Behind The Scenes As A Fallen Warrior Comes Home, Delta Airlines Honor Guard

Something most people do not see, as it happens behind the scenes. Delta honors our Fallen as they come home with their own Honor Guard, as the Fallen is transferred from the plane. Thank you Delta for the respect you show to our Fallen Heroes.


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  1. Oh my gosh…I can’t believe they do that…I am bawling here. Mad respect to Delta, what an absolutely beautiful thing to do, and they have not cheapened it by promoting it in any way. That makes it even better and makes me even more proud. Thanks Stolen Valor for sharing!!

  2. Delta gave our fallen warrior and the POW-MIA remains the respect they deserved. “All gave some; some gave all.” Delta, thank you for honoring those that gave all.

  3. They have my support. From the minute I was Med-Vac’d back to the States. the Army, after they Got me Stablized. Flew me to Bethesda Walter Reed to go to Nico and get treatment. Delta has always taken Great care of me. Went out of there way to accommodate me because I’m disabled. I have never had to ask for anything they just offer it. and more often then not, they make me take a Free upgrade. No complaints at all they ROCK ! ! ! ! !

    This is a True Blue Airline ! ! ! ! !


    Ret SSG Paul Kelly.

  4. A fallen Warrior was shown outstanding respect by Delta. Great video, but why did Delta have to ruin the video by adding that stupid Lee Greenwood song?

  5. It’s good they give the respect they should.
    But why do they have to have banners advertising that they do it (on the luggage carts)? And the fact that they made this promotional video.
    I’m sorry, as respectful as their acts are, I hope some airline somewhere is doing this without advertising it. In fact, I hope it’s happening all over the country without any of us even knowing about it. That would be true respect.

  6. God Bless Em! Thank You Delta Airlines for bringing our Hero’s home with the dignity and respect they earned! Definitely a class organization!

  7. you know if delta wants to run there luggage carts with flags etc that’s fine that’s TELLING the non military folks THAT A AMARICAN SOLIDER IS IN THAT TRAILER AND NOT TO PUT YOUR LUGGAGE IN THERE. I did notice that the first casket was a wooden one instead of the metal ones we see to many times also the MIA should have had one also and delta has my buss were was the airport were this was filmed at

  8. Sir we do not advertise this, point in case we have been doing this for over 7 years, this is the first time you seen it. The carts are painted to show honor and respect for the fallen and are never used for baggage; I have been doing this for 7 years over 2000 escorts and nobody ever gets anything extra for doing it, they volunteer and come from all over the airport to participate, we even have one gentleman who fly’s in from NYC on his days off to honor our fallen. Thank you to all who have, do and will serve.

    • Mr. McConnell you and your team are to be commended. As a former soldier and now police officer I was moved to tears by what you and your fellow volunteers are doing. In my old life I used to travel more than 100,000 miles a year and will never forget standing at attention on a skyway as a fallen soldier was taken from the plane I had just flown to Jacksonville on. Delta should be commended for supporting what you all are doing.

    • to mr.brian j.mcconnell, i have an older brother named preston who has been in the navy for a while and he got out like a year or two so i respect any branch of the military. i support our military 100% and back the branches of the military, all branches totally. I’m a big military supporter since my brother used to be in the navy. he’s not anymore he got out. i love what your doing for our fallen military service members. it warms my heart to know what a great organization you guys have volunteering to honor the fallen. have you and the other people you know who volunteer you guys time to help honor the fallen ever met the guy country star lee greenwood who wrote and sings the military song about our country god bless the USA? that would be awesome to add that to ya’lls resume as an organization that does this that helps honor our fallen. my family lives in TN and I’m the daughter going to college in AL. Ive met lee greenwood who sings god bless the USA and always dedicates it to the military guys serving now and who once did and who aren’t with us anymore. when i met him i felt so proud for our country and our military people!!! may god bless you and those you work with who volunteer yalls time for our fallen soldiers. What a beautiful thing ya’ll do for our fallen.

  9. That’s just one more reason I have flown almost 2 million miles with them and will continue as long as I am able to fly! Thank you Delta for being such a stand up company and paying the respect to our fallen heros.

  10. As a military Mother, thank you for the respect and dignity. All of our military deserve more then what our country gives them. They earn so little, ask for nothing, yet give up almost everything and sometimes even their lives.

    Nothing is so twisted as my son joining the military right out of high school. Felt it was his calling, what he needed to do. They send him 8,024 miles from home to the DMZ. Total cultural shock for him. He barely makes to this day after four years and going to re-enlist $26,050. Yet after taxes, nothing hardly to live off of. All of these professional sports “people”, all of these Hollywood actors. When another $10-30 million doesn’t change your lifestyle, maybe you should reconsider some priorities. At least take the taxes away from the military, at least active. My son has one daughter and on his pay, just barely making it. Yet if he dies, sure she gets insurance at 30. That’s not going to help now.

    Anytime anything or anyone can HONOR our troops, let them do it!! If you have a problem and just don’t get it, visit Arlington National Cemetery and walk around. Watch the Changing of the Guard. Stop by the Smithsonian and check out one of our original flags of the United States that they are carefully trying to restore. Men of all kinds died to make sure that She was still waving. And we need to be thankful for those who served, who currently serve, and those that they will unfortunately will bring home.

    Praying for all of our military and their families!

  11. I am now educated about this honor Delta bestows on our troops. I had no idea and I have a son in the Navy. I seldom fly, but when I do, It will be on Delta. Our military do so much for so little. When you see them, tell them thanks. A little appreciation from citizens goes a long ways to make up for all the shortfalls of service. We can’t so enough for these guys and girls.

    • Thank you delta. I’ve been given special attention in a wheel chair by Delta, they placed me on another airline with an upgrade when Delta couldn’t get me home fast enuff. 1sgt ret.

  12. I have been very critical of Delta as of late. And, I am still pretty upset with their cavalier response to my greviance, but this dealie-O of honoring our Troops has taken the wind out of my sails and I suppose I will have to forgive them and fly Delta once again. And,the Lee Greenwood song, I think, is a plus and adds to the video. It enhances the experience.

    Thanks to Delta for honoring our brave soliders, airmen, sailors and Marines.

  13. You could not witness these guys in action, talk with them, and feel the genuineness with which they carry out this honorable act and ever think they do it for any reason other than to respect the fallen. They make me proud to be an American!

  14. I grew up in the military. My dad was a pilot in WWII. I lived all over the country and overseas. I am also retired from Delta Air Lines after 26 years of service. I have been blessed to have wonderful friends from high school on an A.F.Base in France who I’m still close to and great friends from Delta. I know so many at Delta who are kind and compassionate. That we honor the military through the Honor Guard, or the gate agent acknowledging military psgs. by letting them board first or upgrading them to First Class if it’s available, the flt. attendant asking all to remain seated for the military psg. to deplane first, is the least we should do.

    Active duty personnel and their families make so many sacrifices. But I loved growing up in the military. I lived on bases in Japan and France and at the end of the day when the flag was lowered, loud speakers broadcasted The Star Spangled Banner and the cars and pedestrians came to a stop and faced the location of the flag. Patriotism was ingrained and a part of your life. So when your dad wasn’t there for Christmas or other important times growing up, you understood that he worked for “the country” and the military never sleeps.

    God bless the military, their families and keep them safe.

  15. I’ve been a frequent flier with Delta for a long time, and over the years they’ve exasperated me on a few occasions (okay, maybe more than just a few). But as another person posted, this sort of ‘takes the wind out of my sails.’ The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s article on the honor guard discusses Delta’s wholehearted support of this group, to include financial assistance: paying for new flags, for a caisson-shaped cart painted with the American flag, etc. So I’m willing to say that they’re clearly doing some good things right, and I hereby resolve to try to be a little more forgiving of the aggravations and irritations that go along with frequent business travel.
    Thanks to these volunteers, and to Delta, for honoring our fallen heroes.

  16. Thank you to the employees of Delta who volunteer their time to honor the soldiers as they make their final journey home.For the cynical people who have to comment that they think this is an airline publicity stunt. What have you done?
    As a former flight attendant, I have witnessed this same respectful welcome at many airports, without an audience. I have never seen anything about this, before this utube.
    Thank you to Delta for permitting the ramp employees to take time to pause and remember…

  17. I am disabled and only fly a few times a year to see my elderly parents. I always only fly Delta because of how they have treated me…with respect, dignity and kindness. I stumbled across this video and I am awed by the true honor given our Fallen by Delta crew. I am even more committed to being a loyal Delta customer because of the beautiful way they treat those who have given all for every one of us. I have never seen this advertised in any way…as I said, I found it by accident.
    I am taken aback by critical comments made here…how petty! Lee Greenwood’s song is perfect for this video – and of course the carts are painted to honor their precious cargo. If you can find something to criticize about this heart-warming event…you need to take a look inside and figure out what the hell is wrong with you!
    Thank you to the families of each and every American hero – your Fallen have my eternal gratitude and respect for their selfless service and sacrifice on our behalf.
    Well done, Delta! Well done!

  18. I am not an American but I have tremendous respect for all those who serve the Stars and Stripes both today and in the past. If so many of you did not lay down your lives in WW2, I would have been speaking Japanese today and if so many you did not make the Communists pay in the Nam I could have been a Japanese speaking Commie. I never have flown Delta, they do not fly to Malaysia. What I saw shows me what makes the United States of America that all of you men and women never forget your past but embrace it. A country that remembers her heroes will always prosper and to those of you still in the service and those that have left and are reading this..I would like to say Thank you. May God Bless these United States of America.

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