David “Trusty” Garcia Diaz

David "Trusty" Garcia Diaz

David “Trusty” Garcia Diaz


Meet David Trusty Garcia Diaz Jr.  Mr. Diaz, is the worst of the worst, he posed as a SSG, and claimed the following; Silver Star, Purple Heart, Ranger, SF and CIB among others.




The worst part is he took advantage of VHP(Vet Hunters Project, Vets Organization that Helps Vets down on their luck), they contributed over $900.00 to this poser, fixing his car among other things. This group does a lot to help our veterans, and to be taken advantage of like this is appalling! They did several stories on him and posted it to their Facebook page. We became aware of it, when one of our fans,  brought it to our attention.


One story, had a picture of him giving his “Silver Star” to a homeless couple that the group helped.





He also gave encouraging words to a father whose son was deployed.



He also claimed to be a part of 5th group, and the 426th Civil Affairs. Once USARA and SOCNET found out about this, they started ringing phones and it didn’t take long to find out the truth. Seems he did serve, but for a very short period. Im sure this guy has used his fraud to gain other stuff also, and this is being looked into.  And here is the organization he cheated, Vet Hunters Project.

Here is the DD214 he forged, as you can see he changed everything except the bottom section where it gives his narrative reason for separation as “Entry Level Performance and Conduct” which means a Basic Training failure, along with a RE(Re entry)Code of 3, and a Uncharacterized Discharge.



Here are photos of his Class A Uniform, Infantry cord on the wrong side, no blue disks, Officer insignia, Purple Heart, and Ranger Battalion deployment patch.



Below he gets the cord right, now adds the blue disks, SF insignia a Silver Star and a CIB, not to mention the Purple Heart and Silver Star are out of order.



And here is a letter he forged, claiming it was from his VA Doc about his PTSD and losing more than half of his Platoon in Iraq.



Looks like he loved posing as a hero, well now he can love a permanent spot on our website. Last we heard he was under investigation for fraud and forgery, we will update as we learn more.





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