Combating Veteran And Military Suicide Through Music, SoldierHard Reaches Out To Young Soldiers In My Pain Your Gain




Military and Veteran suicides are at an all time high, on average, 23 Veterans and Service members are committing suicide everyday. That is one lost every 62 1/2 minutes! One suicide among our nations war fighters, is one to many.

The DOD has recognized the problem, and doing what it thinks is best to combat it with the Suicide Prevention Program. But the program does not reach out and touch those Soldier’s like it needs to, Power Point is not the answer!! You can not force someone into making an emotional change that they do not want.

That  is where music and other avenues of approach come in to help. A lot of Military oriented websites and Facebook pages are beginning to join forces to help reach out to our brothers and sisters in need. Soldierhard is one of those we have teamed up with, and through his music, and his videos he is reaching those that need it most. The average age of the Veteran or Service member to commit suicide is 18-26.

At a recent concert I attended with him, a fan walked up and said “Your music saved my life, I was in a dark place, your words brought me back into the light.” That is what it is all about, NEVER LEAVING A FALLEN COMRADE!

The DOD has also saw the importance in his music, and has begun to implement one of his songs “Red Flags”, (which tells what the Red Flags of PTSD and Suicide are)into the Pentagon Channel and eventually into the Suicide Prevention Program.

With that I give you his latest song and music video, “My Pain, Your Gain.” This song brings to life those demons a lot of us deal with on a daily basis. It also brings to light what drives these emotions and follows several Veterans through the pain of dealing with it. I warn you that some of the scenes are graphic and may stir some emotions in those that deal with it. But that is what this is for, to drive home the point that we need to do more to help or brother’s and sister’s in need. This video als includes a cameo appearance by my good friend Dan, most of you know him as HMFIC on the Facebook page Awesome Shit My Drill Sergeant Said.

Remember, You are not alone, we are all family. If you need help, reach out to your buddies, if you see your buddy in distress, reach out to them! 



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