To Catch a Stolen Valor POSer or Nigerian Scammer

Top of the morning fellow patriots!

Today I thought I would write down a little cheat sheet for those wanting to help us tackle Stolen Valor POSers and for those wondering “is this a soldier in need or a Nigerian scammer??”

Lets start with a short list of handy dandy information Guardian of Valor LLC needs in order to begin an investigation.

1) Name (first, last, and middle helps tremulously)
2) The POSers Date of Birth
3) Branch POSer is claiming
4) Awards they are claiming, some awards are covered under the Stolen Valor Act of 2013 and could land POSers in jail
5) Is the POSer receiving any tangible benefits due to their fraudulent claims, this could land the POSer in jail for fraud
6) Links to the POSers social media profiles, local news stories done on them, or any evidence you have gathered thus far is extremely helpful so we have a place to dig in.

Once you have handed this information over to us, please be patient and understand that these investigations take time. We operate on integrity and WILL NOT rush any outing just to gain followers and we will not post a POSer on our Hall of Shame unless we know for certain the person is in fact a Stolen Valor POSer. As much as we hate SV POSers, we’d hate it even more if we accidentally called out one of our true brothers or sisters because we got trigger happy.

Now to catch a Nigerian Scammer.

Ladies and gents, boys and girls, and patriots of all sizes, there will NEVER be a United States service member stranded in another country looking for money to come back to America!!! Uncle Sam may not put us in first class, but he will make sure we have an overly cramped seat somewhere on a plane getting us where this great country needs us. Real service members will not be contacting you for money, if a “soldier” contacts you, acts like they’re stranded, or heck acts like they’re in love with you but needs financial help, there is a 100% chance the person on the other side of those emails is a scammer sitting somewhere on the other side of the world collecting money from overly patriotic Americans that are just trying to help. Don’t be that patriot. If you want to help service members and their families there are plenty of legit organizations out there you can donate to like The Green Beret Foundation or 22 Until None, just to name a few.

Thank you for your unwavering support throughout the years. Now go drink a cup of Black Rifle Coffee and do some PT!

What are your thoughts?
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2 comments on “To Catch a Stolen Valor POSer or Nigerian Scammer
  1. I’d like to know about one person I have spoken with. I have to know is that person a real soldier or is just a fake.
    He told me his a soldier in Turcja and he need leave military to be not send to Syria on deadly mision.
    His profil on fb is Gary Robinson.

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