CPT. John “Funky Cold” Medina Special Forces/Ranger Superhero

So here is our latest poser, Edjohn “John” Derrick Medina, or as one of our admins named him “Funky Cold Medina”. It seems Edjohn tried several times to enlist in the US Army, but was unsuccessful.  So instead of trying again, he figured he would just award himself the rank of Captain, and give himself a Ranger and an SF tab. We tried to contact him several times and give him a chance to explain to us why, but of course he never responded.


Also he awarded himself a CIB, Airborne and Air-assault badges.


But wait, superman did not stop there, he also awarded himself a CAB. But sometimes can not decide if he should wear it or the CIB…but no blue cord?


And it gets better, sometimes he even has his Pathfinder badge on. He even creates fake profiles to make himself seem legit.


Thing is on his profile, back in 2011 he was answering questions from the Army’s Future Soldier Center. Damn John, in one year you accumulated more rank, deployments, and schools than any other Soldier in history!


Here is another picture where he forgot to put on all his superhero badges.


He also has an account on bebo, where he escorts four star Generals, works for US Army Headquarters, Military Intel, SF, and Puerto Rico NG Headquarters. Hell I wonder when he finds the time to sleep with all that work?


And he is happiest when he works at US Army HQ….and he capitalizes he is a CAPTAIN!

Here is a post we found that he made on the Georgia Army National Guard site, but he deleted it once some of our people started asking him questions on it. We also emailed him at the email address he provided on here, but of course got no response.

medina7 He does all that research, then wears some blue crap under his Jacket….



And I am not sure who the Air Force and Army guy’s are posing with him in this picture, but   I do have to wonder if they knew he was faking.


Not only that, but he also plays paintball in his poser form…I wonder what else in his life he has lied about.



Wonder what he was thinking in this picture, maybe how he knew eventually his lies would catch up to him?


And here he is again at what looks like a school event, probably spreading his lies among some High School kids.


Here he is doing what he does best, posing. And he has all of his badges on in this picture, a real high speed bag of douche.



Here he has created a collage of him in all of his douche baggery! As you can see in one of the pictures he is standing in front of some ROTC kids, but he forgot all his high-speed badges again. I don’t think I have ever seen someone wear so many different combat patches and unit patches as this guy.


And here is a good one for you girls who want your Mr. Right!


And again, a different combat patch, and wearing a National Guard hat with CPT bars pinned to play paintball.


Well seems in this picture he only forgot to add the Pathfinder badge.



Here is a list of other profiles we found, by the way he also works for the US Border Patrol. How does he even have time to get on the internet with all this high-speed stuff he does?



I am sure there are a few more pictures on his profile, but I got tired of picking them all apart. We contacted him several times asking for a response, but he would not respond. We know he tried to enlist several times, and was looking to as early as 2011. Not sure exactly  what he has gained from this ploy, but I would caution anyone down in Puerto Rico to be on the lookout for this fraudster. No telling where his lies and deceit will take him next, and I would also be very leery of allowing him to enlist after this.

Here is his current facebook profile, which I am sure he will take down once he realizes he has been outed. CPT. Medina

And yes, his facebook URL includes CPT. Medina. We are still working this story and will add updates as they become available. There are a few extra pics in the gallery below that we didn’t add to the story.



So it would seem that CPT Medina was in Texas at one time, as the owner of a Marital Arts Studio knows him, and had some interesting things to add. Like how he posed as a Border Patrol agent and tried to get out of a ticket. Seems this guys leaves a trail of lies where ever he goes.





So it seems Medina is still walking around impersonating a Soldier, and now he is a World Quarter-horse Champion. We do not forget, and if you keep posing, we will keep posting! He has several new profiles on MySpace and Facebook.

His new Myspace Photo

His new Myspace Photo




Cpt. Paintball

Cpt. Medina practice his Warrior Tasks by playing paintball!


His new Facebook, Willy Medina

His new Facebook, Willy Medina

I am guessing he is going to use his riding skills in his next Special Operations mission, he will be dropped from a Helo while sitting on the horse.




Myspace Photo,

Myspace Photo,

I am sure once he see’s this we will get a few more emails where he is threatening to sue us, we say bring it on.


What are your thoughts?
351 comments on “CPT. John “Funky Cold” Medina Special Forces/Ranger Superhero
    • That’s pathetic. I’m a civilian, and I spotted that from a mile away. Dude definitely has some mental issues, which I’m assuming explains why he couldn’t get in after trying multiple times.

    • The unit patch that he is wearing is the patch for everyone in TRADOC and DA, which includes USAREC and Cadet Command as well. I patch is legit, just not sure he is.

      • doesnt tradoc at benning still wear follow me? the ITB patch? the big us army patch is alot of units but i dont think it is tradoc entirely. just a side note

          • that is the “Army” patch…like for those assigned to the Department of the Army in the Pentagon. USAREC and TRADOC both have patches, as do training units like the Army Infantry School at Ft. Benning (Follow Me).
            Not that any of that matters, he’s still a piece of shit.

    • I work in DC around the 5 sided puzzle house, am a Army Vet and WW, and DA employee.
      The patch that this jack wagon is wearing, is legit. It is worn by Officers (inc Warrants) assigned to the NCR unless their direct command stipulates otherwise. Like, for example, an Officer assigned to Ft Myer could CONCEIVABLY, wear the ARMY patch, rather than one from Myers unless directed by the post Commander. All officers that are assigned to DA at the Palace wear this patch. However, especially for the ARNG, soldiers on ADOS orders are not authorized to wear it.

      USARECs patch is the Liberty Bell with Recruiting in an ATTACHED (so no one thinks I’m comparing to a long or short tab) ‘tab-like’ semi-circle above it. As I was only assigned to TRADOC in a student capacity, I refrain from speculation.

    • think he lives in puerto rico , he friended me on facebook a couple of years ago when he said he was in iraq…i even sent him a package of things to p.r. when he said he was on leave …this man needs help

  1. He’s got a 513th MI BDE patch (the knight’s helmet with a lightning bolt behind it) with an airborne tab above it… 513th is garrisoned in FT Gordon…where they don’t jump. These posers make it too easy.

  2. Wow, this guy’s pretty high-speed. No wonder the Army turned him away. Clearly they are afraid of this steely eyed killing machine. Maybe he should try the Merchant Marine, they could use some bad-ass MFers like him.

  3. Don’t insult the Merchant Marines, guys. In times of war, they fall under the Dept of Navy. Yhe ones who sailed the North Atlantic during WWII took heavy risks. They didn’t have the fire power of a destroyer. I want to know how this bozo got all his tabs and patches. Clothing sales never seems to have what I need when I need it.

    • There are several sites on the web where anyone can purchase patches, also mil surplus stores, etc…. Unfortunately it is not very difficult for someone without the qualifications to acquire the items that this douchenozzle has on that uniform (not his uniform since he never served)

    • Thank you. My Uncle was on a Merchant Marine ship, in a convoy, and they lost the ship in front of him, and the ship behind him. He figured they were next. Those men were amazing.

      • My father (may he resti in peace) was a WWII Merchant Mariner. Those guys were BADASS!! He was 16 when he went off to war, in one year he had 3 ships sunk out from under him.

    • My great-grandfather was a MM in WWI, he ran the gauntlet of U-boats! Apparently he had many exciting stories to tell, but he died long before my time. As an aside my favorite local surplus store has many tabs/badges/rank for sale but requires military ID to buy them (although you could probably purchase them in bulk for a movie production).

  4. It sickens me I am a combat wounded veteran with no purple heart oders so I do not wear it until I recieve orders and a CAB I cannot wear until I have orders. I have been struggling to obtain finacial assitance an due to duchbags like this that have frauded the system I am on a very long waitlist to get finacial help. People like this should be put on a remote island with every kind of dangerous animal and left to fend for themselves!

    • In the one picture of his “triple tab,” the patch below it with the flaming pot and crossed arrows is the patch of the JFK Special Warfare Center & School. I didn’t know he instructed Green Beret’s, too!

      As one who actually earned my CPT’s bars and jump wings, this POS disgusts me.

      Regarding the trouble that you’ve been having getting orders for your PH and CAB, I have two suggestions:
      1. Contact your local Congressman (Representative or Senator) and ask their office to look into the matter. Congresssional offices are familiar with helping service members, and Congressional Inquiries – Always – get attention.
      2. You can also contact the Army Board for the Correction of Military Records (look them up on the internet). As teir name suggests, they are empowered to correct soldiers’ records and to sort out matters like missing awards, correctionn of rank, etc.

      Good luck, and thanks for your service!

  5. The NOVEMBER 14th post, (he is holding a rail) that is a Coast Guard Cutter out of San Juan, PR he should have never been allowed on base never mind on board the cutter, which means he must also have a fake id please report what ever you have on this clown to the commanding officer 787-729-2300 and or base security 787-729-4330 next time he will be arrested on sight.

    • or the uniform made them lax on checking for an ID. either way its security breach that should be reported for the people watching the base to know to ID even in uniform.

    • He prob used a civilian id while in uniform. I know I have went on base where I lived before and my ID was not with me I had left it in my other jacket, but I was in uniform and had my state issued DL and after some sweet talking and explaining of the situation they let me on base no isseues.

    • In the picture where he created a fake profile he is standing next to a Coast Guard officer so i’m wondering if they did some type of public relations for a day to come see a cutter and he asked to take a picture with the XO or someone. I wish it showed the CG officer’s name so i could contact him. I have a Chief that was stationed in PR for a long time i can ask about the latest policies on cutter tours. I’ve never been to PR so i’m not sure.

  6. They should actually force people like this to join the army and commit to all the things they say they were. Instead of putting them in jail. They should make a special unit created just for these folks with no rights. The death rate in basic training would be like 10%. The ones who make it through the 6 month basic training go on to Airborne, Air Assault, Ranger, Pathfinder, Sapper, SF and all the schools that they pretended to go to. They have to stay in each course until they die or finish the course. If they can do all of that they can earn their freedoms again. That’s a better punishment. Oh and all of this includes the deployments and combat time to earn those CIBS, CJBs and patches they so love to wear.

  7. Sadly, in the States, you don’t have any current legislation in place making this sort of thing illegal. Here in Canada he would have been arrested the moment it had been reported. It is illegal here to pose as or wear any part of a uniform that was not earned in our Armed forces, especially medals/citations. The best of luck to you in bringing justice to this bag of disrespect!

    • We’ve tried to get that kind of legislation here, but the liberals and their pet judges got it overturned. They feel that playing dress up and pretending to be a hero is protected under the 1st Amendment. As a veteran it makes me sick.

      • Actually, the Stolen Valor Act was introduced to Congress by Democrats Sen. Conrad and Rep. Salazar. It was overturned by a bipartisan group of Supreme Court Justices, headed by John G. Roberts, a conservative. So don’t use the shameful overturn to make a political point.

      • so let me get this straight it’s illegal to impersonate a cop, in my state it’s illegal to impersonate clergy you heard me right CLERGY here’s the text of the law too:
        Section 13A-14-4
        Fraudulently pretending to be clergyman.
        Whoever, being in a public place, fraudulently pretends by garb or outward array to be a minister of any religion, or nun, priest, rabbi or other member of the clergy, is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, shall be punished by a fine not exceeding $500.00 or confinement in the county jail for not more than one year, or by both such fine and imprisonment. (Acts 1965, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 273, p. 381; Code 1975, §13-4-99.)
        yeah that’s right alabama will fine you or send you to jail if you pretend to be a priest, but pretend to be a soldier and they don’t give a rats butt?! SERIOUSLY?! that’s insane!!!

  8. Ask him to translate this in to English since he lists Korean as one of the 8 languages he speaks. 또 다른 병사는 이제껏 있다고 말했습니다. 사실입니까? This is what that says, “Another soldier says that you are a poser. Is that true?”

    • There is sure a lot of what looks like gang signs in his photos. He must really be one hard core banger! Changes his badges faster than my woman changes her mind! I hope he is enjoying all them women too. His time is approaching…

  9. Might as well get a Mountain tab to go with all that high speed awesomeness. I bet he would too, then he’d be on the spotlight when someone asks “where’s your powder keg dude?”

    • The Air Assault “Bullwinkle” badge and the Parachutist Badge are both group 4 badges and can be worn on the same level, or interchangeably above or below one another(AR670-1 Para.29-17)…..how’s that for research

  10. Ugh what an idiot! I also looked through his pictures and it shows a pic of a cake that says congratulations and then underneath it shows the cpt rank in HUGE black icing! Guess that was when he made Captain! LMAO this guy is a hard core douchebag and I seriously hope he gets busted!!! What a crappy poser!

  11. Keep up the Good work, you guys helped put Danny Crane, AKA Mr. SFC with more medals than the PX has in stock on his rack, in Jail for fraud, Im sure this Ass Clown has his day coming,

  12. I wish there was a law for people like this to get them on impersonating a Officer or a Enlited even if they are not enlisted in the service. He needs counseling. Next he might be holding a real weapon and servicing next to your love ones and freak out under pressure. I would have love to have this guy while I was in Jackson and I know Benning would have a field day with this guy. Bragg and both 75th you can have him too( I did not forget about you Riley, 2ID, Berlin BDE) you can have him to. He needs counseling, W to W counseling.For all the military servicing their country with honors be on the look for this want a be and be safe in all your journeys.

  13. This is what strikes me as odd is he shows as living in Washington, D.C., Laredo, TX, and Peurto Rico (couple different cities). Public record search I found shows this… http://www.spokeo.com/search?q=Edjohn+Medina,+Laredo,+TX&s5=t30#:19633336241 …I don’t think this is out of line since it’s not releasing his personal information that isn’t already publicly available that he put out there himself.

    This guy is a class 1 douche dribble. I’m goign to talk to some friends of mine that happen to work at JAG here in Pensacola and see if there is anything that can be done. If the guy actually DEP’d into the military and a link can be established timewise he can probably be held accountable under the UCMJ from what I was reading.

    I’ll update what I find out as quickly as I can.

  14. Hey fellas I want to direct you to a picture of this poser where he is walking away from the PODIUM… I am guru at photoshop and this picture if FUCKING hack job of photoshop, he put himself in this image. Observe the boot, it seems he steping on the person sitting down. For some reason the person who sitting down with the blue shirt that has a patch, well that patch looks photoshopped in, the edges are not attached to the shirt. The blur he created is not accurate of what you would get indoors when someone is walking by the camera is the picture is snapped, this blur is to strong and yet a simple tool one can use on photoshop.

  15. I get to be in a foreign country this Christmas away from my family while fucktards like this claim to have been there and done that and this shitbag has probably only been in PR and hardly ever leaves his house other than to play paintball. All I have to say is fuck you Medina fuck you. You soil the last name of a wounded veteran SSG Medina. I hope you rot in hell.

    • If you were really an officer in the U.S. Army or any other service you would not be here online speaking like that. It isn’t professional. You would have already proven, with paperwork, that your rate that rank and all of those medals. You are a lying poser loser.

    • You Piece of shit fucking ass hat! Oh I got your number bitch! You forget that some people on this site are actually assigned or living in Puerto rico. So you are such a tough talker now! But I got you Oh btw bitch I heard about the lies you were spreading about the sister of a close friend of mine saying you were with here in a hospital and all this shit. Best believe I know where you are at. And I will as well as other service members here on the Island of Puerto Rico…. WILL BE COMING FOR YOU. BEST BELIEVE THAT. AND DONT THINK FOR A SECOND THAT I DONT KNOW WHERE YOU DO “TKD” AT. Lets see if you can handle the beat down from a REAL COMBAT SOLDIER

    • I like how you come in and throw around a bunch of obscenities, reminds me of the monkeys at the zoo that throw their feces around. You dont have a leg to stand on because your a FRAUD, you got BUSTED now you wanna act like a little BOY in a toy store when mommy tells you that you cannot have something. I guess at this time your running scared because time is against you at this point. If you wanna play GI Joe, go by the toys because your a LITTLE BOY and that is all you are. You will be CAUGHT!!!! Have a NICE DAY POSER you ROGER THAT???

    • I guess now you see that although you can buy our uniforms and medals you can’t buy the brotherhood and pride that goes with them. Isn’t amazing that the one group that you try to act like is the same group that is going to crush your nuts. I guess maybe you should learn the same lesson that so many have also learned, when you try to fake what we have earned we will destroy you.

    • You really are a disgusting human being. Te tengo lastima. I feel sorry for you. Embellishing a life you could never live. Living in delusions of grandeur because you didn’t have what it takes to wear this uniform. I am a real soldier and a proud Puerto Rican. You are just a con who makes everyone who has EARNED the right to wear that uniform want to lose their military bearing and kick your ass.

    • Stated like a true idiot… Way to represent the officer corps you claim to be a part of! What a fraud, this fake Captain John Medina is.

    • We are all over you, and that isn’t limited to P.R. Our Brothers around the world will introduce you to the truth about YOURSELF! Enjoy that low-life line of crap you spread while you can, because…. TICK, TOCK, TICK, TOCK….

      • Dude I got my nuts slapped at my reserve unit because of this cock smooch. I told my chain of command that there is no way in hell this poser was in the military. There are pictures of him with a major from my unit rubbing elbows and shit. Noone believed me… now they are the one with egg on their face

  16. So is there a way to contact his local recruiting command, let them know what’s going on? Couldn’t hurt to also give the local VFW a call in case he tries to join their ranks with a forged DD-214.

  17. Not to pick your comment apart…… but; once you earn your AIRBORNE Tab you wear it period regardless of where you get stationed. At least you did back in early 2000’s. I was in 82nd and hurt my back so got shipped to 1st Cav for my Med Board and had my tab over the 1st Cav patch…… there were more than a few of us there. Same rule applies to Ranger, Special Forces tabs as well. Dude is still a poser POS OXYGENTHIEF!!!!

    • You don’t wear your airborne tab unless you’re in an airborne unit, champ. SF, Ranger, Sapper, President’s Hundred; have a fuckin blast. Airborne: you leave the 82nd and go to the 4th – wear your badge all day, but take that fuckin tab off.

    • Dude, you are screwed up, you never wore your Airborne tab unless you were in a ABN unit. You wore your WINGS, but never the tab, if you did you were totally screwed up. Been in since 1988 and that has ALWAYS been the case. The Ranger and SF tabs you could, but not ABN.

    • Seriously dude? What frikin Army have you been in? You have completely lost all street cred. Not even in the “early 2000″s dummy. If there were more than a few of you there wearing an Airborne tab at Hood, then the few of you have been no better that this poser douchebag (Madina) if you really think you were right. Try poking your head into the regs……..Idiot!

      • Division recon (LRS-D) with 1st Cav Div might have been wearing a airborne tab and been on status. So it is possible to wear an airborne tab with divisional units back in the 80s and 90s.

  18. Someone who speaks espanol or porto rican should contact his grandfather. The old man believes hi granson is always in danger but he doesn’t realize that his grandson is only in immediate danger while playing paintball. Also John has a cake with Capt. bars and I was able to yahoo that same image.

  19. Seriously guys….Has no one noticed the SWCS patch as a combat patch in the third to last picture….Pretty sure the Special Warfare Center and Schools has never deployed, I’m Just Sayin….

  20. U.S Border Patrol are federal law enforement agents. I’m quite positive it is illegal to pose as a federal agent or law enforcement official.

  21. I’ll chip in to fund a TDY for a couple guys from Any SF Group or Ranger BN to go knock on this DB door and just curb stomp the snot out of him!

  22. Hmmm. If we can get contact info on this douche bag you might be able to get federal charges on him. I have tried to get to his Facebook page but its already down. Was his Border Patrol statement just a statement or what info on that front. I am a BP Agent here in Laredo and impersonating a federal agent is a federal offense under Title 18 USC (912). If so has he used the impersonation to obtain money, documents, or anything of value? What class does he claim? Sector? Station?

    • From what I understand, and have read here, he claimed to be a BP agent to try and get out of a ticket. I also believe that he was able to get ahold of a BP uniform and was seen wearing that. If you guys can do something about this fucktard, please do, if you can’t I think someone is going to get into allot of trouble showing him the error of his ways.

  23. What’s sad is, 1) the Stolen Valor act has been deemed unconstitutional and there seems to be little chance he’ll pay for this charade and 2) lying seems to be the norm and no one seems to care whether it’s some democrat, republican and apparently Joe citizen. This is an era where mediocrity is the norm and lying seems to be okay. Where are are we going as a country?

  24. in the pics in his twitter page he’s in several with PR ARNG soldiers. one is even with the PR AG! one of the ribbons he’s wearing on the bottom row is the Puerto Rico Service Medal. the last one looks like the PRNG English Language Proficiency Ribbon. i haven’t ID’d the middle one yet. he may be in the PR ARNG, or posing as one of them. one of the pics looks like it’s at a JROTC function. kid’s got some brass ones.

  25. I don’t understand why it’s illegal to impersonate a police officer but not a US service member. This freedom speech bullshit is just that…bullshit!

    • Service members can’t arrest you and don’t have a lot of other powers that cops do. A citizen believing the cop charade is pretty vulnerable, one believing the soldier charade is a bit less so.

    • Wearing a police uniform is not impersonation unless the actors does something in the capacity of the public servant he or she is impersoanting. Example: Halloween costumes worn by folks that don’t try to stop cars.

  26. Iam wondering though how is he getting a hold of all of those Badges and Ribbons, he must know someone that works at Military Cloth and Sales that helps him, get it. I don’t think he was able to make a fake CAC Card, he would never pass the System and get on Post with it..
    They should sent some SF guys who just came of Deployment with lots of Anger Problems and severe PTSD after his butt, and then actually let him join the Army so he can see that it is hard work getting all of those badges and ribbons.. He has more Ribbons, Awards and Badges, then any General does.lol

    • i was curious about that and a simple search shows that all of the medals including the medal of honor are available through China and Germany. The uniforms and patches were probably purchased through the same sort of sources

  27. 24 and a CPT, wow he made rank pretty fast, with just One year in Service, and already in the SF and went to Ranger school, some guys wait years for a slot or even the SF try outs.. Guess he needs to start doing his homework better.

  28. Wow I never thought that someone would actually steal the 513th MI’s patch. I hate wearing it everyday. But this douche goes and puts an Airborne tab above it and wears it as a combat patch. LMAO. What an idiot. Weird seeing my unit patch with an Airborne tab above though. But yea, this guy is just a piece of shit.

  29. Here in Puerto Rico are stores that sell ribbons badges and uniforms to everybody! I dont like it for obvious reasons like these retard! He better hope i dont find him here in the island cause i will kick his ass for dishonoring my brothers and sisters!

  30. heres an excerpt from the United States Code….making it illegal to wear military uniforms chapter 45 section 771
    10 USC Sec. 771 01/03/2012 (112-90)

    Subtitle A – General Military Law

    Sec. 771. Unauthorized wearing prohibited

    Except as otherwise provided by law, no person except a member of
    the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps, as the case may be, may
    wear –
    (1) the uniform, or a distinctive part of the uniform, of the
    Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps; or
    (2) a uniform any part of which is similar to a distinctive
    part of the uniform of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine

    (Aug. 10, 1956, ch. 1041, 70A Stat. 34.)


    Revised Source (U.S. Code) Source (Statutes at
    section Large)
    771 10:1393 (1st par., less June 3, 1916, ch. 134,
    provisos). Sec. 125 (1st par., less
    provisos), 39 Stat. 216.

    The words “Except as otherwise provided by law” are inserted to
    give effect to exceptions in other revised sections of this title
    and to provisions of other laws giving such organizations as the
    Coast and Geodetic Survey and the Public Health Service permission
    to wear military uniforms under certain conditions.


  31. https://www.facebook.com/Medina.CPT?fref=ts

    He is getting a little smarter and has his fb set to private where I can’t view most of his stuff, but here is one of his accounts I haven’t seen posted on here.

    Also, I have a friend atone of the bases in PR that this URL has been sent to and he is on the look out for him along with alerting others on base. If any information is gathered on him (IE city in PR) please let me know so I can pass that information along.

    • Hey John, you are a fake and have been exposed. I hope you feel good about yourself lying about something so honorable like being an Officer in the United States Army. I want you to know that every where you go there are REAL Veterans and REAL Service members that find your act disgusting. One of these days you WILL BE RECOGNIZED and confronted with your phony claims. Be prepared for this day because it is coming and you deserve everything that you get! A punch in the mouth would be letting you off easy and it’s only a matter of time.

    • You know I haven’t been military that long and I’m around the same age as you, but I’ve busted my ass to get to where I am in the Army and I don’t act like I’m something I’m not. You want to tell us to leave you alone and let you live your life? Ok make a PUBLIC statement where you tell every single member (past, present, and future) or the Military you are sorry for your actions and we MIGHT think about it, but until then I suggest you watch your back. You want to say your in NY ok I got people up there, Wanna go back to TX….got them there too….Try to run home? They are looking for you. I am in constant contact with someone in PR that ask for new info daily on you. Try my lil boy I will be the biggest BITCH you have ever met. I have too many war vets in my family that have past away and I know that they would be smiling down on me the day that I can get my hands on you. I may be a female but I can hang with the big boys and I do.

      Now like I said make a public statement on some nation wide news show or something and we might think about backing off….prob wont but might think about it. You will get what is coming to you.


    • well John Medina… thats great you are in NY… that means i wont wake you up from the constant sounds of me banging the shit out of your moms. Not it NY, Not in Louisana, in PR.. OK…ok… att LJ your future step daddy

  32. Listen funky ass medina you better not be at drum but wait oh yeah you can’t be at drum cuz you have no access to get on the base you puto

  33. My daddy was a DAV in a wheelchair, with 1 artificial knee which needed a new one & 1 real knee which needed an artificial one, whom I chaffeured to the VA every Tuesday for the last 4 years. But he could have still exited that chair & whooped Cpt. Poser’s arse. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you’re Cpt. Poser), I buried dad a few months back.

    But daddy raised a soldier too, and I’m not as nice as daddy was. After near 14 years in infantry, fighting in Panama, Kuwait, & Iraq, I also was forced into that DAV status. But where dad’s issue was physical, mine’s more mental, from hitting my head against the airplane door too many times.

    My VA psych will happily tell you that I’m one crazy & mentally deranged individual, with a severe Type-A Compulsive personality syndrome, who NEVER thinks about what he’s about to do, and would fight a bear in a telephone booth if I didn’t like the bear. And one thing I REALLY don’t like is military imposters.

    Cpt. Poser better pray that the VA psych-ward never okays me for travel out of the state. I’d LOVE to visit you & discuss a few specific matters.

    P.S. It’s okay guys. It would be really easy for me to plead insanity. They already know me & most of the paperwork is already in the system.

  34. So is it just me, or does anyone else believe that these comments from someone pretending to be this sack of dung don’t come from the same person. I would be willing to wager that this dude hasn’t even had the balls to actually comment

      • You know what the sad thing is, it probably is a whole bunch of trolls. And, as trolls, they rank on the ladder as the dingleberries that hang off a goats ass (which is just above this fuck tard as far as I am concerned) for impersonating this asshole that we are all mad at.

        Why the fuck would you want to troll as this guy anyway?

  35. OH HELL NO !!! Im from PR and this SH@#$ PISS ME OFF. Im stationed in Germany but you forgot something A.Hole Medina, PR is a small island. I will make sure to spread the word among my friends, active duty,veterans,National Guards and reservist so they can square you away like a REAL SOLDIER, MF !!! /// SGT SANTIAGO/OUT

  36. Hi, just wanted to say your site is well-designed, informative, and important, so please pay attention to word usage, especially when choosing between “there,” “they’re,” and “their.” Don’t give these douches any easy “comeback” ammo.
    I’m a medically-retired Marine, low-ranking nobody, and fine with that; you guys and gals who actually were heroes, I salute you.

  37. This is exactly why I will never go to Puerto Rico. Can you imagine what will happen when China invades the US? They will stroll, casually across CONUS until realizing that Puerto Rico is part of the United States. That’s when they realize they stand no chance; not with CPT Medina (Airborne/Ranger/SF/MI/Pathfinder) standing the watch.

    CPT Medina, I salute you for the blood, sweat and tears you shed at the Pentagon in Ft Gordon, Puerto Rico to earn that Combat Infantryman Action Badge.

  38. I am guessing that Medina is surrounded by a bunch of other posers. Like this Tekatori vietnamese kid who looks like he’s 10, claiming to be a Sgt in Marines. Or Disturbed who claims to be a sniper currently a one man bad in Balad Or this Jerry Nevada guy.













  40. The collage of him w the patch in the middle I believe is known as a flaming pot..worn by active duty civil affairs and psyops ..I’m a reserve Civil affairs soldier so I know our patch is different but I know the active one looks like this..

    • That’s not an regular unit patch. The “Steaming Piss Pot” as some know it is the unit patch worn by cadre and students of the USAJFKSWCS. 18 Series candidates, and CA that have are going through the CAQC wear it. It is a SOF training patch.

  41. Take this shit down imediatly. My credentials are very good established and you can check. I will file a complaint with JAG next week if this is not removed. I have emaild continuously and am tired of playing these stupid games.

    CPT Median, Edjohn
    USANG Puerto Rico
    Infantry, Commanding

    • File a JAG complaint then. But then you would have to actually be a Captain, and they still couldn’t do a damned thing. It is pretty awesome that you are Commanding all of the infantry on Puerto Rico. Now put the GI Joes away and be a man.

    • First, IF you really were in the military and an officer, you would know that your “signature block” here is completely wrong and is in violation of Army regulations. What is USANG? United States Air National Guard? What infantry unit do you command? Please advise us of the company, battalion, brigade and division in which you belong. How do you misspell your own last name? Why don’t you email Bulldog1 a copy of your ID? How are you the only officer in the entire United States Army that does not show up on AKO? And finally, don’t you think that before you show up on this site that the administrators, namely Bulldog1, do a complete and thorough investigation? You are a fucking retarded waste of space, oxygen thief.

    • No such thing as “filing a complaint with JAG” in regards to a civilian website, dickbag. JAG doesn’t cover soldier’s civil litigation needs. Just give it up. You don’t know the first thing about the Army, and every time you post a picture or open your mouth, everyone knows you’re a fraud.

    • Here’s a few pro tips: USANG is the acronym for Air National Guard, not Army. You’re impersonating a USARNG officer for future reference. Also, most Captains I’ve met can type beyond a 4th grade reading level so I’d recommend typing your messages into Microsoft Word and spell checking prior to posting.

    • CPT Median, Army Infantry Officer in the United States Air Force National Guard: so when you go to the JAG, what are you going to tell them? That some people have been saying horrible things about you on the internet? And you think JAG is going to do anything? For a Green Beret and a Ranger School graduate, you really are a complete pussy.

      “Waaahhh! Some people have been saying horrible things about me on the internet! I can’t take it! Make them stop!” You=pussy.

    • First off,you would have to file a CIVIL complaint not one with JAG. They don’t care about non-military stuff. Second off, anything said here is called FREEDOM OF SPEECH. It is not slander, because your full of lies. GROW A PAIR and come clean. It’s really sad that you feel you have to stoop this low just to get attention. OH and since you are back in PR and not in NY anymore, I have sent your latest post to a few friends that I have that ARE in the Army in PR. They should be looking for you soon enough, it’s not that big of an island.

    • haha cute. Take this shit down “imediatly” or I will call my pretend command master top SGT and he will smoke the wholly heck out of you! and another thing, stand at parade rest when typing this, I am officer AND a gentleman in the USANG. Sorry, I meant the ARNG…opps.

    • WTF? I served in the Army for over 20 years and dealt with quite a number of posers like you. You make the rest of us look like idiots and you need to tell the truth. I was an officer in the United States Army with quite a few clearances and friends and no one has ever heard of you. You are POS that needs to be prosecuted for your crimes (because that what they are) and serve time in a military prison because they will show you what happens to posers like you. What a loser, learn to space out your promotions and awards better if you are going to award yourself fake stuff. I am tired of people like you who use MY hard earned benefits to make your life easier. I wish you a very happy day, sir, because soon it won’t be…

    • Well EdJohn If you are infantry and in the national guard in Puerto Rico. You can come down to the San Juan VA regional office and ask for James Foreman. I am employed there and I would be more than willing to meet face to face with you and clear this whole situation up. I am giving you a chance to clear you and your families name. If you do not get in contact with me then myself and everyone on this island will make you and your families life a living hell. We will blanket your town and home with pictures of you and how you are a fraud. You have until close of business Wednesday to provide myself or Bulldog a response.

    • Bring any and all awards you have and I can verify them in the system… if the awards are not valid in the system then I will have some questions

    • “My credentials are very good established”? That isn’t how you say that. “My credentials are very WELL established” is correct in English. I’ve been an editor for a couple of years now. So, you might just want to turn in the English proficiency badge.

  42. Dude…. Give up the charade. You’re not listed on AKO nor the Global email list. You do not exist in the Army system. Quit pretending to be a real soldier. You look like you are a healthy individual. Go enlist! Do what it takes to be one of us if you want to have what we have. Otherwise, you’re just a lying coward wannabe.

  43. He’s poking fun at himself on all his pics now. It says “I’m a poser, I mad bro”… but he’s still wearing the uniform. Take down the pics, idiot…then try to make amends.

  44. You’re a dirtbag and a phony Mr. Medina. Why don’t you give it up? What Infantry Division are you in? Where’d you get your CIB? Why do you have a CAB?

    • it’s also an offense to do it in Canada and we see it regularly in the media that someones been arrested ( they go hard core after them ) pity not the same in the USA

      Unlawful use of military uniforms or certificates

      419. Every one who without lawful authority, the proof of which lies on him,
      (a) wears a uniform of the Canadian Forces or any other naval, army or air force or a uniform that is so similar to the uniform of any of those forces that it is likely to be mistaken therefor,
      (b) wears a distinctive mark relating to wounds received or service performed in war, or a military medal, ribbon, badge, chevron or any decoration or order that is awarded for war services, or any imitation thereof, or any mark or device or thing that is likely to be mistaken for any such mark, medal, ribbon, badge, chevron, decoration or order,
      (c) has in his possession a certificate of discharge, certificate of release, statement of service or identity card from the Canadian Forces or any other naval, army or air force that has not been issued to and does not belong to him, or
      (d) has in his possession a commission or warrant or a certificate of discharge, certificate of release, statement of service or identity card, issued to an officer or a person in or who has been in the Canadian Forces or any other naval, army or air force, that contains any alteration that is not verified by the initials of the officer who issued it, or by the initials of an officer thereto lawfully authorized,
      is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.
      R.S., c. C-34, s. 377.

  45. Guys, I think you’re being trolled. I don’t really think this is the real fake Capitan Mager Median Guy. That said, as I mentioned a while back, I’m still up to making a trip down there to go insane on him. Since I’m already legally certified, it’ll be easy for me to plead temporary, and I’ll take the rap for everyone else. Ward 9 isn’t really that bad anyway. They treated me pretty good & made sure I got my meds on time. Food was okay too.

    Somebody will have to go with me though, since I’m a liitle bit skeered of airplanes & freak out on them sometimes.

  46. The problem is in our country we believe that we have the right to lie and that it is protected by the first Amendment. As a retired Chaplain (CPT) it is SIN that drives people to continue to do things like this. This is very upsetting to me because it is so disgraceful to people who did serve, are serving, and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.

    • If you look at his bottom row, he’s got some random red, white and green medal that I can’t find in any branch data base, and the one at the other end looks to be a vietnam gallantry cross with OLC. Pretty sure he wasn’t around for that one. We should show that to a REAL vietnam SF vet.

      Also, a green beret that only shoots “marksman”???? LMMFAO!!!!!

    • Still there as of December 20th, 2013. Feedback sent to Google to report him, but seeing as it’s been 8 months gone by now, Google may not be willing or able to do anything to remove him.

  47. Has anyone else noticed the pant leg of the army officer that he is standing next to (he’s between the Army and AF officer)? The officer is literally standing on his own pant leg, it’s halfway to the middle of his shoe.

  48. Hey guys, looking at this posers pictures made me realize he is rubbing elbows with Coast Guard people, and the place is the Coast Guard Greater Antilles Section in San Juan Puerto Rico. I know the place like the back of my hand. Phone number for GANSEC S.J 787-729-6770. In one of his poasting he even has a good job from USCG CPT Flaherty Deputy Commander for GANSEC SJ. Please contact me via email. I might have more details.

  49. A truly sick dude… But VVAW pos John “not fonda” Kerry did more real damage with his TWO tours in a total of 4 mos 15 days and a Triple bandaid by-pass + a tarnished self recommended silver star.

  50. I’m from Puerto Rico. Does anyone have any info on this guy of where he might be? Or any other profiles he still might have active?

    • Earlier in the comments some one said he was from Rincon, sector Stella or something. I live in cruces. I think he’s from some where in between barrio corcega and ensenada. Those neighborhoods are beach front next to the stadium. I’ve never seen this guy around though.

      • Mira So Cabron Quien Eres Tu Para Hb Mierda De Mi Tu No Me Conoze Ni Save Nada De Mi Ok So Deja De Hb Mierda PQ Tengo Familia En Rincon Q Estas Buscando Para Q Dejes De Hb Mierda Ok

        • Look Medina. Threaten all you want. Send whatever family you have in Rincon after me. (That’s what he just said in Spanish). You’ve offended many people and broken several laws along the way. It’s a small world. You just happened to threaten an actual veteran who is from your town. I also just so happen to work in law enforcement in said town. So you can send your people that are going to silence me to the state police station. You trackin high speed? That’s Policia Estatal de Puerto Rico, right next to the plaza. I’ll be on shift tonight at midnight. So go ahead and send whomever you want to talk to me to the station. Or I can pass by their house with the shift supervisor and help them file a formal complaint against me.

          • Tu eres policia estatal lol mi abuelo trabaja en la policia estatal en rincon mijo y mis tios tamb so no hables mucha mierda mijo

        • Do you have a problem, kid? Wanna do something about it? Because we can meet up so that you can finally meet a real member of the military. You are nothing but a disgrace to Puerto Rico.

          • ahora mismo yo estoy en PR viendo a mi familia so dale para verte bn bn jodio kbron Hector A.

        • ok not to be offensive to anyone else here but this idiot but SHUT UP RICKY RETARDO sorry had to say it btw the name is a reference to “i love lucy” for those who who might not be aware it was just to tempting
          btw you wanna prove what a bad ass you are i dare you to come to my home I won’t even pull out my shotgun on your butt can’t say the same for my frying pan though will even give you my address if you want it just so you can get your fake rear kicked by a girl oh and don’t worry about me kicking you in the balls since you have NONE

          • oops forgot to follow just in case you do grow a pair and take me up on my offer

  51. Thank you for keeping on someone as much as you have kept on this POS. I used to have a SF, Airborne, and other tabs, but I never paraded around in them. I just collect them. I like insignia and patches of all sorts. lol. Also did my time at the Georgia Military Academy and trained at the Ranger Base there, but did not have the money to complete school and family issues that caused me to move cross country very quickly. The Army was only paying me 950 a semester, and the school cost nearly 3 grand, just for tuition, not to include uniforms, and books and more. Only got issues winter and summer BDUs, and one set of Class B and Class A, and had to buy just about everything else.
    I never got the chance to become active duty, but I worked my ASS off. In uniform 24/7, military training from 5 am until taps sometimes at 2am on the weekend, along with college work (Computer Science Major and Military Science Minor), and working a job to afford what little I could. My step dad was a Vietnam vet, and I have known many active, reserve, and other soldiers as close friends. I have lost friends in the war, and it makes me literally sick that I have to watch a jackass like this walk around and pretend.
    He never had to wake up before the sun and run until you puked and then run some more. He never had to do push ups just to get permission to enter the mess hall. He parades around like a jackass.

    I had great pride in my uniform. It brought respect, which I tried hard to deserve. I kept it clean and starched to hell. This guy needs to be dropped in the middle of Libya or Egypt or Iraq with nothing and let his “training” keep him alive.

  52. I have a guy I know who sounds almost exactly like this. However he doesn’t fake any badges, he just makes up excuses as to why he hasn’t been shipped yet. First it was that he took some test late therefore his shipping date was late, then it was that he needed to get his wisdom teeth pulled, etc etc. his date was originally late July ish. I wish you could contact me and let me know if he is actually a poser as well. He also claims to have multiple guns and says he carries them around because the military issues them to him, however nobody has seen anything but paintball and air soft, and I know the difference. He has many Facebook pictures and there’s one where it looks like he’s swearing in, but I can’t be too sure. I never knew how far kids went for this but after this point I have to rethink if I believe him or not. Thanks! Please email me and let me know!

  53. Someone please post this dipshits link to his facebook or anything. Fuck this clown I hope he just kills himself and does the world a favor.

  54. LOL…. My dad rode rodeo while in the airforce…… It did not go over well with the airforce, in fact they ordered him to stop, when he did not stop they discharged him.

  55. this is appalling.. how is he still going like this? love to see this guy get it for all the crap he is posing in.. Deployed to Dijbouti Africa with all the guys laughing there ass off at this one.. Stolen Valor keep up the great work! we love it!

  56. A lot of puertorrican give there lives every day at combat for our country, We cant judge them by this moron…. I support our troops even our Puertorrican brothers. God Bless You Guys

  57. someone should go up to him and tell him its time to deploy and theres no time to pack. Then get him in a van with a bunch of other soldiers and take him to the cops haha.

  58. Well Only God Can Judge Me! My Personal Life Not A Nobody Cares Ok So Leave Of Talk About Me And Live Your Life Bastard!!!

    • That’s right you little shit bag I am a bastard and a few other things. So if you want ro pos, pos as what you are a parasite on humanity’s ass.

          • It also a federal offense to impersonate a federal law enforcement officer. And now if you are posing as a soldier for any personal gain that is now illegal.

          • Nope. Im pretty sure the only pages getting searched are the classified ads that feature your mom and sister getting buttfucked for beer money.

          • Well EdJohn, a few things.
            I thought you loved your army brothers and friends, now you’re talking shit about them? That’s not very ARMY STRONG, HOOAH!!!

            Also, I’d start mentally preparing for a little time in jail. Maybe you’ll get off easy and get fined and a little probation, but it looks like there’s a pretty good federal case against you, especially if you did impersonate a BP officer to try to get out of a ticket. Just start ruminating on that now.

            Finally, I know you’re a pathological liar. I’ve been around them, laughed at them, watched them dupe idiots. The evidence definitely points to this. You have a personality disorder that will only get progressively worse. If you keep shit posting about your fake army life, you will be called out on it. Just look at Tina Kirsten. She kept apologizing for her actions to the military community, then she’d go to various groups and continue the lie. As a result, she ended up on the local news hiding from the cameras. This is what happens to people like you. As the lies become worse you’ll back yourself into progressively worse corners. You may find yourself friendless, as people like you tend to go through friends as soon as they wise up. You may even end up unemployable.

            Seek help, apologize and stop posting pictures in uniform. Your story won’t entirely disappear, but it will take the heat off. Just remember that veterans are everywhere. They will always be one degree of separation from your friends list. They will always be at the paintball field to call you out on wearing a uniform. They will be at the restaurants and bars to give you shit for wearing ACUs off post. Its pretty easy to spot a liar, easier than you think. You think you can get away with lying because people nod their heads and agree with you, but most of the time they know you’re lying, they’re just non confrontational or have cognitive dissonance.

            TL;DR Stop it, things will only get worse from here.


          • They also tend to arrest people like you who pretend to be real soldiers and things of monetary value, just ask that douche in Kentucky who just pled guilty.

          • Maybe if you took out a full page add and told your mis guide lie and asked publicly for forgiveness.

          • Mr Medina is a true parasite. He wants to rob from the men and women who truly deserve what is he stealing from them. This site will never come down Mr Medina… it will haunt you forever. Anyone who ever Googles Captain John Medina will see what a disgraceful piece of dung you are. May the entire world know of your name and what you are., FRAUDSTER.

        • You shouldn’t talk. You just threatened un agente estatal. Sooo bobo. Voy a enseñar este pagina a el supervisor de turno este noche. No lloras despues. Te
          di un chance. We’ll see what’s up when I arrest you and your whole crew. Right here in Rincon. I tried to give you a break, to give you a chance to come clean. Now I’m going to get a warrant on you for threatening a law enforcement agent. In PR that is a delito grave which means felony. When you’re ready to act like a professional soldier man up and come down to the station. I’m on the graveyard shift all week.

          • yo llame al cuarter de rincon y eres el mas buscado de los policiasde rincon vamos aver donde el chango tiene la manteca amigo pq el que tiene mas poder eres tu o soy yo amigo…

          • Man if I were you I would think twice about keeping up your lies… IT IS WELL PAST TIME you come out apologizing about your effin lies. I have recently spoken with your former elementary teacher Mrs. Avilés, well, let’s say that I am very close to pinpointing your exact location, and when I do, then you will see the world of hurt that you will be in. What you have been doing is illegal, and I will make sure that the law is applied here!

    • Shut your mouth you faker! Why don’t you join up for real instead of taking advantage of people? You are such a fraud. Lots of people care, evidently. The fact that you don’t even use correct sentence structure tells me that you are no officer… I doubt you even have any college. Such a fake and fraud… No one can believe a word you say. You never even met up with the real veteran who offered to meet you in person. What a coward.

    • I’d love to go grammar Nazi on him but its obvious this guy has like a 3rd grade reading level. Just this one: Cuartel***
      For my non Spanish speaking friends a Cuartel is our version of a Police station.

  59. I wouldn’t get too caught up in heated responses to “Medina” on this site. Chances are it’s not him replying (as you may have noticed, you can type whatever name you want in the reply). The actual John (or whatever his name is) Medina, wherever he may reside, is a troll: just ignore him. His face is all over the internet so if he attempts to seek/claim any benefits regarding his faked-commission, I’m sure it’ll quickly be brought to the attention of someone who can officially press charges. Until then, there’s no point in lowering yourself to his standard of behavior.

  60. I really doubt this scumbag has enough cojones to make any threats. I’m ashamed to know this asshole comes from PR. Most of the people who are born in this paradise and like any other heritage born Puerto Rican would do their best to bring pride to our birthplace. I’m ashamed and embarrassed that this guy decided to wear an uniform that is earned with sweat if nothing else. I mean that in a good way. It doesn’t take rank or a deployment to make a good soldier. It takes discipline and hard work to graduate basic training and walk out a soldier and that goes to every branch in service. I join many of you in the disregard for military bearing in wanting to beat the ACU out of this pretender, that might be a big word for you John (it means fake). I hate that you and others wear the uniform for paintball but you took it to another level claiming Awards and merits you never earned and I hope someone gets you and you pay for this.

  61. ok the profile picture that comes with my post is the aka nelson klukas suppose to be a soldier, which, benefit of the doubt could be a real Soldier, but the guy posting is not he has been claiming for a while he is 35d capt US Army said his Name is Nelson Klukas
    he even had someone Name Col. Becca White Rutherford us Army contact me to tell me he is injured and concerned about this package, he kept saying was his documents later he told me it is documents a 9 mil and rounds of amunition, when I refused to have anything to do with said package, he said he needed me know more,,,,,,,,,,,been trying to see if there is a real Soldier with this name and let others no about his con, he actually called me had a heavy accent, sounded African or Nygerian to me. sad he was stationed at Defram(spelled wrong ) camp in Afgan. My son was deployed and served his duty there, now the guy said he was out last time, never heard a Soldier put it this way,
    he said he had no APo he didn’t know his mos, he spelled worse than I do I can only hope he won’t try to extort any money from any other ladies, He did not get my ID
    he did get my address though in the beginning when I thought he was a real Soldier before red flags started popping up.

  62. Oy, MediNOT, how about you come talk to a few of us REAL soldiers and veterans. I’ve got more than a few things I need to discuss with you in a wall-to-wall counseling session utilizing the fist-to-face method. It’s spineless wretches like you that dishonor every man and woman who has ever worn or will wear the uniform. You’ve been called out, you’ve been proven a fraud, it’s time to show some fucking personal courage and drop the charade.

    Fucking Surplus Store “Ranger”.

  63. Not sure if anyone else noticed, but in one of his pictures, he’s wearing a marksmanship badge. As a general rule, officers do not wear marksmanship badges. I can’t tell either, but it looks like he has an ICM, which if he does, it’s in the wrong spot on his ribbon rack.

  64. My brother was in the military and everytime I see one of these guys who fakes their profiles and shit it makes me angry. My brother ended up taking his own life because he could not get back in because they had found he had parkinsons disease. It makes me sick that a guy like this who just would not go join and my brother who would of given anything to get back in 🙁

  65. anyone charged with posing as a military person should be sent to a military prison you want to be hard core ports smith and Leavenworth can show you what hard core is .quit being a punk and riding our coat tails thinking you can fool some people discredits the rest of us .

    • That burning stuff fuck you up too? I was in the first conflict & the oil wells, + whatever else shit was in the sand we tramped through got me …. a few years AFTER. The VA hasn’t even been able to figure out exactly what happened over there. Disabilities from that + a bullet in the back (coward bastards, HEAD shots muthafrickers, HEAD shots) finally forced me out after 13+ years.

      After a gradual buildup from “somethings kinda wrong”, I finally was admitted to Ft. Roots psych ward for safety from myself. Little demons in your house, invisible people in the corners, disembodied voices, & a few random shotgun blasts in the house at things that weren’t there tend to lead to that.

      After a couple thousand MRI’s, CAT’s, X-Rays, scans, medicines, & tests, I finally kinda fixed it myself through sheer willpower. But I know that part of my past is always lurking inside me still. The “as-of-right-now” VA diagnoses is “premature loss of brain volumn through chemical exposure”.

      Basically they are saying that exposure to bad shit in the air & ground can screw you up. Wish it’d just been the gunshot, since that doesn’t hurt me at all now.

  66. What a “twinkle toed Mooke” sad he couldn’t even make it in the reserves, Saturday night soldier, weekend warrior. He has to pretend!

  67. This little prick better cut this shit out. To myself he is pissing on the graves of the brave men and women who DIED fighting just so this jackass and PRETEND he’s GI JOE. More like GI Jokester. I hope he comes across any SF in Puerto Rico b/c he’s too big of a pussy to come back to the states to get the only reward he deserves….. which is a big time attitude adjustment.

  68. I’d love to know if he’s really in San Antonio… I live in New Braunfels, right outside of S.A. I have allllll types of friends that would love to find this… person.

  69. Gents…. if someone can send me this POS’s facebook link or something I have a good friend with The Unit and could probably tune his ass up or at least get this full put on blast. Happy Hunting

  70. Little Willy Medina is going to cry! Boo fucking who! I hate fucks like this guy and would love to curb his ass. I’ve lost friends in my LRS unit and this POS isn’t worth one drop of their piss. He likes to play pretend Soldier boy. I have a game I would love to play with this cock breath non-English speaking fuck. Take off the tabs and the uniforms bitch. Hope that being told what a piece of shit you really are is the worse that happens to you!

  71. Mr. Medina-

    My name is Grant A. Winans. I am a former E-9, Sergeant-Major of the Army (now called a Command Sergeant-Major) who served more than 34 years in the United States Army, this includes numerous tours in Europe, served in Korea and Vietnam. I was in CID and taught at the Sergeant-Major’s Academy at Fort Bliss, among other assignments. My credentials are easily verifiable, there are some older gentlemen here that may even remember an old soldier like me. I am looked in numerous places and contacted many old friends concerning you (active, Reserve, National Guard and retired), no one has heard of you. I even contacted friends in numerous intelligence agencies and no one knows who you are. I find this very disturbing. Also, you seem to wear the South Vietnam Cross of Gallantry (which I did earn) and find it VERY hard to believe you served in Vietnam, much less were awarded that particular award.

    Sir, it is time to end this charade. I understand that you probably never meant for it to go this far or to be found out. It is understandable. Confess and leave this like a man, it will be so much better for you that way.

  72. Better hope I don’t run into him here in PR. I’m a veteran and it really lights my fuse when I see pieces of shit like this cabron walking around wearing a uniform he has not made a sacrifice for or awards and badges he has not earned. This spits in the face of those that actually have…

    If I run into him I wont be asking any questions I can tell you that…

  73. Ms. Medina, you are indeed a pathetic piece of garbage. I did a lot of the things you wear badges for and it took me 15 years. I ended up getting in a bit of trouble and it ended my career and they even revoked my SF tab(yes they can do that) So seeing you wear one makes me fucking sick. You never swallowed the muddy piss water at Malvesti or did pushups in People’s Pond in January. You never deployed to a country where people try to kill you (although you might experience that now) You don’t deserve to hold any of those badges and tabs in your hand, much less strut around wearing them and misleading people that you are the caliber of person that puts themselves through such challenges. It sounds like PR is pretty well saturated with people looking for your worthless ass, but if you are in the western US somewhere, eventually I’ll visit you. I’m a bail enforcer now, so I have not only the resources to find you, I travel all over.looking for human garbage like you. And if one day someone appears and stomps you into the ground mercilessly, there’s a good chance it was me. And if there’s a Ranger or SF tab on your left arm, I’m going to break it so you can feel a little fraction of the pain that one goes through to earn those tabs legitimately. I hope your TKD has improved a lot since your old instructor’s evaluation, not that it’s going to help you any, I just don’t want to feel like too much of a bully when you are crying for mercy and choking on your own blood. You are a disgrace to your island and your family, you should take your own life in shame for the embarrassment you bring to real PR soldiers..

    • Wow. This sent chills down my spine. I hope you do catch him and treat him like the pus that infects the mucus that cruds up the fungus that feeds on the pond scum like he deserves.

  74. There seems to be no penalty for putting on the uniform of our military and lying about it, but put on an Obama mask when dressed like a clown and be barred for life from ever working in a rodeo again. Liberals live in a morally inverted, inside-out Alice in Wonderland delusion.

  75. To the Guardian of Valor folks, can we get a fundraiser going to pay for a billboard with his face on it? I think they range from $500-$1500 depending on location, we should do that more often so there family and friends can see what a loser they are.

  76. This “person” makes me sick. I grew up in a military family. My stepfather was a Drill SGT @ Ft Bliss, TX until he was deployed to Desert Storm and retired after. My mother was a PFC until she had my little sister. My sister is a 1st Lt in the NYARNG and served a tour in Afghanistan. Her husband is a 1st Lt in the Army and served a tour in Afghanistan as an NCO before going through DLI and then college at Syracuse doing ROTC. My grandfather served in the Air Force during Korea but was never deployed. My 2 uncles also served though I don’t remember what branches. I am proud of the military service in my family and wish I had been able to serve also. Unfortunately, I suffer from a rare autoimmune disorder that makes that impossible. Seeing people like Mr. Medina pretending to be something they are not feels to me like it cheapens the sacrifice of those who have served honorably. I hope they catch him and make him pay for what he has done!

  77. I was medically retired from the Army in 2010 and I’m still trying to get back into the fight, but the military says that I’m to broken to fix due to the multiple IED strikes that took my best friend from me and this POS is running around like the world owes him let me just shoot him now!!!!

    • I’m sorry to hear about your best friend. My husband and I have endured a similar fate when a helo was shot down in Afghanistan, killing a number of comrades from his command. Some of them were mutual friends who I met at a ball just a few months prior. That was a tough time. All the best to you…

      It makes me angry that someone can have the audacity to wear the uniform of a hero, and not have what it takes to actually be one. The people we knew were true heroes, NO SCUM LIKE MEDINA WILL TAKE THAT FROM THEM.

  78. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I saw this guy at a Shopping Mall, with the US Army jacket!! And believe me, that day was almost 90 degrees outside in PR!! My friend (who is a real NG captain) was about to stop him and reprimand him about using part of his uniform while on civil clothing…Now I know WHY he was trying to show off his CPT rank!!!

  79. What a shame this MOFO would be more than glad to runover my car over him over and over just to make sure their no chance maybe he will stand up after all he is a Ranger AB AS SF Son of a B xD gosh thats why freaking army clothing accesories had to be controlled so you have to show the award memos to get them

  80. I saw him in Rincon Puerto Rico a couple of days ago, it’s a small town, so anyone should be able to find him. Just ask for Edjohn, that’s how everyon knows him here.

  81. It is obvious this guy has a mental illness. I have seen tv news shows about people being military imposters for many reasons. They most of all crave the attention, something they lack as their real selves. There has been cases where a violent tragedy occurs when they are outer. I hope this does not happen, it is a disgrace yes, however since it is OBVIOUS this guy is mental it probably not good idea to edge him on.

  82. UP DATE





    REAPER 6-2..

  83. In September this guy interfered with security operations run by the PRARNG at Aguadilla Airport. The Infantry NCOIC of the detail called him out and Medina fled the scene. Shortly before his arrest a bulletin was put out to all NG security offices in PR warning of his attempts to gain access to installations on the island, particularly on the west coast. What a bag of douche.

  84. Maybe he is in the NG and when nobody’s around he pins on high-speed badges and tabs idk either way let him try and sew what he is doing is illegal.

  85. Disgusting. Too many men and women of true valor killed, bled and died attempting to achieve the rank and honors that this guys is posing to possess. He dishonors each and every one of our real American Heroes.

  86. Disgusting. Posing as what he isn’t for attention reminds me of a little man wishing he was a big man. A disgrace period, but pretending when we have so many warriors who have served our country well and honorably w/many losing their life or suffering life-altering injuries. What a jerk.

  87. An earlier post asked if he was in the National Guard and just wearing unauthorized rank/badges…answer is Nope, no John Medina listed in AKO in Puerto Rico….. Nor is there a Willy or Wiliam….wow, he is pathetic

  88. I just found thishttp://whocalled.us/lookup/2145041687

    He said on the 12th posthange my phone number.

    “2012-12-31 18:15:59 UTC Cpt JD Medina
    Being one of the best fakers out here, these true heroes are coming after me…I’m scared. My name is Edjohn Derrick Medina-Nieves and I live in Laredo Texas these veterans are messing with my pick up lines and saying I ain’t allowed to wear this CPT uniform. I can’t get any chicks if I don’t. Get them off my back.”

  89. Saben….todos en algun momento u otro hemos mentido para sentirnos mejor o agradar a otros. Que razones tiene Ed para hacerlo no lo se. Que eventos en su vida lo puede haber provocado a llevar la vida asi o mentir asi tampoco se. Solo se que con todo y mentiras Ed nunca me falto el respeto, nunca me ofendió, nunca me hizo sentir mal y sobre todo siempre me ofrecio una amistad su buen corazon. A mi no me hace mas ni menos que el haga estas cosas….total al que el lastima es solo a el mismo si no es cierto. Con toda y vida supuestamente falsa le doy la mano si la necesitara.

  90. This pile of Dog Chit is an embarrassment to everyone in uniform and everyone on the island of Puerto Rico. As already noted, he has gained access to the Coast Guard base in San Juan as well as at least one CG cutter. Whatever he is using for I’D must be stolen or at least a good copy of one. He got past the front gate and also used it to procure uniforms and/or devices and insignia at the Exchange. There is a laundry list of criminal statutes he has violated. These are just a few off the top of my head. This douche nozzle needs to be caught and prosecuted to fullest extent of the law!!!

  91. In one pic, he is wearing a combat patch for the 513th MI Bde. I have a 513th combat patch. The thing is, the 513th is a very close nit group and IF he was ever in the 513th then somebody would know him. It is an echelons above corps BDE. He needs to be VERY careful about faking a position with this BDE. I’m sure an anti-terrorism unit would be VERY interested in talking to a guy who is wearing a fake MI officer uniform.

  92. This john Medinas was arrested by Fed officers for impersonating a federal officer (US Army CPT) he is current in Provation since 06/04/2014 if you have any more info on this subject please email me. If he continues with this he is violating his Provation.

    Thanks.. G LE

  93. Well this guy is back on business. I saw a picture of this guy in facebook, I guess this type of people never learned the lesson.

    • Maybe we can send him a certificate of discharge from the Phony Army on the grounds that he failed to be promoted in a reasonable time under “Up or Out.”

  94. LOSER! Glad I haven’t seen you! Cause this Sgt Bitch would tear you a new butthole and show you a true meaning of being a serviceman

    A slap to us who have served, those who serve now and those who sacrifice their lives being a true hero!

  95. Why do we continue to give this POS any attention? There are so many people out there that deserve our attention and admiration. Let this bastard rot in hell in ignominious fame. Every time we say something about him whether it be good or bad I’m sure he sits there thinking he is famous because we waste our time talking about him.

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