Clinton M. Taylor Arrested For Impersonation, Claiming He Was A Veteran While Panhandling



Courtesy of Broome County New York’s Facebook Page:

The Broome County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Village of Endicott man today after he was observed panhandling on E. Main St. in the Town of Union and gave a false name to investigating deputies. 

Sgt. Thomas H. Williams observed Clinton M. Taylor standing at the corner of E. Main St. and North St. in the Town of Union. He was dressed in military camouflage-type clothing and holding a sign begging for money or work. Taylor told Sgt. Williams he was a veteran and that the government was not taking care of him nor his family. Upon further investigation, it was determined that Taylor had given Sgt. Williams a false name and a false date of birth. Furthermore, it was determined that Taylor was not a veteran and had never served in the military. Taylor eventually admitted that he was a heroin addict and he was impersonating a military veteran in the hopes of soliciting money from the public out of sympathy for military veterans.

Taylor was arrested for false personation for giving a false name and date of birth. He was released on an appearance ticket returnable to the Town of Union Court at a later date.

Clinton M. Taylor, 33, Washington Ave., Endicott, NY

False Personation, a class B misdemeanor


See if you see this guy out panhandling again claiming to be a Veteran, he is not!


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7 comments on “Clinton M. Taylor Arrested For Impersonation, Claiming He Was A Veteran While Panhandling
  1. I pray all the women that have fallen for a military fake, get justice in their lives and that for their children that still dont know what to do with the framed pictures on the floor..

  2. Omg I wish someone would check on a lot of these guys the panhandle right outside of ft carson claiming to be homeless vets and what not. Some of them I just can’t believe are vets. My husband stopped and talked to one this one time, and the guy couldn’t even tell you what unit he was in. Granted I understand a lot of homeless vets have mental problems and what not. But someone really show at least check into them. There are so many panhandlers here it wouldn’t surprise me if half of them were claiming to be homeless vets just to get some change.

  3. There will always be people claiming to be something they are not. I don’t worry so much about that. What I do worry about is that some people with truly charitable hearts and intentions who, under any other circumstance would feel compelled to help a truly homeless vet, are now far less likely to do so, because they were duped in the past by people falsely claiming to be something they are not, and/or never were (i.e., veterans and/or homeless vets).

    As for my personal philosophy…I believe it’s better to be “conned” by 9-impersonators out of every 10 people, with the 10th person being the real-deal, potentially homeless vet, than it is to run the risk of not helping the one who truly is a homeless vet for fear of being conned even once. (I hope my word choices are clear and not confusing.)

    I believe God will sort out everything and everyone in the end. For me, what matters is helping the person who is the true Vet among the mob of posers, regardless of how many times I may have been duped along the way.

    Just a thought I felt compelled to share. God bless, and have a great week!

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