Calvin Neis, Bataan Death March Survivor, Has Medals And Military Paperwork Stolen In Burglary

Calvin Neis Courtesy King 5 News

Calvin Neis Courtesy King 5 News


KITSAP COUNTY, Wash – I have the utmost respect for all our Military and Veterans, especially those from the “Greatest Generation”, as my Grandfather fought in WWII. And when I see something like this, it boils my blood! These items hold no monetary value, but the value they hold for this War-fighter is incalculable.

Calvin served his country in WWII, surviving the Bataan Death march, while he watched his brothers die beside him. He was awarded several Purple Hearts, three Bronze Stars among other awards during his service to this country.

“He was bayoneted or shot in the leg, and at one point he had been left for dead. The Japanese were going to cover him over with dirt,” said his son-in-law, Russell Telling.


Clavin in WWII Courtesy King 5 News

               Clavin in WWII Courtesy King 5 News

According to King 5 news, the 95-year-old World War II veteran had his Kitsap County home hit twice by burglars this summer. They stole his military foot locker containing war mementos and paperwork.

But the family is most concerned about the missing boxes holding his Army medals. Three Bronze Stars awarded to Neis are missing.


“Those were part of his legacy,” said Neis’ son-in-law Russ Telling.


Since suffering a stroke last year, Neis has been living at a veteran’s hospital. His wife, Kay Neis, said she tried to tell him about the thefts.


“He doesn’t realize what’s going on,” she said.

But his wife knows her husband was proud of his medals and wanted his grandchildren to eventually have them.


The Sheriff’s Dept says they have three suspect’s in custody, but they are not being very cooperative and will not say were the items are.

Hopefully the punks will give up the medals and paperwork, they have no value to them, but they mean everything to Mr. Neis and his family. It is things like this that would make me lose my cool if I was a police officer.

Mr. Neis made it possible for those punks to grow up in a free country, and they repay him by taking his legacy? The Son-In-Law says he would be fine with the items just mysteriously showing up, he says they can keep everything else, just please return the awards and paperwork.

To bad the burglars didn’t mysteriously trip and fall! Here is the video from King 5 News:

I hope the medals and paperwork are found and returned to this Hero, so they can be passed down to his grand children.  If anyone has any information on this, contact us, we will keep it anonymous if you so choose.


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  1. Worst case scenario, you can contact the National Personnel Records Center and ask for replacement medals. I live in Hoboken, NJ, and some of my possessions were destroyed in Superstorm Sandy, including all of my Medals from 20+ years in the reserves. I wrote to the NPRC and they replaced them for me.

    It’s not the same as the originals, but I do have something to leave to my daughter. Since our hero is 95 years old and in assisted living, any of his family can apply for him as next of kin.

    • Carl is right they will replace them . I would myself tell these guys to contact me , since I am not connected to anyone there and I have nothing to gain from it . Tell these guys to tell me where the things are I will get them myself and not tell anyone were they came from or who gave the things to me. I would work with them to get these things returned. My dad was awarded a Bronze star for valor and survived a mortar round that landed in his foxhole along with two other guys . My dad grabbed it tossed it out of the hole . they were lucky it was a dud . I would gladly do this for his family for those reasons about my dad and to add he like others like him survived the Iwo Jima assault .

  2. I’m sorry that this WWII Veteren had his medals stolen especially the cruel nature of what these Heroes went through during the Bataan Death March. My Grandfather had also endured the Bataan Death March and was a POW for three years with the Japanese. I was fortunate and honored to receive his purple heart when he passed. I hope his family gets that same opportunity.

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