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Here is a poser who loves attention, one of our researchers Fredx has worked diligently  getting the information on this guy. He worked with Mary from POWnetwork to get this investigation done. Danny Russell Crane, he claims to have been on no fewer than 8 deployments or no more than 15 to the middle east, besides his many awards he also likes to show off a Distinguished Flying Cross, he had actually slipped past their screening process, but has since been confirmed as a fake and taken from their list of recipients. He also has several alias’ that he uses, aka Dan Crane “Doc” .aka Donnie Crane and aka Russell Crane.

He Also has a criminal Record:

Harassment, ID Theft, Fraud, failure to appear and more
Nov 20, 2000 sentenced to 12 months

April 28, 2003 sentenced to 18 months

May 21, 2007 sentenced to 18 months

March 26, 2008 sentenced to 18 months

May 30, 2008 – sentenced to 24 months.


Here is the response Mrs. Mary got from the Distinguished Flying Cross Society:

June 18, 2012

Hello Mary,

Thanks for the email notice on Crane. After researching with the information you provided he is one in the same wannabee. Unfortunately he got past our checks, but it’s corrected now and he is removed from our database and website….

He should have never made our database because he sent us a check that bounced because the account was closed. That alone should have raised a few flags to warrant a closer look, …. it got past us.

Thank you for your fine work as this is the 2nd wannabee you’ve uncovered for us.

If we can be of any further assistance just ask.



But that’s not the worst part of what he  has done, he also stole the story of a Marine that stood guard outside a12  yr old kids hospital room. The kid, Cody Green, was suffering from terminal cancer and his only wish in life was to become a Marine. So the Marine corps granted his wish, made him an honorary member, and presented him with a set of Marine Navigator wings. But for one Marine, that was not enough. The night before the child passed away, the Marine stood guard outside the young Honorary Marines door. And Crane stole this story and made it his own….you can see that here..Cranes Fake Story

Seems he can not decide if he want’s to be a Soldier or a Marine???



This is a picture of the real Marine who stood guard outside little Cody’s room until he passed.



He also faked a Military and a VA Identification card.



And it gets better…he also Forged a DD214! This is the 214 he used at the VA to gat benefits, he needed to use spell check on this.







But we have this heroes real records.

He was discharged as an E1 after serving only four months, and didn’t earn any awards.




This douche also showed up at a Soldiers funeral awhile back, claiming he was a friend. One of the family members recognized him for the poser he was, an asked him to leave, but not before she snapped a few photos which are in the album below.


We even have some video he made of himself on his countless tours overseas!!!


You can see his other videos by visiting his YouTube account as long as it is still up. Danny’s Youtube

He also swindled “Vacations for Veterans” out of a free trip to Hawaii to see Pearl Harbor!

Vacations for Veterans



You can also see him on our friends sites at Thisainthell and POWnetwork. Thanks to our Admin FREDX and Mrs Mary from POWnetwork for all their hard work on this douchenozzle!


Update on Mr. Crane, Fox News from his home town has done a story on him. He will never be able to pull this again.He is forever in the hall of shame!


Here is the link to the write-up…Danny Crane Stolen Valor




UPDATE:  NOTIFIED 08/14/2012 :  Crane ARRESTED IN TAMPA  Indicted: Theft of government funds // false statements (to the VA.)

LOOK AT MR.CRANE! In A Tampa Bay Jail being held for the US Marshals!









  Danny Crane’s Indictment on Federal Charges. UPDATE:

Danny has been scheduled to go to court in October to face charges! Crane has his date with court set


UPDATE 20121121:

Crane pleaded guilty in court today, to federal charges of theft of government money and making a false statement, which carry up to 10 years and five years in prison, respectively.

Not only did Crane bilk the VA of more than $7,000 in medical treatment, he persuaded the organization Vacations for Veterans to give him a free trip to Hawaii.

Crane told the organization he had stage-four prostate cancer and had nine to 12 months to live. Again, not true.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Amanda Kaiser went through the list of Crane’s lies Tuesday with U.S. Magistrate Anthony Porcelli.

When Porcelli asked whether what Kaiser said was correct, Crane said yes.

When he swore to tell the truth in court, Crane raised his right hand, displaying a stars-and-stripes tattoo that covered his forearm.

Here is a link to the story: PHONY WAR HERO PLEADS GUILTY




UPDATE: 20131203

Danny Crane was released  from prison but is still on probation, we are hearing he is up to his old tricks again. If this is so, and he has again used his false claims to defraud someone, it will get him busted again. He is in the Orlando area and has used his false claims to acquire free room and board at this point.

UPDATE: 20140411

A Warrant has been issued for the arrest of Danny Crane, if you have seen Mr. Crane please contact us so we can get that information to the proper authorities. Please do not approach Mr. Crane, contact us with his location.


UPDATE 20140411

Thanks to the fans on our Facebook page, and the quick response of one fan with information on Crane. He is now in jail and on a hold status for US Marshall’s for probation violation, he is also charged with possession of a controlled substance.






UPDATE: 20140608

Crane is still in jail, on hold and awaiting trial. We are hearing he has a string of charges for fraud etc due to his lies. We will let you know when we find out more, at this point he isn’t going anywhere.



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  1. I don’t get it. Why do some people feel they need to be “hero’s” when they’re not? I’m a disabled vet but would never lie about my service or what I did on the inside. I was a pencil pusher. I have a 10% VA disabilty due to my back. I served all during peace time. I have some family friends who died in combat and I would never dishonor their memory by claiming to be I was in combat when I wasn’t…

    • Same here…
      I was in the USAF and then the ANG both in peacetime…
      I got a real bad shoulder injury while on my 2 week “guard summer camp” and get 10%…
      I don’t use the VA hospitals or anything else, simply because I feel I do NOT deserve it…
      The ONLY perk I used was getting a free fishing license while I lived in IL…

      • It’s a funny thing–I feel compelled to give the thread a bump. I was in the USN in 88-91, got an OTH from Capt Bill on the Wisconsin, right on the eve of DS–and my last name was different. But it forms a huge part of my identity and I am still fascinated by things military–I just wouldn’t lie about it. I consider myself a vet, bec I actually did do something and I was emotionally immature and that was unfortunate, but this can’t be lied about. I worked with a phoney vet who used “vet” status, which I don’t do because of how I am, to compete and steal vet’s jobs, so it freakin fries my bacon. It was a huge psychic blow to me to get kicked out but live and learn–I wish I could go back in and go back over there. Well, not anymore, but I wished for redemption for a long time. But I definitely wouldn’t mind it.

        For now, I’ve gone back to school for a master’s in poli-sci, and the navy informs my studies so I am fortunate in that regard.

    • Believe it or not, that was what made me take a second look at him wasn’t the chest full of medals, it was his collar, of all things, guess I still have a little anal retentive NCO inside my head to see that first huh??? FredX

      • That’s what stuck out to me. His entire uniform looked all wrong. The collar was the first thing I locked on. This “man” is nothing but an dishonorable thieving punk.

        • sad thing is I just got out last year and we were just starting to permanently move into the blues and even I can say that thing looks jacked up. I must’ve chewed a ton of trainees for uniforms looking like shit, but this guy makes me regret correcting those kids.

  2. Thank you for persuing this case. Crane and I graduated from high school together. When we heard about the story, a friend of mine (fellow high school friend and Army wife) called BS. The ball started rolling. I cannot express how thankful I am to you all how you put these people in their place. He tried to swindle the good people of Atlanta, TX (my hometown) for donations and sympathy. As a military wife myself, I thank you. May he rot!

  3. He keeps referring to the final flight of the bird in the video, but the patches change and then they go from DCU’s to ACU’s. I noticed three different patches for their “last flight”

  4. Why don’t they send this douche on a real deployment to Afghanistan or Iraq and let him see what it’s like. Then once they’re done he and the jack ass from Colorado can both drive off a cliff together.

  5. Crane..,.. You have stolen the honor of these awards and decorations of the real men who earned them. You are a disgrace to yourself, your family, and especially to all the men and women who wear the uniform serving overseas. Like everyone else has comment; you are a Dousche Bag!!!!!!

  6. What a piece of shit. yes I say this because this is not the facebook page. What a fucking hunk of dog shit. I cant even describe how wrong this “man” ( or lack there of) is


  8. “Sixteen tours in Iraq” says the story. Really? Sixteen? How many soldiers do 16 tours of duty. Puhleeze. If you’re a veteran and you’ve done 16 tours of duty, injured as much as this guy supposedly was, would they have let you continue to go back again and again?

  9. The one that bothers me the most, just because of my deployment experience, is him claiming to be part of that downed bird. Second would be him touching and being part of a flag ceremony at the WWII memorial in Hawaii. I want to stomp on his balls and shit in his mouth for the downed helicopter picture though. It made my blood turn cold.

  10. This young man showed up at my husband’s funeral on July 5th, 2011 claiming to many of our friend’s and family members to have known my husband. He spoke with many of our friends, telling several versions of his stories. Told some he had met him on the Kuwaiti border and that my husband had repaired his dust off helicopter. Told others they met in Afghanistan or at the local watering holes and had discussed their mutual deployments. All BOGUS.
    My casualty assistance officer, Captain Adams, a commander in the Florida National Guard took Danny in the men’s room in the funeral home to attempt to “square him up in his uniform” as he was unpresentable and my husband’s Battalion Commander was pissed that he showed up looking so terrible in uniform. He posed for photos in the parking lot with many of the guests. He even came to the the cemetery an hour away and to the celebration of life at the local bar afterwards. I did not notice him that day until looking at the photos taken a fews days after the funeral. I posted several of him on my FB page asking who in the hell was this kid thinking he had earned a chest full a medals at his age? I also called him out on the poor appearance of his uniform. Anyone who truly earned those medals would never wear a poorly fitted, crumpled uniform to a funeral to honor a man who had served nearly 34 years in the US Armed Forces. I knew there was no way in hell that kid was legit. Found out he had joined the American Legion Post 148 in Riverview and their Riders was also but was bounced out eventually.
    He even had the audacity to friend me on face book in May of this year, I accepted only to see what kind of crap he had posted on his page. And there was plenty to turn your stomach. Claimed to have crashed in a blackhawk on 10 June 2008 in Iraq losing four aircrew members, he being the lone survivor. Little does he know that every downed aircraft in the war efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq can be looked up online. Never happened. Claims to now have terminal stage IV prostate cancer with eight months to live. If only…
    He initiated a FB IM with me but quit responding when I asked him more about which deployment and where he had met my husband.
    I just can’t believe that he goes around to military funerals wearing that disgusting looking uniform with more that 30 medals on his chest and someone has not done something about it before now. I have seen photos of him at other funerals… It is shameful.

    • I’m sorry for your loss and it is inconcievable that some one would use that to boost themselves for others to see. As a veteran, it makes my blood boil to see people steal the valor paid for with the blood of so many honorable men and women. Your husband stands among the proud few. Hooah!

  11. Why can’t these guys make it at least believeable? Something like “SGT. Danny Crane was nothing special in the service. He deployed twice to Iraq before hitting a roadside bomb and sustaining minor wounds thanks to the awesome engineering they put into the uparmored humvee. After returning from his second deployment, he gracefully bowed out as he realized he could not endure another tour, and handed the torch to those that could carry on.” Something like that is a bit more believeable than “I got more medals and awards than Audie Murphy bitches.”

  12. Just a question… I know supreme court says it’s not a crime…so does that mean it’s not a crime for anyone of us to beat the shit out of these asses in the middle of the street or bar or whatever?

  13. The blue uniform in his booking photo is the first one I’ve seen him in that looks proper on him. To all real AD and veteran’s you are all my heroes, whether you saw combat or not. I was in the Navy many years ago, never went out of the US and pushed paper and I’m still proud of my service! I agree with the poster who said they should send him to Afganistan…for real!

    • Actually, his ID card is brown due to it being given to him by the VA. If you notice the remarks on it it states that he is 100% DAV (Disabled American Veteran, which is a brown ID card, just like a dependent card). If you compare the information to his DD214 you will notice a difference; his DD214 states that he retired (or in his case retarded) that would give him a blue card. This just add’s to his box of lie’s that he has been telling.

  14. @Mark, some servicemembers retain base/exchange/commisary access after separation and get the brown ID…I got out of the Corps in January and I have one good for another few years.

  15. This evening I tried to buid up all the awards you would normally display as ribbons, mentioned on his Fake DD214 on a well known Mil supplier’s web site and Only came up with 6 rows. He’s dressed up with a few more that that! Just a total sht-fer-brains!

  16. For all those “posers” out there who like to run around claiming glory for themselves… take notice.

    As it is not unlawful to state that you were in the military, when in fact you were not… or wear medals that you were never awarded… keep this in mind. You will one day run into a veteran who has been through so much, and did so much, and received so little… and he will smell you from a mile away with your bullshit stories… and he will not only embarrass the hell out of you, but he will most likely make it so that you can never speak again.

    Oh… and if you take money from the U.S. Government… you’re royally fucked.

  17. i am sorry to say i knew this shit bag , had him in my home and even rode with him, i spent 6 years in the corps . but i guess i am a bigger fool then most because i did not even know that he was a fake, and did not know the army terms he used. wow am i a fool. glad the law has his ass now.

  18. This POS actually started to believe his stories! That or he is a total idiot thinking that he could get away with defrauding the VA…..smh

  19. What a complete piece of trash. Even though they can’t get him for stolen Valor they can nail his balls to to the floor for defrauding the VA. This really pisses me off because after being retired 11 years i had a service related disability that I was already rated for take a horrible turn for the worse. Short version is I have been 100% disabled for over 16 months while th VA has to wade through files of fraudulent asswipes like this to process my claim. Meanwhile I have lost my house all my savings and am having to apply for food stamps.

  20. Wow, on the surface, that was a good fake DD214. If you don,t mind, I’m going to print that out and use it as a training tool to help other VSO’s spot a fake.


  21. I would love to sit here and be able to say that I served this great country in some way, but the truth is, I wasn’t able to due to a couple medical conditions that would’ve DQ’ed me even from BT.

    Despite that, seeing a shitbag like this guy get away with what he did for so long just pisses me the fuck off. Even if I had been able to get in, get past basic, and just be a paper pusher and retire, it would’ve been enough for me.

    Hope this guy gets reamed in the ‘pen

  22. What a POS!!!! I cannot fathom what the hell goes thru these posers heads when they are claiming all this stuff. I lost five friends in Iraq and guys like this just try to steal the honor of all those who made the ultimate sacrifice. I hope the Gov’t makes a good example out of this guy.

  23. Did this (person) live in Woodstock, GA when he was a kid? We had a Danny Crane in the elementary school where I worked in the 90’s.

  24. Out of morbid curiousity I watched the video. Errors with rank on uniforms, or inconsistency with units notwithstanding I had to laugh at around the 2:30 mark. I recognized in the pic my 1SG from when I was with C 3/82 Air Amb. I never knew this guy was my First Sergeant!? j/k What a piece of work. The real guy in that photo was a beast of a medic and a fine 1SG.

    • I watched the video also, and the “S.F.C.” was really getting on my nerves. I wanted to throat punch the guy for not knowing how to correctly write the ranks. Come on! A good CON at least knows the game he is playing.

  25. I just retired from the Navy May 2011 and it took the VA 9 Months to start my payment, and i had to update my info and they still behind and it’s probably because of a- holes like this.

  26. I’m a DAV with a 100% disability rating from VA. I served 14-years in both the Navy (the OLD NAVY) and the Army/ANG.

    My wife and family would say I’ve given enough for our little brown ID cards. But, I respectfully disagree with them. I served with a lot of honorable men in my time, many of whom I gladly call Brother. Most of them came back alive from our time downrange…a few of my bros did not. I lost one of my own men in the Middle East during a Desert Storm tour in 1992. I lost another bro in Baghdad’s Green Zone during his Iraq War tour.

    They, and thousands of others like them, gave far more than I did…they gave the ultimate sacrifice for God, family and country. Their families, like my own, are giving more still, because they will never have their husbands, their wives, their brothers or sisters, their sons or daughters back in the present with them again…EVER!

    From my vantage point, my family gave, and continues to give a lot more than I for the privilege of the “little brown ID card.” They are watching their husband, their Papa, their son, and their brother die slowly from a lung and vascular disease incurred during my Navy years. Too, I know there are thousands of my military brothers and sisters whose families continuously “give” from living in similar, or worse circumstances as my own.

    As long as there is war…as long as there is the need for a military, there will be those in society who will falsely lay claim to the heroic and valorous deeds of others. There just will be.

    But Mr. Crane, before you or anyone else lay claim to the lives of others, I would ask you to pause, and think twice about doing so. I’m not asking you to do so for the preservation of my own service record. If your actions only effected me, personally, I could care less. However, your actions and the actions of others who would do such a thing, cheapen the sacrifices of those whom I love, and who in my opinion are paying a far greater price than I ever will for the privilege of the brown ID card.

    There has been much blood spilled and much pain endured, both physical and mental, for the privileges you would dishonorably lay claim to for a boost to your own ego. You are capable of doing great things, as anyone is, when the human heart and mind are utilized to their full potential.

    Your challenge now is to go out and make an honorable name for yourself and your family by helping others, and achieving YOUR own potential. May God be with you and guide you in everything you do in the future as you try to figure out what his plan is for you in life. But, whatever you do, if there is an ounce of Honor within your soul, please tap into it, and stop cheapening the sacrifices of my brothers and sisters in arms, and more importantly, the sacrifices of those whom we love.

    Most Sincerely,
    Brian Alterio

  27. 1ST clue on the DD 214 look at how ‘Sergeant’ is spelled
    (Seargeant) Guess if ya’ can’t spell it you might not have been one…….All these assholes need a good ‘tune up’ !!!

  28. Only 9 months? I’ve been fighting for a service connected disability since Oct. 74 that has gotten progressively worse. Good Luck on yours.

  29. ugh! I was trying to watch the video…and the damn S.F.C. and P.F.C. kept getting on my freaking nerves. Plus, anything photo in the video with “his name” attached there are no photos of his face. Plenty of the other people have full face photos, but not the “hero” S.F.C. Crane! That just pisses me off.

  30. I have to admit, the DD214 and ID are pretty legit looking. But even an E-7 with 20 yrs and being in Spec Ops would not have the salad on his chest that that guys does.

    • It’s not that hard to make one of those just looking at it I can tell you the dependent ID and Disabled Vet ID would be fairly easy to get away with forging. That and 99% of the general public has no clue what it’s supposed to look like.

  31. Wow, and what’s most saddening (to me) is that he faked the story of being the guard at the boy’s final hours of life. I mean, there are a lot of people pretending to be something they’re not. But a little boy, dying, who wished to be a Marine, and have his dreams come true, along with a Marine to be with him until his passing, and this oxygen thief takes that credit? I don’t have any words for him, except I hope he gets his turn from Big Bubba in prison, every day of his prison visit.

  32. How do you go from CW5 if that’s what it says to SFC. Lol, wtf over. You dirty piece of shit. Don’t care how the video is. Your a disgrace. I lose my leg in the war, so you can play hookie back home to get props. First off, it’s not done in the name of self glory. Its about the one’s next to you, and protecting your freedom so you can sleep at night.

    • CJ…I’m not sure how long it has been since your return, but Welcome Home! I hope and pray you’re getting all of the support you need.

      Wishing you the best of everything bro! Thank you for your service and sacrifices. You…You are greatly and sincerely appreciated!

  33. So yea one of the pics the one that says pfc jones rip i gotta say something about it. I may have only been in for 9 months before being meb but im pretty sure the rabk on his collar is an e-6. Just sayin ya gonna lye do it right

  34. Unfortunately he is out of prison and scammed a Legion Post in Orlando, FL. Guardian of Valor has been notified and charges were filed this evening by that Post. Please share with your fellow Legionnaires and VFW’s, here is going to hit again……somewhere. The Department of Florida (legion) is aware of it so they can try to spread the word.

  35. Well I was an Army medic and my father was a Hospital Corpsman and went to the Fleet Marine Force. I was also a certified Paramedic in Texas. One thing that immediately struck me was that crap on the 214 (ACLS and other medical training) that would NEVER be put on the 214 because they are civilian certifications that expire, some every three years. The guy is just a waste as a human being.

  36. Got to meet this Oxygen Thief on Sunday Night. He now claims he was a gunner on a HH60 Medevac. I laughed at him while putting him on a bed to take him to the hospital. He asked why I was laughing and I informed him that he ran into the wrong guy today. He looked at me and I introduced myself as TSgt Crain and former SSG Crain of the Fox Co 5-159 Devil Ray Dustoff Reserve Unit here in Clearwater Florida. Then I informed him that he needed to stop with his delusional claims and my boys took care of him on the ride into Tampa General Hospital. He is currently residing in the Brandon Florida Area. More to follow.

  37. Seems to me you Americans are very patient with this lily livered Walt. WheN is he going to get enough jail time to scare the crap out of him should he come back for another try? Regard it as a time saving and cost cutting exercise for the long term.

    • Are you talking about Walt “Sandman” Eatman? That Fraud is supposed to be getting sentenced on May 14, 2014 for stealing V.A.Benefits.

  38. Mr. Crane is now in Federal prison in South Carolina, with a release date of 9/27/15. Perhaps some REAL veterans should be there on that date waiting for him!

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