David Chenicek, Fake Marine, Claimed To Be Building A Rifle For A Wounded Friend To Get Free Weapon Parts

Meet David Chenicek, he was brought to our attention by several business’s out of Nevada, after he claimed to be a Marine Vet and told them he was building a rifle for a Wounded Vet from Afghanistan. They bought into his fraudulent story and provided parts for the build for the Wounded Warrior.

Here is the email he was sending around:

Greetings Sir, Myself and a few friends are trying to assemble an AR for an injured veteran. He was on the predator flight line in the sandbox and took mortar fire while on the line. His back was severely damaged and has had to go through several surgeries, and has extreme difficulty walking or even getting out of bed in the morning without help ( he actually lost 2″ in height ). So far we have a trigger from CMC and I bought him a MAGPUL MOE forend,grip and stock with a Spikes heavy buffer. Before he was injured, I was sick and spent some time in the hospital after a minor heart attack and he was there every day to spend time with me and boost my own morale by keeping me company. He is an amazing human, but at this time we have no upper or upper parts other than the MOE forend plastics yet. Thank you for your time Sir.

Semper Fi.

GySgt.David Chenicek



He claimed he was getting the rifle for Airmen Josh Butler, but Airmen Butler responded to a post about it on the facebook page of Henderson Defense Industries, once they called him out on his lies. They were only one of several business’s this guy lead to believe he was helping a Wounded Warrior!

So it seems he was trying to get himself a free rifle in the name of a Wounded service member, who wasn’t even wounded.

Here is a screenshot of his emails to one of the companies he contacted:


Seems people started to become suspicious as he kept on returning and asking about more parts. Here is what he told one of the business’s:

 I hooked him up with a box of some of my own parts then introduced him to /COMPANY REDACTED/ who hooked him up even further.  AFTER that, he had the balls to tell me that he put one of my parts on his own rifle then asked me for parts for 2 builds instead of just the 1.

He also stated this to one of the companies:

He told me that his friend’s brains were blown all over him while in Kuwait in 1991 while serving with the MEU and that he also was in Mogadishu in 1996. It’s not just about him serving, but using the false deaths of fallen Marines to further his agenda and lies.

Well, I guess he started feeling a little guilty because he then apologized on a facebook page post of one of the companies he defrauded, Henderson Defense Industries



It is one thing to claim to have served when you have not, but to also claim to be helping a Wounded Warrior in order to obtain something for free is beyond pathetic! This is an ongoing story as he was just brought out today and seems to be scrambling on the facebook pages to try and cover his story. We will update as more information become available.

Here is a post made by one of the business’s he told his lies to:


And our friends at thisainthell also did a piece on this douche David Chenicek fake Marine


This is a Voice mail David left for Josh whom he said was wounded in Afghanistan to get the parts. He blasts him for “throwing him under the bus”.


What are your thoughts?
51 comments on “David Chenicek, Fake Marine, Claimed To Be Building A Rifle For A Wounded Friend To Get Free Weapon Parts
  1. Nothing is too expensive to abandon all honor and integrity and pass yourself off as a Wounded Warrior for it. Douchebag, someone needs to kick his teeth in.

  2. Gotta keep moving on this guy Bulldog1. This story is hot off the presses, I can almost guarantee you he’s moving fast to either cover up, or minimize the damage from fessing up and get the hell outta Dodge! He’s a fast target with faster lies.

    • He’s trying to A) avoid being sued, B) getting his name plastered all over the place in his local newspaper when they do a story on him and shame his entire family, and C) keep from getting his ass handed to him the next time a REAL vet sees him in public. A COWARD’S attempt at CYA.

  3. Frag em!! Fucking pathetic. How does this guy fuckibg live with himself. I wish he did join and get fucked up.. Sorry guys you all know i would never wish that on any of you….

  4. Douche bag POSER! Put him in stocks in the middle of town for 24 hours of public humiliation, denegration and stoning. Then up the gallows and OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!

  5. Im originally from Vegas and know quite a few people there. Ill make sure to put the word out about this dude to everyone I know including all the gun dealers and gunsmiths in the area that I do business with.

  6. This is the perfect test case for the new Stolen Valor law- he meets all criteria that I can see- not military/claimed such and claimed another vet as pawn to stand as emotional buffer so he could gain a new rifle out of the con. Forward this info to whatever local Fed agency is in his area, his local AG and what not. Hard time or large fine- or best, both would be a fine example to shield vets from such later.

  7. I am constantly surprised by these guys, although i should’t be. Well David, now your face is online in the hall of shame. Good luck getting a decent job.

  8. I’m the owner of BigSky Ammunition. He had been on my friends list for i would say about a year asking all the time for free ammo an such. I think i’m the one that really got this rolling when i post awhile back about him getting nasty that i did not love the Men giving there lives for our country. I do not feel bad about this on bit. I have a huge message history on him. Once i did not respond asap to him he flipped out. Please watch out for this guy.

  9. the bad thing is, within the gun community if you make a few friends and find yourself short on cash, many of them will help out. I’ve helped a few folks and been helped when i was strapped. This is just sickening though. I am repulsed that the stolen valor act was overturned. Try telling someone you’re a senator and find out what happens but tell ’em your a vet when you aren’t and politicians don’t give a rat’s A$$

  10. This simply makes me sick… the firearm community in general is trusting and willing to go the extra mile, especially for members of the Armed Forces.

    For this twatwaffle to abuse the USMC, the US Air Force and the firearm community is just a hat trick of douchebaggery.

    Would love spending a few hours in an amnesty room with him

  11. It’s shit like this that’s making it harder and harder for myself and other veterans to actually get things done. There needs to be more done to punish these jackasses…

  12. It’s shit like this that makes it hard for those of us who were wounded to do anything under the moniker of “Wounded Warrior”.

    I have no hope for this nation. Just going to go buy my Sig 516 before the Obaminator reinstates the AWB and I can’t anymore. Just a couple more paychecks! lol

  13. If this imaginary person can barely get out of bed or walk why the F* would you give them a gun? Why not ask for something more useful like a sack of pillows or a backup wheel chair (at least they will be useful to you once you get the crap kicked out of you for posing like a loser)

  14. I’m a disabled Marine vet, and I almost vomited reading this. First he just needs his ass kicked. Then a civil suit brought against him. The money awarded, should do to the wounded warrior program to help actual vets. Prolly won’t even get enough for a bag of chips from this cheap bastard. The hell with it, someone just climb a water tower near this asshole… You can figure the rest out.

  15. Just listened to this assholes voicemail to the AF guy JB. He has the audacity to pissed off about the guy telling the truth. He is not a wounded warrior and ass-whistler had no intention of building a rifle for him. Scum like him just need to wander out in the desert and die of exposure.

  16. DDDuuuuuudddddeeee, I’m slightly retarded and I’m not sure how I’m going to cover my ass in this rambling voice mail. Next time you dime me out for being a shit bird you should at least tell me…DDDDDUUUUUDDDDEEE!!!

  17. Straight from wikipedia: ” In criminal law, a fraud is an intentional deception made for personal gain…..”

    My only issue with the Stolen Valor act is that it identifies actions that are already illegal under current law.

    We do not need a special specific law to prosecute these idiots, they are just common criminals and should be treated and prosecuted as such. This is the same as going door to door asking for donations for Jerrys Kids and putting it in your pocket.

  18. There should be a group of (REAL HERO’S) who take him out, get him drunk and get (fake hero) OR (i am a fake ) tattooed on his forehead !!!! and then give him a buzz so everyone can see it !!!!

  19. Load up and hang him by his shorties!! First claiming to be a Marine, the pos needs to be paraded down main street with a rope tied around his neck. Two, lying about building a weapon for a disabled Vet, he needs to be buried up to his shoulders and honey dripped on his head next to a fire ant mound. And three, the campaigns didn’t happen in 96′ stupid jackwagon.

  20. Only AAR comment I have is, if at all possible and l mean (legally) can you post or forward details on this poor excuse. I am smart enough to pin point a fraud in front of me, and who I choose to do business with but the gun smithing community is on a whole small and details would forewarn any in the area. Not saying I would drive to his house but certainly if his shop was near my residence I might have to stop by and give him a piece of my mind as I explain to him and everyone there as to why they won’t be afforded my business. I know you post what you got but we need to lock these guys down like the patriot guard does funerals. Eventually it’s going to sour the name of those who have put in the blood, sweat, and tears, let alone damaging the publics trust in our credibility to include some who are prior service. “Cool enough to ask for parts but not cool enough to stand by my soldier or myself while we are pinned down” reguadless if you intended to serve there is obviously a reason you couldn’t so maybe add that to your apology…. Um you committed eight felonies, or you can’t put down the Mcdolds while me and many others run mile after mile each morning? Oh yeah but that’s okay you tried and couldn’t but your still patriotic, give me a f**king break call a spade a spade. Your pathetic

  21. I have an idea. Let’s all mail him the parts to build an AR, and one round of ammo, and he can use it to BLOW HIS FUCKING BRAINS OUT. You know, since he feels so bad about his crime.

    Why is this subhuman not in prison for profiting from stolen valor?

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