Christion Mock Arrested For Impersonating A Soldier, Giving False Information








Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 7.59.27 PM

Christion Mock in his Uniform




OHIO COUNTY, WEST VIRGINA – Christion Mock was pulled over  in W.Virginia after he allegedly littered near the Cabela Drive area of Ohio County,

According to the report, Mock was wearing a uniform and told police he worked in Military Intelligence, but when the officers asked him basic military questions, he couldn’t provide answers. He then admitted he was lying about being in the Army, and was charged with providing false information. I am guessing one of these officer’s was probably a Veteran.

Police say a license check showed his privileges were suspended after being charged with a DUI in Connecticut.

We did some searching and it wasn’t hard to find his Facebook, where he is still claiming to be in the Army, although he looks like a soup sandwich wearing it.

Below is a screenshot from his profile, notice he says “I look amazing with an automatic weapon”.  Doesn’t even know what weapon the Soldier is carrying the photo, it’s not an “Automatic” weapon.





Here is a link to local coverage of his arrest Unlicensed Driver Is No Soldier

Not sure what he is planning on gaining by claiming to be a Soldier, something tells me he may be trying to impress someone. Thanks to the officers who recognized he wasn’t really a Soldier, maybe that will teach him a lesson.



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