Daniel Lee Rosales, Convicted Of Scamming Soldiers, Also A Deserter




Daniel Lee Rosales(Facebook Photo)




Killeen Texas – Several days ago we were sent a story about Daniel Rosales out of Killeen, Texas. Rosales was sentenced to two years in federal prison for stealing money from U.S. Army soldiers though a fraudulent loan scam.

In addition to the prison term, United States District Judge Walter S. Smith, Jr. ordered that Rosales pay $28,180 restitution to his victims and be placed on supervised release for a period of five years after completing her prison term.

On September 4, 2014, Rosales pleaded guilty to one count of false statement on loan or credit application. By pleading guilty, Rosales admitted that in May 2013, he posed as a Sergeant in the First Cavalry Unit at Fort Hood to befriend new Army enlistees and encourage them to apply for signature loans at area banks in order to build up their credit.

Rosales further admitted to instructing them to place false residential and marital status information on loan applications in order to increase the loan amount enlistees could receive from the institution. After the loans were obtained and the checks cashed, Rosales insisted on retaining the majority of the loan proceeds, in his words, “for safekeeping.”


We began looking into this as we were wondering how this guy knew so much about the Army and pretend to be an NCO and fool so many Soldiers. Well it turns out Rosales did serve in the Army for a very short time before becoming yellow and Deserting.

Below are his records:



Below is a copy of the police blotter where he was arrested for Desertion in 2012:





UPDATE: We received the photo of Rosales less than ten minutes after posting the story, thanks to our alert fans.
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3 comments on “Daniel Lee Rosales, Convicted Of Scamming Soldiers, Also A Deserter
  1. I sure hope they double check his so called medals, he was never deployed and was in food also wasnt in that long, he deserves punishment for this.

  2. He got caught when I was in reception for 1st Cav. He would sit at the smoke pit and try to hit up soldiers. Two minutes after he opened his mouth you could tell he was full of crap. Didn’t even have a military haircut spouting he was special ops. He is scum and deserves worse than he got

  3. Wait… let me get this right. This sack of shit deserted for two months, was discharged in 2013, and he was still walking the streets a year or so after? Are you KIDDING me!? Why the hell wasn’t he at Leavenworth? I really hope this isn’t a precursor to what we will see with his “brother in arms” Bergdahl but I fear it will be.

    I’m sick of these new generation cowardly bastard fucks that wipe their ass with the flag many of us fought to uphold and them getting off lightly for these things. The federal government needs to send a clear and powerful message that this shit isn’t tolerated… I’m sick of reading about these frauds that spring up every damn day.

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