Best Western Incident Concerning Wounded Warrior and our Follow-Up



We received this story last night, and have been working to verify its authenticity. This Soldier was wounded in Iraq and was paralyzed from the waist down. When we get stories like this and it is not from the source, the Wounded Warrior, we have to verify the situation. And this one was especially hard to verify, because the same message was sent to about 20 different Military oriented pages. So we all came together to try and figure out if it was real or a scam. Because we do not want to post something that could harm someone or a company if it turns out to be false. And it seemed no one had actually spoken to the Soldier, every one said “oh I got it from a friend”. And that for us is not enough to post a story and ruin a business if it turns out to be false. We finally were able to verify it was true about an hour ago when Best Western issued an apology for the incident. And from what we hear the Wounded Warrior accepted the apology. Again we also like to give the companies in a situation like this time to correct what went wrong, and we believe they did so in a timely manner, and the Soldier accepted their apology.

Please understand that we must verify accusations like this before we post it up. Between our site, our webpage and our sister sites, we reach around 400,000 people instantaneously. We have known about this story since last night, but since the Wounded Warrior himself did not come forward and we could not find the original “friend” that posted it. We felt we could not in good faith post this story with a chance of it not being correct. That being said here is the story, followed by Best Westerns apology.

SSG Chad Staples is an Army Ranger, who was medically retired from the Army after taking a bullet in the back during a firefight on 10 April 2007. Here is SSG Staples’ story…

I stayed at a best western in Monahans TX yesterday for a pit stop at a rate of 289 for six hours. It was a necessity at the time. For those who might get this message who don’t
know me, I was injured in Iraq five years ago and am in a w
heelchair. The elevator was down when I woke up, so I called the front desk. The conversation goes as such… Verbatim.
Chad … Hi the elevator isnt working
Holly… It’s been down for about an hour
Chad… Can you send someone up to help me down the stairs ( I said this as calmly as I could, I know Shit happens)
Holly…Are you serious? (In a mocking voice)
Chad…(Explains that I am in a wheelchair)
Holly… Well, what do you want me to do about it? (she said flippantly)
Chad… Are you fucking serious? I’m in a fucking wheelchair.
Holly… Chuckles.
So I made a formal complaint after the manager played dumb. The file number is120806-3855.
The lady at the other end sated its a liability thing, and assured me the complaint would be passed on. But, we all know what goes on with these types of things.
So, I would like all of you to spread this message to others please. And everyone feel free to call customer support est western and tell them that you would like to boycott the chain until a resolution to this issue is found. The address is po box 42007 phoenix, AZ 85080.

So how did I get down the stairs? 3 flights. I threw all my bags down with my wheelchair and went down on my ass.

According to Best Western there was a power outage in the area after a thunder storm went through, which of course caused the power to go out.

The Apology:

“While all Best Western hotels are independently owned and operated, we strive to have consistently excellent customer care standards in place at all of our member hotels. We have received the information from Mr. Staples regarding his stay, and we are truly sorry to hear of this matter that occurred during an unexpected area power outage that affected numerous businesses and many people. Customer care agents, the hotel’s general manager and a brand senior vice president have all reached out to or talked directly with Mr. Staples and hopefully have resolved the matter to his satisfaction.

Best Western International has been an industry leader in proactively communicating ADA requirements to its hotels and also has specific training available to address the needs of our disabled guests. We believe it imperative that all guests are treated with dignity and respect. We will continue to emphasize this training to our member hotels.

We respect Mr. Staples’s status as a disabled veteran and the sacrifices he has made for our country. We can only hope that Mr. Staples will stay at a Best Western hotel in the future and afford us an opportunity to express our gratitude.”

Again, we as admins of this site and our facebook page Stolen Valor, hope you all understand why we could not in good faith post this story when we heard about it. Their are so many scams going around these days using Soldiers that we can not post a story unless we can verify its content. I can assure you that myself, and around 20 other military oriented facebook pages worked together diligently trying to track down and verify this story. With that we ask that if you submit something like this to us, please have something to back it up, we can not go off of “I got it from a friend”. If we posted every story we got without confirming details, we would lose integrity with our followers and that is not acceptable.

Ok fans an update to the story, it seems we were lied to by Best Western! And this pisses me off, they told us that SSG Staples had accepted their apology. But according to SSG. Staples, he said no such thing!!!!

Here is what we found…….Staples, who is a recipient of the Bronze Star Medal for Valor, said when a Best Western employee in Monahans mocked him and laughed at him when he asked for help down the stairs, he questioned the nation for which he fought.

“I didn’t need to be carried down the stairs, let’s get that clear. I needed somebody to help me get my bags and wheelchair down the stairs,” Staples said. “I’ve never had that bad of a day where I’m just randomly rude to someone — and the consequence is that (someone is) stuck at the top floor of a hotel.”

Although Best Western has issued a corporate statement offering an apology and called Staples several times, Staples said he is not accepting their apology yet.

A corporate news release stated that the company had apologized to Staples and refunded his hotel purchase, as well as expressed the company’s support for the armed forces and promise that its branches strive to “ensure that all our guests are treated with dignity and respect.”

The Monahans News reported hotel owner Andy Patel said staff could have injured Staples if they attempted to help him. Patel also told The News that hotel policy is to call EMS to request help, but he was not sure why that policy was not followed.

“This is a very unfortunate thing,” Patel said to The News. “I have worked very hard in Monahans for 30 years.”

Staples said several Best Western calls have included excuses and one seemed a sincere apology with the willingness to change. But it’s not enough.

“Apologies mean nothing. Actual actions mean everything,” Staples said. “Nothing has changed. They haven’t fired that woman and they haven’t changed their policies.”

An emailed statement attributed to Craig Smith, director of communications for Best Western International, stated that they believed in a call from a senior vice president, Staples “expressed there was nothing further he expected on our end,” which Staples denied. However, Staples said he has no interest in a lawsuit.

Here is the story

SSG Staples said he did not accept the apology

UPDATE2:Their is currently a boycott ongoing in front of the Best Western in question, we will get pictures when they become available.

KWES NewsWest 9 / Midland, Odessa, BigSpring, TX: |

UPDATE3:We made contact with SSG Staples, he said he does not want their apology, or their money, and he is not looking to sue. He just wants to ensure this never happens to anyone else again. So let it be known that if any chain in the USA, decides it is ok to disrespect a disabled veteran or any disabled person for that matter, we will place their acts into a public forum as this one. These Heroes sacrificed to give you the right to earn the money you do, and we will not stand idly by while you disrespect the blood he has shed!

UPDATE4: The Mayor of Monohans, where this incident occured said the following:

David Cutbirth, the mayor of Monahans, said he was shocked at what happened and that the people of Monahansdon’t act like that.

“It does not reflect most of the people of Monahans,” Cutbirth said. “In fact, you’re going to have some extremely outraged people in Monahans because someone was treated this way, especially a veteran.”

Cutbirth recommended that Patel fire the employee to make things right, but said neither the city nor its people can run Patel’s business for him.


UPDATE5:  Best Western says Holly has been placed on Administrative leave while their investigation is in process.


UPDATE6:  This is an Official Response from Best Western received at 10:11PM EST 11AUG2012

“We recognize that people continue to express concern about a recent event at a Best Western hotel in Monahans, Texas. As an update, we have been advised by the hotel that after a thorough review of the matter the individual involved is no longer an employee. We continue to have a dialogue with Mr. Staples in regards to resolving this matter, and continue to offer our sincere apology.”


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  1. this sounds more like a snobby little ass needing to find a job in something other than the customer service industry than a company itself being at fault. i’m glad they jumped on dealing with the situation quickly and hopefully these kinds of things don’t happen again. even if you take away from this man’s huge sacrifice, nobody with a serious disability should be treated this way. i hope this little princess learns a lesson in compassion for others through this event.

    • Why did this happen? Because it is acceptable culture at this work place . Action speak louder than words, so regardless of the Corp. gladhanding that is going on …. “This Hotel thing would be just a great business if it was not for those dang Customers”.

  2. Zachary you couldn’t have said it better. What a disgrace… I wonder if her parents are proud of what they raised! I hope I never see a disabled, or aged person being disrespected, because I can’t STAND to see that and the other person will be on the receiving end of some not so nice things that I would have to say. Open a door.. help somebody down the stairs… It’s called common courtesy and some of these young people need to find it.

  3. Im from that area and the customer service sucks there because the oilfield that is currently in full swing . But there is no excuse for behavior like that

      • What he means by oilfield is that with the boom right now, they’re going to stay full even if they’re a crappy excuse for a hotel. Everything in this area is booked solid, and has been for at least about a year. Businesses are desperate for workers because so many have gone to the oilfield because they can make more money.

      • Holly shouldnt have a job and if they addressed it as they should have she wouldn’t. The entire conversation sounded as if she was too caught up in something else to do her job. I know from experience she can’t leave the desk to go help him herself but if there were anyone else that could have they should have at least helped him down the steps. Laziness and self-righteousness are all to common in today’s society. I was told recently that what ever happened toa nyone who went to Iraq or Af was deserved b/c we were only there murdering 600k innocent victims. In my 19 years since I joined the service (I’m no longer in) I have never heard such crap from anyone. Its pathetic that people actually think that.

          • If all you plan to do here is disrespect our views and opinions. I don’t think Bulldog or any other member are forcing you to be here. We all chose to boycott Best Western for their ineptitude in taking care of the situation, just as we all formed together to boycott Old Navy. So if you don’t anything productive or non-judgemental to say, in my book you can go deep throat a cactus.

      • You’re a moron. It is everyone’s business to hold individuals and companies accountable for their actions. The public affects change by CARING about matters. Do you contend that the government is none of our business and we should just take politicians at their word that they’ll govern well? By your logic there’s no reason to vote, no reason to complain, just take it. This country is what it is today b/c people stand up and say that something is unacceptable, ever heard of the American Revolution?

  4. I’m glad Corporate Best Western immediately addressed the situation, however,I hope that some customer service training was also implemented immediately.
    But $286/nite for a Best Western? That is obscene!

  5. Monahans TX, that is where we stayed on our way from San Diego, CA to Jacksonville, Fl and let me tell you that place is not a joke on Pricces either. Best Western is also where we stayed only cause we were driving a Penske truck(get a discount with Best western plus military discount) and we have a 4 legged furkid. I am glad that they things got worked out for this man but the front desk person yeah just better be glad it wansn’t my husband cause she would not have a job any longer…

  6. seen this kinda thing before im a service connected paralyzed veteran .paralyzed waist down as well.i use to go to a motel 8 in jackson vill minesota . over the period of 5 years 3 times each year. each time calling in a complaint.and always reserving the room early.we never got the handicapped room was the only motel in the area or we would have gone someplace else.

  7. Unfortunately, that is the status of service providers in West Texas right now with the oil boom going on. Hotels are higher here that in large cities, service providers’ service sucks because they can’t keep any good help. The oilfield pays too much money right now, and everybody from stock persons to cops are leaving their jobs to make the quick buck. Service providers have to take what they can for employees, especially in small towns like Monahans. Irregardless, there is no excuce for this person to be disrespectful to a disabled person, no matter their vet status. Hopefully she is unemployed now.

        • Such civil discourse. Oh, I guess you support climate change theory and evolution as well? They are, after all, supported by people with PhD’s and that is your criteria for believing such things.

          • 1) I have no idea what rock the Troll Nick Perretta crawled out form under, however after reading through most of these all I can say is if I was his mother he would have been in a military school long ago. Absolutely none of his posts actually did anything but incite, aggravate, or cause irritation. Obviously a graduate of Troll academics.

            2) I have contacted Best Western myself as a retired Army vet and have found their party line to be a bit disconcerting. While adamantly telling me how they cannot discuss the case, they informed of a wondrous Disney ending for all. I do think the issue is one they would rather go away, rather than deal with directly. I personally will not be staying at a BW until I have heard this has been resolved in a manner where no disabled individual is placed in a dangerous scenario. What would have been the party line if he had slipped and broken his neck?

      • There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a wannabe grammar Nazi getting stuffed!!! Irregardless, if it is a word or not, it was a well put together thought, a**hole!

  8. The corporate response was about liability but what about the liability of having a wheelchair bound guest on a non-ground floor room? What if there was a fire during this elevator emergency?

  9. An NCO and a Ranger………. put both to good use and showed the determination that got him where he was..This is why we should all be more respectful of our military men and women. He also showed great restraint when he didn’t roll himself up to the front desk and beat the tar out of that spoiled little brat!

  10. BZ to the Wounded Warrior for overcoming and adapting to this disgraceful situation. Sorry I wasn’t there to help him, but I’ll gladly buy him a drink if we ever meet. Carry on, SSG Staples – Rangers Lead The Way!

  11. It is true that if you remove the Veteran status this could have been a Multimillion dollar lawsuit. But because this former Ranger was motivated he made it a point to show them that he had the ability, but if it would have been a civilian it would not have happened this way. It is sad that in our society we allow sub par customer service and then acts like this which goes above and beyond sub par. I posted on the Best Western Page my thoughts on a realistic solution and I haven’t decided if I will pursue it any further. But she should have been fired on the spot, the room should have been comped, SSG Staples should have been given authorization to have a free room anytime he so chooses, and there should have been a public apology Nation wide to all Veterans, wounded or not that they are dedicated to QUALITY customer service. Plus all employees should have to receive remedial training with dealing with disabled customers. Until all of this happens in some shape or form, I will not stay at a BW or recommend any of my friends and family stay at a BW Hotel. Human dignity and rights are what this country is founded on. Just to be clear, I am a highly decorated Combat Vet with 4 tours in Iraq, so if you want to check my background feel free. God Bless men like this that have the patience to put up with a insensitive excuse of a receptionist. God Speed to all of you doing the do on here. Keep up the good work. SSG McKenzie

  12. The law requires reasonable accommodation for those with disabilities. The staff member or manager may have felt uncomfortable helping the vet down the stairs; how hard is it to call the fire department? Those guys would have helped in a heartbeat and would not have said a word. It does not take a genius to figure out there are other ways to provide a solution.

  13. Best Western should be ashamed that they are taking advantage of the disabled by marking up a room on the 3rd floor for a hero of our country by 700% of what is is really worth. It is bad enough that they are allowing them to overcharge people working in the oil patch already. They are shameful and should be ashamed.

  14. I’m curious as to who the person was on duty that PUT a man in a wheelchair on anything other than the first floor to begin with? That’s a serious no no, and that should be addressed as well.

  15. Is that statement the only thing BW did to right the situation? What about firing the employee? Giving the guy a refund on his stay or something? If a politically correct statement is all the company did, then the company should be held accountable because of their handling of the situation was not appropriate. However, I get from the article that things are missing, like what the company did outside if the apology, did BW do anything else besides issue a public apology??

  16. Ignorance is easy, anyone can be ignorant, it is obvious that the employee has not actually known anyone who has served in the military, and cannot comprehend the sacrifices that are made by those who do serve. To BW because of the ignorance of one, weather the BW are independently owned or not, you have lost more than you can imagine. The military community is a big one, and no matter what brach of service it is, Army, Airforce, Navy , Marines, Coast Gaurd, when you disrespect, no sorry, when you spit in a veterans face, especially a disabled veterans face, you have done it to all off us. Never will I set foot in one of your hotels again. Brothers in Arms are fore ever.

    SGT Giraldo, 11B

  17. Thank You for taking the time to verify the information before you posted this… I for one will NOT be staying in any Best Western’s for a long time… This is not the first time I have heard of issues with various independent hotels in the Best Western Chain… but this issue really takes the cake…

  18. You have to love this Veteran and his get it done, whatever it takes attitude. Thank God for your military training and service. Without question I am 100% sure if this guy disabled or not was put in a place to slave this civillian’s life he would do it. The only suggestion for this Veteran this old fart has is if you need to save this girl from a fire on the 3rd floor toss her down in front of your bags so your bags are not damaged. God Bless You Sir!

  19. I would encourage a lawsuit, especially after all the lies they have put forth AFTER the BS they pulled with a wounded warrior. They are obviously not taking this seriously bc he is being passive about it.. I have no doubt this man could withstand anything else thrown his way, but Best Western needs to be taught a lesson, and the best lesson for a corporate business as big as they are is hitting their pocketbooks, being individually owned it will do more than a corporate chain. The man stated there is a policy in place and they didn’t follow it, grounds for lawsuit. There are many things he could sue for, however i’d guarantee they would settle out of court, for millions. Don’t be too proud to take what is owed for your difficulties with that company. They were blatantly wrong and need to be made an example of. I for one will NEVER stay at a best western again… id rather sleep in my car. Best wishes and much respect to you SSG.

  20. They could have helped with luggage and chair, so inappropriate that they would not help him, and if there is no other way down, why was he put on 3rd floor. they should have already had a plan setup. and calling EMS is not an answer unless an emergency. which this was not, he just needed some help down the stairs.

  21. every one is saying lawsuit. thats ok and good for SSG Staples. But what we are doing by boycotting them and getting the word out will hurt them more then a lawsuit. Just think if every vet and all of their families boycotted. That will be alot more money lost. A corp. like BW a lawsuit payment is a drop in a bucket to them. They do need to learn a lesson. SSG Staples hats off brother.

  22. David, The Best Western like most, is independently owned. Besides holding the name and a few small perks, the corporate entity can do very little but take issue with the owner and offer a apology and maybe offer a free night on them. That is the problem with franchises. I like Best Western and always been treated right at every one I have stayed at. Best Western as a corporation is not at fault. The idiot franchise owner is. Holly should be fired, however I don’t think it will happen.

  23. one thing BW corporate can do is pull the BW brand from that hotel. they may not be able to control the employees of a franchisee, but they can control what kind of company represents them in a franchise. Harlan Sanders was famous for doing just that after he started Kentucky Fried Chicken, (before he sold it).

  24. Veterans from around West Texas picketed the Best Western in Monahans yesterday (August 9) in a show of support for SSG Staples. I am not sure if they are there again today. Hopefully this will have negative effects on their revenue and they will have to take a more serious approach to this situation. See more at

  25. I don’t know how these franchises are written up legally, but if I were the head of the BW chain, I would be pulling the endorsement from this hotel. They may not control management, they may not be able to force them to fire this ignorant girl. But they certainly should take steps to protect their brand name.

  26. The conversation goes as such… Verbatim.
    Chad … Hi the elevator isnt working
    Holly… It’s been down for about an hour
    Chad… Can you send someone up to help me down the stairs ( I said this as calmly as I could, I know Shit happens)
    Holly…Are you serious? (In a mocking voice)
    Chad…(Explains that I am in a wheelchair)
    Holly… Well, what do you want me to do about it? (she said flippantly)
    Chad… Are you fucking serious? I’m in a fucking wheelchair.
    Holly… Chuckles.

    Um… the vast majority of that is not Verbatim. It is summing up the scene. Also if you ever use the word fuck my ass while you are on the phone with anyone (phone company, electric company, credit card company, front desk of a hotel, gay porn) you are going to get treated like shit and you should.

    Her side is that he was rude to her because of the black out. His story is she was just a bitch for no reason. You do not manage a call center for years and have employees that just go off on customers for the fun of it. Most of the time the customer was a rude douche and your employee just doesn’t want to deal with it.

    But let’s break this down from his PoV: I said this as calmly as I could… this means you were not nearly as calm as you would like to think you were. Likely you were already angry (saying this as calmly as possible does seem to indicate that). She responds with are you serious? (in a mocking voice): was it really mocking or were you still pissed off? That would be nice to have answered. Did you hear mocking because you were already pissed about the black out?

    Sorry. Just that alone makes me not believe your story. Also, you don’t want them to formally apologize to you. You don’t want to sue them. You want to have this woman fired because she was … mean to you?… didn’t get your bags for you?.. what? Sounds like you were pissed and you decided she was a great target.

    But I am only saying all this because I my daddy wasn’t very nice to me when I was a kid. I was told by some Liberal douche that this story was crap so I decided to make a friend while I could and type this nonsense.

    • I just started on the page and recognize this sort of teenage idiocy from gaming. unfortunately he needs attention, hence will continue to post against the standard opinion just to piss people off. I think he either didn’t nurse enough – or for too long.

  27. I don’t know about the rest of America but in Texas we defend our Veterans. Anyone not respecting a disabled veteran in Texas should be run out of the state.

  28. I feel for the SSGT who was wounded in my behalf but I have a question for him. I am an Air Force vet., and I pushed an retired Navy vet around in a wheel chair for 13 years. I was his personal aid and did every thing for him. We never stayed above the 1st floor. My questions are: 1. Why do you not travel with some one, if only to give yourself a break, and 2, why would you take a room on the 3rd floor. Special needs people, if they posess any sense al all would insist on a room on the first floor if only because of the chance of fire. All hotels and motels are required by law to have 1st floor accomodations for special need persons. Either this is a con or your inteligence is greatly in question.

    • Another point that was brought up in a Maine (besides I like cock )Sun Journal was that “Patel told The News I love boys and that when he checked Staples in, Staples had no problem being on the third floor, and that other rooms were unavailable because Staples was checking in earlier than the 3 p.m. check-in time.” If it was before 3p.m. 1) why did you stay there? and 2) why didn’t you wait until the other rooms were cleared out so you could be on the ground floor?

      Sounds to me like you demanded a room right that second and the only thing they would have had was on a floor you shouldn’t have been on in the first place.

      Which still doesn’t explain why Holly was such a bitch. All he was asking for was help to take his bags down because he is in A FUCKING WHEEL CHAIR. Maybe she should of got someone to help him. I think he was correct in being pissed.

      • Nick Perretta_Best Western employee. You know how I can tell? He’s a jerk. Either you’re a meek passive wimp or you’re a hypocrite. No other choice available. Any right minded man would be outraged at that sort of treatment if they weren’t then they wouldn’t exactly BE a man. It must be nice to sit in judgement of others without considering how you would react. You’re either a hypocrite or a pwussie

          • Oh yeah Nick, looked you up and not only are you a card-carrying America-hating liberal but it doesn’t appear that you’re a vet either. So do you just get aroused by spewing your venom at REAL American’s or are you just a natural born a-hole. I say both.

      • “Um… the vast majority of that is not Verbatim. It is summing up the scene.” Um….you have no clue why he needed to check in early…I don’t know…maybe he was tired?! Your quick to spin things that meet your requirements….contradicting your own posts….you also seem very bitter. What do you do to have all this time to respond with angry posts all day?

    • I’ve worked with individuals with disabilitieis off and on for more than 3 decades. While it is safer to always get a ground floor room if you’re mobility impaired sometimes you get sick and tired of being in the “disabled” corner room downstairs all the time. Sometimes you get sick of being “attended” to and of never having a decent view out your window. So he took a chance when he came in early. So what? Elevators usually work. In a fire, he’d have left his bags and his chair and gone down the stairs. The man just asked for someone to carry his stuff for him.

      I went to grad school with a disabled vet. The class was on the top floor of the building. When we had a fire drill the professor (a rehab psychologist) started to delegate three of us big guys to carry his chair down the stairs in case it were a real fire.

      The ex-marine told us he’d break our &^%*@ arms if we tried to pick him up and carry him down the stairs. “I’ll get down on my own and probably beat you to the bottom.” He promptly demonstrated by raising the front of his chair and bouncing down two flights of stairs, rolling down the hall on the floor below and taking the elevator back up to rejoin the group.

      “Not something I’d want to do everyday, he told us,” “But in a pinch I can take care of myself.” Significantly he did ask me to grab his book bag if we had to evacuate. He also said he could swing down the stairs on his butt if the stairs were too narrow to accommodate his chair. He worked as a radio DJ in the top of Reunion Tower in Dallas and had to climb up and over a barrier and steps to get to the control board because there was no room for his chair. He did it with just his arms. He never asked them to tear out furniture and cabinets to accommodate him, even when they offered. Didn’t see the need to spend the money since none of the other DJs were mobility impaired and he could manage himself thank you very much..

      The incident at Best Western is quite believable. People do stupid things when confronted with people with disabilities, especially if they’ve never actually asked them how they would like to be treated. Even after her stupid behavior, I bet if the girl had gone up there, promptly apologized and asked the man how she could have handled the situation better, he’d have shown her how to help him without violating the hotel’s insurance regulations and together they’d have made the hotel a lot more friendly to patrons with disabilities.

  29. I have worked in hotels for over 30 years, in all brands, including Best Western. Please do not hold this horrible hotel owner against the whole brand. Not only should the hotel helped him, they should have had a list of handicapped people ALWAYS available at the front desk. This way if there is a fire or other emergency hotel staff or first responders can go to those rooms. They should never even have to wait for a guest to call down in a situation like this.

  30. Well sue the crap out of them and shut up Nick I would like to be the guy you say the wrong thing to! Freakin dumb ass! Shut up and go back to your communist country your not welcome here

  31. Not to be a douche or a stickler, i served with staples, was in the firefight that disabled him. He’s not an army ranger, he’s ranger qualified.(there is a difference) Not that that matters at all. Just saying.

    • Ok, I have to ask why you would post that. If he went to Ranger school and passed it, he is a Ranger. Just because he may not have been assigned to a Ranger Battalion does not take away from the tab he earned. Just Saying

      • You got it right Josh, you’re a douche. EVERY person I know who went to Ranger school was given the respect by EVERY other soldier of being referred to as A ranger a Ranger. Stop being a hater

    • Why are you being a douche? Are you jealous he graduated Ranger school? He is still a Ranger Batt or not.

      But let me understand your logic. So if you are an Infantryman and you get stuck in a Cav unit does that not make you an Infantryman any more?

      If you go to Airborne school but don’t go to the 82nd or 101st does that mean your not Airborne?

      To me it just seem like your trying to start shit, if not, you wouldn’t of said anything.

  32. My best friend cereberial palsy she has the use of one hand and is confined to a power wheel chair, Her father was retired from the marines. I have gone many places with her the disrespect shown from many people is mind boggling. The biggest problem being people that park in striped section of a disabled parking spot where it makes it impossible to lower her ramp to get into her van, motorcycles are the worst! Bless her heart she wants to kick a motorcycle over so bad she can taste I can’t believe how many people get mad after she hunts them down and nicely asks them to move so she can get into her van. My point is everybody needs to learn to show some compassion to people disabled or not..and yes BW needs to pull their name off of this franchise!!!

  33. I’ve worked in crisis management in public relations. One of the problems in an incident like this is that company lawyers try to keep you from saying anything that remotely seems an admission of guilt. As a result apologies can be so watered down after legal gets hold of them as to not seem like apologies at all.

    In my work I’ve advised, when dealing with honest folk, to get right out there with a full heartfelt apology and do what you can make it right. I’ve yet to be sued with that approach. Most people are very forgiving. The mercenary ones don’t fool judges as easily as some lawyers think they do.

    Where companies get in trouble is by dragging out a series of gradually intensifying non-apologies till the offended party finally gets mad and sues them in frustration.

    Best Western should have been all kinds of apologetic and fixed the problem so it won’t happen again, whatever restrictions their insurance companies had on them. It’s no excuse for being rude.

  34. Ok agreed, I’m a douche for thinking so. I feel it gets an unrecognized connotation of people assuming they are from ranger battalion. That is all. Just clarifying he was a ranger in the 82nd when injured. Sorry. Not trying to hate.

  35. $289 for six hours? That’s not only a slap in the face but a rip off too! I support this SSG 100% for his heroic service to our country. Thank you.

  36. I am also from that area and still have family in that area. These facts have no bearing on the way this man was treated nor do the facts that the oil field is booming somewhat in that area. There is NO excuse for any person being treated this way at ANY business on the face of this earth. The woman was being paid to do a job and do it well and she failed. She should be fired. The fact that she failed so miserably whle serving a disabled person and a veteran to boot was her sorry luck. Now she has to pay big time. Besides being fired she should learn some work ethic from this experience. Problem is….in today’s world the majority of the employees of her age, (I am guessing in her 20’s?) have been raised to believe that the world owes them for whatever and they don’t have to work for anything or treat anyone with respect. This is just another sorry example of the downfall of American society. There seems to be two fronts…..those that go and fight for America and those that make America ashamed. The two just collided in Monahans, Texas.

  37. Thanks , I’ve just been searching for information approximately this subject for a while and yours is the greatest I’ve came
    upon so far. However, what concerning the bottom line?
    Are you certain concerning the source?

  38. U can bet I will NEVER set foot in a BEst Western ever again! As an advocate for people with disabilities this is very disheartening!

  39. Holly goes back to work and the elevator gives out while she is in it and suffers permanent spinal injury, “Gregory I cant get this hot iron off my face please help” Sorry Bitch its Gregory’s policy I don’t want to be liable for removing it when your face peels off.

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