I’d love to meet you in person so I could beat the shit out of you for saying what you just said” is complete hypocrisy. You’re trying to intimidate them into silence with threats of violence while praising your predecessors for freeing them from the threat of violence. Shame on you.

    • Exactly, I was berated for defending this Marine, and also defending my anti-war stance. Shows what these armchair marines really stand by. Their egos, not their fellow serviceman, and certainly not by the constitution.


    Dementia and Alzheimers are very complex illnesses. There are family members who don’t truly understand the effects it has on their loved ones. I have heard people question the family members for allowing him to travel alone, as a registered nurse in a long term care facility, I have watched people over the years who really didn’t comprehend the limitations of a family member with Alzheimer’s. I don’t know how a Marine uniform should be worn but I do know that I have watched former teachers and doctors forget something as simple as buttoning a shirt or tying a shoe.

    I do agree that it is a great offense to Veterans for someone to claim credit for something they don’t deserve. Wouldn’t you also agree that it would be offensive to have served your country for 20 plus years and to be bashed and called disrespectful names once you are no longer able to function properly?

    I’ve heard claims that the family could be in on the Scam. What exactly did this gentleman gain? A seat on an airplane? He was already on said plane. How did he know that someone would give up their first class seat?

    I have always been so proud of my fellow Americans who were brave enough to serve our country. Reading the posts saddens me. There was a question about why would family members allow the gentleman to go out with his uniform in disarray. Have you ever tried to convince an elderly person with or without dementia that they are wrong? There are some battles you don’t have the energy to fight.

  59. What is the f*cking verdict about this old guy? Can a Marine who has any knowledge of the truth let me know? Other wise shut the fuck up! !!

  60. Juan, you are so angry and disrespectful. Is no one entitled to an opinion that differs from yours? I have always been told that when someone is incapable of forming a valid argument they resort to insults. I don’t know if the gentleman was actually a Marine..I actually hope he wasn’t.

  61. So nobody read the story were this old man served thirty years in the marines, but has light dementia and that would explain why his medals were in the wrong space. Think before you act. To the marine who approached him and yelled at him not knowing his mental state. You are a disgrace and should be arrested for harassment.

    • That marine who yelled at him in an airport should be placed into a mental facility himself. That is how he treats a 30 year veteran? Disgraceful.

  62. Wow! To all you cheerleaders who are bashing the veterans and Marines who have a point shame on you! To the family of this man shame in you for letting travel unsupervised! To the people who let this Marine out like thst shame on you! To you cowards it’s just a uniform and just some medals! Marine Corps policy as well as DOD policy states, any honorably discharged veteran has the right to wear his uniform after his service, keeping in mind if all unifirm regulations are meet! That uniform represents every service member, that uniform is earnef not given. I have lost lot’s of young Marines! There are a million things the so concerned family could have done, go to the VA, go to a local recruiter , call someone, accompanying him on his trips, talk to the airline and warn them about the fact he has dementia! ! Anyone who deserves to go to jail is his family, how convenient they are now coming out of the woodworks! Shame on them. THERE IS ONE PERSON HERE I SHOULD APOLOGISE THAT IS MR. BOLDEN HIMSELF!!!! Master Gunnery Sergeant my sincerest apology, next time please seek the assistance of a local recruiter, Semper Fi, till I DIE!!!!

    • he broke no law and since when did it become that if a old man puts on a mix matched pair of socks that he needs a 24hr escort his dress didnt create this circus a uninformed Marine who jumped the gun did perhaps he should have got the facts before trying to get some short lived fame

  63. Wow. He apologized. But your suggestions are still rude, Mr. Reyes. Seek help from a recruiter or your local VA? Seek help when he doesn’t know that his uniform is in disarray? How is that possible? I don’t think anyone took offense to the claim that the uniform was in disarray. The offense came when the name calling began. I think Mr. Bolden was called a piece of crap at one point. Are you sure the airline wasn’t informed of his condition? From my understanding he lived in the Philippines and was returning home to live with his daughter. Was the family able to afford the trip to travel with him? Were they aware of his diminished capacity prior to this, given that he lived in the Philippines? How many people are unaware if the condition of our loved ones because we don’t recognize the signs of dementia(which is so often described as old age)?

  64. Wow, so he had dementia fucking up his uniform, but no dementia travelling from the Philippines to the USA? Philippines to Hawaii to California to wherever state he is from. At least 4 stops and some lay overs. Is someone fucking with me on tthis? Now I have heard it’s not proven yet. That the worried family is now in on this. I have seen 30, 28, 25 years of service. I have heard 70, 75, now 77 from so calked family members. Does he also travel with his sheriffs uniform? What I have not heard is, here is his retired Marine Corps Identification Card. His DD214. Where he served. What battles did he fight to EARN a bronze and silver star medal. I have not heard anything like this from his supposed family. I hope my children would be able to tell my my stories when I’m fucking demented!!! Every medal you se on a military uniform tells a story, where he been, how well he shoots, what wars where fought, how diciplined he is, his job, was he overseas. Etc ect…like a book. I don’t expect you civilians to understand, that is why the protected will never know the sacrifices!!! I will never be a civilian, Marine till I die. I live in toms river nj, you have something to say to me come and say it in my face!!!!

    • In the old days there was different uniform regs badges were worn with medals. The buckle has changed several times. So what his ribbons are missing! Retired Marines can wear their uniform especially during holiday weekends like the fourth of July. Why should he have to answer any of your questions! Until A Judge rules otherwise he can travel when and where he pleases! He fought for that freedom! God Bless Him!

  65. Mr. Reyes you also called Mr. Bolden and his family “Nigeria 419ers, scam artists of the world”. Do you not think that deserves an apology? I am still baffled as to what he was accused of “scamming”. He was not panhandling. He had a ticket. Do you believe that this man knew someone would give up his first class seat? If his family was with him, how would they know the medals were out of place? There are a lot of assumptions that were made and again I must say I am saddened by the rude comments that were made. And as far as the VA goes, that’s another mess in itself.

    • Dont hold your breath it takes a real man and Marine to stand up and give a real sincere apology the only valor stolen here was from a Marine who commited the horrible crime of getting old

  66. As a lady with a level of sanity I see that you may also be suffering with some form of mental illness. You went from apologizing to again using vulgar language. I see you have no knowledge of the complex nature of Alzheimers or dementia. Is it possible the family didn’t know that he suffered from dementia? I also have no desire to come say anything to your face. I started reading this site because I appalled at someone faking service when my brother made the ultimate sacrifice and died for his country, Army Staff Sgt. George Buggs. For you to say that I don’t know the sacrifice is very inaccurate.

  67. Then you know what that uniform means to us. Further more I was not speaking to you. Let’s just wait till we have the full story.something is not feeling right. Kathy, I think the person with the mental issue is you, you should be agreeing not disagreeing. Gob bless your brother. That uniform to us means the world, you should know that.

  68. Aa far as his ability to travel unaccompanied, I don’t necessarily agree with him being allowed to. I will say my grandmother was able to drive all over the place but she couldn’t remember how to count money. When I noticed that, I took her to a physician where he diagnosed her with dementia. I can honestly say that even though I know that dementia could be debilitating I overlooked the symptoms in my own grandmother and allowed her to drive 60 plus miles one way on the regular

  69. I know what the uniform means Mr. Reyes, all too well. I will never be able to see my brother again. I also agree that anyone who wears the uniform undeserving is a disgrace. But because I know firsthand how dementia works I can also understand Mr. Bolden’s plight. I currently have a client who served 3 term in Vietnam who puts his air force uniform on and tries to take a shower with it on. I apologize for assuming you were talking about me. I only disagree with the way the gentleman was approached and being misaligned without proof.

  70. next time you “real marines” want to really hurt someone, why don’t you just kick the 77yr old man suffering from dementia in the knees then as you walk away with your heads held high, you should knock over that vet in the wheelchair. Jesus, when I turn 77, I’m sure I will be that forgetful too when sorting some bronze and silver colors….. mind your own damn business and while your at it, why don’t you do some real research than just snapping photos of people and INSTANTLY accusing them of being frauds….

    • Cool your jets, Turbo. No one here was going around snapping photos just to accuse anyone of fraud. DeAngelo Williams took the photo and posted it. The photo depicts someone, at the time unknown who, wearing a jacked up uniform with MGySgt chevrons. Any Marine would expect a MGuns to know how to properly wear the uniform. There is no tag on the uniform that gives the person wearing its age, name, medical history or any other nonsense. The facts of the matter is that there was a photo of someone wearing a uniform not just in an incorrect manner but also at an unauthorized time. GoV began investigating the matter to put to rest any questions about the person’s service or awards worn. Some will jump to conclusions, others will wait for the facts. There is not a Marine posting here that would not rush to the aid of a brother Marine, including this gentlemen if the facts prove out that he is who he is being claimed to be. In the interim, it would behoove you to take your own advice and not jump to conclusions about other people’s hearts or intentions.

  71. If white people speed being haters and stayed out of people’s business, this man and his uniform would be no issue. If he were white would he have been defamed like this? I think not. White people need to mind their own business.

    • You’re goddamned right he would have been scrutinized and defamed. White, Black, Brown, Orange, everyone faces the DI in the Sky in the end! Put the race card back in your pocket and get yourself right. This is the business of everyone who wants to be proud in their EARNED uniform.

  72. Amber, are you a racist? I have been called a racist here as well, do I give a crap? ……NOPE! I’M Dominican by birth, American by right, and a Marine by God!!! He was wearing unauthorized medals for heroes and brave men he didn’t EARN. I would like to take this time to his wonderful family who take or untake care of him. Good job!!!!

    • Time to man up Reyes. Nobody likes an ass who keeps it up after he knows he’s wrong and that last shot was out of line. That means you now have an honor debt to do the right thing. You owe this man a visit. When you do you need to pay to have his uniform cleaned and it’s your job to make damn sure every decoration and stitch is in the right place. You’ve got no valor until you pay your dues for your uncalled for behavior.

  73. Why is the update not written in the story for all to see? Why is the confirmation of this gentleman’s service done in the comment section? Very quick to suggest boldly he was a poser but not as bold to show that he actually wasn’t. Not a good look

  74. “He’s wearing medals he didn’t earn?” Everyone seems to forget that he’s been diagnosed with dementia. Does anyone know where he got the medals? I must note that this is a picture and the article states “As you can see in the above photo he seems to be wearing a Bronze Star w/V device and a Purple Heart.” Seems is the big word in this. The writer of the article cannot say for certain that he was wearing those medals but in the update instead of saying what he actually earned it was pointed out that he didn’t earn the medals he SEEMS to be wearing. Again there are assumptions about the family being made. No one knows the circumstances of this gentleman’s care or the family’s circumstances.

  75. I have been following this for 2 weeks. And must say Ignorance is the lack of knowledge. We are not God and can not judge no man… But I am glad that it has been proven that Mr. Bolden is not a fake and I don’t believe you can purchase medals from the Goodwill or EBay.. #myopinion

  76. Dude are you serious TMACK? Go to Ebay and type in medals, type in uniform, type in anything you need to fake the funk and they have it. Maybe you are correct about the goodwill but don’t forget there are also the surplus stores and then the companies that makes “costumes”. I realize there are history buffs who try to put together realistic uniforms because of their love of them but those aren’t the ones fishing for handouts.

  77. I served in the US Army for several years and have always said there is nothing more awesome Than a Marine in full dress uniform. Unfortunately this mans uniform wasnt exactly correct which is taking away from a great career. I am sorry for that. I lived the life for some years and now i respect everyone who has ever, is now, and ever will wear the uniform. I was in the medical field for over 25 years an d am now disabled. I just wanna say dementia and alzhiemers are both terrible diseases. The only thing this man is guilty of even if he did it is two very established ribbons who many people have give their life for. I just pray to God this was not done on purpose. I pray for this man and his family. To his family please look on line or find a fellow Marine and square away hi uniform so no more things like this happen. Much love to all my brothers and sisters in arms past, current, and future. God Bless Everyone

  78. Mr. Santiago, it would be an honor for me to go square away this Devil Dog!!! Ib fact I will wear my Dress blues bravo for the occasion. I will show him how to properly wear his uniform, have his medals and shooting badges
    in the right sequence and in the right place, I will do what his family has falled to do. It is obvious to me you have never worn a uniform or have never lost a brother, or have no dignity in the uniform you wear or used to wear. Never the less, send me his address and I will definitely square him away!

  79. @Mike, I’m not a racist, I fucking hate everybody, including you. So why don’t you suck my left nut and make my right one jealous. You Mike can kiss my brown ass! Dingleberry!!

  80. Wow, just cant believe the poor attitude of this Juan Reyes guy, even after he was proven to be flat out wrong. Just cant admit you were wrong in a proper manner. Sound like you’re on the juice or something man, you need to chill out…..gonna strain something. This man didn’t do anything wrong. Cant wait till you get old! You think someone will be there holding your hand every minute of the day?? NO. You def owe a HUGE apology to Mr. Bolden and his family. To anyone from the outside looking in on this thread, you look like a complete jackass. Just letting you know, but it seems you don’t care, as you’ve made it pretty clear to everyone that you are severely lacking when it comes to class. Just remember that everything you write on the internet can be seen by the public very easily by simply typing in your name, especially when you use it as your username on websites! But then again, there are probably a trillion Juan Reyes’!! hahaha!!

  81. AND WHY is this man’s photo still in the “Hall of Shame”?? Speaks volumes of the website IMO. Seems as if Don Shipley Is the only one doing things correctly, and not posting uninvestigated claims. This website should be apologizing to this man as well as putting something on the front page of their site saying they were wrong! One of these days you guys are going to mess with the wrong person!

      • Didn’t want to come back again, but I def wanted to apologize for that last comment after spending some more time on this site. I appreciate what this site does, and realize I was wrong about you guys posting Mr. Bolden in the hall of shame. Just got a little pissed for a second, as I just got finished reading all of the negative comments about him, and he didn’t deserve it. So my bad guys, great site and great job outing the real fakes!

  82. You know its actually nice to find out that someone didn’t completely falsify everything they did. I am curious of the Purple Heart and Bronze Star w/Valor. Honestly though, the man is a retired Master Guns and I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. He has his C.A.R. and has nothing left to prove. His uniform etiquette seems a bit outdated though.

    Semper Fi and Semper Fortis
    – Doc

  83. Hi. My name is Stephanie and I’d like to comment on this.

    It’s really convenient how most of these valor thieves get busted and their family or the thief jumps to “Oh, I have a problem” Which is partially correct. Their problem isn’t a mental defect – it’s that they are full of shit. You know you are caught and your only way out is trying to use an excuse that has less of a chance of landing you in jail, in the news or online as a 110% fraud due to a fake “cognitive issue”

    My brother is a Veteran who had his ID stolen and was arrested due to a valor thief posing as him. I received a phone call from a police officer in Virginia and when I arrived four hours later I found my 6’4 250 pound brother in a ball in a cell crying because he was told that he was probably going to prison for 10 years for felonies he never committed. My brother is a great guy, not a war hero, just someone who did his job and tries to live as much of a normal life as he can now. He also has PTSD so I know about scumbag’s who steal other’s hard work and sacrifice and those brave men and women who have REAL issues such as PTSD or other impairments. How do I know that? I am a Speech Language Pathologist that has been in the field for over a decade and I am now in medical school to be a Neurologist. As a therapist I have worked exclusively with TBI, Alzheimer’s and other patients who have many different types of cognitive impairment through hospitals, rebab center’s and the VA system. If this valor thief was so confused and has early onset Alzheimer’s and his family knew why was he at an airport in dress blue’s? if he he was exhibiting signs of confusion why did they not know he was driving around or taking cabs, buses or other transport to an airport? Ok, let’s say for the sake of argument he was having a good day where his dementia was not presenting it’self. No signs of impairment, no sun downing, etc. The person who posted as a family member (or maybe the valor thief) want’s all of you to think that this man had clarity to purchase an airline ticket, clarity to know you have to be at the airport in time to check bags or at least get through security before a flight. Then he was so clear he got out his dress uniform, attached his fake valor, drove or arranged transportation, checked in either at a kiosk or airline desk, made it through TSA check’s and arrived at his gate with ZERO incident’s of confusion. If that is the case good for him. He should sign up for research study’s at any of this countries fine teaching hospitals where we can all learn what he is doing to combat such a terrible disease like Alzheimer’s and remain so functional.

    I truly think this man does have a problem. His problem is he is a liar no matter if he served or not. His service is irrelevant when he is trying to pass himself off as something he is not. Instead of serving with distinction and being a Veteran he choose to purchase fake medals and add those to his uniform in a somewhat orderly fashion. That alone makes me question his entire story. More on that later.

    Now back to his mental issues. I ask the people reading this – How confused does that story sound to you? First and foremost there was a complete interaction with another person in which Mr Valor Thief seemed to have no problem what so ever with defending himself. Interesting as I have worked with close to 500 patients with the diagnoses of early onset dementia and they cannot make it through one full day without some type of assistance from staff in a long term care/skilled nursing facility. But our valor thief can carry on conversations with 110% clarity dealing with past and present facts and memories? Sorry. The bullshit train has just derailed.

    And something else I’d like to point out. He obliviously wasn’t confused at some point as he either walked into a business, asked for said medal’s, paid for them and left or purchased them online, used a credit/debit card with success (and no confusion) like most cowards do so they can be anonymous, remembered he ordered them and remembered he needed to attach them to his uniform. Back to the adding medal’s to his uniform. So the “family” is saying he is now showing signs of cognitive issues and that is why he did this. Ok I’ll bite. So if he purchased the medals BEFORE his said impairment that just makes him a fucking liar right? He was a liar and bought fake medal’s when he was perfectly normal thus making him a fraud with no dementia or he has cognitive defects and is able to get himself around to buy fake medals and hang out in airports with a paid ticket? Which one is it because I am feeling confused myself?

    He is just another pathetic valor thief who even though he might have served couldn’t be happy with that service and made a CONSCIOUS choice to lie and disrespect ever man and woman who has service with honor.

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