David Chenicek, Fake Marine, Claimed To Be Building A Rifle For A Wounded Friend To Get Free Weapon Parts

Meet David Chenicek, he was brought to our attention by several business’s out of Nevada, after he claimed to be a Marine Vet and told them he was building a rifle for a Wounded Vet from Afghanistan. They bought into his fraudulent story and provided parts for the build for the Wounded Warrior.

Here is the email he was sending around:

Greetings Sir, Myself and a few friends are trying to assemble an AR for an injured veteran. He was on the predator flight line in the sandbox and took mortar fire while on the line. His back was severely damaged and has had to go through several surgeries, and has extreme difficulty walking or even getting out of bed in the morning without help ( he actually lost 2″ in height ). So far we have a trigger from CMC and I bought him a MAGPUL MOE forend,grip and stock with a Spikes heavy buffer. Before he was injured, I was sick and spent some time in the hospital after a minor heart attack and he was there every day to spend time with me and boost my own morale by keeping me company. He is an amazing human, but at this time we have no upper or upper parts other than the MOE forend plastics yet. Thank you for your time Sir.

Semper Fi.

GySgt.David Chenicek



He claimed he was getting the rifle for Airmen Josh Butler, but Airmen Butler responded to a post about it on the facebook page of Henderson Defense Industries, once they called him out on his lies. They were only one of several business’s this guy lead to believe he was helping a Wounded Warrior!

So it seems he was trying to get himself a free rifle in the name of a Wounded service member, who wasn’t even wounded.

Here is a screenshot of his emails to one of the companies he contacted:


Seems people started to become suspicious as he kept on returning and asking about more parts. Here is what he told one of the business’s:

 I hooked him up with a box of some of my own parts then introduced him to /COMPANY REDACTED/ who hooked him up even further.  AFTER that, he had the balls to tell me that he put one of my parts on his own rifle then asked me for parts for 2 builds instead of just the 1.

He also stated this to one of the companies:

He told me that his friend’s brains were blown all over him while in Kuwait in 1991 while serving with the MEU and that he also was in Mogadishu in 1996. It’s not just about him serving, but using the false deaths of fallen Marines to further his agenda and lies.

Well, I guess he started feeling a little guilty because he then apologized on a facebook page post of one of the companies he defrauded, Henderson Defense Industries



It is one thing to claim to have served when you have not, but to also claim to be helping a Wounded Warrior in order to obtain something for free is beyond pathetic! This is an ongoing story as he was just brought out today and seems to be scrambling on the facebook pages to try and cover his story. We will update as more information become available.

Here is a post made by one of the business’s he told his lies to:


And our friends at thisainthell also did a piece on this douche David Chenicek fake Marine


This is a Voice mail David left for Josh whom he said was wounded in Afghanistan to get the parts. He blasts him for “throwing him under the bus”.




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