David “Trusty” Garcia Diaz

David "Trusty" Garcia Diaz

David “Trusty” Garcia Diaz


Meet David Trusty Garcia Diaz Jr.  Mr. Diaz, is the worst of the worst, he posed as a SSG, and claimed the following; Silver Star, Purple Heart, Ranger, SF and CIB among others.




The worst part is he took advantage of VHP(Vet Hunters Project, Vets Organization that Helps Vets down on their luck), they contributed over $900.00 to this poser, fixing his car among other things. This group does a lot to help our veterans, and to be taken advantage of like this is appalling! They did several stories on him and posted it to their Facebook page. We became aware of it, when one of our fans,  brought it to our attention.


One story, had a picture of him giving his “Silver Star” to a homeless couple that the group helped.





He also gave encouraging words to a father whose son was deployed.



He also claimed to be a part of 5th group, and the 426th Civil Affairs. Once USARA and SOCNET found out about this, they started ringing phones and it didn’t take long to find out the truth. Seems he did serve, but for a very short period. Im sure this guy has used his fraud to gain other stuff also, and this is being looked into.  And here is the organization he cheated, Vet Hunters Project.

Here is the DD214 he forged, as you can see he changed everything except the bottom section where it gives his narrative reason for separation as “Entry Level Performance and Conduct” which means a Basic Training failure, along with a RE(Re entry)Code of 3, and a Uncharacterized Discharge.



Here are photos of his Class A Uniform, Infantry cord on the wrong side, no blue disks, Officer insignia, Purple Heart, and Ranger Battalion deployment patch.



Below he gets the cord right, now adds the blue disks, SF insignia a Silver Star and a CIB, not to mention the Purple Heart and Silver Star are out of order.



And here is a letter he forged, claiming it was from his VA Doc about his PTSD and losing more than half of his Platoon in Iraq.



Looks like he loved posing as a hero, well now he can love a permanent spot on our website. Last we heard he was under investigation for fraud and forgery, we will update as we learn more.



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  1. This guy gives me a headache. Hell, ALL of these guys give me a headache. Do you suppose it’s “easier” for these guys to pull this crap off with the advent of media such as FB/Youtube?


    • I’d say its probably much harder to get away with it these days than it used to be. This guy is a POS and a pretty dumb one, since he left the reason for separation on the discharge paper that he forged. It spells out he was kicked out in boot camp. How did he get all those awards in boot camp? Do we normally give the Silver Cross and Bronze star to boot camp failures? He must really be exceptional

  2. I usually don’t like to wish harm to anybody anymore. However with this piece of pond scum I wish he’d break both legs and arms so couldn’t move on a bed of fire ants and have the stamina to stay alive through it for at least 3-4 days or more.

      • Well, his 1LT uniform has marksmanship badges attached, which officers don’t wear. Plus his DD-214 shows being commissioned through both the Service Academy (West Point) and ROTC. Seems he is so awesome he had to be commissioned twice. What else? Oh, the black beret with the SF flash? I don’t think so. The most insulting part, these guys can’t be bothered to the most basic level of research while concocting their lies. At least make it challenging. The level of sloppiness is just insulting. PS…I am digging the big cubic zirconia stud in the ear, while in uniform. Just like all the SF guys I know. Ok…next…

    • It seems to me that he ran out of money and couldn’t buy the extra “AIRBORNE” tab to sew on between his “RANGER” tab and his “SFG” unit patch (SSI). He’s also wearing “RIGGER” wings on his ACUs, but none on either of the Class A uniforms. Very poor attention to detail. I guess that’s why he never made it out basic!!! SMH…

      • I stand corrected; I should have said: His LT class A doesn’t have the RIGGER wings. I guess he resigned his commission to become a rigger!!!!

  3. since when did the blue cord go on the left? there are so many things wrong about both those Class A’s.. As a former infantry drill sergeant (with the DD 214 to prove it), I would have ripped him a new one if I saw him wearing either one of his clown suits.

    • Yeah, I was trying to remember back to when I was a young infantryman which shoulder it went on. I do remember having it on my right shoulder. Or at least I remember having the little button it hooked onto being removed when I switched branches. Seem our elite operators are getting lazy these days.

      • Don’t forget the lack of 2nd award insignia on everything he was awarded multiples of…Be proud of where you served and what you’ve earned!!! Dudes a total douche….I hope this fagbag makes his way to Pensacola and I see him try to take advantage of any of these kids out here…Justifiable assault legal defense?

  4. The people that simply don’t get “Stolen Valor” should at least connect the dots on people that claim service and commit fraud. In almost every single case these ass-whistlers use their false claims for monetary or some other benefit. Usually they take advantage of someone or an organization that is out to help real veterans,

  5. Love that 214. Reserve BNCOC even though his enlistment data is Regular Army (RA). 2y9m as SF, plus 8y as infantry equals 10y9m but only 8y1m21d of service?? Douchebag can’t even add right………

  6. Funny how he altered his DD 214 but forgot to add in his PH & SS. And what’s up with his name tag on his A’s? I have some friends out there in LB who I will let know about this idiot. And if he’s out here in the LA area? There’s going to be a boot in his behind for sure.

    • He wears SSG on the ACUs. One of the “A” class have what look like 1LT bars (might be 2LT). the second set of “A”s has nothing. The dipshit apparently couldn’t make up his mind.

  7. My Dad (R.I.P) got the Silver Star and Purple Heart in the Korean War,It’s made me sick! For your Info. you ask them your General Order Number my dad was #138 report them to Military Order of the Purple Heart.

  8. Wow, I wish I could get 900 bucks to get my car fixed and be able to try and find a dang job and I’m an actual Veteran. Makes me sick

  9. Skinny little prick. I wouldn’t be as mad if he wasn’t claiming the most prestigious and honorable MOS’s in the damn Army. Pretending to be a mechanic or a medic isn’t enough for people?

    • LOL So anyways, there I was, organizing some file folders on MUTA 5….when, all of a sudden a CW3 spilled coffee and it splattered everywhere. I rushed to aid my fellow troopers and quickly retrieved some classified docs before the boiling hot liquid reached them….71M baby, yeahhhhh. That’s a real fuckin war story πŸ™‚

  10. This guy wouldn’t even be a good pimple on a real soldier’s backside. It makes me sick when I see and hear these idiots claiming to be “Hero’s” when the true hero’s just want to get on with their lives.

  11. Yuck, I am vomiting at the fact that people believed this guy. It seems so obviously fake to me at first glance. This guy is retarded. Why the fuck is he wearing a uniform period, let alone decked out with fake stat and awards. Half of us that we’re real soldiers never got the awards we deserved, some of us didn’t even want them. A piece of paper means nothing in comparison to what we have been through. Most don’t flaunt it. I can personally tell by looking at him. For someone who has seen a part of hell and lived it, I think most would agree part of you can recognize a battle in their eyes/face. Speaking of, this POS needs his face smashed. I volunteer.

  12. HEY! I’m a Team Sergeant with the 426th Civil Affairs Bn (A). Bring this POS to me so I can give him a good old fashion Ranger ass kicking (I was Aco. 3/75 1995-1997). Then since I’m now CA I will apologize for kicking his ass, but then do it again because the Ranger in me has to have the last word.

  13. The sad part about all these stories is that it seems easier for them to get help and benefits then it is for those of us that actually earned them.

  14. The correct order for his assumed awards should have been: Silver Star, Purple Heart, Army Commendation, Army Achievement, Army Good Conduct, Army Reserve Component Achievement, GWOT Expeditionary, GWOT Service, Armed Forces Service, Outstanding Volunteer Service, Army Service. DD-214 shows National Defense, but not in pictures. Same with Joint Meritorius Unit Award. Commissioned Officer Professional Developement (?) I have no idea if this even exists. Overseas Service, Armed Forces Reserve with M device, Multinational Force and Observer – all in DD-214 but not shown in pictures. Expert Marksman in one picture, but not in other. 1st LT in one, not the other, Blue cord switched sides. Rigger and Senior Jump badges on one, but not the other. Conclusion, DD-214 and uniform pictres are incorrect with obvious discrepancies. DD-214 has multiple glaring errors. I’m not Army, I’m retired Navy and saw all this on my first glance through.

    • Derek…it’s Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development Ribbon and you can find the specifics here http://www.apd.army.mil/pdffiles/r600_8_22.pdf on page 63 5-6. He screwed the pooch on that one which should have from what i saw in his 214 the ribbon with a 3 on it.

      The thing that caught my eye about it and made me dig deeper was that exact award saying “Commissioned” when his rank was SSG when i distinctly saw SSG on the ACUs, 1LT on one set of “A”s and slick sleeve on the third picture. The trouble with lying is that your story will ALWAYS have some variance every time you tell it…

      • I thought it was a felony to pose as a military officer? I am not military myself, but my Dad was in the Navy Sea Bees and I DO proudly wear his old Sea Bee shirts since he passed away ( but I am VERY careful to point out to everyone that I DID NOT serve, but wear them to HONOR his memory.)

    • Guys: maybe this guy is dyslexic and confuses SSG with 1LT insignia. They kinda look alike. No, just kidding. He needs to be running a three legged race to the hospital to get my still-serviceable boot removed surgically out of his ass.

  15. Just saw this I don’t know what to say, just livid not only does the little leg chump have my name and last duty station. He’s committing fraud and theft of charities for those that really need help, makes my blood boil. No pride lazy little thief, hope he gets handled like they handled Dahmer.

  16. There is a Guy in Denton Texas , Name Brent Sikes, Claiming to be Army Ranger, Special OPS, I ask for his Military ID, and his DD214, He went Nuts! Saying he did not have to show them! That DD 214,s were for FAGS! I busted his ASS, He is a SCAMMER!

  17. Just adding another tard stamp for this guy, check the flag on his ACUs. Didn’t know those were EVER allowed. No cover in the outside photo, as well as hanging sunglasses from the front of his uniform. My SFC would kick me in the chest for that.

  18. This SCUMBAG shpuld be skinned alive and dropped in a vat of salt, then Maybe he would know the pain his bogus stories/action cause good Honest people!!! God Bless all our Real Troops and God Damm the phonies.

  19. His DD214 says he has MFO ribbon (not on uniform). This POS needs to see what the inside of a wall locker looks like.

    • He’s just swimming in them…. Obviously though a man of his caliber, AR 670-1 does not apply to him… I can’t even stand to look at his Class A’s… or the right sleeve of his ACUs for that matter…. He’s so high speed that he’s in a perpetual state of deployment in a time before IR flags existed in a magical dimension where all the Rangers and CA have access to is cloth subdued flags….

  20. I don’t understand these guys, I enlisted in the Guard when I was 19, had some personal problems and was discharged before basic. I don’t even tell people about it even though I drilled for a few months, I can’t rationalize claiming something I was never a part of. Then again, I’m not a damn attention whore.

    • Same here Zach, I do not consider my self as have served since all I did was go play in the mud, rain, eat good food and play poker with guys who REALLY served! Like you I had personal problems and was discharged before I could go to basic training. To me, it was more like I went to a play soldier camp for four weekends! I did nothing to deserve the honor that these other men and women that DID serve!

  21. My son serves with the Army, 82nd Airborne, Sgt/Medic, and gets upset with his soldiers when they don’t follow protocol for their class-As. I may be a bit old school, but I believe that all these “liars” should be shot. Bring back Firing squads! Even for the discharged persons who go on the media and lie about their stories.

  22. Can’t believe that nobody ever check those people’s background. Like anybody can walk into Veteran’s place and claim to be one of them. I bet that this burito is illegal. What a POS.


  24. I like that he left the unit alone on his DD 214. The unit listed is a Basic Training unit from Fort Jackson. “My whole platoon was wiped out….”

  25. He ought to be forced to attend an Annual Ranger Rendezvous on Ft. Benning and walk through a gauntlet of real Army Rangers while wearing his poser finery!

  26. He has committed an act of fraud using a fraudulent military identity. This is precisely what Congress had in mind for the prosecution of these people. I hope he was prosecuted.

  27. His claim of being in the 426th CA and 5th SFG(A) but has the 19th SFG(A) flash on a black or very dim photo of a green beret, The want to K.O. this guy. Having served in the 19th I have a deep connection to unit members. We had a problom in UT with a airsoft group using the green beret, 19th flash, crest, and SSI/tabs for the “team” embloms.

  28. I like how there is no unit citations with his class As, I’m not sure which ones but I’m sure the 75th Ranger has at least one unit citation!

  29. Slimeball is wearing my patch! I’m in Civil Affairs and never heard of this moron. What a friggin idiot. SGM McDonald, 448th CA Fort Lewis.

  30. What is really disheartening about this is the fact that the officials wielding the authority of the Uniform Code of Military Justice continue to turn a blind eye to these kinds of dishonorable conduct. Instead we see our brothers-in-arms take up residence in a disciplinary barracks. Honestly, I care less how this guy’s uniform looks, I’d rather see him get fitted into a prisoner’s uniform for the amount of time it takes an honorable Soldier to earn everything this guy has displayed and worn! Then an additional time behind bars for his so called PTSD. Make these kinds of POS pick up trash on military posts, serving as an example for anyone who thinks of posing as an American Hero in the future, I’m sure that’ll send a strong message.

  31. Kevin, you’re right, most officers don’t wear marksmanship badges, but there’s nothing in regulations that says they can’t. In the 75th Ranger Regiment, it’s mandatory for officers to wear marksmanship badges, and if they aren’t Expert badges, they got some ‘splainin’ to do. In 3-505 PIR, my old battalion in the 82nd ABN DIV, we “O-Type Silhouettes” wore our marksmanship badges voluntarily. I still do, and I require all officers who work for me to wear them whenever we’re in Class A’s or B’s. If an officer can’t shoot straight, he needs to get his arse out to the range. Period, end of story.

  32. This sickens me. I served over seas and was injured and a recipient of two purples hearts from Afghanistan. All of my stuff is verifiable at the national purple heart honor roll. I do not feel I’m a hero I was doing my job to get home. I know a lot of heros men and women. This guy should be forced to spend a deployment in a real war. Usually I would never comment, but this is disgusting.

  33. I’ve seen this guy a few times n I’ve told to stop disrespecting the uniform and those who earn those tabs and rank. You can catch at Original Mike’s in Tustin, CA in Saturday nights I’ve been thrown out because this guy was faded(drunk) in a club wearing the ACUs

  34. You know, I never realized how many pose as military service members until now. It is appalling to see how some disrespect the uniform and what it takes to earn it. I never had to think of that soldier in uniform walking in the airport or at an event is an imposer until now. Now I have to brush up on my AR 670-1 since it has been 10 years, but come on people. You don’t think someone will ask questions and catch you on your lie? Fortunately I have not notice a poser in my community or travels, but definitely will keep a lookout.

  35. He’s a real asshole. He’s a disrespect to those of us who served and got hurt and even died. I was a member of HS-15 Rescue Squadron. His ass need to be tossed out a fucking helo for this disrespect.

  36. I am impressed that he was 1Lt in the infantry but assigned to a SF unit simultaneously with a Ranger unit. Crossed Rifles I thought SF wore Cross Arrows. Than the enlisted uniform he has dual US on the blue infantry background. Where are the crossed arrows on the left disk? Confused LOL. Not really what DB!

  37. It made my stomach sick as fuck when I saw his “Class A” uniform with the “75th RANGER REGIMENT” tab on it, plus talking to that Father about his son being deployed and shit. I hope this mother fucker dies of all the STD’s of the world by getting fucked in the ass by a jail member.

  38. Douchebags like this guy are the reason that a LOT of deserving servicemen and women can not get the benefits they deserve. I personally served, side by side, with three of the surviving victims of Maj. Nadel Hassan. NONE of them are getting the benefits they deserve.

  39. Green leadership loops worn by a SSG world be highly unusual. At company level worn by 1SG and company commander. What’s
    with the f..ing earring?!?

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