DeAngelo Williams, Carolina Panthers Running Back Was NOT Duped By A Fake Marine



UPDATE: 20140725

*******We have received Mr. Bolden’s records from the Marine Corps, and we can verify this man did serve an extensive career in the Corps, to include combat in Vietnam. The only problem we could find is the Marine Corps has no record of Mr. Bolden ever being awarded the Bronze Star W/Valor, or a Purple Heart. He was awarded the Combat Action Ribbon, and several other awards as you can see in the Chronological history below. But we have been reassured that no record exists of a Purple Heart or Bronze Star W/Valor. **********



Original Article:

We have been flooded with emails and Facebook posts about the photo posted by DeAngelo Williams giving up his 1st Class airline seat to a Marine at the airport. We went over and checked out his Facebook post and saw thousands of Marines commenting calling this guy out on his jacked up uniform, first big red flag everyone pointed out was him wearing his cover indoors.

You can view the post here – DeAngelo Williams Facebook Post

As you can see in the above photo he seems to be wearing a Bronze Star w/V device and a Purple Heart.  The Marines in the comment section were highlighting all that is wrong with this mans uniform.

Some of the points made were:

1. A Marine never wears a cover indoors unless he is armed.

2. A Marine would never be at the airport in Dress Blue “A”, he wouldn’t be wearing his cover while seated indoors, and he wouldn’t be wearing a shooting badge on the right side of said uniform.

3. He is in Dress Blue Alpha uniform and it is not authorized for leave or liberty.

4.  He is wearing a rifle badge on his right breast pocket, you do not wear shooting badges in the Dress Blue A uniform you wear it with the B uniform and it goes on your left breast pocket.

These are just a few of the many things pointed out by the Veterans and Marines on his post.

Below is another photo of the same guy in the airport on July 1st in the Philippines. He was approached by a Marine who thought he looked suspicious, and he asked him a few questions. His rank is also much clearer, he is wearing Master Gunnery Sergeant rank.





The Marine who snapped the above photo said, “I approached and conversed with him. I am a real Marine and could tell this guy obviously was not. I proceeded to lecture him in front of the entire airport for disrespecting true patriots.”

He continued, “He said he did 30 years and deserved to wear it. I then dug further into his story and he could provide no details. He left after I yelled at him. His Navy Marine Corps Achievement Medal (green with orange stripes) has an odd device attached. He is wearing a pistol shooting badge, which is not worn on this uniform and is meant to be worn on the left side (He has it on the right). He also has an odd contraption on his right side that has no significance. Further, his white belt is rolled behind his belt buckle. This is odd as Marines have these tailored to their size. Finally, he wears his cover (hat) inside, which no Marine would do, this guy sticks out to Marines.”


They tell us that someone that served 30 years in the Corps would know how to wear the uniform. We are working to identify this guy, and once we do we will update this article with any information we find.

Again we commend Mr. Williams for what he did, and we hope these actions don’t make others not want to do the same.

If anyone can identify this  person, please send us an email at the contact link above.



UPDATE:  We are in contact with a lady that claims to be this man’s daughter. She says he was actually a Marine and will be sending us documentation today. We will update as soon as we get that paperwork.


We have requested records and should have them within a few days so that their will be no questions what-so-ever. We have spoken to the family and they realize that some people just won’t be satisfied unless they see actual proof. They provided us with the information needed to get the records.








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