Brian Eric Schendel, Bilks 79 yr Old Woman Out of $20,000 by Stealing Valor

Brian Eric Schendel, 37, of Oak Ridge, Tennessee is accused of stealing almost $20,000 from a Kosciusko County, Indiana woman in her late 70s.

County sheriff’s department detectives returned Wednesday from Tennessee after arresting Brian Eric Schendel, 37, of Oak Ridge, on a preliminary charge of felony exploitation of an endangered adult older than 60, according to a statement issued Thursday.

It said Schendel sold a car to the 79-year-old Mentone woman last August and then told her he had been in the military, was injured and needed money.

Playing on the victim’s kindness, the sheriff’s department said, Schendel coerced the woman into sending him cash and money orders during the last year to locations in Mississippi and Tennessee.

He was being held Thursday in the Kosciusko County Jail on $5,000 bond.

Information obtained form local news services.

So please tell me again how lying about Serving does not hurt anyone?

Well guess what Mr. Schendel, you have a permanent place on our page you low life bottom feeding scum!!!


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  1. I did a tour in Iraq, and this kinda stuff makes me sick, I really did lose friends over there and for these people to pray on other people for money is absolutely jacked up. Especially for money, I occasionally have people thank me when I wear my Iraqi Freedom hat, and even that kinda makes me blush, I could never ask people for money over it.

  2. This man DID serve in the military and it is wrong for this to be published saying that he didn’t. This woman was a friend to him and was the only person who was there for him when he needed help. She helped him out willingly and he is paying her back every penny. He is NOT a ‘bad’ person and this site has no right to put this here. He served his time in jail and is paying his restitution. This should be removed.

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