CPT. John “Funky Cold” Medina Special Forces/Ranger Superhero

So here is our latest poser, Edjohn “John” Derrick Medina, or as one of our admins named him “Funky Cold Medina”. It seems Edjohn tried several times to enlist in the US Army, but was unsuccessful.  So instead of trying again, he figured he would just award himself the rank of Captain, and give himself a Ranger and an SF tab. We tried to contact him several times and give him a chance to explain to us why, but of course he never responded.


Also he awarded himself a CIB, Airborne and Air-assault badges.


But wait, superman did not stop there, he also awarded himself a CAB. But sometimes can not decide if he should wear it or the CIB…but no blue cord?


And it gets better, sometimes he even has his Pathfinder badge on. He even creates fake profiles to make himself seem legit.


Thing is on his profile, back in 2011 he was answering questions from the Army’s Future Soldier Center. Damn John, in one year you accumulated more rank, deployments, and schools than any other Soldier in history!


Here is another picture where he forgot to put on all his superhero badges.


He also has an account on bebo, where he escorts four star Generals, works for US Army Headquarters, Military Intel, SF, and Puerto Rico NG Headquarters. Hell I wonder when he finds the time to sleep with all that work?


And he is happiest when he works at US Army HQ….and he capitalizes he is a CAPTAIN!

Here is a post we found that he made on the Georgia Army National Guard site, but he deleted it once some of our people started asking him questions on it. We also emailed him at the email address he provided on here, but of course got no response.

medina7 He does all that research, then wears some blue crap under his Jacket….



And I am not sure who the Air Force and Army guy’s are posing with him in this picture, but   I do have to wonder if they knew he was faking.


Not only that, but he also plays paintball in his poser form…I wonder what else in his life he has lied about.



Wonder what he was thinking in this picture, maybe how he knew eventually his lies would catch up to him?


And here he is again at what looks like a school event, probably spreading his lies among some High School kids.


Here he is doing what he does best, posing. And he has all of his badges on in this picture, a real high speed bag of douche.



Here he has created a collage of him in all of his douche baggery! As you can see in one of the pictures he is standing in front of some ROTC kids, but he forgot all his high-speed badges again. I don’t think I have ever seen someone wear so many different combat patches and unit patches as this guy.


And here is a good one for you girls who want your Mr. Right!


And again, a different combat patch, and wearing a National Guard hat with CPT bars pinned to play paintball.


Well seems in this picture he only forgot to add the Pathfinder badge.



Here is a list of other profiles we found, by the way he also works for the US Border Patrol. How does he even have time to get on the internet with all this high-speed stuff he does?



I am sure there are a few more pictures on his profile, but I got tired of picking them all apart. We contacted him several times asking for a response, but he would not respond. We know he tried to enlist several times, and was looking to as early as 2011. Not sure exactly  what he has gained from this ploy, but I would caution anyone down in Puerto Rico to be on the lookout for this fraudster. No telling where his lies and deceit will take him next, and I would also be very leery of allowing him to enlist after this.

Here is his current facebook profile, which I am sure he will take down once he realizes he has been outed. CPT. Medina

And yes, his facebook URL includes CPT. Medina. We are still working this story and will add updates as they become available. There are a few extra pics in the gallery below that we didn’t add to the story.



So it would seem that CPT Medina was in Texas at one time, as the owner of a Marital Arts Studio knows him, and had some interesting things to add. Like how he posed as a Border Patrol agent and tried to get out of a ticket. Seems this guys leaves a trail of lies where ever he goes.





So it seems Medina is still walking around impersonating a Soldier, and now he is a World Quarter-horse Champion. We do not forget, and if you keep posing, we will keep posting! He has several new profiles on MySpace and Facebook.

His new Myspace Photo

His new Myspace Photo




Cpt. Paintball

Cpt. Medina practice his Warrior Tasks by playing paintball!


His new Facebook, Willy Medina

His new Facebook, Willy Medina

I am guessing he is going to use his riding skills in his next Special Operations mission, he will be dropped from a Helo while sitting on the horse.




Myspace Photo,

Myspace Photo,

I am sure once he see’s this we will get a few more emails where he is threatening to sue us, we say bring it on.




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