Con Artists Using Fake Military Documents to Swindle Money Using Soldier’s Identities

We have gotten a lot of emails lately asking us about Military members overseas asking for cash from civilians, mainly women, to come home for leave from Afghanistan or telling the women that they have a very sick child that they need to come home and see.

They are also taking the photos of real Military members from Facebook and other Social Media, and using them to create these fake Facebook profiles and dating site profiles. They will take any photo they come across that depicts a Military member, they are also taking photos of our Fallen Warriors as well.

They also like to tell people that they are widowed and caring for the child/children alone. It is always some sort of story to make the victim feel pity for the fraudster.

They mainly target women that have no Military affiliation, or have never been around the Military, this way they know the women won’t pick up on their lies as fast. We get ten to twenty emails per day asking if a profile is really a Soldier, and 99% of the time it is a scammer. For most of us, they are easy to pick out, because we are familiar with the Military and know how it operates.


Most of these fake profiles have several things that should stick out:

1. They will have very few friends on the profile, of which most will be women or other fake profiles.

2. Most of the posts will be short sentences, with broken English and misspelled words.

3. They will not have many photos, and the uniform name tapes may not match the profile name.

4. Military members almost always have other friends on their profile that are also Military, these fakes will not have any. Or if they do, that profile will be fake as well.

5. If they ask for items(care packages) they ask for you to send them to overseas addresses that are not affiliated with the Military, Nigeria etc.

The forms they are sending to these people are very convincing, especially if you are not familiar with the military and the way leave works. First, no one can sign for a Military personnel to go on leave except the Chain of Command. If they are coming home from overseas on emergency leave, from a Combat Zone, as a lot of the scammer’s are saying, they would not have to pay to come home. The government covers travel to and from the HOR(Home of Record). If they are coming home for scheduled R&R, from the Combat Zone, the Government also covers this.

You should never send money via Western Union to someone you have never met, as Western Union is an unsafe way to send money, because once it is sent you will never get it back. Some of these civilians were scammed out of thousands of dollars. These scammers are praying on the hearts of the civilians that care so much for our troops fighting for us overseas, and they feel like they are helping out by helping someone in the Military.

One email I read was supposedly from a Soldiers Chain of Command, and told the woman that he had been Wounded In Action and evacuated to a hospital in the United Kingdom. First off, when a Soldier is wounded and has to be Medically evacuated out of country, they are sent to Germany first most of the time.

Here is a quote from one of the emails:

“Dear mam

There is no problem with the form one of the two Us Army logo is a seal and after you fill it and the approval is been send to you the other seal will be put on the form.

Thanks for your understanding
Us Army Vacation office”

There is no such thing as the US Army Vacation office!

Here is another email from this address: USA kabul <>

“We are sorry to inform you that Major Aaron Perez has been injured in an attack on friday .He has been flown to a Military hospital in the United Kingdom. It is normal protocol that we must inform Major Aaron Perez family the situation of things here.We are not sure if he would make it yet but we hope he survives any infection from his wounds and he could return back to his duty post.

Major Aaron Perez is a member of the U.S Navy Seals because of the secretive nature of his job, we want you to keep our correspondence with you confidential.If you wish that he is released to you immediately.Attached with this email is the Policy and Instructions for Leave Request,if you agree with the terms for his leave. please print it out, endorse and send it back to us via email.”

This is the form he sent:



Another document attached to the email, these are listed as instructions, again another fake form.

And another form by the Army Vacation Board:


And a fake DFAS Finance form:


Here is another fake email:

Sent: Tuesday, June 5, 2012 11:22 PM

Dear Mam,

\Your request have been successful added to the Us Army marriage Department Database ……….

Us Army Marriage Department

No such thing as US Army Marriage Department!

Here are a few more fraudulent forms:




And this one is an almost good fake, it is a Military leave form, we have highlighted a few mistakes on the form:


Here are some of the fake email addresses they tried to make look official:

These are just a few examples of the scams going around using military members as the center. Because these scumbags know that the American people love our Military, and most will do what they can to help. The scams are becoming more and more complicated as time goes by. For a civilian that is not subjected to the military a lot, and do not understand how it operates, they take the word of these douches. Especially when they use pictures of Soldiers and their family members.

Remember a Soldier deployed to a combat zone does not need funds to go home, nor can anyone sign forms for that Soldier to go on leave. Even in an emergency, the Soldiers family must contact the Red Cross and the Red Cross must contact the Soldiers unit for anything other that regular R&R!

Here are a few tips to help you avoid scams, and some basic tips for protecting your identity as provided by one of our fans educated in this area:

  • Never give out personal information
  • Never give out banking information or credit card numbers
  • Understand that wiring money is just like sending cash and is usually untraceable
  • Give only to established charities after disasters, instead of one that is built over night
  • Do not send money to someone you do not know
  • Do not agree to deposit a check and wire money back
  • Do not reply to messages requesting personal and/or financial information
  • Never pay fees for the promise of a big pay off later-whether its for a loan, job or prize
  • Research the company and/or person requesting information or money
  • Never use a debit card or checking/savings account online-use a credit card because charges can then be disputed
  • Do not wire money to strangers, sellers who insist on wire transfers for payment, or anyone who claims to be a relative or family friend in an emergency who wants to keep the request a secret
  • Do not click on links or call phone numbers included in messages-this is called phishing.
  • Never accept a check for more than your selling price, no matter how tempting the plea or convincing the story.
  • Consider using an online payment service.  They often offer more protection.
  • Avoid any ad offering a “work at home” career that requests personal information and a monetary investment for “start up” costs.
  • Delete emails stating that you have won a foreign lottery or online sweepstakes.  Any letter or email from a lottery or sweepstakes that asks you to pay taxes, fees, shipping, or insurance to claim your prize, especially when requesting a wire transfer to pay these fees, IS A SCAM.  It is illegal to play a foreign lottery.
  • Beware of emails from foreigners, people stating they are soldiers, and anyone from Nigeria.  Delete these emails and do NOT respond.
  • Never meet anyone from the internet alone, especially if it includes traveling to deliver money, or visiting a person in a certain country who is requesting money via email.  People who have responded to these emails have been beaten, subjected to threats and extortion, and in some cases, murdered.
  • Report scams to your state Attorney General
  • Report unsolicited email offers and/or spam to
  • For more information regarding Internet Safety, Common Scams, and how to avoid scams, visit


And as always, if you’re not sure, ask questions! We will be glad to answer any questions you may have it helps avoid you being taken advantage of by these scam artists! There is no such thing as a dumb question, ask, ask, ask!!!

Feel free to send us an email if you are not sure the person you are speaking with is a Military member.


Ok here is an addition to the fake documents, they are now producing fake CAC Cards. They are photo shopping them and sending them to victims as proof they are Military.


Also these scam artists are beginning to use services to make it seem like they are where they say they are. Google Talk and Skype offer services where you can buy a number from anywhere in the United States and other countries. This makes it possible for the scammers to convince the victim they are where they say by providing them with a “local” phone number.

They are also beginning to elicit help from criminals here in the US, they will have the victims wire the money to a person here within the US, that person then wires the money to the scammer. They keep a percentage of the money in return for being the go-between. Help us stop these criminals from taking advantage of these unsuspecting victims.

If you see something like this taking place, step in, shoot a message to the victim and explain why you think they are being scammed. These scams are increasing in occurrence, because they are working. Last our these Military/Romance scams sucked more than $100 Million out of the US Economy!

I had an email where the woman was so distraught over the plight of a Soldier who claimed to have been wounded, and needed money to get home from Germany, that she re-mortgaged her home and wired $48,000 to Nigeria! Yes, I actually spoke to this woman, unfortunately she did not contact me until after the scam took place.

Stay vigilant, and NEVER send money to someone you have never met! Also do not send items like laptops, phones etc to someone you do not know! If you have doubts about someone you have met online, send us an email. We would rather see a hundred emails coming in, than one American dollar sent to a scammer!

If you are a Military member, make sure your photos on Facebook are set so no one but your friends can see them. This can help to ensure your photos are not stolen.


What are your thoughts?
303 comments on “Con Artists Using Fake Military Documents to Swindle Money Using Soldier’s Identities
  1. Any communication that contains numerous misspelling and poor English grammar is a major red flag. Even if the communication uses your name, chances are it is a scam. Always do your research before responding to one that you think could be legitimate. Almost all of them ARE scams.

    • What is that supposed to mean? Except for a few words they spell exactly as we do. Also none of those words were in a British spelling

  2. Very good article bulldog, but you didn’t mention that the money sent to these bastards is used to fund the very terrorist groups the soldiers are fighting against.

  3. the scammer scamed me. after year i know he is scammer. he said to me please tace him away fast beacause .he commader will send him to afganistan, he want to live back to home. i would love if obama sednt u s army to africa to tace care this sure it nothing that u s a army cant do. they geting more wort day. more more civilal losting them money. borked them heart. hope one day this scammer.will not alive much more then already been.

    • Please utilize a better translator and might I suggest translating one sentence at a time.

      @H: Basically Poo here is saying that they were scammed about a year ago by someone claiming they wanted help getting out of going to Afghanistan. Poo would appreciate if Obama would send the US Army to Africa where Poo believes this scammer resides and kill this person because he believes there is nothing the US Army can’t to. Poo also wishes this person dies very soon.

      Hope that helps! ^.^

  4. I have been working in 5 anti-scam and support-groups on Facebook for 1 year now, together with victims from all over the world. This information above these comments, is very imortant to get out in public. The scammer’s worst enemy is info about their “work”.We all have to work together to try to stop these evil people. Thanks for this great article. 🙂

      • Hello writing you from holland ..i am a widow who is trying to be scammed by a so called soldier in malaysia ..he wanted money for a leave document .1700 euro..i would like to give his name to you so that you can investigate this for me ..i knew it was trouble when he asked for the money ..let me know how to go about this thanlyou

    • Hi i need help to identify a colonel working as a surgeon in Kandahar, Afganistan. Got many photos of him and very nice letters. I’v sent no money that he aske for. Dcuments looks very real. He is called Colonel Ivar Hansen.

    • I know of one scammer that the ladies all need to know, Mark Sanchez Owen on facebook, that is where he found me, I thought he was legit but I don’t my research his yahoo mail is, ladies please be careful of him, lastly I know of his so call which is false, it turns out he some kind of crazy man that wants to rule the world…I’ve ran on this man and everyone else that I come across and come to find out a few of them are Nigerian, claim to be military. I have more emails of men from topface dating site, now this site has colonels, commanders on this site, what on earth would they be doing on this site, scammers are using pictures of military men…crazy they need to be stopped.

    • I’m grateful that there are people that chú help and advise others that they do not become victims of fraud. I do not regret that I found your site this late and I was a victim of this scam and no way back. It is a misfortune and despair

      • I’ve met a man on line since June of 2014,,,, he claims to be in the us army.. He sent me his time line and picutures ,, and that he’s stationed in Nigeria,,, and not able to use his account money there! That his internet needs to be paid for each month to talk with me and he needs money to purchase food to eat,,,,, I felt bad for him,, so I’ve been sending money and we also fell in love,, there’s so much more to say,, but it will take to long to explain !! I would surely like to find out who he really is ? Can you help me? I’ve been unhappy about this situation!! My grown children have been saying mom he’s useing me for my money..

        • I have suffered the same fate as you my dear. The con artist has stolen more than $20 000 from me. I have funded his trip that is not succeeding since early September, he first travelled to China and now he claims to be stuck in Indonesia. I have refused to carry on with this madness but he won’t give up to contact me thinking that I would still be gullible and send him money. My eyes are now open but God will never leave them , they will suffer as they didn’t work for this money!

          • JAY I am really sorry about everything , you are not a fool and I know that God will punish all the people pretending to be our military men .I am an FBI officer , contact me on for us to work on how you will get your money back ..

  5. First of all, the edited type on the documents is not correct (only certain fonts are used on official docs), nor does it similarly resemble the other type on the forms. Second, you can see the variations in distortion from the document being pulled from the internet, changed, and uploaded. Third, the language used in the e-mails are not used anywhere that speaks English! Teenagers don’t speak, write, or text like that so 18+ year olds aren’t going to either!

    My husband’s debit card information was stolen recently when he used it at a PX overseas. He has only been able to use his card twice in the past 9 months. After the second time, I received a call from USAA letting me know that someone in CT was trying to buy an international plane ticket, a person in NJ was trying to use the card at a mall, and another person was trying to use it in another country….all at the same time!

  6. Paygrade is “OF3”? Yeah, that’s legit.. This is disgusting. The documents are so pitiful I’m surprised anyone believed them.. but then again I guess you can sucker anyone if you pick your targets. People trying to do a good deed getting suckered, wrong as hell.

  7. I noticed in the one about a Major being wounded and they said he was a Navy seal. The Navy has no rank of Major so he can’t be a Seal.

  8. This story should be on the major news networks.

    If you are really confused about a document and whether it is official, just take it to a local recruiter’s office. They should have no problem identifying fakes. Just be aware that you may end up signing a contract though….

    • We have been trying for 7 years now to spread awareness of these and all romance scams. It is hard to get people to listen; they look at the victims as fools instead of as victims of a crime. So for that reason alone it goes mostly unreported. I am a Moderator at a site that deals with romance scam victims whether they use military pics or not. We have helped over 60,000 people from every corner of the earth. More and more lately we get victims of military scams so this article has helped many who come to us to see the truth, Thank you!
      The worst part about what is going on now, and I don’t mean to upset anyone, it is just the truth. The majority of the pics they use are stolen from memorial sites set up on facebook or myspace and the like after the soldier is KIA. The scammers can steal pics as easy as right clicking and saving from anywhere on the internet.
      So why don’t major news stations cover this story? Until the laws change our only defense is through awareness, until then most will still hide from the shame of this crime. The money sent is funneled right back to the very terrorist groups the soldier died fighting against, so why do we do nothing about this? Why don’t people understand?
      I wish I knew 

      • Wow !! what a deep thought and I agree 100% on this subject and yeah I have been cornned by a so called person and he used a solider’s pic and used love as his income cos people like that are so spineless and lazy to get a job so that’s the worst and evil way they make money… I hope the USA govt, USA marines and any one attacking and using any Solider’s picture’s should bring to justic and punished them for stealing the pic’s …
        I have huge respect for all the soldier’s around the world ..Please ..please do something about this .

  9. Everyone be clear about this. The fakers do NOT care that it has misspellings, errors, or things that don’t even come close to being based in reality. The sad thing is that there have been numerous studies that say 2% of the internet will believe ANYTHING that is on it. These are the people they are targeting. It allows them to weed through the people that will not send money by being so obvious only those that would ever do this will fall for it. If 2% of the United States alone fall for this type of scam that is about 6 million people. If they get $100 from each of them and many times they get much more that is 600 million dollars. This is big business and they know it. That is why they keep doing it. As a Signal Soldier I can tell you the way to defeat them is education. You need to educate your family and friends and teach them safe internet practices so they do not become a victim of this type of fraud. Just saying…

    • But if it’s on the internet it has to be true right, isn’t that the law. (ok I’m joking) the truth is that scams like this really piss me off. I’d love to have 5 mins alone with a few of the scammers and the victims.

  10. Also the military is going to E-Leave, already at shore commands, while i was in Afghanistan it was still paper form. Also we had a huge issue with people not burning their paperwork. I always told people not matter what you wrote in it, I dont care if you drew a greenie weenie, burn it.

  11. My unit paid for me to go wherever I wanted for leave. We had a guy visit his wife who moved back to Korea for the deployment, I visited friends in Canada, and we had a guy who was talking about visiting the Eastern Block just for the hell of it, but he didn’t go. All expenses paid all the way.

  12. Von: “” Kontaktdaten anzeigen
    An: Ana Paola……….
    Ana Paola.

    We have recieved your form and it has been attached to the documents to complete the leave.You are to pay a refundable amount of TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY USD ($250 USD) as Leave request processing charges and Late reply.
    All payment should be remitted via Western Union and the payment MTCN number should be Emailed to us as soon as possible to hasten confirmation.

    Below is one of our Agents details where money has to be sent:
    Name: Rachel Napolitan
    Address…789 New Castle Avenue
    City…. Sharon
    Zip code…16146

    N.B: Payments are to be made within 48hours of request for early referment to the US Army head-quarter And payment will be refunded as soon as Major Eldon Greg reaches you. You are to forward the sender’s details and MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) before the request could be finalized and give pass to Major Eldon Greg.

  13. Please help me,cap.jeff burton is exist or not? He now at want to know he is fake or not.if them want early back from their servis.we must paid them or not?please contact me,+60138143348

      • I once was scammed myself and have now become vigilant on my own to bexpose these scammers. I have managed to find the real identities of thes soldiers and havae notified them. One even happen tao be a Col. recently. I am having a problem with finding the real identity of one that im speaking to now. Can you help. He says his name is Jeffy (jeffery) Ellis and is in Herat, Afghaistan and is a CW3. His profile is on Facebook. Email with any info……

        • Could you check another one for me. There is one named chris brinton, I know hes a fake. I found a robert brinton on facebook with the same guy, different picture. I messaged him about the fake (chris brinton) and he got my message twice but never responded. I am wondering if this robert brinton is fake also………..He didnt seem to concerned. And how do you get these fake sites off of the facebook. The col. I recently found and notified managed to get the fake of of facebook.

          • No need to check on if any one of those are fake. With a little more vigilance I found the real one!!! Wahoo!!! Another one down. I know I cant keep women from becoming victims to these jerks but I can at least notify these innocent soldiers that ther identity is being used to impersonatae someone else. I believe the real soldiers deserve to have knowledge of how there name and pictures havea been stolen for such depicable things by these fakes.

          • Shelley, Chris Brinton also goes by Alex Brinton, Mike Brinton, Michael Brinton. I’m glad you found him out before it got much worse. He’s using those names on facebook right now. He tried to scam me too, but I found him out quickly.

          • Most of the time if a soldiers last name is on his fatigues you look up “Show me pictures of soldiers with the last name ????” on google or Scroll down and you will begin to see a site with pictures. Then after lookin at those you can press 2 to go to the next set of pictures on the next page. Thats how I find the real soldiers. Other times I just put in a different name in front of the last name in the people search on facebook and find the real one that way. If you cant see the soldiers last name on his fatigues it may be almost impossible to find the real one.

  14. got an email from dating site name of tim porrass he sent me photos and on his shirt has tim porass spelt differently from his photos, said he could not call to mobiles is this correct? as it is not allowed

    • there are no rules that I know of that says a soldier can’t call a mobile phone. But common sense tells me that if he didn’t spell his name correctly, there’s an issue there. I’m guessing a big fake!

  15. Most of these, and some other fake civvie docs I’ve seen, look like somebody with no grasp of english used Google Translate and tacked on some imagery they got, again, from a quick google search. My military brethren, share among your civilian neighbors and friends and family – Check the document number. If it doesn’t have a document number, it’s not a real gov’t document of -any- kind.

    And as for the fake CACs (please stop saying ‘CAC (Controlled Access Card or Common Access Card) Card’), I’ve seen one that was printed. Easy to identify as fake though because the chip that makes it a CAC was just printed on. I’ve heard of some shady folks taking smart-chip credit cards and dolling them up to look like CACs but I have never seen this myself, that smacks of high-dollar fraud though.

  16. My goodness; some of the spelling, syntax, and usage of grammar falls FAR SHORT of even a US high school dropout’s ability. Put these communiques in the SPAM file but before you do, report them with “full email header” information to:

    Keep our military guys and gals, as well as their families safe, by first REPORTING, and then ignoring, these idiots!

  17. I have received several messages with people knowing my name and address. I send packages to many deployed services members. Yes, I know for sure they are deployed. I have many friends in the military. I DO NOT know how people are getting my home address. I have wiped my computer several times. I recently bought a new computer.

    I received the scam letter via regular snail mail. One was sending me a check from a military research program. I still have the letter and check in my purse to turn in the next time I go on base. I am fortunate enough to know a few things about the military and do not fall for these scams. I would just like to know how these people are getting my address.

  18. I have a female friend who wants to date a military person and is on several dating websites. I vet all the guys she talks to as being real or fake and I am here to tell you 9 out of 10 are fake.
    Another issue I have is with some of these replies, no wonder poor grammar and English aren’t a sure sign because some of these replies are worse than the fakers/hackers.

  19. There are still people who believe with all their heart that the F-117A Nighthawk shoots lasers out of its nose and would even argue with me at airshows about it.

    Knowledge is out there – it just depends if people want to accept it.

  20. You can tell right off the bat that those were fake ID’s cuz there no such thing as OF3 then a SGT? And anybody can tell that’s fake and the second Id is also fake… Ur right about the emergency leave. When my ex husband’s father died in the Philippines cuz he was from there, the Navy paid for his round trip ticket to Manila. There is no such thing as marriage department in any branches whatsoever

  21. Reading this article I was shocked to see Cpt Corry P. Tyler’s face on the CAC card (Afghanistan Special Forces ID). He was KIA in Iraq in 2007. Somehow makes this more heinous. If this is just an example ID, I respectfully request you remove it. If it is being used as a fake ID then leave it up and let everyone know.

    • I feel there should be a face recognition like is what military have to find people for out whether they are CIA, CSI, Gov’t whomever. Civilians which are targeted should have access to compare photos that are sent to them compared to what is any database……..including across the country.

  22. Ok, so during some investigating of this Jeffy Ellis, who by the way is still on Facebook because I cant find the real soldier to this picture has victimized several women who I have been in touch with today. He has asked for money from every one of them. He even left a phone number with one of them 1-678-653-3612. This phone # is out of Georgia. I have dealt with ones out of malaysia but never in the U.S. I called the # myself and the accent is off the wall. I did not leave a message. But this happens to be a Google number. Not sure how to report it……..
    I am still on line with this Jeffy Ellis and I am very aware he is fake. I knew when I friend requested him I have busted 4 imposters in the last week. I going to get more. But im having a difficult time finding the name of the real soldier in this picture. If anyone would like to take a peek you can find him on face book and let me know if you know him Thanks…………….He even has an email address. I dont know how to turn the phone number or fake email in…

  23. There is two other fake sites. By the names of Chris Brinton, Robert Brinton and John Collin. Dont bother with these guys. I trying to figure out how to get them off of facebook. Jeffy ellis has now blocked me because I had him figured out. These sites need to be taken off of facebook. Any suggestions anyone. I found the real soldier to the Brinton sites. His name is Mark but cant seem to get a hold of him. I left a message several days ago.. He must not check his messages very often.

  24. I was scammed by a scammer. He used pictures of a soldier. Would u please to tell me any way to find out if the soldier had been killed in action? Please……

  25. Thank you for this very useful site. I am a member of an ESL website and was contacted by one of these scammers. He said his name was Capt. James Morgon Cromwell, 42 and was in staying in a military base in Mansfield Texas. He sent several pictures and I already smelt something fishy when the pictures appeared to be on a Latin man. When I questioned him about that he said he had immiragted with his parents from Mexico, but his parents died after a few years and thus he joined the army to survive. But he’s English still sucked and he wanted to learn the language better. Thus the lessons started and I was almost convince since he called several times using an American number (magic jack) The email he uses is He has a facebook account and skype account under the name James Cromwell. Anyway he suddenly told me he had to go on mission to Turkey, even sent me his apparent E ticket from United Airways. Once there he emailed me and said he had an emergency and that he needed $500, he was bleeding and hungry??? I told him to contact the US embassy since he was a “serviceman” he got mad and removed me from Skype. I was lucky! And I’m in Asia, means these scammers look for any one not only in social and dating networks. Apart from warning others, I was wondering if you could help me get in touch with the real Mr. Cromwell to tell him that his pictures are being used by a scammer. I really do respect the men and women who honestly serve any country and its just a shame their Identities/pictures are being used for immoral acts. Thank you!

  26. Hello
    Well i met a guy named SSGT James Harris his email address , He also uses the facebook and yahoo
    Is he true soldier ?? or fake because all he ever does is beg for money like some
    desperate man whore sorry but i haad enough of scammers

      • Thank you Bulldog
        for that i thought so but he does have strange way expressing himself when asked questions , what surprises me is he never says where his really from and the excuse is i have my reason red alert ( scammer ) . X-Originating-IP: []
        Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=pass (ok);; dkim=pass (ok)
        Received: from (EHLO (
        by with SMTP; Mon, 22 Apr 2013 01:31:29 -0700
        Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 22 Apr i checked the ful header on his email but just doesnt make sense could you explain all this

  27. I’m talking to this guy online who clames to be in the us army. I want to believe him but to many things seam out of place. He’s asking me for $850( he sent me a nato email add when they responded I was to send the money to africa )not for travel home but for a leave app that hell have to fill out and living expense. It sounds good but I dont know. I asked for his apo but he won’t give it to me. He did give me a mos but , how do I verafie it ?

  28. it’s all a bunch of bs how other countries can get away with on scamming us i have no idea what the new Army Active Service Member cards look like I havent had 1 since 1991 mine was green and white i think we should find these bastards and teach them a real lesson in what not to do to our people nuke the bastards

  29. well everyone in america should know that military personal do not need help getting home they was taken there and they will be brought back you have to be a moron to buy in to that crap .i hope they trace the ip addresses back to them and send them to jail and if anyone from ghana trys to give you a sob story dont buy it either they are all scammers from over there ,

  30. Yes, I think I have been scamed for a while, I always thought I was to smart to fall for a con. I have been talking to this guy claming to be a captain in the us army. Said he was stationed in Afganistan,
    I had red flags going off for a while, I guess I was in denial, maybe I wanted so badly to believe in him…………I told him over and over I was a airforce brat, been the daughter of a Soldier and the Mother of a Soldier, red flags went off with me when he didn’t know his home base, then he didn’t understand abbreviations, or codes, then he didn’t know his apo, I had questions about the uniform he had on something was a miss.
    He said he was worried about his documents, said at first he wanted to write me a letter, but then later he trusted only me to keep these documents that he said was his life.
    and even though my typing is pour his was awful and he was suppose to be a c/0 I checked him out on some things he told me to send a picture of his son who was suppose to be at a university, he did send me a picture of a guy that looked like him but he wasn’t in a college, looked to me like a military instilation of some kind, I could even see the pt shirts that said army………..he says his name is Capt. Nelson Klukas us army in afganistan, he said he just found out he’s coming home, and he has sent me a package, I am really worried about this, so far he hasn’t ask me for any money at all, but I got a feeling if I should get something in the mail, it may be directing where to send money to, I am not stupid, he thought I was though, it all came to a boil today, he had to much free time on his hands to be typing me in the middle of a place like afganistan….he has sent me pictures…………….I defriended him off face book and blocked him he has my phone number and my address…………I know I made a horrible mistake…………..and now I am so worried and don’t want him to do this to any other women…….don’t even know what to call it a scam, so far he hasn’t taken from me any money, but I never gave him a change for that, I told him one thing I don’t want is for a man to ask me for money! so I am glad about that……………..there may be a small chance he is telling the truth or going to great length to convince me of his truths………….don’t know what to believe if anyone knows if this guy is for real or a fake please, please let me know thank you

  31. As I am now on this site I would like to inform everyone that my scammer used the profile photo of Gen. David Rodriguez (AFRICOM) and International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan. The scammers name is Richard Helsing with an email address; /; Another name I was dealing with is an Arab diplomat named Hasan or Mohamed ali , email address; There are another three names involved from London; Geoffrey Watson and Maria Lopez with their address; 2 Ashworth Road, London W9 1jy,
    Iris White, 11 Thornway High lane Stockport CHS Sk 68 EL England. Then another UN Delivery Dept controller director (no specific name) with tel. no. +447788811896.
    The scammer was stationed in Iraq with Security Mission, so he is not allowed to have phone call and cam. After two weeks of chatting his woo and making me believed I am the woman he will spend for the rest of his life and we are soulmate, we are meant for each other for he is going on pension after two months he will come to met me. After his pension he will stay with me in my country. The scam started with his luggage which was rewarded to him by the Iraq gov´t..Those generals, high ranking officials and the family of soldiers who are killed in the field were given with this luggage. His luggage will be carried by a diplomat named Hassan to his son in Buffalo, New York, USA. But then,it was hold by the Custom in the UK airport. He then changed his mind to send the luggage to my address since he will come to meet me in the month of May. He was pleading me to help him because he is not allowed to send money from his work as he is in his security mission. I am his only hope to help him and that luggage is for both of us in the future. There is something precious in that luggage which he doesn´t like to tell me. With my persuation that I will not help him if he will not tell me he told me that it´s a secret there are 14 gold bars inside the luggage among other precious things and that was he has earned from his years in the army and that he doesn´t like to lose them. He will die for it and that is for both of us in the future..Telling me he is worried and can´t sleep some sad stories. He said I have to contact through email with Hassan where to send the money. Hassan send first the name of Iris White. I didn´t realized I was fool I sent 1200 BP for the stamps. After that the airport custom ask for tax and insurance for the luggage before Hassan will deliver it to me, so another 3500 BP. (from my savings). Then the luggage landed to the UN Delivery dept. which needs an attestation or clearance paper that cost 78,000 BP. So I was shock! I went to the website of the UN Fraud Alert and tracing up the name of the diplomat Hassan and the telephone number but I could not find the clue. That time I didn´t find out the yet. I just didn´t know it was scam. So I thought so good to be true. The luggage problem makes the scammer worried and confused as I am the only one who could help him because the UN Delivery dept. scanned the luggage and found the stones in it. And Hassan was getting angry because he is delaying his stay in London and he was angry to Rischard because they need the money for the clearance papers. And there was a threat that the UN del.dept will open the luggage and Richard will be affected with his job or he may loss his job and go to jail. He was scaring me with the story. Because if that is happened I´m going to loss him..I know I am manipulated but I am obsessed that I was inloved with the profile photo and the way he was telling me that he promised to God to love me forever tell death do as apart he said. There is nothing who can separate us. He will rather die if he loss me. He is also claiming me as his wife to be. To make the story short the amount needed to liberate the luggage is only 6000 BP. So I loaned 5000 euro and send the money to Iris White and later to Maria Lopez..At the same time sending text to the UN Delivery Dept. pleading them to let Hassan deliver the luggage and the rest of the payment will come later. I was also disputing Richard that he is irrational and insane that I don´t have anymore money but still squeezing me to send money. So I thought we are almost there but asked another 1000 BP for it would be the last. And it was already May so I thought Richard will be the one to fix the rest of the payment. I told them I am already disqualified by the WU and the MG with the British Pounds I was sending so even if there is money I won´t dare to send it and no I don´t have anymore source.
    When they knew I stop sending money Richard didn´t chat with me anymore even if he was online. It took two weeks that he ignored me online. That is the time I went to visit again Fraud and was able to detect and there I was able to find out the discriptions what scammers are. I at ones deleted the emails and blocked the contact without confronting him that he is a scammer. I contacted the Peer counselor moderator and he helped me some website to check. Here I was able to traced up the photo of the profile used by the scammers.

    • Hi! This same “general commander” Richard Helsing tried to contact me throught the dating site and also wanted me as a friend on Facebook. He never got that far that would have asked for money ’cause I told I hate all sorts of fake profiles and would never ever support no man financially. He told me that he would be going back to USA sometimes soon, had widowed years ago and that he has a 13 years old son. He also has a Facebook profile by this name, so there are his photos available. He is not the first fake military profile on that site that I’ve come across to. Nor have I given any money to anybody.
      Still hoping to meet someone… real person, maybe in real life too 🙂

  32. I was also fooled by lary burns … and now I’m sick because of attempted suicide … I know a lot of lary and badoo chat via whatsapp … She said she lives alone and if both parents died because of a car accident.(Hopefully that’s happened to him) he promised to marry me. ..but earlier he told me to make it up to the soldier by email and reply with the Commander told me to send the money through western union on behalf of david richard ..!and have I do. ..I am sorry …Dear Mrs Erni Wati,
                           We received Your Payment its Under processing..Sgt Larry Burns has not be able to take any Allowance for we welcome the Request and take Positive action toward your Payment..Its take 3 workings day to retive the Payment..we need to check some certain due in his file….the amount of his allowance is Three million and Seven hundred thousand US Dollar ($3.7million dollars)…So pls Madam we need your Bank account Number and other details for the money to be deposited in your account as your fiancee…But u need to pay the bank charges before the money can be transfered….U need to pay $1,500 dollar to the Name David Richard…we will bring to your Notice when your money is ready..once again thanks and best wishes for you both.

                Thanks for your Co-operation
                  Commander Frank Williams

    Sent: Wednesday, July 10, 2013 9:57

  33. Davison S Opieh he says he is a Captain in American army stationed in surprises you guest it in Kabul, Afghanistan, he add me on Facebook started getting romantic told me he had gone on a mission he came back said he had found a bag with 2 million dollars in, he said had to get off base he used a diplomat
    Address: ACCRA, GHANA
    Security Question: YES
    Security Answer: YES
    mtcn I got a call from the so called diplomat asking for $3,500 the number was called from +23352749637 when I told Davison no way could I come up with that sort of money he sweet talked for several weeks and put the price down to $200 for the hotel fee I told him I thought it was a scam my friend had told me about them so I had looked on Facebook and it was almost to the last letter what was going on, when the diplomat called me I told Davison he sounded exactly like him with the African dialect he went mad but later I read on Google they often play the different parts themselves that’s why he went nuts lol I hope this stops any 1 falling into his trap it is cruel he even had the nerve to ask me to sell my jewellery but I thank god my friend put me 1 step a head you all be carful I have learnt my lesson

    • Oh my I had someone do something very similar to this to me, The person even texted me “pictures of the money” I got pretty mad because I knew it was a scam, When he texted me back on the “set” date I let him have it. I cried after words thinking about all the ones who might fall for it. I wish I knew about this site then… Thank you for all you do!!!!

  34. I got the idea that this scammers using general or captain ranks is the same scammers in the name of Richard Helsing and using another diplomat name Hassan/ Mohammed Ali and the above latest mentioned names is in one identity scammers. They are just making another tricky story. Lately I found out that my scammer is from Accra, Ghana. He sent me a letter that he is from the Criminal Investigations Department officer, his name is Kofi Mensah from Ghana Police Headquarters.He said that it came to his desk that I am involved in a scam and that he is trying to track down the frauders.He said that I must cooperate with him so that I will get all the money that I lost. I just ignored his letter because I know he must be the same scammer. I heard that investigators do not use gmail account but .gov. Someone told me that this Ghana Police Investigator must be a recovery scammer.

  35. I just received an email from someone claiming to be a captain. He said he stole a bunch of money and wanted to send it to me to hold. He emailed a copy of his ID and I can see it’s listed above. I also researched the name, the guy must have copied and pasted someone’s picture to make it look like they are real. I emailed back telling him I would send this email to department of defense to verify. I would never help anyone do anything illegal. It’s is down right disrespectful to be posing as a hardworking Captain in the US Army. These men work hard to defend us and whomever is using our country to scam us will be caught one day I hope.

  36. I believe that if they wnat you to wire money to South Afirca, it’s GOT to be a scam!!! Am I right?? What anbout the phones for them to use to call. They want you to pay up $500 to get connected. All of that has got to be BS!!!

  37. another scammer to watch out for is Charlez Harrison I think him an the captain Davison Opieh are the same person I told Charlez I believe he is a scammer he messaged me back saying he does not force any 1, scamming is cruel its playing with peoples emotions so what my friends and I do is circulate any 1 we believe to be scanners around each of our friends and always remember no matter how attached don’t send a cent and watch
    them bloke you

  38. i have a lot of experieces this kind of scam from that guys, they hook my heart in their sweet tender loving tongue, but not my mind. i just want to say to Gen. Dean Milner and Gen. William Calwell there’s somebody using there names in scam.

  39. the true men and woman in the arm forces do a fantastic job and I admire them so much, however these scammers are been dishonourable to the armed forces for there own greed

  40. I have talked to a lot of so called soldiers on a Military dating Website ( and all but two were fake. So whenever i find someone i like, i go through sort of check list that i have learned or that my friends in the Military have given me to ask as questions of them. First, is their dialect. Do they speak as an American would? I ask questions like whats their favorite football team and almost always they will say a soccer team instead of American football. Then if they email me i will check their IP address. And look for their photo on a website. Then my family and friends told me to ask these few questions, their APO address, their AKO address, their unit/ where their stationed, their company, their MOS/ identifier. Where they did their training for their MOS and how long were they there. And last but not least the very minute he ask for money for anything is the last time he will ever talk to me. However their was one that stumped me for a long time. He never ever messed up on his language, he did not hound me everyday trying to make me fall in love. I did try and trace his IP address and could not because he somehow had it go through his blackberry, however he would not or could not answer the questions above and one day he finally did it. He asked for my personal info so i could apply for his leave and then pay for it. Also he had something else that stumped me, he had a AFN # at the bottom of all his emails. Does anyone know what this really is? I looked and i think its some armed forces carrier network thing. idk. Anyway, hes gone. To bad i really liked that one.

  41. Also the dating site US I was able to detect three romance scammers from Nigeria and Ghanna through their originating IP address.

  42. For those who got the post about the so-called priest that helped a woman get her money back. This is what is called a recovery scam and was most likely posted by a Nigerian on a fishing trip. Please don’t anyone try emailing them. You will not get your money back, only loose more.

    If you want information on how these scammers work and how to find out if you are talking with a scammer or not go to and read up from out files or talk with a counselor. We will help you figure out what is real and what isn’t. We are a victims advocate group made up of scam survivors, The army, the FBI and countless embassies around the world refer victims to us for answers and healing.

    Peer Counselor / Moderator

  43. Ok well, it really hit me hard one day what this really and truly is and it is psychological warfare. And we as women are being attacked because we are just that, women of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. May God bless our men and curse theirs.

  44. Has anyone heard of colonel Stanley hills 92-05-2583 currant location Afghanistan 422 civil affairs battalion. He is a fake. He doesn’t know I have found him out yet. I founded 6 other women he is in contact with. He has several pictures of a solider he is useing..needs money sent to Mosindi chinwendu city. Lagos country 23401.

  45. I think this guy is a scammer, posing as a US ARMY Captain stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan. He found me on facebook, an he goes by Bernard Bergstrom from Miami Beach Florida. He has asked several times for me to send money for this or that. Its been a couple months since we started messaging back an forth on facebook. I began to think he was a fake, or a scammer, so I started searching around the internet, I found a site called marriedtothearmy, on there it explained so much about scammers. It said to ask for his/hers AKO EMAIL address, if they can’t provide one they are fake. So, I asked him for his AKO email address he refused to share the AKO email address at first. After a few days of not responding to his messages he gave me these addresses: A few days later he messaged me saying he was going to call me, When I got his call I couldn’t understand what he was saying, an he talked really fast. I don’t think he spoke very clear English, an nothing he was saying made any sense. After about 10 minutes on the phone, I hung-up the phone.

  46. hi im looking for advise really as im not sure about this guy called William Jordan Colin been talking to for about 4 weeks i got a message on a chat site called meetme he seemed nice not crude or anything talked little i noticed he wasn’t on that much but then i don’t go on every day. i said to him that i wasn’t on there looking for more then on line friends and i don’t meet up or give my number he said that was ok he said he was looking for a wife but we can be friend . he asked me to add him on face book so i did look couldn’t find him anyway he added me in end, well thats when i found out he was in army , he said he was in Egypt on peace tour. there pic of him in uniform and where he saying he is one with medials he said he been there 9 months don’t no when he be back he been in 28 years and is a captain, telling me he loves me misses me asked me marry him wants me to be a mother to his two kids and keeps telling me asking if i love him why don’t i , i said i don’t know you to love u i not meet u to miss u he got upset but still talks to me every day he saying he wants us to meet he needs to now if i be his wife as soon as i say yes he be home , he said he would leave the army for me as i said i don’t no anything being a wife and nothing about army i just need to marry him , today he said he wants to marry him so will be his beneficiary so i will have access to his accounts to send him money when wants to come home he said they only get an allowance as there is a war where he is but his pay check goes in to his account would need to marry him and to this we need to meet he tells me born in UK but grow up and lived in Ohio USA he said o there things i will have to tell u about military i have ask for leave he asked me to email his boss to tell him that William is my intended to be husband i need him to come home to help me take of things so i can marry him soon and to sort his paper work out for me to be his beneficiary and to adopt his kids. as he cant leave with out this he don’t no how long he will be deployed for he wants to be with me and kids for Xmas we can get married i keep telling him its to fast to soon ,he saying his kids need a mum as she left after 16 years of marriage he dated someone last year but she was just after his money and riped him off foe a lot of money and his money is USA now he cant get and flight back £1200 but he hasn’t asked me for this as yet but asking me how he would get with out me being married to him is he fake or am i just being silly


    • There are so many things wrong with this story that it is tough to know where to begin. I guess to start with is that there are no peacekeeping troops in Egypt. Second would be that the only one who can apply for leave is him, no one else and it doesn’t cost money to do so.

      I’m sorry but what you have been talking to is a young Nigerian scammer hiding behind stolen pics of a soldier. Any money you do send will actually go to fund the very terrorist groups the real soldiers are fighting against.

      To get more info and learn to stay safe online visit We can show you how to find out if the person is real or not. Usually we can tell you just from the story as I can with this one. This story is used over and over by the scammers.

      The scammers work in cells of 6 to 8 young Nigerians aged 14 to 35, the cells all work out of kits provided by other cells. The kits include pictures they know have worked in the past, scripts for every scenario, (male,female,gay,straight,married,single,disabled) they include profile information to use and of course a list of “good mugu’s” (a list of people who are known to at least write back to scammers.) They then use these kits to create hundreds, even thousands of fake profiles on every site they can. So there could be thousands of profiles out there using those pics yet not ONE of them is the same scammer or even same scammer cell.

      Peer Counselor / Moderator

      • i have seen him again on another site military Cupid he still using jorden now he 35 lol how can i worn women or infom the site that he is fake

  47. Is there really a Kelly bright (airborne officer) deployed in Afghanistan? I really need to know he asked for money not to get leave form but for a plane ticket he asked me to send it to a commander rep in Connecticut. Is itreal r fake

  48. Ive been talking to this guy online! He asked me to be his wife! Told me his general with email me a form I need to fill out a Fiance Request Form & pay a fee to make communication easier. I really wanna beleive he is real because ive fallen for him but i am having a horrible feeling. The email I received a email from with the form is

  49. Hello, I was scammed by a Sgt. Mark Owen, 880.00’s his so call comander’s name is Commander Cruz, the commander’s email address is, when I done my investigation on my own, I found out his real name is Nuri Yurki, he’s one person who would like to rule the world, scary. This commander has apparently 65 sites according to whom I’ve looked up, I ‘ve been able to catch men from Nigerian who have used military men’s pic. This Sgt. Mark Owen claims to be a SGT-E-7, his number is email address is, there is has written me letters. I’ve mention to him about his AKO address, and he stated, “not on your life you ask me that question.” What a joke, he still comtacts me now and then, his pic that he uses on facebook is Mark Sanchez Owen is a very nice handsome man, I’ve done research on his email address it comes up the picture used on facebook, now he’s trying to get me to give him my accountry to have them send his bonus leave to me?? This i’ve told to him, “not on your life you ask me that question.” A taste of his own medicine, I’ve been send a leave form in reqgards of him, but I’ve seen this form, it looks fake. I’ve accused him many times of being scam, fraud, and now claims that I’ve been hurting him, waht a joke. I told him I need my money back, he claims once he arrives to the states he will send me…again I’ve told him, yeah right! I’ve gotten and safe as much emails from his, I’ve saved a lot of txts with some information from him, he claims to be born on April 08, 1965, his facebook claims August 08, 1965??? Am trying to figure out this scammer. This Mark Owen calims to be a weapons expert, part of Home Land Security, part of an interperter for the UN, mom & dad passed, raised by grandparents in France, came to Washington D.C. for expertise in weapons, his daughter named Hillary, his only sister Brenda, his best friend Carver Jordan, I also have phone numbers, @ one point I told him to call me, I just couldn’t understand his voice, caller identity says California, Mark Owen’s number is from Miami, Florida very unusual. Mark usues txt messages, messenger, and his email to contact me, repeatedly I’ve not answered him, but omg the picture that he uses is such a handsome man, I’m wonder who this man is? (picture)

  50. Army is a small community, but there is still a lot of people serving in the Army. What’s his story? Do you have any more info of this Supposed Army Officer?

    • the only thing I now is that he claims to be a captain in the army.. I looked up his name and his name shows on a lot of dating sites on Google… he asked for money to leave Kabul, Afghanistan…. he says the military ( army ) wont pay because he is breaking his contract and wanting to retire before his mission is up I also asked for him to prove to me he is a REAL person in the military and refuses because he says its all a mission secret .. I find that ODD and NOT able to believe from all that I have read on here … PLEASE HELP … AND I ALSO WANTED TO NOW , how can I post his picture he sent me on line to check and see if its real… thanks for your help.. please look out the dating site called “confirio” many men there a posing has Army and other Military men…

      • hi, straight up this guy is fake. if he is about to retire, most likely the Army/ the Unit he is with would not have sent him to Afghanistan. If his mission was so secret, he would not have contacted you. I am a sergeant in the U.S. Army and I am currently deployed to Afghanistan myself. The only thing I am not allowed to say is mission critical information i.e. time, place, where I am going, details about a Unit or place occupied by friendly forces…that kind of stuff we can’t talk about. if you want, you can send his pic to my email and I will let you know if the picture is legit.

  51. And how are civilians who have never been in the military supposed to know this about paygrades? The only thing I find odd is that people still believe emails where they don’t speak correct English.

  52. Hi involved with A guy claiming to be a Sgt. Russel Bruce Martel in the Army. Located in Iraq wanting to come home and marry me. He came home 7 months ago and does not have enough credits or commendations to come home again. He wants to marry me but I payed for his taxes but I refuse to pay for his stamps to come home. I believe the Army should pay for all that. I refuse to fork out any more money for him. He wants me to send him a care package and cell phone to this adrress Nycole Scuit Nigeria Ondo Town 23434 No. 7 Oduduwa Street Onda I won’t do it. This is the email adrress where I’ve been talking to his headquarters at I have the copy of the Western Union receipt that I sent to West Joseph Utah to their account clearance Department. To Brenda Swallow USA then I have the leave form that they sent me to fill out for him to get out. So I take it all this is fake.

    • My name is Sgt . Timothy in the Army. In the Army, we do not get leave based on credits or commendations. We earn leave at 2.5 days per month and is paid leave when we take it. We also don’t have any one in Iraq anymore. The Army also does pay for a soldiers R&R when they have more than 12 month deployments, which is not too common anymore. A soldier fills out his own leave form and we are not allowed to ask for care packages unless its from family. We can receive care packages, that’s fine, just can;t specifically ask for them. The address alone is a give away that this guy is a fake. You may want to report this to the FBI with that receipt, because if they actually live in the states then they will get caught. You are not the first nor the last, I really dislike these guys because they are putting a bad name on us service members.

  53. Hello Sgt. Timothy, how can we find out if men we are talking to onlin are real or fake, they are using or gmail, as addresses, I’ve asked for an AKO and they refused, they claim its secret, if so secret why are they using common emails as their addresses. I’ve already identified a couple from Nigeria whom I know are scam artist, this I’ve told them but they still seem to think I’m stupid. Please advise.

  54. A military guy in Afghanistan wants to ship me his trunk. I said ok. Received anv email from a U.N. person using a gmail account when I asked him why he said cause it was a contract job. I guess my question is how do all the other military guys overseas ship their trunk back home? I would think the military would take care of it.

    • We have U.S. postal offices here. As long as what we are shipping complies with U.S. Customs standards, we can ship them. We can bring them back ourselves, but that usually is a huge hassle so we mail them home. We don’t contract out to mail our stuff home.

  55. Please Tim LaForce….. I will need your email address to send you the pictures of this imposter .. How else can I post this picture up to warn others on how this imposter is a scammer … Also thank you for all the remarkable job you do .. Thank you for all your time and effort ….may God bless you GREATLY for that humble heart you have … Thank you once again !!! Be bless

  56. Hello Sgt. Tim, you seem to be doing an excellent job, I also will be sending you pictures of men who claim to be US Army, I doubt it but I will send you a few, am currently speaking to a few, a couple have already ask for money, so I know they are fake, I will give you their emails as well.

  57. Hi I have been talking to a for 3 months and he had told me everything I wanted to hear. Said he needs money for supplies and he wanted me to give him my bank info so he can have his ins check sent there and then have me western Union money to someone that will help him pay to get home.
    I know he isnt real but how do I find out info on him. Thanks from almost screwed up.

    • Leave is processed through the soldiers commander. There is no leave unit/ processing unit of any sort. Units are self sustaining, we have an S-1 shop that takes care of awards and personnel actions like leave for example. If a soldier wants to take leave, its up to him to request it. If he is not authorized to take leave then he is just out of luck.

      • This fake Leave unit has taken $18.698,- from me to let a scammer named (false name) Ivar Hansen, colonel and surgeon in Afghanistan have a leave. Nothing to do i suppose?

  58. I want to know if Ivar Hansen is a surgeon and colonel in Afghanistan. I suppose Kandahar or Kabul ( he real or fake. May be a stolen profile?

  59. Reaching out to any women who have become involved with a man claiming to be Tom Dodson in the US Army. He said he was from Miami but currently on a mission in Afghanistan. He sent me a message on Facebook claiming to be looking for a new friend to cure his aching heart from losing his former friend in a car accident. He then claims to be falling in love with you…wants to meet you, shower you with gifts, pay you back for any money you will send him plus more and jewelry. He claims he is loaded and has a large sum of money, an inheritance, in the bank. I fell for this hook line and sinker and lost $6k to him, which I will never see. HE IS A TOTAL A SCAMMER, pictures and Military ID and fake documents. Please message me if you have encountered this man!!!


    • sounds like the guy i have been dealing with, he got 10,000 out of me and kept going for more. He contacted me the other day and said he only need $479 more to get home to be with me and that he would be paying me back, I told him that I have no more money to give him, and he got mad and accused me of not loving him, he goes by the name Richards Shilts. I actually believed him for so long that it hurts that I was scammed, I never thought it would happen to me.

  60. i was given this email, didn’t send any money but did send a mail asking why should i request for the leave, got this reply

    United States Department of Defense –

    good day,

    Hello,i am Lt.Col.Robert Friedman the commanding officer in charge of Temporary Leave Unit,victory camp,kabul afghanistan.we can’t really understand your mail,captain sandra herry is one of our captain here in our military camp in afghanistan.who are you to captain sandra herry?she is the USA ARMY captain and very hard working lady.we want you to explain your self better.

    General cole john

    ppl using the us army for running is con is pathetic

  61. Does a Cecil Gliniewicz really exist in the US military? He asked Mom to organise leave for him and says that he is a lieutenant, but he is 52. He gave her a number to call but comes back to a California number and not one in Texas, where he claimed to be in the military. The general who could authorise his leave was General Patraeus who resigned in 2012. Also he gave this email address for his superiors:

    Is this is a scam? Please help.

  62. Has anyone heard of a Sgt Christopher Raymond Bezold who is a medic and supposedly stationed in Tripoli, Lybia at the UN Prisoner of war camp?? he sent some documents for a calling card and wanted me to go to the western union office and purchase a card for him. I told him i could not and that if he sent me his APO, AE address we could correspond that way since his internet service was “crappy”. He told me that their mission was sensitive and he did not have a APO, AE ADDRESS….
    He is a scammer I am sure of it!! He has sent pictures and even has a pretend cousin in california that tried to call me…..his name is John Ashdone…….any advice on how I can be sure he is a scammer and not legit???? Anyone I can talk to in military personnel records??

  63. I am in a contact with a Sgt Monroy Paul. I sent him $6900 via Western Union Bank to his General Charles Jacob to bring him home from leave. While on his way home to me, i was told that he was on detention by the Malaysian Imm and I need to send another US $5000 to bail him out. I want to find out if this is a real case but I don’t know whom I can ask from. The general Charles Jacob wrote me back asking me not to inform the US EMBASSY or Sgt Monroy will be put in life imprisonment if the US military finds out abt his detention. Now i went to FB and search his name and to my surprise I found there are total 40+ FB accounts under the name of Monroy, all using the pictures of the same man I am talking to. Could anyone help me. I need to verify if this Monroy in Malaysia detention a real or fake case or how can i find this real Monroy zecena? Sgt Monroy is supposed to be stationed in kabul Afghanistan. He is a Sgt, E6. Thank you.


  64. I have ween chattinig with a so called soldier named Edward Nelson serving in Afghanistan. He wishes to return to the UK but needs £2000. I have had letters from a Defence Unit where to send the money. Obviously this is fake but who is this Edward Nelson. He was on a dating site whom I have alerted. He is saying he is in British Army.

  65. i have a question, i am going through this now, how do you tell if this is someone ‘real’ or fake? isn’t there some where you can go and put in a name and i don’t know you can find out if this person is who they say they are? i became suspicious when he said ‘he’d kill himself, if he didn’t come home on leave, than asked to ‘borrow’ money…that’s what tipped me off, i have no cc’s or bank account so there’s nothing to get from i said isn’t there a way to really look this guy up

  66. Is it legal to have to pay a big amount to get a Anti-Terrorist clearance certificate, for getting th Benefit amount for a colonel who wants to go home from Afghanistan?

  67. You are so cool! I don’t believe I have read through a single thing like this before.
    So great to discover somebody with some unique thoughts on this topic.
    Really.. many thanks for starting this up. This website is something that is needed on the web,
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  68. I was talking to man called Miller Cook who randomly added me on facebook, i dont know how he got to me but he did, he inboxed me first saying ‘hi’ asking how my day was,i replied back to him and thats were it all started,we talked everyday for weeks and weeks, he would tell me im cute and sweet and would love to meet me, i was happy when speaking to him, he then told me his mother had just pasted away and he was suffering from heart problems the inboxs slowly cut down and we didnt talk as much, i then got a friend request from a man called ‘Brooke’ he said he was a good friend of Millers so i added him and started talking to him, he would keep updating about miller becuase he had been rushed into hospital, i kept asking brooke to tell him i was thinking of him, i had gotten a bit close with Miller. Brooke then inboxed me one day saying he had died, i was quite upset because i had got a close connection with him, but the mysterious thing was his account was still there, a few days later it had gone. how could it have been deleted if he was dead?

    me and brooke started talking more and more untill he said he started having problems, we had a few arguments before hand about little things but resolved them in the end, he said he didnt have much money and needed to see if he could get some, he asked me if i had any, i said i dont. he then went in a mood and didnt speak for days he then eventually spoke to me again, we spoke for ages untill he kept asking me for money and saying he loved me, it got a bit too much for me.

    i started thinking about it a few weeks ago becuase i was a little confused, they both only had me as a friend ad both said they couldnt add many people as they were in the army, if they couldnt add many people then why ONLY have me? surely they would have had their friends from the army on facebook but nope just me. in the end i realised they were fake accounts he was miller and brooke, it was the same person, i had come acroos a site were someone had posted the exact same things which had happend to me, and that they got so close to you because they only wanted your money.

    if anyone come acoss these guys please dont add them, hey are bad news! they will say nice things to you, its just because they want something off you! they dont like you like i thought they did they just want to take everything and then leave you on your own.

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  71. Just check background of the person who is add your profile to his accoint and if they are didnt have any friiends, it is mean they are fake. Also they are will ask you phone and will call where them phone start with 04470 it is amended phone toUK but may be from other distanation then UK

  72. I have a question. I have met someone on an internet dating site. He is in Afghanistan. He is supposed to be retiring and coming home 4/30. He informed me this weekend that in order to come home he will need a Military Power of Attorney costing $1500. He would like me to send this to him. Is this normal? Why does it cost money for him to come home?

    • don”t send no money, this trick was tried on me before, I almost went for it, I almost lost money, this is not true, this is a scam…save your money, I almost lost 2000.00 don’t do it. Please! Its a scam.

  73. Hi I just wanted to know if this person is US soldier SSG Chris Proctor. If he is I’m not trying to get anyone in trouble but some things don’t add up. Please let me know email is I asked if he could do a video call and he said no it’s to risky. That he would get into trouble.

    • Once a man gives me their email address, what I do is run their addresses on Pig Buster or google their address, pretty much if the email address was given to others then you will find it as a poser. For me I’ve also been able to run their emails thru to get a complete check, but if the man is asking to send money, its a scammer. Hope this helps.

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    • This is a scam right here…DO NOT e-mail “Major John” as this is NOT a military email or any recovery system, well except for the scammers who will try to recover even more money from the victim.

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  78. i was scammed by Man claiming to be A general clark rakigh in the us Army and he told me that he was in Afghanistan and he want to come home that he needed my assistance of financial support and he told me to lend him the sum of which i did gave him $10,000 for the expenses he needed after then he did not reply back again,i realise i was scammed and reported the case to ( sent them all the information they requested of me after 4 working days i recived a mail that my account has being credit back and the imposter was jailed in Nigeria thank you major john.

    • This is another scammer message and total B.S.! DO NOT email militaryhunterspost08 as it’s another avenue for the scammers to get more money.

  79. was wondering if he is true or not but I did not send any money, needed 1600 dollars and to take care of child. Said he was shot and did not think he would make it. And was in hospital and I told him you pay for it then ship his personal affects.

    This is the second time I had military contact never sent money either.

  80. Hi there is a man by the name bill miller.. he says that he has to pay his own way home which I know that the government funds it he also asked for my email n password which I didn’t give it to him lol n he also asked for my banking account number I told him not to contact me cause he seems like a spam he flips out n calls me fake for not believing him … ladies please use your greatest judgement there’s a lot of fake ppl out there

    • yup, been scammed by Richards Shilts but his email is now claims his identity was stolen. He wanted money to get home and when I sent it he then said he was stuck at different airports and had to take medical tests. Asked me just the other day for money to help him get home, told him I can’t and he called me a fake and a lier for not believing in him. Ladies stay away from him he drained my account then had a so called friend deposit money in my account, found out that they check used to deposit money in my account was forged so now my bank is coming after me. He is a scam . And to Sharon Brady on may 26 he was contacting me using He got $10,000 from me

    • Hi Linda from experience google their name or emails that had given you, it will show their true colors, I hope this helps, this is coming from experience, when men give me their emails all I do is google their names.

  81. I have chat with these three guys and two of them have have asked for money the one is coming to see me in June which I knew he isn’t coming but I want to know if anyone of them are real please help me

  82. Hi I have had scammers but I did cotton on that they where as when they started to ask me for money and sent me forms and saying they love me and want to be with me and when I told them that I had no money they told me to go and get a loan they wanted 8000 which I told them I didnt have and I havent sent them nithing as I was looking up for the documents which didnt seem right one guy was called bruce carl he was so I thought a nice guy untill I had a go the other one was john harris and theres anoyher guy called james john pearice as he sent me a doc that didnt look right nither so had a look on here and yea thats fake too its got to stop women need to know that when they are being a target just to get money from them

    • Yes its fake, this was used on me, and don’t send any money to these jerks, a man of honor wouldn’t ask of money from you, our SM are well taken care of, they wouldn’t ask of money from you.

  83. I live in south Africa I have been corresponding with two soldiers, James Whitelaw and Gen Mario Cleff. There is not much on their facebook pages. please can you check if they are legit as well as this email I suspect they are scammers but would like confirmation please.

  84. I was just approached last night by a Sabastine Johnson deployed in Nigeria. He told me he had been shot and had no family other than a young daughter. He asked me for a care package and used not that great english. I knew it had to be a scam so i played along getting information so others can be warned. I tried to google name e mail and phone number but to my surprise i couldnt find anything useful.
    His name is sabastine johnson his commander’s e mail is i wondered why the word state was used instead of states. I can still get in touch with him, i left the conversation saying i needed time to gather money to help as an excuse.
    I hope i can get confirmed this is a scammer since i had no luck looking him up.
    Greetings from denmark

  85. For Pete’s sake never ever send money to someone you have never met in real life or someone you DO NOT KNOW!!! Send info money by Western Union, Money Gram, prepaid cards are all scams.

  86. I am currently talking to some guy that says he is a US army soldier that were send to west Africa. He first asked me for money, that he wanted to talk to me and we needed to connect and secure my line. I did not send the money. Also he is now telling me that he is very sick, and that he has malaria and he needs money to buy medicine, in my believe and knowing I thought the army helped the sick soldiers? I think it is a scam… now he is asking me to send money with western union to name Williams Collins. Address 10 hotel road ile ife, Nigeria… all this is a scam right??????

  87. Michael Jordan Santos. Is a person who is feeding my mother a story about him being in kubal, Afghanistan and how he loves her and wants to be with her. What seems odd to me is he speaks poor English. He talks like my brother in law who is from Mexico. When my mother told him I thought it was a scam he got defensive and said he was from texas. Is this person real?

  88. Scammers people scammers…… The military has doctors in theater and take care of military personnel. Plus military personnel are given medications to help them to prevent getting malaria. Never send money via Western Union to anyone you DO NOT know personally it’s just like cash you can never get it back.

    Every scammer is going to get defensive!!!

    Efcc Cooperation
    Add to contacts
    10:18 a.m.
    [Flag this message]
    To: nkita Howard
    Dear Nikita,
    we just received your complain about sending money down to Nigeria is probited.we figured everything thats why you have to pass through a western union service in sending the money to Nigeria.what you have to is.
    1.go to western union service,
    2.tell collect a form and fill the destination you wanna send the money to,
    3.then send the receipt back to us immediately after sending the money,
    we are so sorry about you health condition hope you are getting well soon we have already activate your file so just try and be fast in what your are doing so you can end these fast.
    will the payment be possible these week so we can start your case file immediately.

    Yours sincerely

    Dear Sir , I would like to know if this is a ledge coopertion .
    thanks so much …


  90. Oh my God,
    I just look this site and i already sent the money last week T_T

    Anyone know Sanchez Benjamin in Nigeria-Jos city ( and Micheal Hillary Moergan in Afghanistan ( ??

    Can anyone tell me that they are fake also ??

    • I think this could also be Mark Sanchez Owen, he use to claim he had a daugher by the name of Hillary, this could be link together, another person he used was a friend name Michael, so switching names around this could be the same name that is scamming woman around the world. I would google the email address and see, because this all sound familiar. Hopefull this helps, I know this man for 10 months, he’s a smooth talker. He scammed money from me and others, be careful.

  91. I am happy to hear from you. I hope you had a good night rest. You have a good job… I hope you love it. I guess you are busy at work now. I just returned from duty as I write you… I’m free in the weekend. I am happy that you write me. Thanks for assuring me of trusting you. It means a lot to me. You seem like a woman that know what she wants. I really want to establish a long-term relationship with you after I have gone through your profile. There is a lot of reason I choose to establish a relationship with you, I take this opportunity to tell you all about me, I’m Captain Michael Hunt. I work with the peace keeping and Conflict Resolution Unit (C.R.U) of Us
    Military. I’m presently in a camp in Abuja the capital city of Nigeria…

    Have been on service for about 22 years now and I was deployed to Abuja 3 months ago, my work seem stressful but i think i have enjoyed every bit of it. I have been deployed to so many countries and was able to achieve good results, well, i am planning on my retirement so as such i can settle down with my woman, therefore after this mission i am taking a retirement, I have been deployed to Nigeria to stop Nigeria Militants from vandalizing Oil and Gas pipelines and also to stop or reduced the rate at which this Militants kidnapped Foreigners.

    Though i’ve been on several missions, I joined the troop to Afghanistan.

    Initially i started by working with the Military Intelligent Unit (MIU) in

    the states in 1994 before moving combatants to war, Because that’s where I

    specialize. Though i am going to quit this job and then retire but i

    promise not to do so until I find a true love and someone to go back

    to………. Though there are many risk of life here but I’m just a person

    that believes in working for humanity and safety of mankind since it’s the

    way i was brought up to care for others and even as a soldier in battle. I served as the doctor of the Engineer Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division,Fort Hood, Texas from July 2000 to July 2002. I attended the Industrial College of the Armed Forces from 1997 to 1998, and subsequently served as Operations and Plans Officer, Dissemination Division, National Imagery and

    Mapping Agency in Preston, Va.From 1995 to 1997. I attended the Industrial College of the Armed Forces from 1997 to 1998, and subsequently served as Operations and Engineering Officer, Dissemination Division, National

    Imagery and Mapping Agency in Preston, Va.From 1995 to 1997. I Dr HUNT commanded the 10th engineer Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division which re-flagged as the 9th Medical Battalion, 1st Infantry Division, Schweitzer,Germany. I graduated from the University of Austin,TX. My military education includes the Engineering Officers Basic and Advanced

    Courses and U.S.Army Command and General Staff College.

    But now I want to come home to start a new chapter of my

    life, live normal and civil life. My little son Scott needs a me much around to Father him. I want a home, a happy one to share my heart with a good, passionate, loving and caring woman. I’m i asking for too much. Life is too short, I want to

    spend the rest having fun and share love with my lady. Do you have any view of your life in the nearest future? Tell me about you dear… I hope you’d write back any chance you get.

    I would like to know if this is genuine or a scanner??!!
    His email is and met him in the dating site OkCupid…we text each other, but funny thing my gut says he is a fake, because in a text he told me I took his breath away, then I said if he needed CPR, and he said what is CPR??? Hmmm, to me that’s a red flag. And straight out I told him I was flat broke. He hasn’t requested any money, yet, but he is wanting me to request foe his leave. I told him I found out he has to do it himself. Since, I don’t known anything of the Army protocol, I apologized. He wants me to email to General Carter F Ham, he said is his personal email. I said sure but I don’t think so…He has to request for his leave right?
    Will you please let me know about this????
    Thank you.

  92. Nkita .. Living in New Zealand , I had few runs with US army personal’s and they all seem so true & genuine . They make you the most precious and beautiful woman in the world and make you believe that you are the one & only in thier life . Bcoz I ‘m from NZ and my country is a beautiful & peaceful place to live & bring a family , I have been with a solider but in fact he was not real though his pictures’s and name has been used , It was the imposter inpersonating as a solder , the sad thing is that they make you feel so comfortable and then within couple of mths they make you their wife , that they will come & marry you , and then comes the money part , once you tell them that you can’t send them money , they abuse you and strip you naked with their harsh words and but I have been through this kind of scam and the sad thing is that not only you loose money but your heart and soul too..

    A soldier is a hero for his contury and everyone looks up to them cos of how they put their life at risk and deal with the bad guy’s . I have a huge respect & have a great honour in my heart for them , Then these spineless , ruthless cowrds use their names and pictures to feed they filthy & recalcitrant habbit to scam women from all parts of the world to get money cos they are so damn lazy , or just can’t be bothered to get a job like a good citizen , so this is how they make money to live on other’s hard earned money .. I ‘m so angry that there is so many of them here and it has become their profession.

    Yes I love the US army and everything about them also very sad to say that the soldier’s names has been dragged through their evil plans and that’s what I hate about them the most .. I wouldn’t mind supporting a genuine soldier’s cos I love them even I’m from New Zealand ..

    So please ladies if you are not sure please “Goggle” their emails and names and hopefuly you will get some where with them ..I wish you all the best and take care ..

    Nkita :

  93. I have been chatting with a man that says he is 1LT Jayden Easton, Data base and amunition specialist for U.S. ARMY stationed in Afghanistan. He has sent photos of kids and himself that I cannot find on the web anywhere so not sure if they are really his photos or stolen photos of a real soldier. I am wanting to know how to find out if he is a fake scammer. Any suggestions?

    • Me and about 12 women are being scammed as we speak. I found the real soldier in the photos and I called him on the phone myself and explained to him what is happening. He will be speaking to the Army and proper authorities on Monday. We will catch this creep!!!

  94. I to have been talking to E8 Sargent Calvin Krause. Stationed in Kabul Afghanistan. His story sounds like all the rest. We meet on Match. Com. Instant messaging all the same things about love and how special you are to them. Clams to be retiring in about 4 weeks. Did not respond when I asked him about his DD2 14.Discharge papers. Wants me to send him a package with clothes, a pair of shoes. Cell phone I phone 5s at that! Watch. .. to a mail forwarders in France. Says the mail service is suspended due to draw down of troops. Says he’s 52 has brown hair, blue eyes. In the pictures he sent the gentleman has brown eyes. I will not send him anything. Nor have I sent him anything. He has yet to ask for money. We talked on yahoo, Hangout and email. His email address is

    • Typically a service member won’t tell you their pay grade (E-8) along with their rank…that’s pretty unusual. If someone does that (E8 Sargent) then ask them “Sargent…what?” They should respond with something like Sargent Major, First Sargent, something along those lines. I retired from the Air Force so I’m not really up on the Army rank structure, but that’s what the internet is for 😉 Also when someone says that they are deployed but retiring in a short amount of time then that’s another red flag. Normally when a person is nearing retirement they are coded for non-deployment about a year out. Next is a “care package” of personal stuff (clothes, phones, etc.), the military just doesn’t put someone out with nothing from a deployed location, and if the care package has to get shipped to ANYWHERE other than an APO/FPO address then that’s another red flag. There will ALWAYS be postal support until the last person leaves a base. Lastly, you won’t see someone who is 52 years old unless they are a General Officer or in the reserves.

  95. When a soldiers identity is stolen by a scammer is the soldier notified ??? I hope they know that their names have been used for the wrong doing and I hope they are brought to justice cos that’s really evil for using brave hero’s names .Its so amazing that there are so many fake people out there trying to be someone they are not and their only intention is to get money without actually working for it and I think that they are very ruthless and useless people that should be locked up , Its not they only corning women but breaking their hearts but stealing money by telling how much they love you cos I have been there myself ..
    Thanks for reading and take care everyone ,

    • I too was wondering if these soldiers were notifed of their pics being used in scams. I had about 8 different scammers an there is only one I could not find to let him know. That is a SGT Chris Mcgee and if these scammers can find his pics to use, why cant I find him to let him know?

  96. I Am Mrs Karine,,i am from USA i want to first of all thank the great man who help me with my problem,,two months ago i and my husband where have some problem which led to a break up and he was not calling me again and i love him very much i have to search for a solution until i meat a man called Dr Momoh who help me with my problem and as i am given these testimony i am about to get married to the luke in the next one week that is June 16th and if you still need help as i am you can contact these email to get to him :

  97. Hi I have been chatting with a soldier named Friday Cosmas Hawkins who claims to be real and it was k until i found 2 facebook profiles and i asked him about it and he said he knew but for me not to worry and then he sent me some forms to sign stating I’m his fiance and I received an email claiming I’m recognized as his fiance and beneficiary which is so unreal…everything was k till that and till j got an email telling me i have to pay 500 dllrs for his replacement and 350 for his access card and as far as I know I shouldn’t have to pay cuz I believe everything is covered by the govt….if anyone can tell me if he is real or fake I would greatley appreciate it…I can email me at… Name is Bibi

  98. Hi. I have been in contact with a supposed captain of US Army stayed in Kabul, Afghanistan. After few letters he ask me if I would like he come to my city to see me and after my positive answer he sent a message telling how I would have to proceed, including the paid of 1500,00 Euros for guarantee. I thought it weird and after a research I found this page. Now I realized that I almost was deceived by this fake profile. Thank you so much for your help.

  99. Ok so I recently started talking to this guy on Facebook. I know he’s a scammer. I’ve played him along to see what kind of info I could get. Claimed to be an E6 staff sergeant. Supposedly went to US Army College of War. I know that’s a lie. Says dadw an army man. Had a friend check himout & his dad. No dad in svc. Two people listed in army with his name. Both women. He has an adopted sin in Ghana. That was 1st red flag. Said he loved me 1st time talking. Pretty much all the classic signs of scam. Was letting him think I’m duped. But know I’ve got to report him & I will. It’s disgusting what these people do. I asked twice to send a care pkg but says he doesn’t need one. Who stationed overseas doesn’t want a care pkg from loved ones? Doesn’t even know what an ako email is. Plus didn’t even know about recent shooting in Kabul & he’s stationed there? But here’s the thing I want to find out whose pictures he’s using. He’s sent me 4 of the same man. This man needs to be notified. If he’s a fallen then his family needs to be notified. Where can I go to find out about the pics he’s sent me? His Facebook page is Kelly Perry. If someone can contact me I’ll share his pics. Thank you.

  100. Im chatting someone on Facebook and we made leave request letter and 2nd reply asking me to pay for processing his form request and the first letter told me to give them the special number from the guy I talking to. It’s real need to pay before processing their leave. He told me refundable and they want to know if I capable to apply his leave request form.

  101. I meet a guy his name is Steve hampton I know the guy who I’m talking online is a scam ,he try to get. Money from me with so many excuses but I didn’t but I would love to contact the real Steve hampton because the most that is bother me is he put his daughter on this with mail and voicemail is crazy see if someone can help me I don’t know what to do

  102. Can someone tell me how to check on my own if a soldier is a fake? The sites I have been able to locate want to charge me money. That is the same as what these fake soldiers are doing to everyone.

  103. A few weeks ago I had got a friend request from a “soldier” stationed in Kabul Afghanistan on Facebook. I was bored & thought why not & friended him. Said his name was Kelly Felix Perry. An E6 SSG. NCO & JWO in the US Army. Supposedly went to US Army College of War. Email address Has an adopted son in Ghana. Aged 14 named Rahim Kamil. “Kelly” claimed to love me after our 1st conversation. I knew something was off. Says he’s age 50 birthday 11/12/63. His dad Perry Perry served as a cook in the army. Moms name Esther. Both deceased. He told me he’d only been in army for 10 years. I did the math…he’d have joined when he was 40. Seriously? This dude didn’t even know what an ako email address was! Claimed to come from a large town in New York called Jamestown. I checked. Since when is thirty some thousand residents considered large? Said he was wealthy over here but had no access to his personal funds or any money in general. Claimed to have been a gold miner in Israel & Ghana prior to service. I played along just long enough for some friends to do some research for me. Surprise surprise! There were only 2 Kelly Perry’s listed active in service & both females & well under 50. His stories kept changing, his sentences were very broken @ times, made no sense…like he was grasping to understand common basic English & it was like each time I wasn’t even talking to the same person. My friend traced ISPs for him in Ghana not Afghanistan & his son to Nigeria not Ghana. Busted. He wanted me to send his son a mobile phone & chocolates. I blocked him & sent a complaint to DoD hotline. He sent me 4 pictures all of the same man. I’m certain the pics are stolen & not of him at all. Is there anywhere I can find out who thesoldier is in the pics? I’d like to know so he can be notified of this gross injustice. If he’s deceased then notify his family. I’m fairly certain these thugs won’t be caught but would at least like to do right by the man in the pictures. Is also like to know where I can post these pics so that other women won’t be taken in & maybe also where he could possibly be identified. Thanks in advance for all your help!

  104. I just thought I would share my story. A couple of months ago, I get a private message on fb from a ” Jack Brown “. My settings are high, so you can’t friend request me unless you’re a friend of a friend. This guy sends a pic, cute I might add, and within 3 days, wants to marry me. I’m actually having fun at this point because I know its bs. First, that is NOT a u.s. army uniform, although he never did actually say he was in the u.s. army. Just army soldier in Iraq. Ladies,be tough, ask questions. I asked for his full name and rank, commanding officer. Can’t tell me,classified. His typing is not grammer errors, english is not his first language. Needs money wired to Bulgaria, ex wife took son to europe for the summer, bad accident, son in hospital. Um, ex has enough money to go to europe but can’t pay hospital bill? Military dependent even HAS a hospital bill? Soldier can’t get to the bank in town, but has use of a computer,can’t transfer his own funds? I told him to get AER, he didn’t know what it meant. I didn’t send any money, now he wants to send me a package of about $500,000 in cash and gold from Iraq by currier. I’m pretty sure I would need to pay for that transport. Sadly, my guy isn’t very good at this. Copied and pasted emails,just transparent as all get out. 😉

  105. A con artist sent me many handsome photos of a soldier called Harold James Murphy. Based in Afghanistan. He claimed to be him and ofcourse I fell madly in love. Untill he asked me to send money to him… Hurts!

  106. Good testimonies my name is Kerry Benson, I was scammed by a man named John ken posing to be a military Officer with the promises to marry me. He always told me that he will come to see me in the state. And he told me he is in peace keeping mission in Afghanistan and once he live there he come straight to see me and get married to me. I have been sending him money. The total money i sent him was thirteen thousand dollars. I became frustrated when i realized he was an internet scam. A friend who knows about it advice me to contact a Great magician who help me to retrieved all the money i have ever sent to Mr John Ken.Initially i was afraid to contact this great magician because i never want to fall a victim second time but i gave a trial. Within two days of my contact with this great magician named Armandiamshaai. John Ken who deleted me from his friend list on Facebook contacted me via my Email that he was seriously sick and he was asked to return all my Money else He would die of his condition.That was how i got all the money i sent to this military scam name John Ken. Should anyone passing through what i felt contact this great Armandiamshaai Via:

  107. i was scamed by a Sgt George Cruz Willian…Got taken just like all the others…Met him on FaceBook…Have been talking to him for 6 months sent money to a Phillip Omaumi Rachel in Lagos, Nigeria…Dont send money…Ladies Please….

  108. I was talking to Lt Col James Carter Smith for some years sent him money, parcels and other things, he even sent me pics of his son Alex. I’ve been told he has been KIA but received no notifications. How can I find out if this is true?

  109. This dating (mingle) site) is loaded with man claiming to be in the military. For over year and a half i have been on and off this site. The few man i have chated with claims to be military in there profile and turned out to be a scammer.
    Been chating with this guy claiming to be a sergeant in the army(Jeremydixon20130) now for a couple of weeks. Well tonight he asked me to registered so we can talk on the phone but its going to cost $200 and he doesn’t have access to his money(RED FLAG). He told me 1st i need to email
    to have them send me the information and form I needed to register with. So i told him i did and he said did u hear back yet, i said no not yet, then he said i am going to call them(RED FLAG). Not too much later in the conversation money came up do you have a credit card do you have a bank account.I kept giving him the same answer over and over again when he asked No. At one point I told him the good Lord provides no need for money. He kept on persisting i go to the bank and try to get a credit card. He even said to me how can I prove to you I am Who I am I’m not and not a scammer.

  110. This is a weird story my fiancé has been talking to a naval officer in Kabul for a while who contacted her on facebook he recently asked her for money which she could not give he said it was to send to his son in Ghana , he then sent her details of 100 dollars in a western union account which she was to collect which she said she did and then with the money sent it to his son in Ghana , she has not sent any money herself but used his money he sent , his name was Robert Wandy , the sender was Ghiannina anduaga Pena, sending country Peru and receiver was omotade adetunji , Ghana , I am sure it is some sort of con but she won’t believe me. Is this a scam please help us thanks Martin.

  111. Met a guy named Brady Ronnie Brown of the US ARMY on meetme. He seemed sincere in that he was looking for a soul mate and life partner. Sent me pictures of himself both in uniform and civilian clothes.As well as pictures of his cars and home supposedly in Arkansas even gave me his cell phone number to text. We were chatting on kik. Then I told a friend about me talking with this guy and he told me it was a scam. Then I asked this person Brady if he was a scammer that’s when he asked me to open a USAA bank account so that he could wire money into it and then have his agent pick it up. When I told him no he started threating me and my children. He hacked into my Facebook and found the friend who had warned me about this type of scam. He texted me this morning claiming my children will be homeless if I don’t reply to him. He was very evil and mean after I told him I would not be opening an account. Said me and my kids will go to hell and that he knows where I live and has all my contact information. When in fact all he has is my name and cell number. Now he has me scared and worried for my life and the lives of my children because I did not do what he requested of me. I reported this to cyber crime site so hopefully they can catch him or her before anything happens to me or my family. I wish people were not fake and did not feed off the single mothers who have limited income. It’s a scary world anymore and I will never ever use another dating site ever!! I hope they find this scammer before someone or ourselves get hurt.

  112. I am Linda, and i felt hurt the same way you did here when i lost $34000 to military scammer but i got a refund through a marine officer stationed in West Africa. He got the money back for me. He is the best. Email him if you need help.

  113. Thank you for information and sharing. I met this guy in facebook Leonard Bouchard. I think he is military scammer. He did not asked any money yet but asking love from me.

  114. I think this is sad. I had a fellow by the name of Gray kelvin or kelvin gray. I called him on his behaviour. He said he was a captIn in the military. He became really angry with me and used a lot if foul language. I warned two other women about him. In fact he was engaged to one if them and had been accessing money from her.

    WASHINGTON D.C WA.US1000-1700.

    Dear Madam,

    I wish to notify you that, we have acknowledge your mail and the officer you are applying for Sargent Bouchard Leonard, from Afghanistan Kabul War Zone .Your retirement Application has been submitted and forwarded to the US Defense Pentagon Unit Afghan/Iraq/Yemen Sudan Middle East Commanding Zone in Malaysia, for necessary documentation and application approval.


    1 . Returning officer requesting for retirement leave request should have a reasonable motive of applying for leave request.

    2 . Experience has shown that vacations and short periods of rest from duty,as well as authorized absences
    to attend to emergency situations at home, therefore, every soldier who either eligible for leave or not eligible for leave are not authorized to request for retirement by themself.

    3 . Returning officer applying for retirement leave of request will be Liable to receive some amount of money as leave bonuses and this will be claim by his/her beneficiary.

    4 . Short period of visitation leave can be requested for a soldier by his or her spouse,family, friends, immediate or extended with genuine reason.

    5 . All soldier leaving the camp on a family or spouse or friends request should have a Liberty Pass Card with him/her at departure, Identification Card shall suffice to identify a service number on authorized absence not classified as leave.

    6 . Paid visitation leave should only be granted to soldiers who are eligible for leave.

    7 . Returning officers will be liable to leave to his designated country 7 days after all processing is completed.

    8 . No Army is allowed to withdraw, send or receive any money at the War Zone to guide against Money Laundering under the Military Act, Code of Conduct. Spouse or family who is requesting for a leave must pay all necessary charges accordingly.

    9 . Spouse or family or friends who is requesting for a retirement leave must pay all necessary charges accordingly.

    10. All the payment made by the Spouse or family or friend during the Leave processing shall be sent back to them, as soon as our Officer arrives with them with Bonus under The Military Policy and Act.

    11. On no account should a third party intervene with the whole processing.

    12 . On the acceptance of there Requirements and Instructions for Transit Leave Permit, kindly provide the following information about you:

    Full Name:
    Marital Status:
    Phone Number:
    Contact Address:
    Purpose of the Leave Application:
    Name and Address of the Airport nearest to you:

    And also provide the information of the Officer you are applying for:

    Full Name:
    Marital Status:
    Service Number:
    Deployment Location:
    State of Origin:

    Thanks in Anticipation

    Major General Michael T. Flynn.
    US Defense Pentagon Unit
    Afghan/Iraq/Yemen/Syria/Sudan Middle East
    Commanding Zone, Malaysia./THAILAND


  116. This Man has been using a fake profile on Datehookup He has been asking me for Money to come home I have been playing along but not meaning a word of it Because awhile back I was scammed by someone using a fake profile and was scammed out of 1600 dollars So Been trying to get the rest of the names on him with no luck yet He keeps talking about his commander in Africa That needs the Money But of course he is in Afghanistan His name is Jafet Douglas is the one he is using now He just had to redo it He got caught Im guessing Here is one he got locked out of before I met him I had tons of info But when facebook deleted his acount they made me loose all of our conversations which had him asking me for money his commanders address ect maybe you can get with them same thing with date hookup This is all I have at the Moment and I am Blocking him He has just now started on Ill go look him up He doesnt know ive been on that site for a long time I seen him by accident really
    Japhet Douglas
    Honey i love you so much cant just wait to hold you baby ..honey i need some money here i we love if you can help me with any amount baby
    I had to unblock him to give you his links so he will be able to reach me for 2 days I hope that you can catch as may of these men as possible I posted your link to the dating site I will post to a few other sites as well My other date site Meet me a friendship site and of course facebook So glad to find a site that gives info to help women Thanks so much Laura Spence

  117. The reason I knew that Japhet Douglas was a scammer and I was trying to get all the info on him Which I had before Facebook took his account and deleted all my messages was I had been through it before with a Sagt Paul Walker Jr from Afghanistan He found me some how on Facebook and we became friends Well We chatted and talked for a year I fell for him He had won my heart I would stay up late night just to be able to have time to write and message back and forth with him Sometimes one of us falling asleep on the computer I was in love I thought he was too Yes he had a son His sons mom supposedly left Him and the son for drugs which was believable My ex had chosen drugs over his family so I did believe the story I thought he was deployed He got me with the story of He needed the money for his trip home For him to get his son and get to me and get out early He got $1000 with $86 to send Yes Western Union Then 500 with 50 to send again Western Union Then He had sent a check to Pay me Back I did put it in My account But I didnt take any money out of it Living in a Small town Im friends with the 2 bank managers So they suggested not to touch the money I had went to the bank across the street to verify the check it was a good check But it was not really Signed by that company or person so The Money was sent back out of my account So I would have been responsible for it If I would have cashed it So Sergt Paul Walker so he says that was his name got me for $1650 total So I try to get the ones I can And I have been looking for a way to turn the scammers and fake profiles in and ran across your page by looking for a question to bust the one I was trying to catch in a lie about his check I was asking do deployed militarty me get a check or any money monthy or is that a scam their pulling and this was one of many pages pulled up Im so glad it did Finally a page with answers and a page I can ask questions I really wish I could get Paul Walker to have to Pay me Back some how I Still Have all the receipts on him I sent the Money to a Bruce Curtis Both times to Chicago ILL the second one went to Athens ILL He was suppose to do all the arrangements for the Supposed Paul Walker to come home to me In Alabama I still have the Western Union Reciepts I dont know if its too late for me to do anything about it Im on disability and was really sick and on alot of medication when he tricked me to think he cared it was all I had to my name and not long after all this my 2 girls found me in a coma I almost died My 3 kids almost had to unplug me day after Thanksgiving I was 1 % Brain active they thought I would be a Vegitable I woke up Thanksgiving I had a stroke on top of it I had to spend 2 months in rehabiltation Hospital then my sister took care of me for another month then home health care for 2 more I had to relearn to do everything during my coma I was robbed of everything I owned of valued My home was trashed and My daughter was driving my car to come see me and it needed oil My engine blew So from Nov 2011 til Now Has been really some Hard times I know what it feels like first hand I have had it rough Still trying to get my car totally fixed Its running but it over heats in the water overflow Headlight needs to be fixed the airs went out needs new tires Really need newr CAR Like I said Everything of Value was stolen All that I bought will my Disability Back pay because when you raise 3 kids all on your own specially teens You Have no Money So Its not like you can replace everything I had no renters insurance so it just Sucked If I could get what he owed me that would help But I put it in the Past for I do not see it happening But I do have the paperwork if you can at least catch him and bust him and put his butt in jail I thought he loved me He not only had me fooled he fooled my 2 daughters my best friend & was winnigothers as well For the Ladies who have freshly been through it I went through the roughest time of it all You have to just Pull it together with faith Love of family friends and hope to still find that fairy tail Love You cant Give up on LOVE its worth the Fight I Have Not found My LOVE STORY YET But I HAVE FAITH I WILL If anyone lives close by I could use a few friends to hang out with Maybe we could go out and meet people I hate going out by myself We can never have too many friends Im From Albertville AL Anyway Dont give up on LOVE just Turn in The ones who are Scams and Fakes Laura Spence

  118. I have been talking to à man bye the name Alex Giunta also know as Salvatore Alex Giunta . He says he is in Osun City Nigeria. His email is His other email is alex giunta 03 I was talking to à Frank Wallace he said he was in Afghanistan. His email is please tell me if they are réal or if they are à scam. I really would like to know especially about Alex Giunta . Thank You

  119. Never give out personal information
    Never give out banking information or credit card numbers
    Understand that wiring money is just like sending cash and is usually untraceable
    Give only to established charities after disasters, instead of one that is built over night
    Do not send money to someone you do not know
    Do not agree to deposit a check and wire money back
    Do not reply to messages requesting personal and/or financial information
    Never pay fees for the promise of a big pay off later-whether its for a loan, job or prize
    Research the company and/or person requesting information or money
    Never use a debit card or checking/savings account online-use a credit card because charges can then be disputed
    Do not wire money to strangers, sellers who insist on wire transfers for payment, or anyone who claims to be a relative or family friend in an emergency who wants to keep the request a secret
    Do not click on links or call phone numbers included in messages-this is called phishing.
    Never accept a check for more than your selling price, no matter how tempting the plea or convincing the story.
    Consider using an online payment service.  They often offer more protection.
    Avoid any ad offering a “work at home” career that requests personal information and a monetary investment for “start up” costs.
    Delete emails stating that you have won a foreign lottery or online sweepstakes.  Any letter or email from a lottery or sweepstakes that asks you to pay taxes, fees, shipping, or insurance to claim your prize, especially when requesting a wire transfer to pay these fees, IS A SCAM.  It is illegal to play a foreign lottery.
    Beware of emails from foreigners, people stating they are soldiers, and anyone from Nigeria.  Delete these emails and do NOT respond.
    Never meet anyone from the internet alone, especially if it includes traveling to deliver money, or visiting a person in a certain country who is requesting money via email.  People who have responded to these emails have been beaten, subjected to threats and extortion, and in some cases, murdered.
    Report Online Scams to the Federal Trade Commission at or call 1-877-382-4357
    Report scams to your state Attorney General
    Visit to find out how to minimize your risk of identity theft
    Report unsolicited email offers and/or spam to
    For more information regarding Internet Safety, Common Scams, and how to avoid scams, visit

  120. I was reading more and more stories about many woman like my self who been taking for a ride of their lives.
    You’re not alone.
    I met a man on line.Who give his name as James Shane. Working in Afghanistan piece keeping! We became good friends.
    On September 8/2014 I was sent some photographs in my email with him in soldiers uniform.
    I asked him to show me his webcam which he did.
    But looking at him !!! He seems much older.
    However! I never played it any mind.
    Unfortunately I received two different emails.
    This man James Shane said to me A man from DHL will be calling me; to collected a parcel that contain 7,Bars of gold and some extra jewelries ..
    Anyway I was told A man name Augustine AGONYO was going through the air port and was held by police and the parcel was held. And unless I don’t send the funds which is two thousand five hundred US dollars. the package would never released. I send those fund. Then I was told again. I have to pay for the documents which cost me three thousand US dollars.
    OK this army soldier James Shane said Mr Augustine AGONYO is trapped in Ghana and he would traveled down there to get him.out.
    When James Shane arrived in Ghana! He called to say he arrived and would leave the following day.
    I was told ( he James Shane) booked his flight to the USA. Out of no where..
    James Shane is calling to tell me Mr Augustine AGONYO had an accident and is critical condition..
    When I read over those emails they all where written by one person.
    To the many of you. If you come cross this email.its a scam.

    His correct name will be AUGUSTINE AGONYO Ghana City 00233 Interco Street 45
    His phone number will be ±233-454508985
    He been calling me on this number. He came back on line asking me for more money. But I turned the tables on him.
    He been using a second email Ferguson tobi. All those emails were sent by one person.
    I have taken it upon my self to profile the innocent army officer on Facebook in the hopes some one will notified him
    To the many of us who falled victims of internet scam.pleaae alwaya make a background checked. Never gave out your email. I lost twenty thousand dollars my retirement funds.
    If you would looked on Facebook its under the name
    Palaciodmingo Gevevieve
    I could not used my real name because of my safety
    Some.of his friends on Google Circle I had to find them which I was lucky too hear from.two. I have to protected their identities too.
    I have all the western unions papers including the emails and the true identity of the Ghanaian scammer.
    Thanks for reading.

  121. I think I am being scam I have been email some how says that he is Jeremiah baker he is in the us army he has see that the only way is for me to send him money to his friend fay l Jones for him to get the money for his leave after Reding this I will not me sending enay mony now what do I say when he talks to me on yahoo hi email is and hi yahoo is Jeremiah this is his phone number 07520654644 it goes on to answer messages can you let me know what happened please as I don’t want to talk to a person how is

  122. I have been talking to a “soldier” for a month or by the name of chris mcdonald gordon. Email address for him is or he just recently said he could come home on leave to see me but he needed family to send 1000$ for a pass card etc. He had me write a email to the U N to a guy Brian Coles. He sent me attachment w rules etc. But family pay 1000 and in return I would recieve 2000$ for him deposited to my acct. Seven days after he were here. However, I knew right away it was bogus. He still insists he is legit etc…

  123. I’m trying to find out if I was scammed this person claimed to be in the MILITERY but then he said he used this scammers photo to get out of Africa, the he had to go to Kubal and pas the ebola screening , then he needed to get a private jet to get back to Texas where he lives At first he said his name was RICHARD Canon. But this is a scammer photo and y messanger user he told me someone scammed his mother with these photos and that his real name is CHRIS DODSON and is from Austin Texas, he claims his mother toke her own life because she lost so much from this scammer, he’s using a phone and I’ve checked the number and it’s from Florida under a differnt name and he claims that’s not his number but yet I can text him on that number, the number is under a elderly lady in Florida so how can I texted him on this number and it says it’s a land line number. He has now sent me photos of him self and he’s is out of Kubal and is into oil fields and mines and trying to run a business in Texas, he claims also he was stop at the border in Spain with 40 lap tops and could not leave without his goods, im thinking he could have been running from Africa as I learnd there were scam rings busted there and I have a sense that these computers where involed with this ring, im not sure if Ian on to something or not, I have searched and searched over and over on the Internet for answer, I lost a lot of money and my car, he claims he’s in Texas now and leaving on Bussiness to Aulsrula . He said he’s sending me back the 300$ dollers I just sent to meet him in person we have been in contact sence May 12 , 2014 I really thought I new him but I guess I didn’t. I’m anxisly to see if I get the money back but he took me for a lot of money and a car, that I really needed for me and my handicap son, what kind of person can do something like this, if I could have put all details on here. You would see how I got cought up in this. I have saved every receipt and all are messages and photos, where can I get help for free to know what I can do and find the truth so I can heal and move on. He is good at what he’s doing , I can’t believe I let my self fall like this, the damage is done and now I just want some answer to the truth of it all, I need all info I can get I can’t even pay for a site on the Internet to see if these people excit, I have meet the real MILITERY mans wife and yes here husbands identity was stoled and was not active u til recently, can some one please help me. Thank you God Bless

  124. hello, i was just curious about this Sgt Scott Mikel Henry i was chatting with, he said he is a soldier from last infantry sent to Sambisa Northern part of Nigeria and he said he wanted to come to meet me but i must apply for leave in his behalf to but when i emailed that given email it says that i must pay for 450 US dollar for his 2 weeks emergency leave. Is this real or i think a scam just want to know,, thanks

  125. Hi, so I’ve been talking to this guy is currently in the army . He is base at fort Mc Coy in Wisconsin Green Bay. His is name Captain Glenn morales and has been in the service over 10 yrs. I don’t how how that works In the army . But anyways . I’ve asked him for pictures but he claims his computer is not working and he doesn’t like go to the library and use the computers there. The first time he asked for money. He claimed his son needed surgery. He stated he was short in cash and wanted me to me send him 1,000 dls through Money gram to contribute for his son’s surgery . I told him didn’t have that kind of money. Let me just add we use to chat daily . After I told him couldn’t send him the money. he started being more distant . Now his telling me he needs to $200. Bc he has to buy coffee and personal stuff for him which he really needs in base. He even gave me an address in Wisconsin. where I can send the money. Can you please help me ? I feel so dumb for even believing this could be a soldier in need .

  126. Hi about 4 months ago I was talking to a guy who said he was from the army so I asked him to send me photos he did then he started to tell me he needed money to get out of the army so I asked him to send me the forms but after looking at them and finding this sight I new they where fake I said to him that I know u are a scamme I also said that I wasn’t going to send him any money and he said that I was putting my country for war and that I was to be ready as he was an American and that it what wi happen so I said If that’s the case u wouldn’t need the money then as they would let u out he told me he would fight for his country I said u are not in the army as I now u are a scammed but all I kept getting when I had a go was I hope your country won’t be in war with America I said u are a lier and a scammed just leave me allown

  127. I too was scammed by a guy claiming to be an Army Sgt in kabul. Sent me dozens of pics in his uniform and the name on his uniform was Mcgee. Talked to him for 6 months and of course like others, I fell hook,line,and sinker. Started asking me for money for food. Said he was starving and the food there made him sick. At that time i didnt know anything about scammers and I met him on facebook. So he got me for about one hundred and sixty dollars.Thank God and you all I found out in time because he wanted six hundred dollars to adopt his best friends son. Claimed the boys dad had got killed and had promised him he would take care of him. Even sent pics of the little boy. So if you come accross a SGT Chris Mcgee in kabul know its not the real soilder.

  128. Um I think I too have a Scammers on my hands..and first he was in Afghanistan. Then like 3 or 4 months ago the was deployed to nigeria well I was talking to two one is TOMMY ROLANDS Warrant OfficerI don’t know what else to write about him email I don’t know sort of embarrassed and scared he didn’t get much money for me but I need to know was he a real Tommy ROLANDS thank youearn and I will write you more about the other one because he’s a commander so he tells me you have been talking to him for a year almost a year and I half now he telling me that he has to go back to go to Afghanistan to provide to go file for his hardship pay from a general hill is that true not Tommy this one this commander he

  129. I was talking with a man named Frank Celebrezze for one month. He said he is in Ghana for his assignment now. His team leader named Johnson David Hillary and his superior named General Paul Kelvin. Is this person exist in US military? I need an urgent reply please.

  130. HI, for the last 2 weeks or so I’ve been chatting to a so called “US sniper” from Texas who is in Syria, on a dating site, he asked for money after a few days for drinks! Says it was his birthday. I gave him a load of abuse, he gave up. Said he didn’t want money, just me. He messages me for hours, says he wants to come home and marry me but that I must request his leave – I am positive this is a scam. He doesn’t even sound white! I said he has access to his own account he says “not whilst on duty??” Am I right to believe he is fake?

  131. I’ve been getting emailed back and forth by a so called soldier asking for funds because he needs toiletries! That his money gets deposited to his account in the us and will pay back!

  132. 1. If you get a picture go to, download the picture, most scammer’s pics are there.
    2. If the soldier’s email address does not end in .mil (, it’s not real.
    3. Our government may not offer the best, but our soldiers do have the necessities (toiletries).
    4. Do you really think a US soldier, that is sacrificing his life for your safety, would ask you for money?
    5. I’m 64 years old, my husband passed away 26 years ago, I know what it’s like to be lonely, don’t let some fool take advantage of you. NEVER SEND MONEY…OR IPONES!

    I’ve been lucky, but only because I’m very good at researching the internet. My best friend is not so lucky, but so far she’s only had her heart broken. Yes, now I vet all her potential boyfriends.

    God bless

  133. His name is mickeal troxell farhad on a peace mission and was applying for a force leave?He is in lagos,Nigeria Please tell me if he is real?his mission ends next year??

    • Barbara, it’s a scam. The military will pay for him to come home, there is nothing in the military called a “forced leave” – these guys sign a contract for so many years of service, there is no getting out early, unless they go AWOL. If it’s an emergency, the military will allow them to come home. My nephew was in Afghanistan when his mother had a massive heart attack, the Red Cross was able to contact him and arranged for him to get home, coordinating with the Army.

      I just went through a similar thing with a very best friend. Learn how to read the header in his email, It’s not that difficult. She was communicating with someone from PA on his way to the USS Rushmore and wanted to know if she would send him some supplies, he was hinting that he’d like an iPhone. The email originated in Ghana! do you know how much they can make by selling an iPhone?? THOUSANDS. He almost had her convinced, said he was in love with her and trusted her!

      Take a minute and think…our men in the military are risking their lives to keep us safe, do you really think one of them would ask for money?

      You can’t trust pictures, my friend received 4 photos and to her they looked legit, but I have Photoshop and can see how they manipulated the pictures. I backtracked his Facebook page and Twitter account and he’s been scamming 6 women at one time. DON’T SENT ANYTHING, NOT MONEY, NOTHING. I will tell you the same thing I just told her, BLOCK HIM, don’t communicate with him at all. I also told her to block him on FB and remove all the messages. Don’t take the risk of losing money, or even worst, losing your heart.

      If he has sent you a photo of him, you can download it from your computer to and that will tell you if he’s used that same picture in a scam before.

  134. Hi guys. I just catch another scammer he is James Morris. using email and son I am not sure does he has one Kelly and office becarefull guys don’t trust . he is looking now on Skype some one . and collectors Maria Santos in new jersey . and another with bank account Ronda Britt
    here is details of bank account
    ac/n 445002381816
    routine number 073000176
    ac/name ronda britt
    swift code BOFAUS3N
    address 203 2nd ave.thayer, iowa 50254

    he was looking from me 3.000 dollars

    and he is a general or one time hes done mistake and said he is a major general in Syria

  135. I want to ask if this address I will send to you is really real…please I want to know…
    Comm.Robert Smith
    Second battalion sixth marines
    Fifth marine regiment I
    Force marine forces central command
    International force security assistance
    Forces and US

  136. Hi please some one please help me. I met someone on POF who claims to be in the military. He gave me his social security # and an address. Service date and retirement infor to try to prove he was ligit. He said hes in Niger right now. He said hes in the speacial forces unit and has sent me pics. This is my email please help me i gave him my address. Im kinda scared now

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